Country Boys Valentine

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consentual or reluctant sex.


Note: This story is intentionally written in a way to mimic an unskilled writer though the use of southern slang and less than perfect literary style. All characters are fictional and over the legal age of consent. All rights reserved by the author, Yukonnights and submitted solely to for publication.



Okay, if you’re reading this I just want to say that a year ago I would have punched you in the face if you suggested that one day I’d be writing a confession such as this. And actually, this whole thing isn’t really my idea. The truth is, I have to write this to make “him” get off my back about it. So I ain’t no writer but I have no choice other than give it my best shot. Now if you’re squeamish about queers or maybe a little rough stuff, you might not want to hear this. But just so you know, when me and my buddy were sorta held against our will, I later learned there was no real intention to harm us, and the truth is; they didn’t. Other than that, I figure this is a story that some might even call a love story…of sorts. But enough of this, I need to start writing.


We was sitting at the bar at the Wagon Wheel when I saw ’em in the mirror. “Look at those four guys over there Lenny, ten will get you twenty if they ain’t fags,” I said to my sidekick. We’ve been buds since high school and neither of us can stand queers. We ain’t never bashed any, but we was always sorta tempted.

“Yeah, like what the fuck! Can’t even come out on Valentine’s Day look’n for some love, or just plain have a drink in peace anymore without scumbags spread’n their crap around,” Lenny replied. “If there weren’t four of ’em I’d say we go teach ’em a lesson!”

Lenny had already had a few more drinks than me ’cause he was always a gulper, so I don’t think he realized his voice was a mite loud. The four fags had already taken notice of us and their looks weren’t very friendly. It was just at that moment when Lenny got us in the trouble to come later by shouting to the barmaid, “Since when can’t a man get a drink here without fags stinking up the place!”

I don’t really blame Lenny for what happened, I figure he wasn’t fully aware of it all, and to tell the truth he never could hold his liquor. But, then one of them fella’s jumped up from his chair, knocking it over backwards in his rage. It passed over though, ’cause the others calmed him down and then after that they all just sort of took turns glaring at us. I will say though, at the time I was disappointed that it was just me and Lenny who seemed willing to protect our home turf.

Well, after one more Lone Star longneck I decided to sort’a steer me and Lenny out of there kind’a quiet like. Truth is, there ain’t much chance of finding any pussy around here on Valentine’s Day, or any other day for that matter. So I whispered to him that we should just slip out and maybe go hunt down some pussy somewhere else. Anyway, we sort of moseyed out all nonchalant like and I think we would of made it out of there okay if Lenny hadn’t started puking. He never could hold his booze, but this time it cost us.

Ole Len was heaving into the gutter in front of The Wagon Wheel when they surrounded us. Up close they were a lot bigger than they looked like inside. But this is where the story begins, and I’ll do my best to tell it straight.

“So you two seemed to want to say something to us in there, now’s your chance,” The biggest one said. I later learned his name was Rick, and to be honest he was built like a brick wall.

Lenny was still trying to get some air and stop puking, so it fell to me to do the talking. I don’t know why, but I tried the ole standby of peacock’n and blustering to intimidate them. Honestly, in hindsight that was a bad move and I was later told that it was what led to the rest. They told me once it was over that they was just aiming to scare us a little to teach a lesson, but when I did my mad rooster act they had enough.

“Okay fucktard, let’s go,” The big one said, as he grabbed me by the back of the neck and steered me toward an SUV a couple of spaces from where Lenny was slumped over on the ground. I have to say, Lenny was a poor sight what with all the after puke slobber running out of his mouth and him being all crumpled up looking.

We didn’t stand a chance, and fags or not, they outmanned us big time. They more or less picked Lenny up and put him in the back of the SUV. His hands were tied behind his back by one of the smaller guys, who I later learned was called Elvis…I never learned why he was called Elvis, but he was. Meanwhile, I was squeezed in pretty tight between Rick and the other big one in the back seat. And off we went head’n out of town on the old south road to Beckerville. After maybe twenty minutes, and with very few words spoken, the driver (who was the other smaller guy and named Kelly)…well he turned down poker oyna the road toward Willow Bend on the river. At this point I was afraid they were gonna assassinate us, and when I say afraid…I mean like afraid in the literal sense! I couldn’t see Lenny cause they wouldn’t let me look back at him, and I only heard some soft sobbing. Yep, we was facing death, I said to myself. (I’m ashamed to say this, but again “he” said I have too, so; Okay, I admit that I let a little piss out, but I had drank a quite a few beers so that probably was the main reason.)

