Eyes Like Winona Ch. 03

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*Next chapter is nearly ready.

I love this series, and if I finish the chapters I’ll issue them faster.

All Characters are 18+*


“Neil!” I caught his semen in a twist of tissue.

He always said that when he came. Always. It bothered me. It bothered me more then some of the things I did at night. At least they knew me as Ryan. At least they paid me a decent amount. At least they didn’t know where I lived.

I stood up in a hurry and left the back room, unlocking the front door and taking down the ‘back in five minutes’ sign.

Ten days. Ten days and almost three thousand dollars. I was still just doing blowjobs, but I had a couple of regular customers now, people who liked me better then the others. I had more clients. Some nights, I made my entire week’s pay.

Now, the hardest part was how to be careful with it so Ben didn’t know. Sometimes it was pathetic how easy that was. I was even paying Mom’s old hospital bills. I looked at all of the mail, so it was easy to remove the notices telling us to pay the minimum interest. It was easy to hide the notices telling us how much we still owed. Easy to hide the bills that I was paying. With Ben, out of sight was out of mind. I was close to paying almost all of that old hospital bill, and he didn’t have a clue.

He would find out one day. And I still didn’t know what I would tell him then. But I wouldn’t be doing this forever, just until Toby got back and got a job. It was nice getting this much money, but it wasn’t worth it. Not worth what I had to do every night, not worth the deception.

I had been stuffing frozen peas into my shopping bag, and I stood stock-still when I had that thought. What about Drake?

That was the real question.

I got home and they were fighting.

Ben was glaring down at Calvin and Calvin was glaring right back. Celia was nowhere to be seen, and Lisse was bawling in her playpen. She saw me and reached out appeasingly.

“Neeeiw! Neiw!” She couldn’t pronounce L’s, I was Neiw to her. I rushed to her and picked her up, bouncing her.

“What’s going on?” I asked flatly, trying to sound like I was in authority. My stomach felt sick.

Ben was furious. “Calvin thinks he can just eat every damn thing in the house. He doesn’t know how much groceries cost!”

I looked at Calvin, and Calvin’s round face flushed with heat. “I can NEVER bring friends here, I just gave them some ramen noodles and Ben wont shut up about it!”

Ben interrupted him. “You and one other kid ate SEVEN cups of ramen! That’s more then your entire family eats in one day you little pig! We were gonna eat that tonight you fat little bastard!”

I saw tears beading in Calvin’s eyes. “You all hate me!” He bawled, trying to wipe his eyes with his bare arm and trying to keep the angry tears from his voice. “Every damn one of you!” He ran away and I swore under my breath. Lisse hiccupped a sob and bleated “Bad word Neiw, bad word!”

I shoved the groceries at Ben. “You’re older than me! You should know better!” I bounced Lisse in my arms and ran after Calvin, hearing Ben sputter behind me.

I opened the door. Calvin was in the top bunk, facedown in the pillow, sobbing. Celia was in the bottom bunk, her homework on her lap, her forehead furrowed with stress.

“Here, hold Lisse.” I murmured. Celia took Lisse and played patty-cake with her. Lisse didn’t know how to sing the song, but she loved to clap hands together and babble nonsense-words. She was very vocal, even for a toddler.

“Patty-cake, patty-cake, bake-she a rake!! bwah bwah, cake fast as a can!”

I saw Calvin smiling as he sobbed. Lisse could make anyone smile when she didn’t smell like shit. I put my hand on his shoulder, and I could feel the extra meat there. He was going to be overweight if he didn’t watch it.

“That wasn’t a smart thing to do.” I murmured. “But Ben is overreacting, and I’m not mad at you. Just stay in here and I’ll talk to him, okay?”

He nodded, not wanting to say anything when he was so upset.

“Let’s go out for dinner.”

Ben looked at me like I was crazy. “We can’t afford that.”

“I was just thinking McDonalds. I made an extra twenty bucks today helping Browning unload some supplies. That’s more then enough for five meals as long as the kids get kid’s meals.” I couldn’t tell if I was grateful or dismayed at how easily the lie rolled off of my tongue. We had more money now, and whenever we bought something, I just said that I had unloaded for Mr. Browning. How much longer could I use that excuse?

He turned, his face was red. “Are we rewarding Calvin for eating seven meals by buying him another one? What’s wrong with you? And besides, that should go towards paying Rosa, or groceries, or–“

I interrupted him. “Or how about some weed for you and Patricia? How about a movie for you and Patricia? How about a new pair of earrings for Patricia?”

