Family Reunion

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Warning: This story contains incest.

“And then the dumb son of a bitch thought he would try to outrun the bull.”

Everyone except my cousin, Sean, the butt of the joke, laughed at his expense.

“Yeah, well, I didn’t know,” Sean said bitterly though a smile teased his lips.

Sean, his brother, Shane, my two brothers, Ethan and Eric, and I were sitting around in our aunt and uncle’s barn. The whole family and some close friends had gathered for the end of summer holiday and to surprise our grandparents who had recently celebrated their fifty-fifth wedding anniversary. With the party over, us boys had retreated to the seclusion of the wooden structure to have our own time alone to catch up and reminisce. Shane and Sean also had two sisters who, along with my husband, Tim, had remained in the house with the others, understandably not wanting to be involved with whatever trouble and fraternal fighting the five of us would surely get into.

As our laughter died down, Shane, who, like me, was thirty-one, looked around the barn fondly. “Boy, having you guys here, this place brings back memories.”

“Sneaking beers and hiding from switches and ass whoopin’s?” Ethan asked having been a part of some of those experiences.

“That, too,” Shane said with a smirk. “I lost my virginity in that stall to Carol Rae Miller.”

Exclamations and curses of surprise broke out.

“Yep. And I took Penny Davis’s over there,” he said without remorse, almost boasting.

Our eyes went wide and we glanced over to Eric who had an angry expression on his face.

“You? You were the one who did that? Man, she was my girlfriend.”

Shane rolled his eyes. “Don’t be mad. Hell, you even said she was a lousy lay.”

“But that was my girlfriend. I was supposed to be her first.”

Shane shrugged. “If it makes you feel better, I fucked all of their girlfriends, too. Some more than once.”

While I sat quietly, not really surprised by that revelation, the other guys began to yell at Shane who did little more than smile unapologetically and finish off his beer before opening another one. We’d all already had one too many and with the turn in the conversation to sex and Shane’s confessions, I began to worry about my own secret coming out.

“Man, Ed,” Ethan said to me. “You’re so fucking lucky you’re gay. At least that way you know he wasn’t going to go after your boyfriends.”

Even though we lived in a rural town, I had come out as a freshman in high school and was surprised by how little push back I had gotten. There was some, but my friends and family, with Shane being the most visible and vocal of my supporters, had backed me up and after he and I beat one guy to a pulp, no one else said anything about me or gave me grief.

I shrugged in response to Ethan and hoped my face didn’t betray my nervousness but Shane caught it. His eyes locked with mine and a wide smile broke out on his face. With a look and a small shake of the head I silently pleaded for him to remain quiet but I knew it was not going to happen.

“With good old Edward there, I didn’t need to go after his boyfriends.”

“What do you mean ‘you didn’t need to go after his boyfriends’?” Eric asked looking between us.

I closed my eyes and sighed heavily in resignation as Shane said, “Thanks to me, even before he completely came out, he was well versed in taking dick.”

The barn fell silent and when I opened my eyes, our brothers were looking between us in shock.

Obviously enjoying himself, Shane continued. “Oh, yeah. Everything he knows about servicing a cock is because of me. Hell, not only did I give him his first dick to suck, I popped his cherry, too.”

“Bullshit,” Sean said slowly with a tone that made it obvious he was not quite convinced Shane was pulling his leg.

Shane beamed with pride. It was subtle but I saw the hand that was already resting on his lap inch over and begin to play with his package. “Hell, yeah, I did. Whenever we had sleepovers or went camping there was a reason why the two of us always shared a tent or kicked you guys out of the room and it wasn’t because we were the oldest. Hell, there were times that you little shits nearly caught us when he was sucking my dick or giving up his ass in one of these stalls or up in the rafters. Thankfully, y’all were some noisy sons of bitches and we could hear you coming. You guys know I was always in some pussy but he loved dick, or at least mine, just as much if not more. A few times I took out a girl and didn’t even try to fuck her because he had drained me.”

All eyes focused on me and my obvious embarrassment provided the corroboration for his story.

