Daddy’s Little Butt Boy Pt. 02

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*This story contains scenes of gay incest.*


It had gotten to the point where I hated to leave home in the morning and couldn’t wait to get back at night. In between, my dick stayed permanently half hard from thinking about my son, Bobby.

His ass hole was insatiable, always willing and able to have my big dick penetrate it. Since I had started fucking him, he’d gotten even hungrier for cock. Sometimes it seemed like I spent the whole night with my dick up his guts.

He wasn’t shy about his needs, either. If “Daddy, I need my hole fucked.” didn’t get an immediate response, he had no second thoughts about sucking my cock to stiffness and then riding it until he was satisfied. We must have shot enough cum to fill a 55 gallon drum since he’d moved in with me.

That Friday evening he was waiting for me, as usual, naked in the foyer with his cock standing stiff. I’d fucked his ass and sucked his balls dry before I’d left for work, now he was ready for more ASAP.

He wrapped his muscular body around me and with a will of its own; my hand came to rest between his lush butt cheeks. My fingers found his hot hole and two of them sank into the puckered ring. His ass was hot and tight and already lubed.

“Feels like somebody has been toying their ass today.” I said.

He was fondling my stiff prick through my dress pants, making it even harder.

“I have to keep it in tip-top shape for this big monster.” he replied, stroking my shaft. “I’ve got it nice and ready for you to slide your dick up before supper.”

He was already undoing my belt and my fly and when his hot hand closed around my upright dick, I practically popped the buttons off of my shirt tearing it off of my body. He pushed my pants down around my ankles, turned his back to me and bent forward. Reaching behind him, he used one hand to guide my swollen cock between his cheeks and into his fuck hole. He slid down it and buried it up to the balls in his hot chute.

“My toys are fun but nothing will ever take the place of this cock.” he said as he began to ride up and down on my prong. I looked down my front so that I could watch my wide cock plow between his hairless buns and disappear into his stretched ass hole, over and over.

“I wish you could see how beautiful your ass looks when my dick is in it.” I said.

“We’ll have to make some films so I can see too.” he replied.

He reached between his legs so that he could fondle my heavy balls as he rode my cock.

“I need to get my guts oiled so I hope you didn’t jerk off at work today.” he said. “These feel pretty full, though.” He was massaging and stretching my balls in their sack, something he knew I loved.

“Rest your hands against the wall.” I said. He quickly complied, knowing what was coming.

With his weight resting against the wall, I grabbed his hips so that I could give him the kind of fucking he’d gotten used to. His meaty buns quivered every time my hips slammed against his and he’d let out a little gasp as my cock head bounced against the back wall of his ass. I was slam fucking his ass, pounding into him with every ounce of strength in my hips. He looked back over his shoulder at me with a grin and made a show of licking his lips. Then, he spread his legs further and bent down so that his hands were on the floor and his gorgeous ass was spread as wide as possible. My cock was so stiff it felt like it might explode.

“That big dick is spoiling me, my toys aren’t enough anymore.” Bobby said, panting.

I was driving my cock into him in an upward thrust so that his my cock head poked the lining of his chute.

“This sweet hole already has me spoiled.” I replied. “All I can think about is having my dick in you.”

I was using his hips as a handle to slam his ass back against me at the same time that I drove my cock into his guts. It’s a wonder the neighbors didn’t hear our bodies slapping together.

By now Bobby had learned the warning signs that meant I was getting ready to blow my load and as my balls began to tighten he said, “Fill my ass up with that daddy cream.”

My final thrust put my dick in him so deep that I was surprised that my cum didn’t shoot out of his mouth. He clamped his tight hole around my shaft and counted the spurts of cum out loud as they drenched his insides.

“One, two, three, four, five.” he said. “This morning you gave me six.”

“I was a younger man this morning.” I told him.

My cock was slowly starting to soften in his ass. I put my hands under his armpits and helped him to stand back up, his soft ass resting against my hips and my shrinking dick still inside his ass. I wrapped my arms around his muscular torso.

“I made your favorite dinner.” he said, one of his arms rising so that his hand could caress the back of my neck. I moved my hands down until I could wrap one hand around his steely cock and cup his big balls with my other one.

“My favorite dinner comes out of these babies.” I said, bouncing his nuts in my hand.

“I thought that was your poker oyna favorite dessert.” he said.

“That, too.” I said.