His face went darker and he shut up. I felt a small vindictive pleasure. poker oyna He had thought that I didn’t know about any of that stuff.

“I like Patricia.” I said quietly. “And it’s fine if you want to spend some money on her now and then, but you can’t deny the rest of us. Just because we’re living from paycheck to paycheck, doesn’t mean we need to live like animals. It’s just one night out, to McDonalds. Kay?”

He agreed, but I couldn’t help one last jab. “And the next time you blame Calvin for eating too much, remember that I’m the one bringing in all of the money, and college costs quite a bit more then ramen.”

We walked the three blocks to McDonalds. Lisse managed to walk most of the way there, looking adorable. Ben carried her on the way back. I had two quarter pounders, and the hot cheap meat and cheese was greasy and salty and absolutely divine. I couldn’t remember the last time I had eaten out.

I met Drake and Kirk at the corner. Jose was inside. I was wearing my shorts and a red tank top. It was a girl’s tank top. Ben had bought it for Celia at a thrift store, and it had been a dozen sizes too big for her. It was getting colder, so I had a light sweater over it. I took it off when I got to the corner, and waved to Ferdinand. I saw a shadow of a hand in the cloud of smoke within his car.

I sat down next to Drake and he groaned softly and leaned his head on my shoulder. It was kind of pathetic how hard I had fallen for him. I sighed and leaned right back, resting my cheek on his temple.

On one hand, I was the only one he touched like this. These easy touches that seemed to waver in some happy medium between friendly and amorous. On the other hand, there was never anything else. I was afraid to try and act on it. It would never work, never. Considering what we did every night. I didn’t want a partner if I was sucking off thirty guys a night. I didn’t want a partner who did the same or worse.

A big luxury car pulled up, but then went past, towards Ferdinand. I saw the wisp of smoke as Ferdinand opened his car window to talk with whoever was in the SUV.

Then I heard my fake name. He was sticking his head out of the window, and calling, “Ryan!” in his hoarse smoker’s voice.

Drake sighed and sat up. “Whoever’s in that monster, they got a kink. Remember, you got the right to refuse them.”

I felt anxious. I felt anxiety every night, but for the first time in almost a week, I felt a hint of real fear. I trotted over to Ferdinand and the SUV, looking back at Drake for comfort. He grinned and gave me two thumbs up.

I stepped up to Ferdinand’s car, my cheap foam flip-flops scuffing on the sidewalk. I looked up at the SUV, and to my shock, there were two men in the car. I masked my thoughts and bent down to talk to Ferdinand.

Ferdinand took a puff of his strawberry-flavored cigarette. It was home-rolled, and falling apart. “These fine gentlemen have suggested a deal. They’re partners, and they would like to pay for your services together. I told them where you draw the line, but this isn’t a problem for them. It will be pricy. They want the full treatment, there’s two of them, and if you agree, they would like to play some with rope.”

I froze with my hand on the rim of his window. The full treatment was a code. It meant that they wanted foreplay and kissing and touching, like a lover. It cost a lot extra. Kirk refused to do it. He didn’t mind getting tied up, or getting fucked in the ass, or using toys or having others watch, but he did mind acting like a lover.

And rope… I had never dealt with kinks before, and I was scared.

He saw the look on my face. “Would you feel better if one of the others watched?”

I felt some relief, and I nodded. I looked up at the men in the SUV. They were young, and in shape. They looked like a normal gay couple. Why on earth were they here? I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to sleep around with their partner.

“How much?” I asked quietly.

“Six hundred total, three of that for you. If they still want you after paying an extra hundred to have someone watch.”

Three hundred from just one gig… That seemed unheard-of. Ferdinand was telling them that I wanted someone to watch, and the one in the passenger’s seat was trying to convince the one in the driver’s seat that it was a fun idea, that it was worth the extra hundred. The man in the driver’s seat agreed eventually.

Ferdinand glanced at me. “Ask which of the others wants to watch. It’s a hundred dollars, they get fifty.”

I walked back to the corner, feeling cold and nervous, but a little aroused nonetheless.

Drake was looking up at me, his long arms and long legs folded, his elbows resting on his bony knees and his chin resting in his palms. When his eyes looked up, they looked slightly slanted. Because of the way the long lashes curled at the corner of his eyelid. I could see the yellow streetlight reflected in both of them as a soft dancing speck.

I didn’t even consider canlı poker oyna Kirk.

