Confused Ch. 02

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Thanks for all the great feedback on my last chapter. This one’s for David, for being the best editor any girl could ask for.


We didn’t have our next class together, which was Drama for me, but we did have Art together last.

I had been let out of Drama early, so once I got to Art I was able to have the pick of the bench I wanted, which was the second row window side. It had excellent views of the football oval, and footy training just happened to be going on right now too. It always provided me with a lot of creativity; all those hot, sweaty boys. I mentally groaned at the thought.

As I waited for the teacher and the rest of the class to file in, I watched the boys as they ran up and down on the spot, warming up. As their muscles grew taut then loosened, I started to feel my own muscles going taut and loose. After a couple of minutes sweat started to gradually build up on their face and tight muscles, making me hot as sin. I even spotted Jay out there and though I wasn’t really happy at him, I could still appreciate everything he had to offer a girl.

“Yummy.” A hand was placed lightly on my spread thighs.

I immediately swung my head around locking my eyes with Anna’s baby blues. She lightly squeezed my thigh and smiled sweetly at me. “I’m sorry for being such a bitch,” she leaned over and whispered in my ear.

“So, what’s up with you and Jay then?” I asked nonchalantly, trying to avoid showing my jealousy.

“Viv, I was angry and I shouldn’t have sat with him, I know how you hate biology.” She sighed. “Jay and I just talked, that’s all. I was mainly trying to get him to stop annoying you because when he annoys you I have to deal with the repercussions.”

I was hot as hell and her hand squeezing my thighs was not helping the shots of electricity shooting through my groin.

I moved my hand onto Anna’s and released it off my thigh. “It’s ok Anna, just remember next time he sits in my seat, I’m throwing him off of it.”

She held my hand tightly in hers under the bench and smiled broadly at me. “Oh I wouldn’t mind seeing that. Whatever would Mr Grey say?” Anna and I broke into giggles just as the teacher walked in.

We both stopped giggling as soon as Mrs Row looked directly at us.

Anna leaned over to me. “How about I make it up to you tonight. What do you say to some brownies and ice-cream,” she whispered into my ear.

She knew exactly how to tempt me, but what about what Samantha had said? I released Anna’s hand and placed my hands on the table. “Ok,” I said nodding to her, but keeping my eyes up front.

When Drama, my last class of the day, was finished, I headed out to the pickup area to wait for Rob. I was going home first to change out of my school uniform and put some underwear ON, then I would head over to Anna’s.

I didn’t have to wait long. Rob pulled up in our rusty old red truck with a loud squeal.

“Hey,” I said as I jumped into the passenger side of the truck.

“Hey,” he said back, while looking around me. “Where’s Brad?”

“He should be here soo…,” I managed to say before Brad pulled open the truck door and pushed his lanky body in next to mine.

“Hey, an ‘excuse me’ would’ve been nice,” I complained as I moved closer to Rob’s muscular body.

Where Brad’s body was all tall and lanky, Rob’s was perfectly toned and muscular from all the time spent on the farm. As I understood it, most girls in town thought Rob was the sexiest man in a one hundred kilometre radius, though I think that is a bit of an exaggeration. I always thought him more ruggedly handsome than anything; with his six foot frame, piercing blue eyes, strong square face and short dark brown hair, which would curl up if it got too long. Rob also always managed to keep a perfect shadow of stubble that just added to his farmer look. I guess I could see what the other girls saw in him, but he was my big brother.

It was an uneventful ride home as Rob tried to pry some semblance of conversation out of us, but without any luck. Brad was usually un-talkative about school or anything in general these days and it was usually up to Rob and me to make conversation. But, today I was preoccupied with my own thoughts. All my thoughts would return to was my new, sudden feelings for Anna. I didn’t know what to think about it. I mean, I love her and all, but I think the question is, was I in love with her? I really didn’t want to answer that question though. I couldn’t be in love with Anna, so I tried convincing myself it was just nothing. I’d wait again ’til I saw Anna to see if I was still crazy, maybe it was all just in my head.

“Vivian,” I heard Rob say.

I turned to his voice and noticed that we were home and Brad was nowhere in sight. “Oh…sorry Rob,” I said to him as I looked at his concerned face. “I must have been daydreaming.” I made my way to scoot out of the truck, but Rob grabbed my arm.

