Delicate Touches Pt. 06

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Amy Brooke

In this part, I continue on from the end of Part Five after Nicki gives Mia a ride back home on the back of her motorcycle after the gig. Mei Lin is still back at home getting ready for her date but I thought I’d follow through with Nicki and Mia because it seemed like a fun little interlude.

“Men are such shits,” Mia announced as she poured another drink, “they think about two things, sex and food. Eric was different though, he could at least talk about other stuff but towards the end things changed.”

“In what way?” Nicki balanced the empty glass on her knee.

“He became a little paranoid, it’s to do with my stage character,” their eyes met.

“I’m not exactly straight, the whole straight thing started as a joke one night on stage when some drunk woman shouted out something obscene and I just responded with a statement that I was straight and the crowd went wild. We got through our set for the night and had a good laugh about it afterwards but the next day one of the girls suggested I might like to put more emphasis on my sexual orientation,” she put the bottle down and stared at the drink.

“I took her advice and our crowds swelled almost right away. Everyone wanted to come and see the straight woman fronting a lesbian band and so I just doubled down and ramped it up. From time to time I’d hint that I might be bendable but I’ve always maintained the straight act on stage and for most of that time I was with guys.”

“And what about in between men?”

“Ah,” she took a swig, “now that’s where it gets interesting. Whenever I was single, the crowds got bigger and I noticed more of the women were openly flirting, even in front of their partners.”

“So, if you’re not straight, what are you?”

“I’m fluid,” Mia replied, “I find that sticking myself into a box is restrictive, I like to be free to express myself in a variety of ways and that includes my sexuality but so far I haven’t had sex with another woman so technically I’m still straight.”

“So, what would you look for in a woman?” Nicki picked up the glass and leaned forward.

“Someone who isn’t into the scene as we know it. I’m not after the trophy woman, just someone who respects my boundaries and doesn’t try to dominate or control me. I need my space and this place is my space, I can walk about the house in my bra and knickers and not have to worry about a bloody thing.”

“Yeah I get that too, it’s what I like about Stella’s joint. With Darren I had to be careful,” she unscrewed the cap, “but in this new place I can walk about half naked.”

“So are you with anyone?”

“Not exactly,” she poured a measure of Southern Comfort into the glass, “I was with Amanda but she’s been a drain on me,” she twisted the cap back on, “lesson number one, find a woman who isn’t high maintenance.”

“So you’re not with Amanda?”

“No, there was a one morning stand with Darren’s girlfriend, Roberta and she’s been skirting around the edges the last few weeks but I don’t want to go down that track, I still feel guilty about the whole thing.”

“Did you seduce her or was it the other way around?”

“She moved on me, after Darren went to work, surprised the fuck out of me.”

“Ooh, juicy,” Mia’s eyes twinkled.

Nicki opened her mouth to reply and then shut it as a phone beeped. Mia picked up her phone and then looked at her.

“It’s from Stevie.”

“What does she want?”

“Oh dear,” she smirked, “it looks like Stevie is having a crisis.”

“What’s the crisis?” Nicki leaned closer to her as Mia put the phone on the table to show the shirts Stevie had picked out.

“What to wear on a date, the last time she had a problem like this was when she was going out with Melanie.”

“Who was Melanie?”

“A woman who came to our gigs, they went out on a date but as it turned out, Melanie was curious but not that curious,” she propped on her palm, “she wore that tuxedo shirt for that date. “She’s a lovely girl but she’s hopeless when it comes to fashion.”

“Mei Lin’s the opposite,” Nicki replied, “have you seen her Instagram feed?”

“A bit of it,” Mia glanced up briefly, “she’s certainly a snappy dresser, she even puts me to shame.”

“You and me both,” Nicki looked down at herself, “although lately I’ve started taking some hints from her, she suggested this white tie.”

“Oh, so that was her advice?” Mia nudged her leg playfully, “now your secret’s out,” she picked up the phone and tapped the screen.

Mia: I’m leaning towards the tuxedo but the one with the black buttons looks good too.

Stevie: So the other two?

Mia: Okay for a casual coffee but you should look your best.

Stevie: It needs a tie.

Mia: So wear it without a tie, go for the casual after five look.

Stevie: Maybe you’re right, sorry to bother you so late.

Mia: No you’re not, now get some sleep and send me a selfie tomorrow although maybe you should be asking Mei Lin this, she’s going out with you after all.

