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Jasmine hung up the phone. She had just made plans with her friend Rebecca to get a massage. Rebecca was studying to be a masseuse and asked Jasmine if she’d be willing to be her guinea pig tonight, and she was all too happy to help. She was looking forward to it as she’d never had a massage before. Now that she thought about it, she’d never had anyone touch her more than what one would be comfortable with a complete stranger doing so; shaking hands, a tap on the shoulder, etc.

Jasmine had come from an extremely religious upbringing. Her dad had died when she was very young, and her mother was a very devout woman, and, after seeing and hearing that children who were taught that sex was dirty and disgusting often turned into very curious and promiscuous people, she had taken the route of complete ignorance. She’d never taught her a single thing about sex. When Jasmine was 8, she’d asked where babies come from, and her mother had simply said she would find out when she was married and no more was to be said on the subject. When Jasmine had started menstruating, she simply told her women’s bodies do it as part of punishment for Eve’s sin. She’d also managed to get it into Jasmine’s head that boys were nothing but a distraction to her schooling, and she wasn’t to pay any attention to them until after she had left college, and it worked. She had steered clear of them completely, never holding hands, never kissing, never anything more than plain conversation. She still liked looking at them though, but she had no idea why.

Now, Jasmine was 20 years old and in college, and still totally naive about all things sex. She had obviously seen people kissing, but she assumed they were to be wed one day and never have it any more thought. By some lucky chance, nobody knew this about her, and she had never told anyone, not realising she was ‘different’. Rebecca, knowing Jasmine’s religious upbringing, assumed she’d gotten the ‘sex is filthy’ method, but had never questioned it.

A few hours later, Jasmine left to go to Rebecca’s. She lived off campus in a cheap apartment by herself her parents helped her rent. They sat and talked for a while, then headed to the room with Rebecca’s massage table. Jasmine took a detour towards the bathroom, relieving herself then heading over to the sink to wash her hands. Then she saw something she’d never seen before. It was in the soapdish above the bath, pink and thin and about as long as her hand. She picked it up, and felt that it was made of a material that felt like fleshy, meaty rubber. Having never seen a penis before, she had no comparison to rely on, so she had no idea she was now holding a pretend one.

She took it with her into the massage room, and held it up for Rebecca to see. “What’s this?”. Rebecca’s looked up and saw what Jasmine was holding, and her eyes went as wide as saucers, then upon seeing that Jasmine had truly no idea what she was holding, she calmed then babbled out an explanation. “That, uh, that’s a umm, a massager.”

“Really? How? Do you roll it over their skin or something?” While asking she was rolling it over her arm, and looking at it she saw a button at the flat end of it. She pressed it, and it started rumbling softly in her hand, startling her. “Oh! So it’s like those massage chairs, just smaller so you can get exact spots or something?”

Rebecca was astounded at Jasmine’s naivety, but she said nothing. “Um…yeah. The vibrations are really good for helping you um…relax. It helps ease stress”, she said, nearly laughing when she realised the humour of the situation.

“Oh cool! That’s really neat. Are you gonna use it on me?”

Rebecca went wide eyed again and stood frozen in silence for several moments before composing herself and replying. “Um, that’s kinda only used for one place. It’s sort of an…internal massager.”

“You mean your vagina?” Naive as she was about sex, Jasmine still knew that she had a hole between her legs, but had never understood why, just chalking it up to imperfect design of the human form, along with eyes that often need corrective lenses.

Rebecca was now looking a mix between very uncomfortable, and something else that Jasmine had never seen. Her eyes were conveying something that Jasmine couldn’t quite put her finger on. “Uh, yeah. That’s where it goes.”

“Huh. So are you gonna do that to me then? Doesn’t it hurt? It looks like it would.”

“No, it doesn’t hurt. It’s actually very nice”. Rebecca’s demeanor had changed. She was no longer looking uncomfortable. She had now realised that Jasmine had not in fact been raised to think that sex was shameful, just to be totally ignorant.

“Ok then. I guess I’ll find out soon.”

Rebecca remained silent for a moment, then smiled. It was a different smile though. Her mouth looked like a normal smile, but her eyes were not warm and friendly. They had the same glint in them as before, but this time much more pronounced. Jasmine had never seen this look before. “Yeah, maybe. We’ll poker oyna see how things go. Righto, on the table.”