“Drake?” I whispered, rubbing the back of my neck. Maybe he could sense how distressed I was. He stood up and put his hand on my shoulder. His fingers were soft and dry. He powdered his hands, I saw him doing it. When I asked him about it, he just shrugged and said he hated the feeling of having sweaty palms. I could smell the talcum powder.

“What is it Ryan?” Now that I was looking his eyes straight-on.

My name is Neil. I wanted to say that so badly. But I couldn’t.

“There are two guys in that van.” My voice came out a whisper. “They… They want to be with me together, and they want the full treatment.” His fingers tensed slightly on my shoulder, but then they were relaxed. It happened so quickly, I wasn’t sure if I had imagined it or not.

I was flushed. I was getting better and better at what I did in the apartment, but it was still hard to say things out loud. “I’m nervous, and they’re willing to pay to have someone watch. I… I would feel safer if you came in.”

I swept my hair behind my ear, fidgeting. My hair was getting too long.

“Don’t worry Ryan… I’ll watch. It’s been a long time since a pair came, they must be new. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on new people anyway.”

They were out of their car and coming up. One of them was latino, tall and broad with tight muscles inside a tight muscle shirt. He had spiky black hair and a carefully maintained chin strap, and despite the darkness he was wearing a pair of wraparound pimp shades. My brother Ben liked to joke, and call them ‘douche shades’ whenever he saw someone wearing them.

The other was also muscular and lean, but he was wearing a sweatshirt and jeans. He was a little shorter, but just as big as his partner. He had bleach-blonde hair, and a ruddy complexion. His beefy forearms were scored with freckles. He was about six feet tall, and the latino man was maybe two inches taller. Drake could look the shorter one in the eye. The taller one was carrying a small duffel bag.

The shorter of the partners put his hand on my shoulder. His hand was heavy, and damp. “Let’s head inside Sweetie.” He murmured, squeezing slightly. I looked up at Drake and took some strength from his beautiful eyes.

Room seven was my room tonight. We let them in and Drake sat down on the creaky wooden chair across the room. He winked at me when they weren’t looking at us.

I felt sick. I didn’t want him to watch me do this, but at the same time, he was the only one I trusted. I felt the outside of my pocket, feeling the comforting bulge of the little canister of pepper spray.

“You can call me Benji.” The bigger darker one rumbled.

The shorter one pouted. “Aw, I was gonna be Benji. Alright, I can be… Stanley.”

They laughed, some kind of inside joke. I just sat down on the bed and kicked off my cheap shoes. “My name is Ryan… And this is Dean.”

They glanced over at him. Benji let his eyes drift up and down and I felt a spike of jealousy on top of everything else. I bit my lip, and I kissed him. I was leaning into him, holding his shoulder, feeling the big muscles bulge under his muscle shirt. His lips tasted like sunscreen.

Stanley put his hands on my shoulders and bit the side of my neck, sucking and chewing. I tensed, but my gasp was swallowed up as Benji stuck his tongue in my mouth. He tasted like weed. His tongue was hot and rough, but smooth underneath. I flinched and shivered as Stanley slid one hand under my shirt and took a handful of the skin on my chest, my nipple in the middle. He squeezed while sucking hard on my neck. The other hand slid down and squeezed my buttock.

I tried not to squeal. He was hurting me. I hadn’t agreed to this. I broke the kiss with Benji, panting. “P-Please… N-Not so rough.” I glanced at Drake, and glanced back down, cringing with shame. What was I doing?

Drake wasn’t smiling, but he mouthed. ‘I’m here.’ And I felt better.

“Sorry.” Stanley grunted. He went right back to what he was doing, but a little less rough. He still sucked hard on my neck, but he wasn’t using his teeth anymore. His hands used less pressure, but I could still feel the strength behind them.

Benji shucked off his muscle shirt. His body was bulging with muscle, hard and sleek, with tiny brown nipples. He was shaved smooth. He was like a body builder.

“Like my muscles?” He purred, flexing. They bulged like balloons. I leaned forward and touched the tip of my tongue under his massive pectorals. It was better then some of the older fatter men I had been with, but his muscles seemed grotesque. I did this so I wouldn’t have to speak.

Stanley moved and jostled me so he was on his knees behind me and I was kneeling too, so my ass was in his lap. We both had shorts on, but I could feel his bulge against my ass and I felt uncomfortable. This entire thing was making me feel a little nauseous. I continued to lick his chest, and suck internet casino on his nipples. He tasted like lotion. I was squeezed between the two of them, sandwiched between their hard bodies and rough hands.

