Dental Appointment

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A trip to the Dentist is not something that I look forward to, and my six monthly check up was no exception. I managed to get the final appointment of the day at a dental surgery I had not been to before. The Dentist was not available, but I was assured the senior Dental Nurse would be more than capable of conducting the check up and cleaning. I arrived at the surgery just before 5pm and was greeted by the senior Dental Nurse behind the receptionist’s desk. She then led me through the waiting room and into the surgery.

The Dental Nurse was to say the least an impressive woman in her late 50’s. I guess she was about five feet eight inches tall with curly red hair tightly tied up under her nurse’s cap. She was surprisingly dressed in a tradition nurses uniform, how I imagine Nurses dressed in the 1950’s — white short sleeve dress, white stockings, white shoes, a 2″ wide white cotton buttoned belt, Bib-front apron complete with fob watch. The bib-front apron looked more like an A frame tent due to the size of her impressive chest.

As she ushered me into the treatment room, she introduced herself as Nurse Ruth Porter and sat me down in the dental chair. I began to take in the rather stark and sterile surroundings of the treatment room. The unmistakable smell of a dentists’ treatment room filled the air and began to raise my anxiety.

Methodically, the nurse put a bib around my neck and proceeded to begin the check up. I never quite know where to look when I’m in the dentists chair, you can’t look straight up because to the intensity of the examination light and I couldn’t maintain eye contact, so I tried to drift off mentally to some more pleasant place. My hands firmly gripping the armrests of the dental chair as the cleaning began.

Feeling the fingers of the nurse against my face, my mind began to wonder, the next thing I know I’m having erotic thoughts about the nurse, that nurses uniform had certainly flicked my imagination into over-drive. I could feel the soft hairs on her hands against my face, as she prodded and probed my gapping mouth.

My eyes focused on the nurse who was barely inches from me. With her totally focused on the procedure I could look intently at her face. I studied the lines around her red lips, the soft wrinkles of her neck and the tiny hairs on her cheek covered in lightly applied foundation, the strands of red hair fighting the containment of the tight hair bun. It all looked rather nice I thought. To my own horror, I started feeling my cock expand in my pants. I had nowhere to go, no way of hiding it. The more I tried to distract my mind the more I seemed to focus on the nurse.

I then felt the nurse brush against my hand that was holding the armrest of the chair. The feeling of the heavily starched uniform sent a shiver down my spine. She had firm thighs. She leant harder against me as she reached into the back of my mouth. As she pushed harder against my hand I took a deep breath.

“Everything OK? She asked.

“Ah ha” I managed sound out, unable to make complete words with my mouth wide open. The pressure against my hand continued as the nurse returned to cleaning.

With my mind still in overdrive I moved my hand slightly, trying to get more comfortable in the chair — no reaction from the nurse. I moved my hand again, this time the nurse moved as her focus moved to the other side of my mouth. As she began cleaning again she had moved slightly forward for better access, I felt the heavily starched uniform again touch the back of my hand, she leaned forward, her crutch was now pressed hard against the back of my hand. Was she aware of this?

“Can you open wider”, she asked. “Ah huh”, I sounded and opened my mouth further. “The back teeth are difficult to get to,” she said, as she leaned heavily against my hand, “that’s perfect,” she cooed. I could feel the apex of her solid thighs; I dared not move my hand again.

As she continued the cleaning process her firm mound pushed back and forth across my hand. I was no longer thinking of the discomfort of having my mouth wide open, but on the feeling of the starched uniform and the nurse’s pussy mound moving against my hand.

I was seriously getting hard from this, but thankfully, with the nurse focused on my mouth she hadn’t noticed the tenting of my pants. She had to know what she was doing didn’t she? One way to find out — I moved my hand again, pushing my knuckles against her pussy mound. Her reaction was instantaneous, she pushed back harder against my hand, with a slight up bonus veren siteler and down movement. This must have continued for at least a couple of minutes, my hand gripping and releasing the chair forcing my knuckles to move up and down, the nurse moving her hips ever so slightly in rhythm with my hand.

“Everything OK?” She asked again.

I just moaned.

“Good” she replied and pushed harder. “That wasn’t so bad, we are almost done now, I just have to lower the chair back a little and finish the polishing.”

Saying that, she lowered the chair back and pulled up a small stool that she sat on just behind me. She leaned in again continuing the procedure and this time her massive chest rested on my right shoulder. In this position she would have had a direct view of my cock pressing upwards in my pants. I put my hands across my lap trying to gain some control over my ever-expanding cock.

As soon as I did this, the nurse asked, “Everything looks perfect, are you comfortable”? “Uh huh” I managed to reply. “Good then, I let you rinse, get settled and I’ll met you outside in reception.”

I waited a couple of minutes and cursed myself for my indiscretion, making my way to the reception area I found most of the lights had been turned off and the nurse was nowhere to be seen. I waited probably five more minutes before I heard footsteps coming from behind.

