Daddy Wants Some Too

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*This is a sequel to a “Friend Made Me His Bitch”

It’s been a month since I had a guy in my ass for the first time ever. And honestly, it’s been a damn good month in my opinion. We spent every weekend fucking and playing video games since that was the only time his parents would be out and his sister is still at college.

It was another sunny day and I had my friend fucking my ass like any other weekend. My moans filled the house and the sounds of us fucking really made me hard like a diamond.

I then heard a sound, like the front door was opening so I stopped Brad, I wanted to make sure we were alone when he got started again.

“Brad, I think someone just came home, you should go check.” I told him

He just kept thrusting into me and told me, “I am a few seconds from coming, so just shut up and let me finish. I’m sure it’s nothing.”

I decided to trust him since I assumed he was right. So I went back to moaning and true to his word,a minute after he went back to work. I felt my ass fill up with his cum. He kissed me and we decided to play some games to relax.

A few minutes later, we start getting thirsty so I offer to go to the kitchen to get two cans of soda for us.”Bring me coke, not Pepsi or I will end you” He said as I left the room.

I went into the kitchen and heard the door open, his father walked in and I was relieved because I thought he came in earlier.

“Hey Lawrence, how was work?” I asked him, trying to be polite

“It was good, do you mind if I talk to you, privately?” He asked me with a serious face.

I didn’t think much of it, considering Brad’s birthday was in two weeks so maybe he was going to ask me on what he should get as a birthday gift.

“Sure, but let me take these to his room first.” I told him, not wanting to make Brad mad.

“Just tell him you are going home because this is going to take a while.” He said as he turned and walked towards his room

I got nervous because poker oyna I assumed maybe he suspected something between Brad and I so he wanted to find out. I brought the soda to Brad and told him I had to go. He was confused at first but I told him that I had homework I needed to finish. That convinced him enough so I left his room and made my way to his parents room.

I knocked and his door and I heard him call me inside. He was sitting at his desk and he told me to sit down on the bed near the desk. I was slightly nervous but I didn’t overthink this situation. He then turned in his chair to talk to me.

“John, I came in to the house and I heard some strange moans. I don’t know who was making them so I want you to be fully honest with me, are you and my son watching porn together?”

I felt like I was sweating but I had to tell him the truth, he wouldn’t let me leave if I didn’t and this man could get a criminal to confess to a crime just by staring at him.

“Um, it’s not that, I have been having sex with your son.”I told him, avoiding his gaze.

He looked at me and for the life of me, I couldn’t tell what he was thinking or what he was feeling, was he angry that his son is fucking a guy or is he confused by how his son could do that.

“Just tell me how it started, I want to know.” He told me. I wasn’t going to tell him the full story but I was still going to be honest.

“Well I was with Brad in his room and we were just playing video games, and he asked about my sexual history. When I told him how I once tried giving a blowjob, he asked if he could get one.” I took short breaths to get this out before he could get angry

“He asked if I would try with him so I said sure. I began giving him head and he asked if he could fuck me. I always wanted to try it so we did. We fucked for a long time and we have been every weekend for the past month.If you want, I could stop and you won’t have to worry about me having sex with your son.” I felt hollow canlı poker oyna inside, like I betrayed my best friend and got him kicked out of my home

“Ok, I’m going to give you two options then. I could call your parents and tell you what has been going on, but my wife has been giving me the cold shoulder the last few weeks so if you show me what you and Brad have been doing, I’m prepared to forgive you.”

He unzipped his pants, pulling them down along with his underwear and I finally figured out where Brad got his gift from. I was nervous but kind of eager because he looked like he tasted great.

I grabbed his shaft and started moving my hand up and down on it. He felt so hard in my hands and I was honestly happy.I finally had a new cock to play with and I love it.

“Now maybe you can taste it” He said, a smile emerging on his face.

I couldn’t wait so I started to kiss his head, getting a taste of precum. It tasted nice and I knew I would fall in love with it. I stuck my tongue out to lick the shaft up and down, occasionally I would lick around the head to drive him crazy. So I would alternate between licking the shaft and licking the head pausing to hear him moan.

I then decided to suck on the head, moving slightly back and forth while using my tongue to slid around the head,thus increasing his pleasure so his moans became more audible.

He then reached to his night stand to grab the remote and turn on AMC. “Breaking Bad so tune out our moaning.” He told me as he increased the volume of the show.

I took this chance to start sucking on his shaft. I angled my tongue to rub alongside the bottom of his shaft. His dick had veins that I loved running over and he tasted so nice. I loved his smell because he didn’t get to shower and he is a business guy so he was still sweaty from walking around today.

I would take my mouth off to lick the shaft,moving up and down,enjoying every little taste.I then pushed him so he is sitting down internet casino and I started to lick and suck on his balls. They were so big it seemed like they weren’t touch in weeks. So I savored every lick and and juggled them with my mouth a bit.

I saw him grab some lube from the night stand so I went back to sucking his dick. I started to try and deepthroat him. I went so deep I felt his dick hit my throat and I couldn’t help but let a moan slip.

“God damn, I can see why Brad loves you. Now let me see the other reason.” He told me, placing me on the bed on all fours.

I felt a finger slip in me, I thank Brad silently for getting me ready for stuff like this.It slid in and out, like he forgot I was fucked by his son less than an hour ago and was loose enough as soon as I walked in.

I felt him get on the bed and the greatest feeling I have felt in my life so far. His huge cock sliding into my ass. It slid in so easily we both moaned at how great it felt. I felt the bed adjust and then he started to thrust slowly at first.

“Fuck John, your ass is so tight and feels so great” I couldn’t help but smile at that comment.

His thrusting became more rapid and our moans became more audible.Every thrust drove me closer and closer to an amazing orgasm. He took out his cock for what felt like a split second as he flipped me over so he is facing me.Instead of going in slowly, he went in and started pounding me like a jackhammer. Constantly pounding my prostate

Lawrence was really showing what a married man could do when he is all pent up and I am loving every single second of it. But then I felt like I was going to pop. As he pounded his dick into me, I felt my dick explode with cum and cover my body and even reach up to my face. He then yelled and I felt his hot cum coat my prostate.

He fell on top of me, his dick sliding out as his cum started to leak and wet the bed. He looked at me and kissed me, extremely happy at himself and me for what we did.

“That was so much better than what my wife could ever do. We should make this a regular thing.” He said to me,smiling.

“Yeah I would love that” As I slowly fell asleep, cuddling with him before I drifted away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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