Discovering Amy Pt. 04

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(Author’s note: Part 4 picks up immediately after part 3.



Amy had been sitting with her eyes closed in a state of utter relaxation, wrapped in Tommy’s strong embrace. Suddenly they opened, and looking down, she saw Tommy’s erection, still straining against his shorts.

“Oh, Tommy, I’m so sorry, I totally forgot about…that,” she gestured to his crotch. “Are you sure I can’t, you know, help take care of it? It seems so unfair to leave you that way.”

Tommy glanced at the TV. There were maybe ten minutes left in the movie. Plenty of time really. But he was still worried.

“Amy, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t WANT you to. But I’m just concerned about making another mess all over you, or worse, on your parents couch!”

Amy looked sad, then thoughtful. She looked up at him suddenly, with a gaze that was both shy yet determined.

“I have…I have an idea,” she said, her voice shaking, “but I don’t know what you’ll think of it.”

Tommy looked at her quizzically, so she continued, “I could…I could, you know, put it in my…in my mouth.” She blushed at her own brazen words.

Tommy’s eyes went wide. “You mean…?”

Amy simply nodded. Her face still flushed but also filled with love and determination. “Yes,” she answered. “I want to please you that way. Please?” she begged, pouting.

Her plea broke any remaining willpower he had left to resist. He kissed her, then smiled. “How could I possibly refuse that pretty face?” he chuckled.

He sat back, loosened his shorts, then slid them down. His cock sprung free immediately.

Despite having seen and touched it in this state earlier that evening, Amy still couldn’t help but giggle at how his penis bounced and twitched all on it’s own.

“What would be the, you know, best way to, you know, do that?” she asked, suddenly feeling bashful.

“Um,” Tommy thought, “maybe on your knees? On the floor?”

Amy nodded and slid down to the floor, placing herself between Tommy’s legs.

This seemed like a good position, she thought, as she got her first really good, close up look at his penis. There was a long, thick vein that ran up the underside of it, from the bottom of the shaft up to the strange indentation of flesh just under the tip that reminded Amy vaguely of her own folds just above her clit. She observed his balls again, in their strange little sack of flesh, covered in small dark hairs.

“It’s all such a strange looking thing,” she thought to herself, “but somehow beautiful, and arousing.”

Amy took his throbbing member in her hand, feeling it pulse in her grip, then started to lean forward towards it.

Just as her lips approached his swollen head, she froze. Letting go, she looked up at him, suddenly afraid.

“I…,” Amy started, “I don’t…I don’t know what I’m doing,” she stammered. “What if I hurt you?”

“You don’t have to do this, Amy, we can stop right now,” Tommy said, concerned.

“No, no, I’m just…I wanna do good,” Amy smiled weakly, “just afraid I won’t be.”

“Relax, take your time, go slow, you’ll be fine baby. I’m so worked up this won’t take long anyway,” he laughed, calming her. Then he echoed her earlier words, “I’ll guide you if needed, ok?”

She nodded, smiled, then advanced once more towards his throbbing cock. She felt Tommy’s hand touching her face in gentle reassurance, then brushing her hair back away from it. She met his gaze and smiled.

Her lips found his head and kissed it tentatively. As before in the woods when she touched it for the very first time, it suddenly started bouncing up and down like a diving board someone just leapt from.

She suppressed her mirth this time, determined to get down to business. Again taking ankara sınırsız escortlar his thick shaft in her tiny hand, she held it steady, as she kissed the tip more confidently now. Tommy gasped, feeling the warmth of her lips make contact with his sensitive glans.

Feeling bolder, Amy parted her lips and slowly took the tip in her mouth.

Tommy winced suddenly, and whispered through his clenched jaw, “mind the teeth!”

Amy’s mouth let go immediately, and she blurted, “Shit, sorry! You ok?”

“Fine, I’m fine, just…it’s ok baby, try again,” Tommy said reassuringly.

Amy’s cheeks flushed hot, but she nodded and slid her lips over the tip of his cock again, this time making sure to keep her teeth clear.

She got past the tip easily enough, then took another inch or so. Here she paused yet again. She had no idea how far she should or could go, or what to do next.

Sensing her confusion and hesitation, Tommy spoke to her softly. “Only go as far as you’re comfortable, baby, then just slide it in and out, kinda like what you did with your hand earlier, but using your mouth instead. Does that make sense?”

“Mmm hmmm,” Amy replied through her full lips, the vibrations causing a groan of pleasure from Tommy. She made a mental note that he liked that.