“I’m starting to wish I’d never pushed her into this poker oyna date with Mei Lin,” she pulled a grimace, “she’s been up and down like a yo yo for the last few weeks, trying to work out whether or not she should ask her out and what should she should say. Stevie’s never been like this with women, she’s the kind who can make a pass and just roll with the punches.”

“I know exactly how she feels, especially about Mei Lin,” Nicki replied.

“Mei Lin?” Mia glanced at her, “do you have a crush on your housemate? This just gets better and better,” she picked up her drink again.

“We’ve worked it out or rather Mei Lin did,” Nicki leaned back against the couch, “she decided that she wanted me as a friend and just a friend.”

“And how did you take that?”

“I’m still processing it but I can see the logic as plain as day. If she and I fucked we’d wake up the next morning to the consequences and Mei Lin doesn’t like that idea in case we fall out.”

“That makes sense,” Mia mused a moment later, “she sounds like she’s got her head screwed on straight, if only I’d been that smart at her age, I’d never have gotten tied up with Gavin.”

“Who was Gavin?”

“My old flatmate when I was at Latrobe, we were best friends for six months and then we got pissed and stoned one night and fucked. The next morning I woke up and looked at him and thought this is not a good idea,” she took another mouthful of Southern.

“But because we were mates I went along with it until we weren’t mates any more.”

“How long did it last?”

“Six weeks,” she set the glass down, “the first two weeks were pretty good.”

“So, what advice did you give Stevie?”

“I told her to wear the tuxedo even though she hasn’t got a bowtie to go with it.”

Nicki’s eyes shifted as she glanced at her phone.

“Mei Lin has a few ties, maybe I should text her?”

“How’s about we stay out of this one,” Mia angled towards her, “Stevie needs to work this one out on her own, I’ll give advice but then I step back and let her do her own thing.”

“So, how are things between you and the band? Are you ever tempted?”

“No,” she ran a hand through her hair, “that was the thing we agreed on when we first started to rehearse together. Band relationships are tricky enough without involving sex but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted to step over the line.”

“Huh,” Nicki sipped her drink, “so much for romance.”

“Oh I’m all for romance but not with any of the girls, we have enough problems with writing and playing,” she leaned forward to reply to another text message from Stevie.

Mia: Pick one and trust in fate.

She tensed as she read her own text.

“Ooh, there’s a line,” she glanced up, “we’ve been working on a few new songs and one of them had a similar line, not about choosing clothes but more about choosing between two people. Pick one and trust in fate,” she settled back against the couch and then slapped her leg.

“The perils of hanging out with a muso,” she grinned, “we go off on tangents just like that.”

“That’s cool,” Nicki looked down at her hand, “I’m a photographer, I do the same thing.”

“It’s a bitch sometimes,” she drained her glass and leaning forward, put it on the table, she eyed the bottle for a moment and then settled back into the couch but kept her hand on Nicki’s leg.

Nicki didn’t move as Mia closed her eyes but then she patted her hand.

“Don’t fall asleep on me.”

“I won’t,” she opened her eyes, “sorry, just drifting,” she glanced at her hand, “sorry,” she went to lift it but Nicki turned at the same time and her hand fell between Nicki’s legs.

“So,” Mia turned to face her and pushed her knee into the back of the couch, “this is the tie Mei Lin picked out for you?”

“Yeah,” Nicki looked down as Mia reached out with her other hand and fiddled with it.

“Can I try it on?”

“Sure,” Nicki raised her hands but Mia was already pulling on the tie, Nicki had tucked one end behind her shirt and the feeling of silk sliding against her skin caused her to smile. Mia noticed her smile as she loosened the knot.

“Don’t mind me,” she pulled the material out of the knot, “it’s a muso thing, we go off on bloody tangents at the drop of a hat,” she finished undoing the tie and grinned.

She pulled it off Nicki’s neck and Nicki contemplated undoing hers but decided against it when Mia undid her own tie.

“Here’s the acid test,” she slipped Nicki’s tie around the back of her neck, “you can take a photo of me in this and we’ll see how good you are.”

Nicki merely nodded as Mia started tying it but just as she was about to push it all the way up she reached out and stopped her.

“Top button as well,” she pulled the collar together and fastened the top button, noticing that Mia had leaned towards her, the gesture reminded her of Mei Lin’s movements over the last week or so, more so the other night when she’d been shooting her in ties. There had been a lot of adjustments to make. She pushed the knot up to her canlı poker oyna throat and reached for her phone but instead Mia handed over her phone.