“Holy shit.”


Ethan winced. “No offense, bro, ’cause you know I love you, but that’s nasty as shit. You fucking fucked our cousin?”

“To be fair,” Shane offered, “I fucked him. Never touched his dick.”

“So much better,” Sean said sarcastically.

“In my eyes it is. He’s the one that’s gay, not me,” Shane said easily as his eyes poker oyna returned to lock on mine. No one seemed to notice that he was groping himself and even though it had been years since we had messed around, I knew that he was thinking about getting his dick into me again. “While I never made it a habit to go around dicking guys, a hole is a hole, and I’ve had a few asses since his. But, I tell you what, after he learned how to do it, he gave me the best head that I’ve ever had and his ass was better than most of the pussy that I got. That’s why I was always letting him have it.”

Sounds of disbelief and disgust broke out again but stopped as Shane got to his feet and crossed the distance to stand in front of me. Still holding his beer, he placed his empty hand on my shoulder and smirked. “For old time’s sake?”

Like the others, I was sitting on a bale of hay and Shane’s crotch was now in my face but I looked up to meet his emerald eyes. At a height of six feet six inches, Shane was not a small guy and had a lean but filled out musculature from his work around his parents’ farm. Though we regularly talked on the phone and through social media, I had not seen him in person for any real length of time since I left for college seemingly a lifetime ago. Upon arriving for the reunion, I had been surprised by how handsome and rugged he looked in his stereotypical farm wear of boots, tight jeans, button down shirt and cowboy hat covering his short but shaggy copper hair. While essentially the same, his square face had matured and weathered slightly from working out in the elements on the farm he was going to take over someday and had no trace of the baby fat that had been on the cute, teen visage that lived in my memory.

As had been mentioned, I’d had a few boyfriends in high school after I came out, but Shane had been the guy I loved. I knew he was completely straight and never tried to go for more or anything but he also knew that I had more than familial feelings for him yet he never toyed with me. In his eyes, I was an easy, willing, and very convenient lay. I never told him no and learned how to work his cock the way he wanted it done and he never denied me when I approached him for sex. The times that he had been unable to have sex with a girl he was seeing was because I had gotten jealous and used his dick to the point where he couldn’t get it up no matter what I did. He never complained, though, because the sex was good and he thought if he pissed me off, I’d cut him off. I never would have but he didn’t know that.

Seeing him smile down at me, I smiled back as all of the old feelings for him rushed back. And when he gave me a short, upward nod from his head, I reached for his belt and fly.

“No. This is not happening,” Eric said.

Sean exclaimed, “Are you guys serious with this shit?”

Ethan hung his head and held it with a hand while muttering something inaudible to himself.

With Shane’s fly open I was assaulted instantly with the smell of musk and sweat on his crotch from the still hot Florida night. Not hesitating, I pulled his jeans and boxers down to his knees and was not surprised to hear Eric and Sean let out new curses. My own breath caught as I revealed Shane’s not quite hard cock and immediately began to stroke it, stimulating it to grow further. It lengthened quickly and was soon at full mast.

Staring at the hard cock in my fist, it felt like old times. Shane’s cock looked slightly longer than I remembered, but the easy ten inches hadn’t changed much in girth. Like his body, Shane’s uncut cock was long and thin and capped with a blunt helmet that rested mostly on the top side of the tip. It was bisected by a long, wide piss slit that when looking at it directly reminded me of a mouth surrounded by two full lips turned on their side. Beneath the pale skin that held none of the dark freckles that covered the rest of his body, meandering blood vessels of different colors and thicknesses were visible. Growing out from a dense patch of untrimmed, copper colored hair, it had a gentle, shallow, downward curve, a result of gravity and the fact that he never got steely hard. Beneath was a low hanging sack containing a pair of balls that were large enough to complement the shaft above. Covered with sparse red hair, it had a few golden freckles on the wrinkled surface and my chin and ass warmed with a sense memory of what they felt like slapping against me. Finished with my visual examination, like a moth to a flame I leaned forward and took his tip into my mouth.