We stood that way until my cock was entirely soft and popped out of his hole by itself.

* * * * * *

Our supper was an entertaining affair. It was now our custom to spend most of our time at home, including mealtimes, totally nude. Bobby had taken to sitting beside me at the table, rather than across from me, because he liked to play with my cock while he ate.

We had almost finished supper and he was driving me crazy by fingering the piss hole of my stiff cock, using my precum as lube to try to insert his fingertip.

Suddenly, he sat up straighter and said, “I forgot to show you what I found on the internet today.”

With that, he jumped up and ran upstairs to his room. I began clearing the table, my poor overworked cock happy to have a break.

When he returned, he put his laptop on the table and pressed a few keys.

“Come and look at this, it’s really neat.” he told me. I went to look over his shoulder.

On the screen was a black object that was thick in the middle but tapered to almost a point on one end. At the other end, right behind the thickest part, there was a small stem piece that came out of a disc.

“Okay, what is it?” I asked.

“It’s called a butt plug. They come in all kinds of sizes and shapes. See, you stick it up your butt and it stays in place because your ass hole clamps down around the small part. You can wear it all the time and it’s like having a cock up your ass all day.”

“I can see how that might appeal to you.”

He playfully swatted my stiff cock and said, “Really. I could wear it like if we went grocery shopping or to a movie…wouldn’t that turn you on thinking about my ass being full while we were out in public? And my hole would always be ready to take your big dick, anytime.”

“That does sound pretty hot.” I replied, snaking my hand down behind him on the chair. He leaned forward to make it easier for me to finger fuck his hot hole.

“The store where I bought your dildos, I bet they sell something like that. And, I’m off work tomorrow.”

“Can we go and check it out?” Bobby asked.

“If the guy I bought the dildos from is there, he may check you out. He got kind of excited when I told him the toys were for my son.”

“We’ve got to go.” Bobby said. “It would be a real turn on for me to shake my ass at him and see him get horny, knowing that I like my butt fucked.”

I couldn’t help thinking it would be a turn of for me, too, to see that hot guy hungry for my son’s gorgeous ass.

* * * * * *

By the time morning came, Bobby had two loads of my juice up his ass and I was now working on shooting a third inside him to join them. He was lying on his belly, pillows under his hips, and my cock was sliding in and out of his hole at a fast clip. I’d already sucked two huge loads out of his balls since we’d gone to bed.

I couldn’t hold back any longer and with a hard thrust, I busted my third load deep in Bobby’s ass. My balls almost ached from use.

When my cock had gone down a little, I rolled over onto my back beside Bobby.

“Man, you’re going to put your old dad in the hospital.” I said.

He grasped my softening cock in his hand and said, “I wonder what it’s like to get fucked on a hospital bed. I wouldn’t mind finding out.”

“Or any place else where you can get your butt filled, apparently.” I said as he snuggled up with his face against my neck.

“Speaking of, are we going to the toy store today?” he asked.

“Sure. Maybe if we get you a new toy to play with, you’ll let my poor dick have a rest.”

“Don’t bet on it, dad.” he said. “Nothing will ever take the place of your cock.”

He jumped up and started dressing in the clothes he’d worn the day before.

“No shower?” I asked.

“No, I want to see if your friend can smell your cum up my ass. It’ll drive him crazy.” Bobby said.

“And, me too, knowing that it’s up there.” I thought to myself.

I dressed quickly and we ate a light breakfast before we left. In the car, I could smell Bobby sitting beside me, a stew of sweat, cum and male aroma. Even after the workout it had had, my cock began to stiffen as we drove.

When we pulled into the porn store parking lot, at first I thought that they hadn’t opened yet. As we watched, the same clerk opened the door and waved us in. The lights on the store front blazed on a moment later.

We got out and walked to the door, Bobby behind me. As I pushed the door open, the bell rang and the clerk looked up from behind his counter.

“My favorite new customer!” he said and then he saw Bobby behind me.

“And who have you brought with you?” he asked.

“This is my son Bobby.” I said, stepping aside so that the clerk could get a full view of him. “You told me to bring him by sometime.”

“You said he was young and had a big dick, you didn’t tell me that he is gorgeous, too.” the clerk said.

His eyes were canlı poker oyna running over Bobby like he was seeing a natural wonder. I glanced at Bobby and I could see his cock starting to swell in his pants.