“Sorry to keep you, as you were the last patient I changed and started locking up, I hope that hasn’t kept you?” “Not at all” I responded. I felt my face go bright red.

“Feel better?” She asked.

“Yes, my teeth feel great thank you.”

I hesitated a moment, she had changed out of her formal nurses uniform and was now wearing her street clothes. With her over-coat draped across one arm and her handbag in the other she walked towards me. Her body excited me in the uniform but in the cream short-sleeved roll neck angora sweater stretched tightly over her huge breasts, combining perfectly with the flecked beige wool skirt, defining the curves of her hips and solid thighs, I was in total awe.

As she walked towards me in her 3inch heels her tightly constrained breasts moved slightly in time with each step.

I started blabbering “I, I’m sorry, I think I owe you an apology.”

“Whatever for dear?” She said as she moved behind the reception desk.

Feeling my face go an even brighter shade of red and daring not to look at her I continued stammering. “Ah for my lack of concentration, I mean my lack of, of, ah, well I hope I have not embarrassed you in any way?”

“I’m not sure I understand”, she said.

I couldn’t think of a way to get out of this and I just seemed to be digging a deeper hole, so pulling out my credit card to settle the account I said “well regardless, I’m sorry if my reaction in the chair was, well you know, inappropriate.”

She let me hang there for what seemed like an eternity before taking my card and swiped the machine. As we both waited for the machine to do its thing she smiled at me and said, “I’m actually rather flattered.” She looked straight back down at the machine avoiding my eyes.

In the few seconds it took the machine to process the payment I was able to study the nurse closely. Her red hair still tired up in a bun with the odd strand of hair breaking loose. The lines around her eyes and lips, the freckles on her lightly hair covered arms, so typical of Red Heads, but my focus feel intently on her magnificent huge breasts held tightly under the soft angora. I could just make out the bra holding those lush breasts in place and shaping them into two large rounded masses.

I could also see what the massive bra failed to contain, two large bulges of breast flesh sat perfectly under the soft angora and above the bra cups. All I wanted to do at that point was run my hands over them and feel their weight.

The credit card machine spat out the receipt and Nurse Porter handed me the paper for my signature, our fingers touched for the briefest of moments as we looked at each other. It was now my turn to look away, my face turning red as I signed the receipt. I handed the paper back, again we looked at each other.

Without thinking I suddenly blurted out “I’m glad you are flattered, you are a very beautiful woman. I hope you don’t mind me being forward but would you like to have a drink with me?”

She looked up at me and sat back in the receptionist’s chair, her massive chest sitting prominently before her.

“Unfortunately, bedava bahis I have to do a little cleaning up here before I leave and set up the surgery for tomorrow.”

Feeling the opportunity slipping away I shot back “well, I’d be happy to help you, two hands are better than one.”

“You sure you don’t mind? I just need to re-arrange the magazines in the waiting room and get some supplies out of storage.” She said.

“Of course not, I’ll sort the waiting room for you, if you like?” I offered.

“That’s fine, it will be quicker if we do it together.” She said as she moved from behind the reception counter.

Nurse Ruth looked absolutely spectacular, filled with bravado from securing the opportunity of a drink with this lovely older Woman; I let my eyes linger on her overtly.

We made our way into the main waiting room which was very much of the era of Nurse Ruth — heavy wood oak paneling, large chesterfield lounges and rather uncomfortable single chairs set out around a central table filled with long out of date magazines and dental health brochures.

“Nurse Porter” I started to say, she responded immediately.

“Please, you can call me Ruth.”

I continued, “Ruth, I must say the traditional uniform you had on certainly inspires confidence, especially for someone like myself who has always been a bit nervous of the dental chair”.

“Well I’ve been wearing that style for 30 years, so I guess old habits die hard”. She said as we stood opposite the large central table shuffling the old magazines into neat piles.

“It certainly made an impression on me.” I said as I formed another neat pile out of the scattered magazines on my side of the table.

“I noticed”, she said as she grabbed another assortment of magazines and shuffled them.

As she held the magazines together with both arms at waist height, her large breasts were pressed together forming a large crease in the soft fabric of her tight sweater.

“But it is rather nice to change into something a little softer and warmer to the touch at the end of the day, you felt how coarse the starched uniform is”.

She smiled and pressed her large breasts together a little more as she continued fussing with the magazines and then continued. “If, somewhat inadvertently. So it is a bit of a pleasure to change into something so wonderfully soft at the conclusion of the day”.

“I can only imagine.” I said from the other side of the table. We were both now shuffling and reshuffling our respective magazine piles.

“This is one of my favorite sweaters, you should feel how soft it is.” Ruth said as she continued squeezing her breasts together with her arms still shuffling the now well-sorted pile of magazines.

Almost robotically, I moved to her side of the table, without care that my suit pants clearly showed my very erect penis.

Ruth didn’t move she remained focused on the magazines on the table. As I approached her I reached out and gently let my right hand feel the softness and warmth of her sweater clad back. She leaned back against me, her backside pressing against my hard cock.