“Use mine.”

“Whatever,” Nicki picked up her own phone and brought up her Instagram feed.

“Here, this is your prop,” she handed it to her, “just look up when I tell you.”

“I’m in your hands,” Mia smirked as Nicki moved off the couch, “are these all of Mei Lin?”

“Yeah, I had an idea for a woman wearing suits and ties, it’s called breaking the glass ceiling,” she raised the phone and took a picture, “look up.”

Mia looked up and Nicki took two more shots followed by a couple more from different angles but finally she returned to the couch and let her see the pictures.

“Not bad,” she murmured, “not bad at all, although you can tell I’ve been drinking.”

“We should have moved the bottle and glasses,” Nicki leaned on her palm.

“I’ve been looking around for a different tie for my stage outfit, the leather one goes with the skirt but leather doesn’t slide so easily against itself.”

“That tie was given to me today,” Nicki replied, “Linda gave me an entire tie rack that belonged to her ex husband, more ties than I’ll ever need, black, grey, red, college ties and some Disney ties as well, there’s a nice silvery grey one from memory.”

“What’re you saying?” Mia looked up at her, “you’re going to donate a tie?”

“Yeah, why not? It’s for a good cause,” she smirked.

“Thank you,” Mia put the phone down and fiddled with her tie, “I might have to check them out some time soon.”

“Whatever,” Nicki glanced her.

“Music,” she brought up a playlist and touched the play icon. A few moments later the bluetooth speakers connected and Nicki’s eyes widened as she heard the first few bars of Hoobastank’s The Reason.

“I haven’t heard this song for a while.”

“We play it at gigs, just not tonight because it was a twenty first and the birthday girl had her own playlist,” she leaned on the couch and loosened her tie.

“My ex used to play this all the time.”

“Does it bring back bad memories?” Mia leaned on her palm.

“Not bad memories, bittersweet is the word I’m looking for,” she looked at Mia, “you’re not going to write that word down as well are you?”

“No,” she grinned, “it won’t fit the song I’m thinking of,” she glanced at her phone and then put it on the coffee table.

“So, here we are,” she reached out and touched Nicki’s collar, “did she pick out this one as well or was that your decision?”

“It was mine,” Nicki looked down at her hand, “although to be honest she’s changed me in that way, Mei Lin is very fashion conscious. I used to be one of those casual dressed down types unless I was dressing for work and that’s just a shirt and tie thing but since she moved in I’ve started paying more attention to my appearance.”

“Is that because you’re hoping to connect with her?” Mia asked.

“It was at first,” Nicki replied as Mia felt the collar, “but then I kept doing it because it made me feel better about myself.”

“Huh,” Mia murmured, “well that’s something Stevie could use, she’s an attractive girl but when it comes to fashion she’s all at sea as you just saw,” her hand slid across to the top button and for a moment Nicki thought she was going to undo it but then she slid her hand into the placket and let it fall downwards.

“That’s what’s kept me away from gay women,” she murmured, “I like dressing up, for me it’s like foreplay before the actual foreplay. I pick out an outfit, have a shower, pamper myself and then get all dressed up and do my makeup. I know people put us down, women as well as men but it’s still something I like doing.”

“You’ll get no argument from me there,” Nicki followed the movement of her hand along the waistband of her trousers.

“Are you always so,” she paused as she reached her hip, “so pliable?”

“Not at all, just easygoing, I take after my stepdad and my mum I guess but she became a lot more easygoing after he moved in.”

“Is that so?” Mia moved her hand up Nicki’s side, “your stepdad sounds a lot like Yvette, she’s my mum’s girlfriend. They were going to get married when gay marriage was legalised but they’re both paranoid about getting married after living together for so long.”

“How long have they been together?” Nicki asked as Mia reached her collar.

“Twelve years,” her hand slipped around to the back of Nicki’s collar which had been raised slightly when she took off her tie earlier.

“I was in Year Fourteen when dad walked out and Bea moved in,” she finished straightening Nicki’s collar and brought her hand back around to her shoulder, “a few months later we moved from Croydon to Torquay because Bea had always wanted to live by the beach,” she slid her hand down Nicki’s arm.

“It was the most traumatic moment of my life,” she reached her cuff and started working it around, “I lost all of my friends in the blink of an eye and my grades really suffered,” their eyes met momentarily.

