Edith Learns to Pleasure Herself

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Teaching Edith how to masturbate was only the beginning. She was so totally prudish that she felt it was not permissible for her to “touch herself down there.” It was quite a pleasant surprise, and one that was so thoroughly enjoyed by many of the girls, from experienced mistresses to novice subs, when she was first acquired. One or some of the girls showing Edith the wonders that lay between her legs, hidden and so carefully preserved all this time devoted countless hours. At times, her masturbation was slow and deliberate, carefully taking her to the edge of her climax, only to cradle her gently as she fell back, not quite attaining her anxiously awaited orgasm. Other times, she was taught to masturbate vigorously, hitting a full-blown orgasm in a short period of time. All along, her extremely sensitive nipples, barely pimples upon her totally flat breasts were assiduously entertained and tormented, training her that no orgasm was possible without enduring massive torment upon her lovely nipples.

Of course, she was never left alone. She was always in the presence of another girl, whether it is exercising at the gym, doing household chores, going on social outings, or simply being around the home. At night, Edith shared a bed with a novice sub, both their arms tied wide apart to the bedposts to prevent straying, but of course the door was always kept open as an invitation to any passing girl to enter, untie her hands, and guide them to pleasure herself. Edith always showered with another girl and her bodily functions were always in the presence of another girl. Thus, her masturbation was actively and frequently encouraged, but always closely supervised.

Edith is very tall, standing at six feet, and very thin, barely tipping the scale at 115 pounds. With short, brownish blond hair, she has huge, brown eyes with that scared look of a deer caught in the headlights. She is totally flat chested. Flat as a board. In the place of breasts, Edith poker oyna barely has a tiny mound. Almost imperceptible unless one feels her up close. Her flatness is barely crowned by two little pimples, referred to in other women as nipples. But Edith’s are really tiny. When aroused, the take on the size, color, and hardness of cherry pits, but of course not as large. And how exquisitely sensitive they are! Squeezing them, pinching them sharply, rolling them coarsely between fingers, she squirms and moans in the most delicious agony!

It was decided from the start that Edith would be kept flat. It was a decision to which all agreed. Her diet was intentionally low fat. Even when taking her down every morning to the gym for her workout, the trainer was instructed to keep her away from any type of upper body exercise. Being very thin, all the efforts were made to strengthen her legs and thighs, with alternating weight training and aerobics. But always for her legs, and always being careful to keep her upper body from putting on any additional weight or bulk. Edith is flat. We are determined to keep her that way. She is so lovely!

It is so nice to look back upon those days when Edith was being introduced to the intimate joys of self-pleasuring! The girls were all eager to help her out! Her body would be caressed gently. Her face stroked carefully. As she lay back, one would have a glass of water or ice tea handy, offering her an occasional sip to quench her thirst. Yes, it is true that her nipples were actively tormented. Or an occasional finger would slip in slightly into her tight, virgin ass to augment her anxiety. Sometimes a girl would part her labia, fondling the folds. But the ultimate masturbation was Edith’s and Edith’s alone. It was she and only she who could and would touch her quivering clit. It was her fingers and only her fingers that would explore the mysteries of her wonderful cavern of love. In the end, it was Edith who would bring canlı poker oyna herself to a splendid orgasm!

Once that had been accomplished successfully over a period of two months, the time came to change her habits. Now that Edith was comfortable pleasuring herself, the decision was made to force her to abandon her previously learned delights and learn new ways of bringing herself to a climax. This was an extremely hard process for Edith. Countless tears were cried; endless pleas went ignored. In the end, she triumphed and now is the single most demanded woman for masturbation in the entire team.

The transition was painful as it was hard for her. Having been trained and accustomed to masturbate frequently during the day and night, she got into the habit and need to achieve multiple orgasms during the course of every twenty-four hours. Suddenly and without notice to her, she was ordered to stop. All the girls were also ordered to abandon their practice on her. Her arms were constantly at her side, held in place with Velcro straps attached to her wrists and then to a slender gold chain about her waist. Whereas her nipples would constantly get very sharp, short pinches, it was never long enough for her to even come close to an orgasm. When it was discovered that she was rubbing her thighs together, a short spreader bar was attached to her legs to keep them from closing all the way. Even wiping herself after peeing was made off-limits. Another girl would wipe her clean, quickly so that Edith would not get carried away.

Her change was announced over dinner one night, with all the girls happily agreeing. The time to change had come! Edith was now instructed on a completely new and different way to masturbate. Since she is left-handed, her masturbation now switched to her right hand only. It may seem trivial, but for Edith it was clumsy at best. She did not quite know how or what to do, and her right hand did not have the aim or direction internet casino of her left hand. Tears flowed down her face as she bravely tried to have an orgasm with the wrong hand. The girls were next to her, encouraging her to go on, but it took a long time for Edith to get herself off. And then there were changes in position. Since she had been learning to pleasure herself with her legs apart, now they were held close together. Or she had to lie down on her tummy. Or masturbate through her panties. Every time was a change; every time Edith had a very hard time getting started and going all the way.

What Edith did not know was that she was being videotaped all along. Countless hours of her lessons in masturbation were being recorded. Then The Night finally arrived! Edith would be fucked. She had been waiting for this night for weeks. The days preceding it, she was told over and over again what to expect. She was trembling day and night. She was brought in to sleep with one or another girl as she was being fucked so that Edith would see what it was all about. She was wide-eyed and so scared! That she would be deflowered was exciting enough. That she would be deflowered in public was almost too much for her to bear. But that night, she was brave and bold. She was ready. She knew it. Everyone knew it!

The tapes were played in random sequence. Scenes appeared from different days, all played on a large screen TV. All could see the close-up intimately feminine details of Edith as she had learned how to masturbate. She was taken to the center of the room. With all the girls delicately nude around her, Edith lost her virginity.

No sooner had she been fucked that she immediately was left alone, in the center of the room. Still highly aroused, out of her own free will, she started to hum. With her eyes wide open, and looking around the room, she masturbated to a glorious orgasm! Bottles of champagne were taken out, and crystal cups were passed around. Toasting to her orgasms, Edith joined the select group of women who can give themselves the most perfect and feminine of all pleasures: that of an orgasm all alone, in the company of those of us who love her so dearly!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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