Jasmine looked at the table. It was different than normal massage tables. The leg end had a split running down the middle, so that each leg essentially had its own separate side to rest on. She took off all her clothes, not knowing any reason to be ashamed of her naked form, and asked “on my back or my tummy?”, and was met with Rebecca’s stunned expression.

Rebecca had never seen her naked before. Nobody had, except for strangers at the the pool in the changerooms. While Jasmine’s face was simply pretty, the body standing in front of her was exquisite, something which nobody in the last few years had noticed, as Jasmine never went out of her way to show off a lot of skin. Her legs were long, and her thighs had the perfect amount of meat to them, her arse curving in the shape of a delicious peach, her wide hips almost circular as they curved around to her thin waist. Her stomach was flatter than an ironing board, and her breasts were simply spectacular. They hung in perfect unison, amply sized but not overly large, and swayed rhythmically whenever Jasmine moved. Rebecca’s eyes drifted over the perfection in front of her, the slowly drifted down to between her legs. She was denied much vision however, as a thick bush greeted her. Having never even thought to have shaved before, Jasmine was as hairy as a 70’s porn star. Despite this, Rebecca was nearly drooling. Being bisexual, she was very able to appreciate the female form laid bare before her. She was roused from her thoughts when Jasmine spoke. “What’s the matter? She look like you just took a bat to the head”

“Oh, nothing. It’s nothing. Um, facedown first.”

Jasmine was confused, but having been raised never to pry, she didn’t. She climbed up onto the table, got on her hands and knees, then lowered herself down until she was lying flat and her face was in the hole. “So are you gonna focus on a certain area, or just do me everywhere?”

Rebecca’s voice came back slightly higher than normal. “Um, I can do a full body if you’d like.” She had completely forgotten that she was actually massaging her to practice targeting muscle groups. “Ok, cool” Jasmine replied.

She squirmed on the table to get more comfortable, then felt wetness on her shoulder blades as Rebecca squirted some oil on her, then felt the warmth of her hands as they rubbed the oil in. It felt incredible. The smooth rubbing all over her back was so relaxing, Jasmine’s mind soon drifted off into a haze while the hands worked wonders; first her shoulders, then down her spine, then her lower back, up her side, then back up the her shoulders and repeating the process. After several minutes, Rebecca moved down the table got to work on her feet.

Rubbing oil all over the sole of each foot and in between every toe felt even better than her back, and Jasmine thought the massage couldn’t possibly get better, until Rebecca started on her legs. Rubbing her hands over her calves and pushing her thumbs into her thighs, Jasmine was lying there with a dreamy smile, so relaxed she could have been mistaken for being stoned. Several more minutes of rubbing with occasional bouts of feather-light tickles up the inside of her thighs, Rebecca stopped. Jasmine felt nothing for a few seconds, then the oil splashed over her bottom and she felt Rebecca’s strong hands grasp each cheek and start kneading as if they were dough, causing Jasmine to gasp a little at the suddenness, but soon she drifted back into her haze, and Rebecca kept at it, squeezing and kneading and rubbing and tickling all over her naked arse. It was too soon when she was given the command to roll over onto her back, but she did so.

The way she was now lying, her tits had flattened against her chest, gravity pulling them down, and Rebecca had to pause to admire the beauty of them, then cast her eyes over the rest of Jasmine’s stunning figure, her lean stomach curving inwards the tiniest amount, her legs ever so slightly parted, her dense forest of pubic hair… She had an idea.

Jasmine opened her eyes and looked up as Rebecca spoke. “Um, if you’re gonna want me to use the vibra…massager, we’re gonna have to do something about all that hair,” she said, pointing to Jasmine’s crotch. “It can get in the way a bit, so if you’d like I can shave it for you.” Jasmine couldn’t help but notice that Rebecca looked almost hopeful.


“Yeah. It’s actually cleaner too, and you won’t sweat as much when it’s hot. It’s also more comfortable. You’ll see.”

Jasmine thought it made sense, so she agreed. “Um, ok, if you think I should. You won’t cut me will you?”

“No, I promise.” She left towards the bathroom, then came back with a bowl of water, shaving cream and a razor, and placed them all on the bench.