“Are you ok Viv? You didn’t hardly utter a word on our way home.” poker oyna His voice was so caring and sweet, he had to be the best big brother in the whole world.

“I’m fine, just thinking,” I said in a nonchalant tone, trying to make him think nothing of it. If he knew something was up, he would try to find some way to get me to talk.

Before he could say anything further I jumped in, “Can I borrow the truck this arvo to go to Anna’s?”

His features loosened. “Sure that’s ok.” As soon as he agreed I hop-footed it out of the truck and made a bee-line straight for the house shouting back a quick thanks.

When I walked through the front door I headed straight up to my room. Once there, I found a pair of white cotton undies and bra. I stripped and put them on. Then I rummaged around and found some jean short shorts and blue tank top.

Once dressed, I went back downstairs and found mum in the study to tell her I was going to Anna’s for tea.

“Mum,” I said as I knocked on the door distracting her from her frantic typing on the computer.

“Oh…honey,” she said seeing me. “Sorry I didn’t see you. What is it?”

“I’m going over to Anna’s for tea,” I said as I stepped into the study.

Mum abandoned the computer and gave me a grave look. “Are you sure that’s ok with Anna’s mum? You’ve practically lived over their all summer. Maybe you should have dinner with your family tonight.”

I sat in the chair opposite the desk mum was working at with a sigh. We went through this same conversation every time I went to Anna’s. I wasn’t spending enough time with the family. Mum and dad didn’t see me enough. I practically lived at Anna’s…blah, blah, blah. “Anna’s mum doesn’t mind and it’s Anna who usually does the cooking. Plus, Anna and I have had tea here at least every other night over the holidays,” I said, a little aggravated with having to have this conversation for the hundredth time.

Mum sighed and placed her chin in her hand. “Ok, but I expect to see you at that dinner table every other night this week,” she said, using her other hand to point towards the dining room.

“Ok, thanks mum.” I leapt out of the chair and scampered out of the study before she could change her mind.

Anna’s house was over the other side of town, so it took me a good twenty minutes to drive there. But, by the time I stepped through the back door of her whitewash cottage I was greeted with the best of smells.

I sniffed the air like a dog a few times to affirm what I smelt. Freshly baked brownies, like she promised, but there was something else.

I shut the front door carefully and made my way through the small, two bedroom cottage to the kitchen.

When I entered the small old kitchen I saw Anna with her back to me standing over the stove. She hadn’t noticed me yet. I wanted to scare her and scare her good for the little stunt she had pulled with Jake earlier.

Like me she had changed out of her school uniform and was now wearing some very tight white short shorts and a light green top, that looked a size too small, well it was a size too small. I knew because I had been with her when she bought it. As I stared at her amazing body I couldn’t help the tingles I felt. I had no idea what was wrong with me, but Anna had never turned me on this much before.

While in the car I had thought about the whole situation a lot and could only put it down to the fact that Anna had touched my nipple. It’s not like we haven’t touched before, it’s just that we had never really touched each other in any intimate places before. And the way she smiled that sweet smile at me only made the whole situation more erotic, like she knew she was making me horny, though she really had no idea.

Slowly I walked up behind her, careful to make no sound. She was so engrossed in her cooking she didn’t even realise I was behind her, until I tickled her silly, leaving both Anna and I in fits of laughter.

“You…got…me…good,” Anna said through breaths, as she leaned against the kitchen bench.

“Good, I had to get you back somehow.” I gave her a wicked smile then jumped up onto the counter next to Anna. “So, what’s for tea?”

Anna returned my smile. “Well, first,” she said as she returned to stirring her concoction, “we have pumpkin and white wine risotto, then for desert we have brownies and ice-cream, just as I promised.” I smiled down at her. Anna was a great cook and was always up for trying new recipes, with me usually ending up as the guinea pig. Ever since her mum took a night shift at the local pub, on top of her day job working as a secretary, Anna had turned into the ultimate Martha Stewart. She did it because she felt guilty about her mother having to take a second job when she had offered to get a job of her own, but her mother – Grace – had wanted her to focus solely on her studies. But, with Grace working all the time that meant Anna had to keep the house together, which was a job in its own.