Benji seemed to like the attention as I pretended to worship his muscles. He just kept flexing. Stanley was busy grinding his bulge into my ass and rubbing my crotch through my shorts. I was semi-hard, but that was more from the vigorous rubbing then anything.

Drake was still sitting there, and I was grateful to see him averting his eyes. He was making sure I was safe, but he was looking down. I could see his beautiful black eyes through his thick lashes. I felt safer.

Stanley grabbed the hem of my tank top and yanked it over my head, tossing it to the side. He rubbed and pinched my nipples, never hard enough to make me tell him to stop. I just wanted this to be over.

Benji unbuckled his belt and pulled out his thick angry cock. It was pale brown, laced with veins, and an angry bright red at the tip. The foreskin bunched up around the head in thick uneven wrinkles. It had a very long slit down the middle that didn’t look clean.

He put his hand on the back of my head and shoved it down on his cock. He was just pushing my head up and down, pulling me back up by my hair. I choked twice, but then I adjusted, tears watering in my eyes. I saw Drake lean forward, tense and drawn, but then lean back slightly, a frown on his face.

I could feel a bare swollen cock against the small of my back, and I panicked, but my shorts were still on and Stanley made no move to remove them. He was leaning forward and making out with Benji while Benji roughly and monotonously pushed me up and down on his cock.

His cock was dirty. I gagged not just from the invasion, but from the taste and smell. His pubes had been shaved a few days ago, but now they were rough black stubble that made my nose itch.

“Fuck, I’m gonna come.”

Benji yanked my head off of his cock by a handful of my hair. “Can’t have that happening now.” Stanley crooned. He jumped off of the bed and dug around in the duffel bag. I took the chance to take some deep breaths and wipe my face with a corner of the scratchy blanket. I looked to Drake. I felt sick, and kind of weak. I was shivering.

Benji pushed me back on the bed and yanked my shorts and underwear off. I moved my legs to help him. He started to jack off my cock. It wasn’t completely hard, so it stretched in his hand. He was kind of rough, and I flinched. I was entirely naked, on my back. I had to force myself to keep my legs straight. They kept twitching, and I badly wanted to curl them up, just for some sort of protection.

Stanley crawled back on the bed, and now he was naked except for his socks. His body didn’t have quite the muscle definition of Benji’s body, but he was more massive. His skin looked patchy and flushed, bright pink in some places. His cock was circumcised and very thick. I wasn’t sure I could open my mouth wide enough to fit it if he wanted me to suck it. The tip was narrow and red, but the shaft was very fat.

He had a short coil of bright red magician’s rope in his hands. The soft kind, made of fiberglass. Benji took my wrists and pressed them together behind me. Stanley handed Benji the rope and Benji started to tie my wrists together clumsily. He wasn’t very good at it, and just ended up tying a big loose knot. I actually felt better about that. I knew that I could get out of the rope within a minute or two if I needed to.

I glanced over at Drake. He was sitting in the chair watching us. When he saw me looking he winked, but he wasn’t smiling. He didn’t like them just as much as I didn’t like them, maybe even more.

Benji sat behind me, holding me up for Stanley. He pinched my nipples hard, but not as hard as Stanley had done. He gnawed and sucked at the side of my neck as Stanley got down and started sucking on my cock. His mouth was warm and wet, but he was too hard, too fast. The suction kind of hurt, and his teeth scraped against the side of my cock, making me yelp with hurt.

It was worse now, I was facing Drake, it was harder to look away, and I felt so exposed. I felt humiliated and afraid, and I was just grateful that my cock was still hard. I turned and kissed Benji just to distract me. He seemed surprised but aroused. I squirmed as Stanley sucked my cock and Benji ground his cock against my ass. His cock was bare, but his movements were just purposeless humping, he wasn’t trying to fuck me. It still made me uneasy to have his bare cock against my bare ass.

Stanley was choking on my cock. It felt kind of good to break past the barrier in the back of his throat, the tight hot pressure of his throat felt sexy and tight. I started to move my hips, panting softly as I kissed Benji. I tried to focus on the pure physical pleasure, but that was hard, because my physical sensations included the way Benji was biting and abusing my neck and nipples. I was kissing him, and this was probably an accident, but for a second his lips were actually against mine with only a little pressure. The soft feel of his lips against mine made me think of Drake, and I felt Stanley choke slightly as I jerked my hips subconsciously.

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