“Here, put you legs on each side of the bench, it can open up, which will make things easier.” She helped Jasmine place her legs in position, canlı poker oyna then reach under and produced a Velcro strap, wrapping it around each ankle, fastening them to each side, then reached down once again and started to spin a dial, which caused the two halves of the table to split and widen, opening both the table and Jasmine’s legs, so both looked similar so an upside down Y.

“What’re the straps for?” Jasmine asked.

“They’re just to hold your legs, so you don’t have to use any effort to keep them open yourself. If you lose focus, they can slip and fall right off. Now you don’t even have to focus at all and the straps keep them there.” Jasmine thought that was a really good idea on the benchmaker’s part.

Rebecca pulled a chair over to Jasmine’s side and placed the bowl, cream and razor on it, then stood between Jasmine’s legs. Jasmine was a bit nervous; she hoped Rebecca didn’t cut her. She’d cut herself a few times shaving her legs, and this part of her was a lot more delicate. But she trusted her friend. She closed her eyes right as Rebecca was squirting some cream into her hands, then felt as she rubbed it over her mound and lips.

The first thing she realised was this was much, MUCH better than the massage on her back half, even better than her bottom. Rebecca’s fingers felt more precise than the palm of her hand, and apparently this area was a lot more sensitive than anywhere else. Soon Rebecca’s fingers pulled away, and were replaced by the razor. It wasn’t as nice as the fingers, but still felt amazing. The cold steel blade running over her mound was making the hairs on her arms stand up, and when it ran down between her legs to get the hair on her lips, it was deliciously ticklish. Over and over, Rebecca slid the blade across her, shearing the hair away and exposing the naked skin underneath. Very soon, and for no apparent reason, Jasmine’s breath started becoming hollower and audible. She also slowly felt herself getting wet. Her first thought was it was the water from the bowl, but she realised it was coming from inside her. She had only ever felt this once, when reading a magazine she turned the page and saw a man without his shirt on, and the rippling muscles all over his tanned upper half had given her this same wetness. She had no idea what it meant, and it made her very embarrassed. But Rebecca either didn’t notice or didn’t care, and kept shaving for another minute until “all done”, and she wiped away the spots of shaving cream left and Jasmine sat up to look.

It was her vagina, as she had not seen it for many years. Completely smooth, but reddened, and the lips were slightly puffy, and in between them at the top, a little nub of pointed skin poked out. She had never seen it do that before. She felt something else new that had never felt before either: she had no idea why, but she wanted to be touched down there. A warmth that she couldn’t explain had given her the desire to be met with touch, similar to how an itch wanted to be scratched. She couldn’t explain it. “Why does it look like that?” She asked, pointing at her protruding clit.

Rebecca paused, as if thinking how to answer. “Well, it’s just there to be massaged basically. It’s feels really nice when you rub it. And cos I’ve been touching around there, it gets bigger so you can get it easier. It’s hard to explain, but you’ll understand later” she said, never taking her eyes off it. “Just lie back, and I’ll get there soon enough.”

Although confused, Jasmine lay back down, the warmth between her legs still on her mind. She felt as oil was dripped onto her chest just under her neck, then sighed as hands rand their way across her sternum and the top of her breasts.

Rubbing in small circles, the hands slowly made their way south down her side and across the area below her breasts, until they came back up through the middle and both came upon her right breast together, one hand cupping the bottom of it, the other running its way across the front of it, bumping it’s way over the nipple, before massaging the entirety in a circle around the nipple, making smaller circles with each revolution until it was just a single finger circling the nipple, which was now as hard and pointy as a bullet. The heat between Jasmine’s legs had grown, and she wanted to be touched even more, but now the area which was begging for human hands was the nipple being teased by Rebecca’s tracing finger.

Rebecca looked down at Jasmine with a devious smile. Jasmine was breathing quite audibly now, her chest rising and falling more than normal, and her hands were holding firmly onto the edges of the table. Jasmine was aroused and she didn’t even knew what it meant. She knew Jasmine wanted her to touch her nipple, so she acquiesced.

Jasmine felt Rebecca’s thumb and forefinger close on either side of the nipple, starting wide and squeezing in to pinch it firmly, making her gasp. The feeling was like an electric shock, but not one that caused pain. She felt it shoot internet casino through her entire breast, and she wanted more. The fingers let go, and she felt both hands grab her entire breast and squeeze inwards until they met at the nipple, and two fingers pinched again and pulled away, lifting her breast slightly, causing another gasp. This repeated several time until the hands left for good and moved over to the left side, where the entire process was started again; large circles turning to small circles, then a finger tracing around her nipple for several moments.

