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This began simple enough but turned into a total fucked up mess with me in the middle and center of attention. Having been married a long time it’s easy to become very definitive in your lifestyle. For years my wife would always bug me about tasting my own cum or dining on a cream pie. Weather she blew me and fed it to me or eat her out after I came in her pussy didn’t make any difference to her, she just wanted to see me eat my cum. With a very emphatic “SORRY I don’t go there” statement I have stood my ground for years, but my resolve began to erode.

My wife and I jokingly refer to this time period as the time that I started getting in touch with my feminine side. As time passed my curiosity peaked and I began looking on the internet at gay sites with more than a passing interest and as I became more educated I became infatuated with fantasy. I started going to adult book stores that had glory hole booths but I never tried anything or stepped beyond my comfort zone weather I was in the store area or in the booths. Mostly because I was very nervous and scared that I might be seen or that one of my friends would find out about my curiosity, so everything I did was very discrete and almost a cloak and dagger style behavior.

As I became more determined to satisfy my curiosity I started looking more brazenly at people and things in these stores and I managed to see some pretty amazing things, especially in the booths while looking through those holes.

As for me I’m told I’m a very attractive man and much younger in appearance than my chronological age. I’m 6’3″ and weigh 225 pounds with an athletic build, blond hair and blue eyes. So my visits to the stores always met with lots of attention and numerous winks or proposals that were off the chart for me.

I grew up very heterosexual and was the consummate jock and never veered in the gay direction or had any inclination to go there. I was always respectful with guys that buttered their bread on the other side but was very physical with any guy that crossed my line.

The reason I was so nervous about being discovered and the reason I just couldn’t be found in a compromising position is because I’m a fireman in a pretty large city and my face is pretty well known so to me the results of being discovered would have been disastrous.

On one fateful day the inevitable happened. I was in a booth watching a gay movie and as I had become so accustomed too, had my pants and shorts around my ankles and my shirt off, sitting there nearly naked jacking off and glancing at the movie while looking through the ‘magic’ hole. The booth next to mine had a guy in it and poker oyna he was masturbating what appeared to be a very large cock. As I looked from the movie to the glory hole he started sticking his cock through the hole so my nose and cheek came in contact with my very first cock. I jerked back but sat mesmerized as I watched it fill the hole up and protrude into my space. I my mind said don’t touch it but watching it throb and being so close and feeling the heat got me very really hot.

This cock looked like mine but was so different and mesmerizing and I just kept getting closer watching in amazement as it bobbed up and down with every beat of his heart and how the cut hood was colored such a brilliant purple and the veins bulging. The soft yet coarse curly hair surrounding the base of his cock and the large balls in the taught sack hanging over the edge of the hole was more than I could take.

I leaned in closer to watch the string of pre-cum hanging from the hole at the tip as it swirled lazily with every throbbing moment.

In a trance like state I watched my hand reach out and slowly grasp the cock around the shaft while the other hand reached up and picked the swinging pre-cum out of the air.

It was like an out of body experience and I couldn’t control myself. I began to masturbate this cock that was about three inches from my face and feeling for the first time in my life the smooth and creamy texture of pre-cum that wasn’t mine.

Looking back at this event I’m telling you I had no control of my body, I was on auto pilot and destiny was going to prevail today. Not knowing anything but wanton lust for this strange cock that was in my hand I opened my lips and partially inserted the cock head into my mouth and slowly circled his engorged head with my tongue. I darted the tip of my tongue into the piss hole and tasted the pre-cum right from its factory.

The sight and taste of this cock, the thoughts of what I was doing and the sounds of the TV in the booth were more than I could take.

I could feel my balls tighten and the impending feeling of a joyous orgasm about to erupt from my very own neglected cock. I took my mouth off this cock head and looked down just as my untouched cock began to shoot large gobs of cum into the air further than I can ever remember. It felt like scalding drops of wax on my chin, neck and chest as it landed and dribbled down my stomach.

I was so immersed in the feelings I was experiencing that I didn’t notice the change in breathing, or hear the moans that were escaping from the other end of the throbbing cock sticking through the wall that was being canlı poker oyna masturbated by my hand.