Slowly, Amy started to move her head, up and down, feeling the hot flesh of his cock sliding across her tongue, feeling the ridge of his tip passing in and out of her lips; a very strange yet pleasurable sensation.

She was starting to get the hang of it. Using her right hand to hold his cock steady, her grip gentle yet firm at the base, Amy continued to bob her head up and down over his cock, although she still only dared to take about a third of it.

It was incredibly hard, yet also felt somehow soft and spongy in her mouth. She was surprised to realize it had no real taste to it at all besides a hint of salt.

She was so busy concentrating on what she was doing that she barely remembered to check to see how Tommy was handling it.

Looking up, she saw him covering his mouth with his hand, trying to contain his groans and gasps. But his eyes spoke volumes as to the pleasure he was receiving.

Their eyes met again, and Amy somehow managed a smile despite having the first penis she’d ever seen, touched, and now sucked in her mouth. She started humming again softly, grinning up at him with a wicked sparkle in her ocean blue eyes.

That sent Tommy over the edge. These sensations were all too new to him, far more intense and pleasurable than anything he’d ever managed to create with just his hand. There was no way he could hold back for long.

Amy suddenly felt his penis swell in her mouth, like it was expanding somehow. The earlier handjob she’d given had clued her in on what this meant of course; his climax was imminent.

Now was the moment of truth, Amy realized. Would she be able to handle him squirting all that thick, sticky stuff in her mouth???

Despite being completely inexperienced, Amy was a smart girl. She decided the best course of action in a split second.

Quickly she lifted her head up so that her mouth now only held his throbbing cock head. Her lips sealed tight around the ridge forming a vacuum. The hand that had been gripping his base now started to stroke his shaft up and down as he’d taught her before, jerking him while applying gentle suction with her mouth.

If she was going to try to catch all of his squirt, she decided she should treat his cock like a straw and try to suck it out. That’s just what she did, and she felt the first blast pushing its way up his shaft under her hand, forcefully shooting out the tip.

It hit her tongue; hot, salty, but also sweet somehow. The texture was thick and creamy, like some strange combo of yogurt and egg whites. Amy ankara suriyeli escortlar tasted it for only a microsecond before acting on instinct and working the slimy glob to the back of her throat and swallowing.

Just in time for the second blast. This one caught her less prepared, and she choked slightly, then kept going.

But there was simply too much to keep up with. Her mouth was filling up faster than she could swallow, and with horror she realized some of his cum was leaking out past her lips despite her best efforts at containment and about to drip on the couch.

Suddenly she felt a hand just under her chin. Tommy, thinking quickly, had grabbed some fortunate nearby napkins and was using them to catch the run off oozing from her lips and down her chin.

She took the napkins gratefully, and quickly mopped up her chin. Amy pulled her mouth back until her lips were resting just over the slit of his tip, then slowly stroked his still hard shaft, feeling the last few drops squeeze out on her tongue.

She rolled his cum around on her tongue a bit, savoring the taste this time. It didn’t taste bad, nor did it taste good, she thought. Just…odd. But it certainly wasn’t terrible or anything. And just the notion of what exactly it was, and just how it had wound up in her mouth, sent pleasant little shivers through her.

Amy looked up at Tommy, the tip of his penis still on her lips, and grinned proudly. She’d done it! She’d actually made him squirt with her mouth! And managed to keep it from getting truly messy by actually swallowing almost all of it.

Amy felt his penis starting to soften slightly in her hand. She marveled at the fascinating biology of it all for a moment before deciding on a whim to lick him completely clean of the last few splashes of cum that were stuck to him.

She heard Tommy moan, and felt his body tremor, as she gently finished cleaning his shaft and head with her tongue. Then, giving it one last kiss, she reluctantly let go of his slowly deflating penis.

Amy then felt a sudden pang of guilt. Not for giving her first blowjob, no. She actually felt proud about that. She just felt bad for being so focused on what she was doing that she’d totally missed out on seeing most of Tommy’s reaction.

She looked up at him again. His face was flushed, but grinning ear to ear. She noticed with some alarm that his lower lip was bleeding, and called his attention to it.

“Really?” Tommy muttered, as if coming out of a trance. He tentatively touched his lip, saw the blood on his fingers, then chuckled softly. “Well, it was either bite my lip or scream so loud I’d wake your parents. Small price to pay, I guess,” he said laughing. “It’s not bad, it’ll be fine, don’t worry.” He dabbed his lip with a fresh napkin, wiping off the blood.

