Dyked in Prison Pt. 02

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Cami didn’t get much time for pussy as her life was strictly regimented. She didn’t even see Sandy for a few days afterward, but she did have a bit of free time. She wondered about the other inmates. Would they have sex with her if she asked? Cami was looking at her situation with a whole new light now. Her 30-month sentence could be fun, she thought.

One place she looked forward to was the shower. Not everyone showered at the same time, there were usually only a few other women with her. At first, Cami tried to focus on washing herself, but she liked to sneak a look at the other women.

“Are you checkin’ me out?” the inmate next to her said.


“Just don’t start touching yourself. They’re pretty strict about that. Do it in your cell.”

“Can I touch your ass?” Cami slipped over and grabbed the woman’s naked butt for a second. The woman laughed.

“What’s going on over there?” one of the others said. Cami looked over at her. She had a nice butt too. Cami ran over and gave it a small slap.

“Calm down, you.” The woman turned over so Cami could see the rest of her. Cami faced forward as well and touched her pussy. The woman laughed and turned back around. Cami thought it was hot. Back in her cell, she took the woman’s suggestion from earlier and played with her pussy.

Later, when she was assigned to the laundry room, she met poker oyna another inmate, Teri. Cami did not always have a washer and dryer, and now she had a lot of loads to do.

“More will fit in there, you know.” Teri said.

“Oh, it will?” She dumped another whole cart in.

“Are you new?” Teri asked.

“Yes.” Cami replied.

“I’ve been in prison since I was a teenager… I moved up here when I got to be the right age. I’m a different person now.” Cami had thought she seemed rather mellow. “What about you?”

“I’m new.”

“Seeing anyone in here?” Cami thought it was a bit of an awkward question to ask, but she gave Sandy’s name. She wondered about Seth- had he taken to gay relationships? It might not have been his first time with that.

“Oh yes, I’ve been with her, only once as well. Are you interested in her?”

“Kinda, yeah. I’ve been thinking about her a lot.”

“Great. I could teach you about seducing a lady in here, you know.” Teri offered.

“Like how?” she asked. Teri gave her an interested look.

“When do you have free time?” she asked. “Like that.”

“Go on…” Cami said. Teri opened her up her uniform, Cami admitting her boobs were nice. She started moving on the washing machines like they were a bed. She dropped her pants as well.

“Fuck me.” she said.

Impressed, Cami got on the washing canlı poker oyna machines and showed off her most intimate parts as well. The women kissed due to the mood. Cami had been missing the taste of pussy and she was happy to give oral to Teri. Most of their time was her giving rather than receiving- and it was a limited time. However, Cami still had fun. It was getting to be her favorite part of prison. Not that there was much to enjoy, of course.

It was also the best sex she’d ever had. When she’d done it with previous boyfriends she was unimpressed to say the least, and that included Seth. She wondered if she wasn’t simply interested in sex. Now she was looking at things with a whole new perspective.

A few days later, she noticed she had been assigned to the laundry room again. Upon arriving, she also found Sandy working.

“Cami…” she said upon seeing her.

“How have you been?” Cami asked.

“The same, I guess.” Cami went over to Teri, who was also back.

“Did you set this up?” she asked.

“Of course I did. We can sometimes get lost in here, with no way to contact our fellow inmates. I’ve been around long enough, I can pull a few strings. Now have some fun with your lady.”

Cami first wanted to have a bit of a chat about what she’d been up to. They only got to watch or read the news sometimes, and sometimes they only internet casino heard things. Sometimes, they would hear of a woman committing a crime in the area, and she would turn up in the prison.

“Have you, you know, fucked anyone else while I didn’t see you?” Sandy asked.

“Once. What about you?”

“Nope.” Cami was surprised to hear that, as she was getting the idea that Sandy had sex on her mind 24/7. Cami at least had other ways of keeping herself occupied. Nevertheless, he was up for it and made the offer herself.

“Yeah, you know it.” This time, Cami wanted to be eaten out. Sandy, she suspected would do anything. She examined every part of her partner’s pussy and licked every one. She just wanted to taste it all. Cami was holding her head, touching her pleasure parts when Sandy took a break. She was thankful to let Sandy taste her cum.

She was in bliss, so much so that she didn’t notice at first that Teri had taken over eating her out. Cami kissed Sandy who was now next to her. Sandy got on top of her and they kissed more. She lifted up for a bit so Cami could masturbate her. Both of them came at around the same time. It was the first orgasm for Sandy, but not Cami. Both of them made Teri cum as a thank you.

In her cell, Cami started thinking about Sandy. They had great chemistry and she was hot. Unfortunately, they had met in prison. Would they have any future in the outside world? She didn’t know a lot about that subject, and she would have to think more about her prison lover. She didn’t have much on the outside, but would things with Sandy work out?

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