The soft velvety cock I was rubbing began pulsing and spewing its hot milk into the side of my face. Not immediately realizing what was happening in my trance like state I turned to see what was going on and got the full force of the second spurt right into my partially open mouth. My mind and body froze and I just stared as the third and forth shots hit me square in the mouth as I slowly rubbed this softening cock. When my senses returned to me I noticed for the first time that I was massaging his ball sack with one hand and his soft wet glistening cock with my other hand as it dribbled spent cum from its hole.

I released his cock and balls from my grip he pulled them back and it was then I noticed the sweet yet pungent taste of cum in my mouth and on my lips and in a stupor I just swallowed and licked my lips like I was sucking on candy.

As I regained my senses I began to realize my situation. Here I was in a peep show booth, with a glory hole, almost naked and my spent cock hanging between my legs with cum on my chest and neck and feeling it drip down around my cock and balls. I had a strange mans pungent scent of sex on my hands, with his cum in my hair, on the side of my head, inside my mouth and dripping onto my chin.

I was staring into the empty, dark hole wondering what I had just done and why I didn’t feel like throwing up or something. The feelings started to run through me and I was elated and angry, happy and sad, satisfied and yet disturbed. I began to feel the familiar stirring in my cock and realized that I was mostly content and satisfied like I have never been before.

As I sat there physically and emotionally drained I heard the door to the next booth close and I realized I didn’t hear the other guy leave and wondered how long the events of my changed life had taken.

I heard tokens drop into the video machine so leaned back to relax and catch my breath assuming he would be occupied for a while. As I laid my head back against the wall and closed my eyes basking being naked in this strange place I began slowly rubbing my awakening cock.

I heard some strange rustling sounds and rolled my head to the left and as I opened my eyes I saw a firm cut cock looking at me with its large swollen head leaking a drop of pre cum. A million emotions ran through my body and I was just absolutely confused so I did what any red blooded guy would do in that situation, I reached out and grabbed the protruding cock and immediately sucked it into my mouth. I was aware of what I was internet casino doing now and it was exactly what I had fantasized about for a long time.

I was in complete control of my senses this time and I knew that this was going to be a very memorable blow job.

It wasn’t a large cock but very nice sized and the soft feeling of skin in my mouth was exciting. I could feel all the veins on the shaft with my tongue and how the soft hood of that cock felt as it rubbed on the roof of my mouth. I began trying to get as much of it in my mouth as possible and started to gag. The hair around his cock and the odor was pleasant and the feeling of his balls in my hand as I manipulated them between my fingers was exciting.

As this cock in my mouth was becoming more aroused I became confused because I didn’t know what I wanted to do when he came. I wanted to taste it but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to swallow it or spit it out, or just take him to the edge in my mouth and finish him off with my hands while I watched it shoot. He helped me with my decision because I could feel his ball sack start to tighten up and his cock got harder and his breathing began to quicken and he pushed further into the hole and froze in place. I knew he was going to shoot any second so I just shoved his cock into my mouth as far as it would go. I felt my gag reflex push this foreign object out and I was not going to be denied so I just pushed harder and it seemed to slip past my gag reflex just as he started to shoot down my throat.

I can’t describe the feelings of crossing a bridge that I knew I wasn’t capable of crossing and how it felt for the first time in my life to have a cock in my mouth shooting its cum and me swallowing it. I was gagging and my eyes were watering but I stayed on the cock sucking it and enjoying the feeling it gave me as it softened and slipped from my mouth and back through the hole.

I sat back in my booth again I was aware of some of his cum dripping from my lips and how I felt like a depraved nymphomaniac after sucking two cocks for my first gay sexual experience and thought how I must look.

I began to smile and as I looked towards the hole I noticed the guy looking back at me and my stomach did flips at the realization of my impending doom.

The face looking back at me, the face of the cock I just sucked and swallowed all of it’s cum was the face of a guy I work with. I knew that Dan was a bi-sexual guy and I also remembered that at the firehouse he bragged all the time about his sexual trysts and his conquests in vivid detail.

My life as I knew it was about to change and I knew this was going to get really ugly.

I began to feel sick to my stomach as I heard him leave his booth and knocked on my door telling me to open it. Feeling completly defeated I just opened the door and let him in.

Chapter two of many is coming.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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