Deeper Tastes Ch. 01

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This story is a continuation of the characters from ‘Relief’. It is going to be self contained however so there is no need to have read my previous work. I would also like to apologise for a couple of minor continuity issues. When I initially wrote ‘Relief’ I had not entirely fleshed out the characters some decisions they made may seem a little confusing on reading this.

Also, although this will be a primarily lesbian romance, I am eager to explore other couplings so there will be a variety of scenes. If these are not to your taste then feel free to skip the sex to where the story picks up again Xxx


The last few weeks of Laura’s life had been bliss. It had been one of the hottest summers of her life and, despite the lack of rain; it had also been one of the wettest. Laura and Nadia couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. Wherever they went they found they needed each other. On countless occasions they seemed to find themselves in public rest rooms, fingers roaming, tongues exploring. There was always the worry that they might be caught but the moment they started, they just didn’t care.

Ever since that first night together, she’d found her sex drive had risen a level she’d never dreamed of. Even when Nadia wasn’t around she started her mind drifting back to their last session. In these moments, all she could do was wait until she was alone and touch herself.

She would start by wetting her fingers on her tongue and slowly running them around her rock hard nipples. The sensation of saliva evaporating off of them made her shiver with desire as she remembered what it felt like as Nadia would pull her mouth away from Laura’s breasts, leaving that wet patch over the nipple. After that her body knew what would be coming next. Laura would close her eyes and slide her hand between her legs to rub her burning clit. The moment she started, a cascade of satisfaction would roll over her. She would massage her aching parts until, always with a tsunami of wetness, she came and her body would calm itself for a while.

But although masturbation had become sheer ecstasy, that was nothing compared with the sex itself. They would fuck for hours, only breaking to eat and drink. When they were finished, they would lie there and talk. Nadia could be fascinating. In a moment she could switch from sexy poker oyna to witty to clever. Laura was in love for the first time in her life. This was what scared her.

She knew eventually that thing would come up. She knew Nadia would want to have a real relationship. She knew it was cruel to expect anything else, that she must be prepared to take her home to her parents. She couldn’t though. She wasn’t ready to explain why. What if Nadia though she was ashamed?

The two were getting ready to go out to dinner. Nadia was wearing a black top and skirt with fishnet stockings. She had the most incredible legs. It was all Laura could do to keep her eyes, and indeed her hands, off of them. She hugged Nadia from behind and began to kiss her neck.

“Hello,” said Nadia with a cheeky smile and whispered “I’m thinking someone’s gonna struggle to get through this evening without…” her voice trailed off and was replace by a moan. Laura had slipped her hand under Nadia’s top and begun to play with her nipple.

“I’ve got you a little present” whispered Laura.

Nadia turned her head and raised an eyebrow and Laura pulled out a small, purple, rubber, oblong from her bag.

“You put this between your legs and I can control it” she said, pulling out a little black remote with a dial on it.

Nadia’s face lit up with cheeky excitement. Laura undid the button on the front of her girlfriend’s skirt, slid her hand down under the panties with the toy clasped in it, positioning it. She then removed her hand and did the button back up.

Laura decided to take it for a little test drive, turning the dial up to 1. Nadia stood for a moment, closed her eyes and swayed slightly. Laura turned it off and Nadia let out a soft moan at the loss of stimulation.

“Later my love” smiled Laura as she took her by the hand and pulled her through the door.

Arriving at the restaurant, the two climbed out of the taxi, paid the driver and went to sit down inside.

The place was a small Italian, painted black outside. Entering the restaurant, Laura noticed it was pretty full. That’s good, she thought to herself, we’ll blend in a bit better.

A woman came over to show them to their table. She was incredible. She had crimson hair, cut short at her shoulders, and was wearing a white shirt and tie that, in trying to canlı poker oyna suppress it, only served to accentuate her incredible figure. The clothing that covered them implied majesty to her almost hidden curves. Nothing, on the other hand, could hide her breasts; perfectly shaped double D’s. Okay perhaps that was optimistic guesswork but they were big.