“Within internet casino a few months I was experimenting with drugs, just dope at first,” she undid the first of the cuff buttons, “and then I overdosed on eckies,” she undid the second button to open up the cuff.

“My mum saw red, Bea tried to settle her down and then they had a big blue in the kitchen, mum was chucking plates at her and just as Bea opened the front door Yvette stepped inside,” she turned Nicki’s hand around and stroked her wrist.

“Yvette was the arts and music teacher at my school, she was classically trained in music but because of budget cuts at country schools they’d merged certain classes to cut teacher numbers,” she rubbed Nicki’s watch strap.

“Are you a leftie too?”

“Yeah,” Nicki glanced at her right hand, “so how did Yvette wind up with your mum?”

“Oh that’s a tale of French charm and sophistication,” she smirked as she undid the strap, “Yvette was everything that Bea wasn’t, she had the looks, the style, the charm and she spoke French and Swedish fluently along with English. She was raised in Gothenburg when her mother moved their with her girlfriend but apparently they also teach English in the schools.”

“So who turned who?”

“It’s actually who turned whom,” Mia put the watch on the table and Nicki brought her other hand down and rested it on her leg.

“It was a mutual thing,” Mia glanced at Nicki’s other cuff, “Yvette is fluid, she likes it both ways, she even got into a threesome when she first came to Australia, she found it interesting but not really her thing.”

“So, what happened next?” Nicki asked as Mia pulled the other cuff around with her left hand.

“They got together, Bea had gone off to her mum’s joint in Ballarat for a week to sulk and when she came back,” she undid the first button, “mum and Yvette were fucking and the door lock had been changed,” she undid the second button.

“How did that affect you?” Nicki asked as Mia returned to her other hand.

“I was still suspended from school at the time so I was being the snotty nosed little bitch, feeling sorry for myself,” she traced her way up Nicki’s arm, “but Yvette spoke to the school principal and because she was so fucking frightened about losing one of her best teachers she turned a blind eye to Yvette moving in with a student’s mum and my overdose,” she reached her collar.

“Yvette changed everything for the better,” she slid her hand behind her collar and then felt the necklace, “she was the one who took me to school and back home again, and because she had to stay later at school,” she pulled on the chain, “I had to stay back in the library and a few times I was in the staffroom and study.”

She pulled the pendant out and grinned at the classic lesbian symbol, two circles with crosses joined together.

“How gay is that?” Mia grinned, “even mum doesn’t wear one and she’s out and out gay.”

“It was a gift from my mum, after I came out,” she looked down as Mia fingered the pendant, “I clean it with brasso every few months because it turns green.”

“Ooh, that is so gay,” their eyes met, “the green eyed monster that is,” she released the pendant and slipped her hand behind the placket and folded it back, she seemed riveted by the second button and Nicki moved slightly.

“So, what happened next?”

“Huh?” Mia’s eyes shifted, “um, I grew up in a lesbian household,” she moved down to the third button and then slipped her fingers inside, “I learned a lot from Yvette,” she pulled her fingers out and moved down to the fourth button and rested her knuckles against Nicki’s breast.

“French and Swedish for a start but I also learned to play the piano,” she moved down to the fifth button, “and the guitar but the piano is still my favourite.”

“I didn’t know you played,” Nicki looked down as she reached her sixth button which was partially hidden by her waistband.

“I do play but because all the other girls play too I focus on the singing and the song writing, that’s another thing I learned from Yvette, how to write lyrics,” she rubbed the ornate Western-style belt buckle.

“Live to ride,” she read the inscription on the front, “where did you buy the belt?”

“Darren made it,” she replied, “he makes belts.”

“Nice work,” their eyes met, “can I?” Mia tugged at the belt.

“Sure, go ahead,” Nicki replied and when Mia undid the buckle she went on, “so, going off on a tangent, when was your first time, with anyone?”

“I was a virgin until just after my eighteenth birthday party,” she pulled the belt out from behind the buckle, “it might surprise you after I’d been into drugs but Yvette made me a deal,” she grabbed the buckle.

“She drove a Porsche 911, I loved that car and it certainly got a lot of looks at school, especially from the guys. I was an early developer and she’d seen the way guys looked at me and the way I looked back and so she offered me the car on my eighteenth birthday,” she started pulling on the buckle, “if I’d stay a virgin.”

She kept pulling the buckle, “by the time I reached seventeen though my hormones were screaming and I so wanted to fuck and so she modified it and said she’d pay for the insurance and a fresh paint job as well,” she kept pulling.

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