By this point I knew where we were head’n. It’s been a party place since before I was around to party. But there weren’t no party here tonight. Just two good-ole boys and four fags. Get’n out was like the reverse of get’n in, only maybe a bit rougher. And this here is where things really started to pop…and this is where me and Lenny had our attitude adjusted toward people who are attracted to other people who are the same sex as themselves. (I’m allowed to write this next here that ain’t really part of the story; Those ain’t totally my words in that last part, but I am trying to learn words beside fag and queer and stuff like that…so I think it’s okay “he” helped me a little in writ’n that one sentence back there.)

Finally we were all out of the car and me and Lenny got ourselves sat down hard on the sand next to the roots of an old overturned oak tree. They sort’a bugger-knotted us together with a little skinny rope, I guess to keep us from run’n off. Then them others huddled up just out of hearing, so I can’t really say what they were saying, but I knew it was about us. And I figured they was deciding how to do it and get rid of the bodies. Watching them plot it all out, and wonder’n why it was taking so long, I really felt a strong need to let a little more beer out. But, I didn’t feel it was wise to holler over and tell ’em. So I just decided to hold it back. Then, about this time, I noticed Lenny had already peed his pants, so I figured what the fuck, if I’m gonna die, I might as well be comfortable…so I let her rip and damn near filled up my own little pond that I was sit’n in. Lucky, it’s sandy soils around here and it drained off okay. But enough of it soaked my jeans that one of ’em noticed and then they all started laughing. I mean all the fags laughed, not Lenny. He just sort of looked at me with sad cow eyes that seemed to say ‘I want to go home’. Well, that’s what he looked like to me.

Just then they all four came toward us, and even being tied up I was able to get Lenny up and standing so we could face ’em like men. But they didn’t kill us. Instead the two big ones grabbed me and steered me over to one of the big roots that was shaped like a bench. One of ’em held onto me and the other undid my jeans and jerked ’em down to my boot tops along with my undies, where it all got jammed up in a wet tangled mess. The other big one, who I later learned was named Lucas…not Luke, but Lucas…anyway he finally got my boots off and finished stripping me naked, except for my socks, ’cause they were pretty nasty at this point. Then I was forced to sit my bare ass on that root and they tied my wrists to it so I would behave.

I looked up to see what had become of Lenny, and he was right there being held by the two smaller men, Elvis and Kelly. While I was sitting there watch’n they all joined in to strip poor Lenny naked as the day he was born, they even got his socks. He was a pretty sad sight, I must say. Naked and kinda skinny and trying to not step on stickers. But this is where the story really starts. The two smaller ones led Lenny right up in front of me, and Elvis said to him, “Get on your knees.”

When Lenny didn’t quite understand, the other small one used some sort of trick move on the back of Lenny’s knees and he just sort of buckled down in front of me on the sand. I didn’t know what to think, maybe they were gonna make him apologize for what he said, I thought.

It was Elvis who made it real clear though when he said to Lenny, “Suck it faggot!”

Whoa, I thought to myself! This is worse than getting shot, but then I reconsidered that and thought it might be our only way out of this mess. Lenny was still yowling about how he ain’t no cocksucker and such, when one of the big ones comes up to me and says, “Here’s the deal asshole. You and your buddy here said some bad shit about us back there. You ruined a perfectly good date night for all of us, in fact you ruined Valentine’s Day for all of us. This little worm had the biggest mouth, so it only seems appropriate that he use it to suck the first cock here tonight…don’t you think?”

I was try’n to think of something to say, but he kept on too fast, “I think the alternative punishment will be a lot less enjoyable for you both.” And he said that last part right in my face, and I could see in his eyes that he wasn’t kid’n.

So I admit, I did some quick figuring and came to the same conclusion. So I says to Lenny, canlı poker oyna “Lenny, listen to me man. These guys mean business and we can’t take on all four of ’em. And I’m all tied up, to boot. Just do as they say Lenny, and let’s get this over with.” I was plead’n with him to be sensible and to save our lives.