It had never canlı poker oyna been that way for Anna; before her father left they had been very well off. Anna’s father and mother used to own the local car dealership, but two years ago, without notice, her father declared bankruptcy, leaving Anna and Grace with nothing. It was the scandal of the town for almost a year, but eventually everyone got over it and life went on. Though, Grace still wanted the best for her daughter and that meant school, university and a great career, which meant no other distractions, like an after school job.

“Sounds yum.” I jumped off the counter and rubbed my belly. “Is it almost ready?” I asked hopefully. I was starved.

Anna turned her sparkling blue eyes on me. “In a minute, be patient,” she scolded me pointing the wooden spoon she had at me. “Go find something on TV we can watch while we eat,” she added, trying to keep me preoccupied. Anna hated people hovering while she cooked.

I made my way into the cosy lounge room and flopped down on the comfy old couch, letting my muscles relax. Next to me I found the remote and flipped through the channels hoping to find something decent to watch.

I was starting to think my earlier feelings today towards Anna were just misguided. When we had joked around earlier in the kitchen everything felt comfy and normal, no tingly sensations, nothing…

I found reruns of Bewitched on and decided it was better than nothing.

A little while later Anna walked in with two bowls of steaming risotto. My tummy growled as Anna handed me the bowl. “Hungry are we?”

“I’m always hungry,” I responded digging into the great smelling food in front of me.

After a few bites I noticed Anna watching me. “What?” I said through a piece of pumpkin, turning to face her on the couch.

“So, you like it?” She asked hesitantly.

“Of course I like it! Anything you make is always great Anna,” I said enthusiastically.

A massive smile lit up Anna’s face. “Thanks babe.” She leaned over and gave me a slight peck on the cheek, which I was not expecting. Butterflies seemed to congregate in my belly and tingles shot through me.

What was wrong with me? I was fine just a minute ago. I sat stock still and looked away from Anna trying to abate these new feelings I had.

In the corner of my eye I could see Anna still looking at me. “Are you ok, Viv?” Anna asked concerned.

I kept my eyes on the TV screen and mechanically resumed eating. “Yep, just fine. Just watching TV. This episode is really funny.” I turned to look at her and smiled. She returned my smile with a weary one of her own and began to eat again.

We were now on to the promised brownies and ice-cream, that tasted fantastic, but my crazy feelings still couldn’t seem to be kept in check.

Through dinner we had not said much, but just sat and quietly watched TV.

“Hey,” Anna said, placing her finished bowl on the coffee table. I turned to face her and she had a nervous expression on her face. “There’s something I want to show you, that I got today.” I nodded not trusting my voice anymore, and Anna got up and walked towards her room.

I had no idea what she wanted to show me, but I was glad and sorry she had left the room. I felt like I could finally breathe now that the tension seemed to leave the room. But, that was short lived as Anna returned and handed me an envelope addressed to her.

My interest was officially peaked and I looked up at Anna for confirmation. “Read it,” she said answering my silent question.

Slowly I pulled a piece of clean white folded paper out of the envelope and opened it. I quickly skimmed the letter addressed to Anna and was shocked by its contents. The letter was from Anna’s father. In short, he wanted Anna to come live with him in Sydney, where he was now situated in a cushy job. What he was offering was the opportunity for Anna to spend her final year of high school in one of the best schools in Australia, followed by an all expense paid university career. It was what her mother and father had always wanted for her.

I looked at the damaging piece of paper that had the potential to take my best friend away from me and wanted to cry.

I tried my best to bury my feelings and looked at Anna’s face. “What are you going to do?” I asked in a small voice.

Anna looked angry as I asked her that. “You can’t be serious Vivian, what am I going to do? I’m going to burn that letter and forget my father like he forgot mum and me,” she said grabbing the letter out of my hands and heading for the kitchen.

That was an unexpected reaction. Anna must have been really upset to act the way she did, but there was no hiding that this was everything Anna and I had ever wanted for each other. Ever since we where little girls we would fantasize about leaving the small rural town we lived in for the highlights of the big city. Now Anna was being offered that opportunity and I hated to admit internet casino it, but she had to take the offer. Really Anna’s dad wasn’t a bad guy, just a man who had made a few mistakes. He still sent Anna birthday cards and presents and had even offered to pay child support when he had enough money to live on, though Grace rejected his offer, saying she could take care of Anna on her own. She was a very head strong woman, but the pressure of mortgage repayments and electricity bills were getting to Grace, maybe this would be their solution, albeit a crappy solution.