Laura caught herself. Why was she imagining this woman naked at all, let alone optimistically? She was with Nadia. Then another thought cross her mind. Could Nadia be persuaded?

Drawing her eyes away from the stunning waitress she saw her girlfriend was clearly thinking almost exactly the same thing she was. Nadia was gazing reverently at the woman walking towards them. Well we can’t let that go unpunished, Laura smirked to herself. She put her hand in her pocket and dialled the toy up to 1. She didn’t want to humiliate Nadia too much… yet.

Nadia shot her look, as if trying to say that this wasn’t the time, but Laura could see she was enjoying it. The look was interrupted by the waitress.

“Good evening. I’m Jane and I’ll be your waitress this evening. Table for two?”

“Yes please” said Nadia with a slightly forced smile. Laura could hear she was struggling to maintain the pitch of her voice. That’s enough for now then. She switched off the vibrator. Nadia’s face was flushed with relief.

As they reached the table and Jane went to collect a bottle of the house red as requested Nadia leaned over and whispered “I’ll get you back for that.”

They both giggled.

Laura was now wondering how exactly she might approach the topic when Nadia brought it up for her.

“You know, I bet she’s a lesbian” she murmured on an out breath.

“How do you…” Laura was cut short by the return of Jane the stunning waitress.

“Your wine” she smiled.

After she had gone Nadia began again.

“Look at her. Of course she is. I mean the short red hair, the trousers when all the other waitresses are wearing skirts and,” she paused to give emphasis to this last point “short fingernails.”

“That doesn’t mean anything.” Laura refused flatly. “I mean haven’t you considered that she might just like the tom boy look. As for the fingernails maybe that for her own pleasure. I mean it’s not like either of us look like stereotypical lesbians.”

“True” internet casino nodded Nadia, completely unconvinced.

“If she was,” said Laura, now working up the courage to broach the topic, “would that be a good thing for us?”

Nadia smiled and said “I have no idea what you mean.” Clearly however, she did.

“I mean would you be open to it. If we had another person there? If that’s not weird for you?”

“It’s not weird for me”

This time when Laura turned the toy on, it was a reward. The reward went all the way up to three and she could see Nadia approved. Her girlfriend was quietly shaking. She had closed her eyes and was swaying a little. Sure enough, when Laura reached her hand out and touched the girl’s thigh, there was wetness creeping down her leg. She turned the toy off and was greeted with a hurt expression.

“Bathroom” was the only word needed to make up for this.

Laura wasn’t scared that they’d be caught. They’d had practise at not making noise. Locking the door, she pushed Nadia back onto the toilet seat, undid the skirt and pulled down the cute pink cotton panties she’d picked out for her girlfriend. Removing the toy, she bent down and began to suck of Nadia’s clit.

Nadia had never cum so fast. After all that teasing she was so worked up and her juice squirted out all over Laura’s face.

They both stopped to take a breath. There was a knock on the cubical door. Laura saw a mirrored look of panic in Nadia’s face.

“Yes?” Laura nervously asked.

“Could you open to door please?”

It was Jane the waitress.

Scrabbling to their feet, Nadia pulling up her skirt, they moved forward and Laura carefully opened the door.

Jane was smiling.

“Couldn’t make it through dinner?” she teased them. All they could do was quietly smile and hope she didn’t turn them in.

“You know, I saw the way you were both looking at me… If you guys wanna have some fun, I get off at 10 and I live just around the corner.”

A flood of relief and excitement washed over both of them.

“I guess we’ll see you later then.”

By 10, they’d both had time to go home, freshen up and come back (only stopping for one quick round in the middle).

Jane drifted out of the restaurant. Laura couldn’t really follow what was going on. She was too excited. Before she knew it they were standing outside of Jane’s door.

Before entering, Jane paused and turned to them, hand still holding the key in the lock.

“So what do you girls like?”

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