That’s when I seen it! Lenny was getting hard. He wasn’t full on, but it was clear he was growing pretty fast. When I looked up to his face, I seen he was crying too. At that point I didn’t know what to think or say, so I just blurted out, “It’s okay Lenny, I’ll never tell a soul. It’s our only way out.”

Lenny snuffled a couple of times and then began crawling on his knees until he was right in front of me. I spread my legs and he came on in.

I figured it would take some more coax’n, but ole Lenny just put a hand on each of my legs up near my nut sack and commenced to rubbing me. I have to admit it felt good, and it got even better when he started feeling of my balls. Our eyes locked on each other one last time, and Lenny bent over and started sucking me! Holy fuck! His eyes had spoken a thousand words just before he wrapped his lips around my cock. Then, right there’s when something he said earlier that night flashed into my head! When I picked him up at his house, he said he hoped ole Cupid would shoot some arrows our way tonight. I ain’t real superstitious, but it did come to mind that I just hoped he didn’t say the words wrong or something. But Cupid or not, I have to admit I was there now…I was as hard as an iron pipe, and Lenny was giving me the best dayum blowjob I had ever had!

My think’n was torn between how good it felt and this voice in my head working out some excuse for me enjoy’n it so much. The best I could figured was that it wasn’t really queer since, after all, my cock didn’t know it was Lenny suck’n on it. It only knew it felt good, way better than Cindy ever made it feel. So with my peace of mind sort’a patched up, pretty soon we got a rhythm going and I was sort’a hump fuck’n Lenny’s mouth and he was a bob’n along in a nice rhythm with my hump’n. And I could tell from his enthusiasm that he wasn’t sorry about being on his knees with my dick between his lips. But under the circumstances I couldn’t do no heavy think’n, so I just sort’a relaxed a little and closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling down between my legs. I don’t know how long, but it didn’t take too long before I knew I couldn’t hold it any longer. I said, “Lenny, you gotta stop, I’m gonna shoot my load!” But he didn’t seem to hear me, so I said louder, “Lenny, dude pull off or I’m gonna cum in your mouth!”

He only had a few seconds to spit my cock out, or get a mouthful of spunk! But he seemed to double down and try harder to suck it out’a me. I couldn’t understand it, but I also couldn’t hold back any longer, so I just had to let it go. And Lenny, bless his heart, he just kept on suck’n until I was begging him to stop ’cause I was suffering from being so sensitive down there after cumming.”

But now, this is where the story really gets interesting. When I was finally able to open my eyes, I looked down at Lenny on his knees and he had this strange puppy dog look and a big smile that made him light up like a lantern. But this right here is when things really changed; Lenny was looking up at me, and I could see some spunk still smeared around his lips, and right then he just blurts out, “I love you Devin. I’ve loved you for as long as I can remember…I just didn’t know what it meant or what to do with it.”

Like I said, that’s where this story really gets going! I didn’t know what to say… and to tell the truth, I kept think’n of magic words and Cupid and his damn arrows. I done said I ain’t normally real superstitious, but this was starting to get me scared. I mean Lenny, of all people! I admit that I was a mess. But I wasn’t mad ’cause I was pretty convinced he had one of them breakdowns I hear people speak of. So being real concerned, I wanted to make him feel better somehow and that’s why I just said the first thing that popped into my head, “I know Den, I love you too,” I blurted out. “Ain’t none of this gonna change nothin…We was forced to do it.”

Now I thought that was pretty good and would calm him down, but he wouldn’t have it and replied back real fast, “Devin, what I’m saying is that I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. I knew you didn’t feel the same, so I never said noth’in. Devin, I’m a queer. Sucking you just now was the high point in my life so far. I know you will hate me for this, but I can’t pretend anymore.”

And that’s when I saw the tears start again. I closed my eyes but all I could see was my little buddy on his knees between my legs with my cum on his face. All I could hear were the excited voices of the other four as they exclaimed and hooray’d, and sort of danced around all excited. But I didn’t give a shit about them at this point, my best friend had just professed his love for me, and I didn’t internet casino take that lightly.