“Anna,” I said following her into the kitchen. “Isn’t he offering you everything you’ve wanted since kindergarten? This is your chance to get out of this stuffy town and attend some of the best schools in the country, offering you the opportunity of getting into the best medical schools in Australia.” It was Anna’s dream to become a doctor. She had always wanted to help people and this would be the perfect chance for her.

Anna turned on me, her eyes as big as saucers. “And why are you suddenly my father’s advocate. I thought you hated the prick for leaving,” she retorted, getting herself worked up. I did hate him at first, but I think the hate was replaced by pity long ago.

“Anna,” I said calmly. “I’m not defending him. I just think maybe you should take some time to think about his offer. Maybe talk to your mum.” I reached out for her, but she flinched away from me.

“I thought you would be the one telling me to not go, I thought you would hate this idea.” She looked disappointed at me as if I had let her down.

“I just want what’s best for you Anna,” I said in a small voice.

“God, when did you turn into my mother, I thought you were my best friend,” she said picking up her voice again and storming out of the kitchen and towards her room.

I heard the door slam and I closed my eyes wishing I could just redo the whole day. Anna and I hardly ever fought and this was our second fight today, something must have been in the air.

I walked over to Anna’s room and knocked on the door and twisted the handle. I was surprised to find out she hadn’t locked her door and I slowly pushed it open. I found Anna face down on her bed sobbing into her pillow.

I lay belly down on the small single bed next to her. I wrapped my right arm around her back and hugged her to me. “Anna, I’m sorry. You know it kills me to think of us being apart, but you’re bigger than this town and maybe this is the only chance you’ll have to get out of it and follow your dreams.”

She sniffled, turning her tear stained face to me. “What about you?” she said, concern pouring from her voice.

“Don’t worry about me. You know me, I’ll find a way.” I smiled down at her, wiping the tears from her eyes with my thumb. Though, I wasn’t all that confident that I would get out of this town. But, as long as I convinced Anna, that was good enough for me.

“I love you,” Anna said, looking up at me with adoring eyes.

“I love you too.” I stroked her cheek slowly, but Anna placed her hand over mine stopping my stroking.

“No Vivian. I, love, you,” she said pronouncing each word singularly.

I nodded my head, not really realising what she was getting at. “I know.”

Anna shook her head and sat up keeping a hold of my hand.

“You’re not listening to me,” she said as she lifted one toned leg over my body and pinned me to the bed. If I wasn’t listening to her before, though I knew I was, I was definitely not listening now, as her braless breasts stood out for me to see. My heart was beating a million miles a minute and all I wanted her to do was sooth the rapidly growing urge in my wet pussy.

Anna placed her hand under my chin returning my gaze to hers. She stared at me wickedly, as if she knew what I was thinking. Slowly her face turned from wicked to nervous as she inched towards me whispering, “I love you.” On the ‘you’ her lips touched mine and I was so shocked I couldn’t move.

It started out as just a slow steady kiss of lips, until I finally melted under her and our tender kiss turned into a passionate romp.

Anna’s hands moved up and under my top, as mine found her tight ass and I squeezed it firmly in my hands. Our tongues danced together as our hands roamed. Anna’s hand found my small A-cups and fondled them through my bra. I groaned in her mouth and Anna groaned in return as I ran my hand through her legs.

Just as Anna was about to unclip my bra we heard the front door slam. “Anna,” Grace shouted through the house.

Anna and I hastily got off one another. Anna moved to the front of the bed as I moved to the end, making it look like we were just talking. “In my room mum,” Anna shouted, still trying to get her breath back.

Anna and I looked at each other with ear splitting smiles before Grace saw us and came in the room. “Hi Vivian,” Grace said, not at all surprised to see me.

“Hi Grace, how was work?”

She smiled that same sweet smile Anna had. “Same old, same old.” She waved her hand around to accentuate the point. “I’m guessing by the smell of it you two have already had tea.”

“There’s a plate for you by the stove,” Anna said to her mum, still a little out of breath.

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