“You really need to feel with both hands how soft the angora is”. She said as she reached behind and took both of my hands and drew them forward and placed them just below her large breasts.

She then lent forward placing both her hands on the table, I could feel her massive breasts drop down toward the tabletop.

“Feel how soft they are.” She said.

“Interesting”, I thought that she said “they”, clearly not referring to her sweater.

I began caressing her huge breast buried beneath the soft fabric and the confines of her enormous bra, squeezing and pulling the nipples.

I pulled her upright and brought my lips to the space on her neck between the top of her sweater and her hair bun, I began kissing her neck, delighting in the feel of her skin, her red hair against my face and her breasts in my hands.

“Oh that feels lovely.” She said as she reached behind me with both hands and held my head forcefully against her neck.

“Now, enough of this silliness, we really must get on and sort out the rest of this table.” She said as she moved away from me towards a pile of dental health brochures.

I was left standing not sure of myself.

Ruth smiled and said, as she aimlessly sorted the leaflets “The skirt is rather soft as well, would you like to feel it?’

My confidence rising again, amongst other things, deneme bonus I walked towards Ruth, took her by the hand and led her towards one of the large Chesterfield lounges and sat her down.

“I think this might be more comfortable.” I said as I ran my hands across her sweater, down her arms and then along the sides of her skirt.

I knelt at her feet and let my hands caress her calves, then up her legs and under the soft tight skirt. Ruth lay comfortably back into the large leather lounge.

With my hands under her skirt I pushed the skirt up her thighs revealing her white meaty thighs. To my absolute delight Ruth was wearing a lacey white garter belt and matching panties. A mass of red hair was clearly visible under the almost transparent panties.

Running my thumb up and down her pussy, I spoke again.

“Oh, that is so soft, I’ve got to see more.”

Ruth sunk further down into the leather lounge and slightly lifted her hips, allowing me to hook my fingers around her knickers and pull them off. Instinctively, I smelt her knickers as I looked at the thick mass of red hair framing her pussy. I leaned forward again and ran my fingers through the thick mass of pubic hair.

With both hands I gently teased open her pussy lips and moved my face to her groin. Her delicious aroma indicated her own arousal. I began kissing her pussy and running my tongue along the line between her swelling pussy lips. I pushed my tongue deeply into her and looked up wanting to see her reaction but all I could see where the two huge angora covered breasts seemingly defying gravity as they thrust upwards.

Ruth then reached for her pussy with both hands and spread her lips further a part, I continued to lick her succulent pussy.

As Ruth began to moan I looked up again. This time with her arms by her side and her hands still working her pussy open for my tongue, her breasts were pushed even further together. From this angle her massive breasts looked like two giant mountains peaks.

I began alternating between kissing her fingers and her soft wet pussy. I was totally lost in the moment, as I looked at her aging fingers and hands I was quickly reminded that I was now eating a woman probably twenty years my senior. It didn’t deter me in the slightest. In fact I found it more arousing for that very fact.

Without any hesitation I sat back on my knees and quickly dropped my pants. With my cock at full attention I grabbed its base and move forward towards Ruth’s waiting pussy.

I looked at her face and without saying a word, the look she gave me indicated she wanted this as much as I did. As I ran my cock head up and down her pussy slit Ruth pushed her arms together forcing her massive chest upwards.

I pushed my cock against her pussy and it slid in slowly. Ruth simple response was to close her eyes and moan as I began pushing deeper into her.

With my cock deep within Ruth, my face fell to those massive udders. The feeling of the soft angora, the sponginess of her breast flesh and lace of the enormous bra was incredible. With both hands I began to squeeze her gorgeous breasts, moving them back and forth in time with my thrusting hips as I bit and licked her engorged nipples through the soft angora and heavy bra.

After maybe ten minutes of this unexpected pleasure I leaned back and placed my hands on Ruth’s hips and began thrusting deeper and faster into her. We looked into each other’s eyes as we continued to fuck each other. With each thrust Ruth’s massive chest rocked back and forth.

“You are magnificent.” I said as I continued pumping her delicious and surprisingly tight pussy.

“Your breasts are amazing.” As I said that, Ruth grabbed her tits with both hands and squeezed them together.

“These little things seemed to have made your check-up worthwhile. Now come-on give me something hot and wet.” She said as she rocked and mauled her breasts.

I knew I could not hold on much longer, watching this lush, matronly Red Head delighting in our mutual pleasure. I started to cum.

I dropped my head to her chest, her hands held my head tight against the soft flesh as her hips responded to my pulsing cock, which was rapidly filling her pussy with cum.

Ruth began to breath heavily as her own orgasm began. She started letting out little sighs as her hips pushed up against my cock. She pulled me even tighter to her heaving chest as her orgasm reached its own climax.

I was totally spent. I stayed as I was, with my head resting on her enormous chest. I could hear her heart beat gradually return to some normality.

Ruth broke the silence, “Now how about that drink you promised me.”

I looked up from her chest and smiled, thinking, “This is going to be one interesting night.”

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