Bobby walked over to the counter and I could see the clerk’s nostrils dilate as he took in Bobby’s freshly fucked aroma.

“We’re looking for something specific.” Bobby told the clerk.

He leaned forward on the counter so that he could check out the clerk’s crotch. I had stepped up beside him so I could also see that the already full jeans were growing fuller by the second.

“Do you sell butt plugs?” Bobby innocently asked.

The clerk looked like he might have an aneurysm.

“We do indeed.” he choked out. He slightly recovered himself and then said, “We carry a whole line. What size did you need?”

Bobby turned around so that his glorious ass, covered by his skin tight jeans, was on full display.

“I don’t know I’ve never had one.” he said. “What size would you recommend? My dad’s got a pretty big cock so I’d want something comparable.” He stroked his buns with both hands and it was obvious that the denim tucked so tightly in his crack was wet.

The clerk couldn’t tear his eyes away from my son’s sweet buns as he said, “You’re my first customers of the day. It’s usually dead the first couple of hours.”

He walked over to the door and relocked it, then turned off the outside lights again.

“How about if I open late today and that way I can give you individualized service to make sure that you’re happy with your purchase. Wait here and I’ll round up a few things from stock.” He walked over to a doorway that I hadn’t noticed before and disappeared through it.

“You’re going to make that poor guy have a heart attack.” I said. I couldn’t help being proud of my son.

“You didn’t tell me he was hot.” Bobby said. “Wait until he sees this.”

Without saying anymore, he kicked off his shoes, skinned his t-shirt over his head and then dropped his jeans to the ground.

When the clerk walked back out of the storeroom, he looked like his eyes were going to pop out of his head. I’ve mentioned before that my son looks damned hot naked. Regular trips to the gym had made him even hotter. If you know what Michelangelo’s “David” statue looks like, you’ve got a pretty good idea of how my son looked. The big difference, and I do mean big, was in dick size. Bobby’s dick was every bit as big as mine and even thicker.

The clerk stood frozen in the doorway, which gave me a good opportunity to give him the once over.

Bobby was right, he was a hot guy. He was dressed in soft worn jeans that fit like a second skin and even if he had worn underwear, his fat cock would have been visible. It looked like the head was enormous and the denim over it was worn and fraying. A white tank top hugged his muscular torso and showed off his full sleeve tattoos. He had dark curly hair and a full mustache and tiny silver rings piercing each earlobe.

“I thought it might give you a better idea of what I need if you could see where it was going.” Bobby said.

He turned his back and leaned forward against the counter so that his hairless buns parted a bit, displaying his deep ass crack.

“I’ve got the best job in the world.” the clerk said, recovering.

He walked toward Bobby at the same time that Bobby spun to face him. The clerk deposited the packages in his arms on the counter and then wrapped his hand around Bobby’s thickening cock shaft. His other hand slid behind Bobby, down his back and I could tell by his body jumping that the clerk’s fingers had found his fuck hole.

“This ass feels pretty wet and slick.” the clerk said.

“Well, duh. Daddy’s been fucking me all night long with his monster dick.” Bobby said.

“Is your daddy’s dick as big as this beauty?” the clerk asked, stroking Bobby’s now totally stiff cock.

“I think he’s even bigger but he won’t admit it.” Bobby replied. “Show him how big your cock is, dad.”

“Yeah, show me how big your cock is, dad.” the clerk repeated. “No one is going to disturb us. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

“You’re on, fucker.” I replied.

It didn’t take long at all for us to both strip. The clerk looked ten times hotter naked. His chest was well muscled, his pecs sculpted and covered with a light coat of fur. His thick cock hung over a massive set of balls in a long sack. The head on it looked like it could swell up to twice the thickness of the shaft. I could see metal glinting in his short trimmed pubes from the steel cock ring he wore.

“Hey, cool cock ring.” Bobby said. He reached over and wrapped his hand around the metal so that his hand encircled the clerk’s cock and balls, too. “How does it open?”

“It doesn’t.” the clerk said. “You pop your balls through it and then force your soft cock in. I’d show you but there’s no way I could get it off now.”

His cock was growing as he spoke, standing out from his body in an arc and then slowly getting thicker and longer internet casino until it stood perfectly upright. His size was a good match for Bobby’s and my own. Watching the big dick expand caused the same reaction in the both of us.

“You two ought to do porn.” the clerk said. “There aren’t many guys who look as good or are hung as well as you two.”