The heat was now a blazing inferno. The wetness had returned as a flood, and Jasmine felt it leaking out of her. She was incapable of thought. The hands and fingers on her nipples were driving her insane, and she wanted nothing more than to lie here forever and let Rebecca massage them. She had known people enjoyed massages, but not this much, otherwise she would’ve gotten one years ago. When the fingers pinched her nipple, Jasmine didn’t gasp. She moaned. The fingers pulled away then came back, and she moaned again. Several more pinches and several more moans, each louder than the last, and the breast and nipple massage was over.

Rebecca stood up straight and looked down. Jasmine was now covered in a sheen of sweat, and was panting as if she’d just been for a light run. She looked down, and her jaw dropped when she saw that her mound had swollen, and was now resembling a small hill. “Enjoying your massage so far?” She asked with a devilish smile.

“Uh huh,” Jasmine replied breathlessly.

“Excellent. Cos we’re not finished yet. Your legs are next, and then here,” she said, placing her hand on Jasmine’s mound, her fingers splayed so that her fore and ring finger went on each side, and her middle finger draped across her enormously swollen clit, with the tip perched right at her entrance. Jasmine jumped slightly at the touch. She was very much looking forward to that.

Rebecca moved around then stood between her legs, facing one and applying oil to the thigh, rubbing the top of it firmly with one hand, and lightly tickling the inside with the other. Jasmine’s sighs slowly started to come back as the tickling moved higher, until she was right near her entrance, the knuckles ever so slightly grazing her lips with each pass. The more the fingers grazed, the more she wanted them to touch it. It was driving her crazy. Rebecca eventually stopped and moved over to the other leg, doing the same thing, until eventually Jasmine was involuntarily pushing her hips out.

She had no idea what had come over her. None of the touching on her back or bum had made her feel like this. It wasn’t until she’d been shaved that she felt a particular area want to be touched. She’d never felt anything like these feelings or desires, but she liked them. She was so hot down there she felt you could probably fry an egg on it. Rebecca’s hands left her leg, and she felt her finally give her the touch she wanted. Placing one hand at the very top of each leg, she starting stroking each lip with her thumb, up and down. The sighs turned back into heavy breathing and the hips that had been pushing out were making little jumps, almost thrusts, in a effort to get more touching done. Rebecca kept this slow torture up for several minutes, then let go.

There was nothing for a few seconds, and Jasmine opened her eyes and looked up, but Rebecca wasn’t there. She’d vanished. She lifted her head a bit higher, then saw the top half of Rebecca’s between her legs. All she could see above her pussy mound was her eyes. Rebecca had apparently squatted down. She was thinking that maybe she dropped the oil, when there was a sudden feeling of wetness and indescribable pleasure.

Rebecca had placed her mouth on Jasmine and it was absolutely divine. Jasmine moaned long and loud, but the feeling didn’t let up. She felt what must’ve been Rebecca’s tongue slowly running around everything, and Jasmine’s eyes rolled into the back of her head. She moaned over and over again, and it never let up. It just got better and better with every lick. Jasmine’s entire world was collapsing in on itself. There was a very quiet voice in the back of her mind questioning why Rebecca would use her mouth to massage her, but Jasmine told it to shut the fuck up as waves of pleasure and happiness swept through her entire body. It only took a short while, but the waves gradually grew stronger and faster, and she felt her knees growing numb for some apparent reason, but she couldn’t think about that, because her entire mind was fixated on Rebecca’s tongue. Her moans rose higher and louder, and then Rebecca stopped. Shocked at the suddenness of it, Jasmine gasped and she looked up at Rebecca, who was now standing over her. “W-why’d you stop? That was amazing!”

Rebecca have her a smile and simply said “well you wanted the internal massage didn’t you? It’s time for that.” And she walked out of the room, disappearing for a few moments. Left alone, Jasmine lay back down, frustrated. That was the greatest thing I have ever felt, she thought to herself. She lay staring at the roof in disbelief at how anything could possibly feel that good, when Rebecca returned holding something.

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