Amy got up off her knees and sat beside him on the couch, then simply wrapped her arms around him in a warm hug that he returned in earnest.

“That was beautiful, Amy. Absolutely amazing. Thank you so, so much,” he whispered in her ear, followed by, “I love you.”

“I know,” she whispered, grinning again. Tommy laughed. “Well played, princess.”

Looking up, Tommy noticed the credits were now rolling on the movie.

“Shit, I better get moving,” he sighed, reluctantly letting go of Amy and reaching down to pull his shorts back up.

“Wait,” whispered Amy, “just a second, I just wanna…,” her hand wrapped around his now soft penis and gave it a gentle squeeze, “…say goodbye.” Then she giggled. “It’s so strange how different it feels when it’s soft,” she marveled.

“Yeah, well keep that up and you’ll wake it up again,” he said, only half joking. He already felt it starting to stir despite having just had his second orgasm within a couple of hours.

“Take a last look,” he sincan türbanlı escortlar cracked before pulling his shorts up and adjusting everything back to normal.

Their eyes met again, and Amy gently kissed him, taking care not to put too much pressure on his sore lip. But it had already stopped bleeding and he didn’t wince at her kiss, simply returned it.

Finally they broke the kiss, and Tommy stood up. “Time for me to go, babe, sorry.”

Amy nodded, then suddenly looked troubled. Noticing the look, he asked, “What is it? What’s on your mind?”

Amy took a moment to gather her thoughts, then finally spoke. “Tommy, I…I’ve really…enjoyed everything we’ve…done together tonight. All of it. And I don’t feel guilty or shameful about it. Does…does that make me…a slut?” she asked with a gulp.

“No, God no,” Tommy gasped. “Do you love me?” he asked her, looking in her eyes.

“Yes, so much,” she replied earnestly.

“I love you too, Amy. And I don’t think it’s wrong for two people who love each other to…to do these things, to…to make each other feel good. To…please each other,” he said, “no matter what some guy in a collar says from a pulpit.”

Amy’s face relaxed and broke into a warm, grateful smile. “Thank you,” she said softly, “that makes me feel better. Because I feel that way too.”

“I gotta say,” said Tommy, “It kinda surprised me the way you swore when you were orgasming. It was…it was kinda hot.”

Amy blushed but grinned. “Yeah, that surprised me too, actually,” she said, then just shrugged.

They shared one last embrace, a quick final kiss, and then Tommy was out the door.

He turned to look back at her, waved, and whispered loudly, “I love you. See you again soon.”

“I love you too,” she mouthed silently, blew him a kiss, and closed the door.


The night air was cool on Tommy’s face as he walked home slowly. He was in no real rush and wanted a few minutes alone with his thoughts anyway.

He had no idea how or where things would go from here. He only knew he was in love, and that he wanted to continue to see Amy as, not just her friend now, but also her lover. And he certainly wanted to explore more things that two young lovers could do together, when she was ready for those things of course. He promised himself not to get greedy or pressure her, but allow things to happen naturally.

Suddenly he remembered something, and broke into a wicked grin.

“Guess I’m taking a little of Amy home with me,” he thought to himself, and held his hand up to his nose to sniff his fingers.

They were dry now of course, but her scent was still there, the lingering aroma of his young lover’s arousal that sent a shiver through his body, and blood rushing once again to his cock.

“I suppose I’ll have to wash this eventually,” he thought. “But not tonight. “

His pace quickened as he reached the sidewalk to his front door, and quietly he turned his key and slipped inside.

Taking off his shoes, he crept silently up the stairs and into his bedroom, closing and locking his door behind him.


Authors Afterwords:

I will be continuing this story. I’m just unsure how to proceed at the moment. I know the destination, just not sure of the exact direction from here.

I do know I want to continue the more realistic path I’ve been on as opposed to some quick left turn just to get them into bed together faster. I want their first time to be right.

So if you’re looking for Amy & Tommy to lose their virginity by chapter 5, you’ll probably be disappointed.

That being said, Amy has had her first few tastes of sexual exploration in just the one evening this story has encompassed so far. And I think she likes it. A lot.

And Tommy is a young teen male, pretty sure he’s hooked too lol.

I suppose this will all depend on how much trouble the parents cause. Will they keep the young lovers apart, or allow young love to bloom despite the risks?

I suppose we’ll find out eventually…

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