“Make that us three.” I said.

Bobby was stroking the clerk’s stiff dick and fondling his balls while the clerk finger fucked his puckered hole. I walked over to stand beside them and the clerk wrapped his other hand around my stiff cock.

“When you told me you were buying those dildos for your son, I spent the next two days jerking off thinking about it.” the clerk said as he squeezed my dick.

“We’ve graduated beyond that.” Bobby said. “Daddy fucks my ass on the regular, now, and sucks my cock full time, too.”

“You’re a lucky boy to have such a nice daddy.” the clerk said, smiling. “It doesn’t hurt that he’s drop dead handsome and has a hot body and a big cock, too.”

“That’s how I feel, too.” Bobby said. “Now, what about my butt plug?”

“Sorry, where are my professional manners?” the clerk said.

He let both of us go and turned to the counter. His ass, now on full view, was just as gorgeous as Bobby’s in a more mature way. His buns were hard and full of muscle and had the same light coating of hair as his chest. I couldn’t resist reaching out my hand and stroking his hard ass cheek and when I glanced at Bobby he was grinning.

“Now, we have several different sizes.” the clerk said, trying to ignore my hand kneading his ass.

Bobby leaned against the counter beside him, his ass now beside the clerk’s. My other hand found its way to Bobby’s smooth cheek and I kneaded it, too.

“I don’t know.” Bobby said, looking at each butt plug in turn. “Is it better to have one that fits comfortably already or one that will stretch your ass until you get used to it?”

“I think it’s 50-50.” the clerk said. “Which one do you think would fit comfortably?”

“I don’t know, maybe you can tell me.” Bobby replied.

With that, he climbed up on the counter on his hands and knees so that his wide spread ass faced us. His puckered hole, deep between his plush cheeks, pulsed as we looked at it.

“Maybe we should let you test drive a few and see what you think.” the clerk said. I could see that his cock was so stiff that it was glued to his belly and had turned a deep red color.

“That sounds great.” Bobby said. “You slide them in me and I’ll tell you what I think.”

I had to get in on this, so I selected several butt plugs and lined them up, smallest to largest.

“Try them this way and he can tell us when it gets to be too much.” I told the clerk.

He reached behind the counter and took one of the jars of lube out of the showcase and handed it to me.

“Lube it up.” he said, his eyes on Bobby’s tight hole.

I scooped out a couple of fingers worth of goo and slowly massaged it into Bobby’s fuck hole, making sure to push the slick grease deep inside his ass. The clerk was stroking his big dick beside me as he watched.

I picked up the smallest plug, around six inches long and as thick as an average cock. I coated it with grease and handed it to the clerk.

The clerk let go of his cock and licked his lips as he grasped the base of the plug. He used the tip to stroke Bobby’s fuck hole, then poised it at the opening. As he pressed, Bobby’s hole expanded around the shaft and enlarged to take in the plug. When it finally reached the thickest part, his ass muscles pulled it in and closed around the smaller part.

“How’s that feeling, scout?” asked the clerk.

“I need to walk around a minute.” Bobby said.

He climbed down from the counter and then began to walk around the store. The black disc base of the plug held his cheeks apart so that you could see the plug in his hole.

“It feels really good.” Bobby said. “When I walk, it strokes my prostate. This would be good for wearing in public.”

“Yeah, if only your big dick wasn’t sticking out so far that it’s obscene.” the clerk said.

Bobby’s dick was indeed sticking out even bigger than usual from the tension on his prostate. Drops of precum slid down the hot shaft, glistening in the electric light.

“I can wear bike shorts under loose pants.” Bobby said. “No one will know unless they’re looking.”

“Good luck with that.” I said.

“How about the next one?” Bobby said and climbed back up onto the counter, ass in the air.

“Man, I’m going to shoot my load just playing with this hole.” the clerk said.

“Save it.” I said. “We’ve still got some plugs to go.”

The clerk eased the plug out of Bobby’s ass while I was lubing up the next one. When the plug slid out and Bobby’s fuck hole slowly closed, the clerk let out a whimper.

I handed him the next plug and since my hand was already lubed up, I slipped my fingers between his hard cheeks and massaged his hole. He turned and gave me a smile and spread his feet further apart while aiming the new plug into Bobby’s ass.

“I can smell your cum in his ass.” the clerk said.

“There’s probably about a gallon sloshing around.” I said.

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