So this next surprised even me, but I looked up to Rick, because I had figured out that he was more or less the leader of the pack, and I said, “Rick, I think this has gone far enough. If it makes you feel better, I’m sorry for mess’n with y’all back there. You can see Lenny is pretty tore up over all this, and to be honest, so am I. Would you mind letting us loose now so I can take care of him?”

“No, Devin,” Rick replied, without giving it enough thought, in my opinion. But at this point he held all the cards so I just hushed up and he kept talk’n, “I don’t think this is finished yet. We were all watching you as Lenny sucked you off. You had the look of a man who was experiencing a little bit of heaven as Lenny serviced your cock. And you had no trouble at all getting hard and fat, even before he touched you. No, we’re shooting for honesty here now. You owe it to us. But more importantly, it now seems that you owe some honesty to Lenny too,” Rick said, and I thought to myself that he sounded like some judge making a ruling.

Then he got down on one knee and his face was inches from mine when he said, “Devin, you owe Lenny a blowjob at the very least. And you may not believe this, but you owe it to yourself too. You need to man up to your real feelings. And the only way you, or us, or Lenny will ever know is for you to get on your knees and return the favor Lenny gave you. After that we’re done and you two can figure out where it goes next.”

I sat there stunned. I’m sort’a used to talk’n my way out of touble, but this guy wasn’t buying it. (And right here, I’ve been told to write this; I was also becoming aware of a return to the swelling in my cock. I tried thinking of baseball and fish’n to get the picture out of my head of me on my knees between Lenny’s spread legs. I even tried saying a little prayer thinking maybe to bust up any curse Lenny got into with ole’ Cupid. But the more I tried not to, the more I thought about see’n Lenny’s dick all hard and swollen just the way mine was when he had crawled between my own spread legs.

So, I just made a snap decision and said, “Fine. Whatever I have to do to get us out’a here.”

“That’s the attitude I was looking for,” Rick said and gave me a real sharp slap on my leg. And all the other’s were jabber’n and making such a fuss I couldn’t hardly think. I came back to my senses when I felt them loosening the ropes on my wrists. I had a fleeting thought to start swinging, but then I didn’t really want to cause I heard Rick talking to Lenny saying, “It’s okay, it’s okay.” And he was right down there on his knee close to Lenny saying, “You’re free now…free to be yourself. If this a-hole doesn’t have the sense to see the value of your love, I guarantee that someone will.”

I admit that I was a little shook when I saw Rick comforting him. But when Lenny thanked him, it really hit home that this is real. I’m the only one still putting up a front…I’m the one who just enjoyed the best sex I had even known…I’m the one who should be comforting my lifelong friend, not some stranger!

So I knelt down next to Lenny and held his face tight between both of my hands and made him look me in the eyes. We stared at each other for a long time talking without words. My eyes said I loved him and his eyes said I love you too. And what I did next nobody would ever believe unless they saw it, I leaned forward and kissed him on the lips and whispered in his ear, “Sit up on the stump Lenny, I want to give to you what you gave to me.”

So with four strangers, who later became good friends, standing witness, I crawled on my knees naked as the day I was born right up to my place between Lenny’s spread legs. I looked him in the eye one last time, then looked down at his beautiful cock sorta start’n to swell up just for me. I took his nuts gently in my hand, bent forward and wrapped my lips around that big ole fat cock head. I have to admit, I was surprised at how soft and silky it felt in my mouth as I swished my tongue around feeling of it. Once I started doing what turned out to be pretty natural, Lenny’s cock swelled up real plump and hard in a hurry. And keep’n it all honest here, I never knew Lenny had such a big one, but he does.

I also felt my own dick starting to stick out hard again about this time, and I heard the comments of the others watching us. What they were saying mostly was stuff like; “Look, he’s a cocksucker too!” But it was over for me, and I did what cocksuckers do…I serviced my man with as much skill as I could muster. I think I did it okay too, since Lenny didn’t last long and I guess you could say he thanked me by shoot’n it off in my mouth while I kept up the suck’n like he had done. Right here, I’ll just say that it was a life alter’n deal. I don’t know nothin’ about psychology, so I can’t speak on that. But all I know is that I think I was changed in an instant right there. I figured I would feel terrible after all this was done with, but it was a hundred percent the opposite! I felt like I was float’n on a cloud. And I didn’t need to be told by them other guys…I knew I was finally free to love too!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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