“No!” the other guys yelled as my mouth and Shane’s dick got reacquainted.

“Fuck ’em, Ed,” Shane said to me with a laugh. He moved his hand from my shoulder to my head and set up a tentative pace thrusting his hips. “They’ve never had head as good as you give. If they did, they’d understand.”

“I get that a guy could mess around with another guy,” Sean said. “But no head or ass can be good enough to ignore that he’s your cousin, man.”

Shane turned his head to look at his brother. “That’s part of what makes it canlı poker oyna the best.”

Sean shook his head. “That’s sick.”

“You wouldn’t think that if he was choking on your cock.”

“Guess we’ll never find out.”

“Stop being a little bitch and feed him your dick,” Shane said. “Be a man and get some for once.”

While the two brothers went back and forth, I looked over Sean. Nineteen and the baby of the group, he was six feet three inches tall and a smaller version of Shane. Though his eyes were a brown-hazel color and his hair was darker, closer to auburn, there was no denying they were brothers. I’d never given him a second look, but now I wondered if he was as hung and skilled as his brother but knew I would never have the chance to find out.

Eric’s voice cut through the two brothers’ argument. “That fucker’s eyeing you. You want to do it, don’t you?”

It only took me a blink of an eye before I pulled off Shane’s dick and responded figuring there was nothing to hide anymore. “Judge me all you want, but yeah, I’d suck his cock. And truth be known, I wouldn’t mind having a go at the two of yours.”

The four of them fell silent as I went back to work on Shane’s dick. Time seemed to tick by slowly before Ethan said softly, “Shit. Didn’t expect that.”

“You’re sick, man,” Sean said at the same time Eric said, “That’s just fucked up.”

Slightly annoyed but feeling the freedom truth provided, I pulled off Shane again.

“Oh, please. I’ve heard the two of you talking about the things you’d like to do to Lizzy,” I said to Sean and Eric, referring to another cousin who was in the house with the rest of the family. Fixing Ethan with a stare, I added, “And don’t think I forgot about how often you used to sneak peaks at Aunt Amy and our mother and beat your meat.”

“You jerked off to my mother?” Sean asked in disbelief. “And your own?”

Ethan blushed with embarrassment. “I was a horny kid. I didn’t know any better.”

I scoffed. “Maybe when you first started, but I know you had been doing it for at least two years when I caught you that time when I was home on break. I’m sure it didn’t stop then.”

Shane laughed while Eric and Sean gave Ethan grief about his masturbation habits.

After a few moments I broke back in. “My point is, we’ve all thought about shit like this. The only difference is I’ve done it and have no problems doing it again. So sit there and judge me all you want, but if you want what will most likely be the best head you’ve ever gotten, whip it out and get over here.”

Having said my peace, I refocused on Shane’s cock and ignored the others. I was genuinely surprised when only a few moments later I heard someone move, quickly followed by new curses and cries of disbelief.

I turned toward the commotion and saw Eric moving toward me and Shane while opening his jeans.

With a practical tone, he said, “Shit, why not? He’s offering and it’s been almost three weeks since me and Tracy did anything.”

Caring for five children, the oldest two being twins and the youngest two under three, while they both worked, I could believe that my baby brother and his wife didn’t have much time together.

“That’s your brother,” Sean said while Ethan just stared. “Your fucking brother.”

“Believe me, I know that.” Eric shook his head obviously hesitant as he stopped next to Shane. While he lowered his cargo shorts, he said to me, “I may not have a donkey dick to offer you like this motherfucker but this better be the best goddamn head I ever got. Understand?”

“It will be,” Shane assured him as my brother pulled out his dick. “That’s not a bad piece you got there.”

I glanced over and for the first time in my life got an up close look at Eric’s crotch. Though his cock was my target, my eyes were first drawn to the hairless, bloated sack beneath. To say that it was the size of an orange would be an exaggeration but not by much. It was tight against his body and held the promise of loads that would probably put Shane’s to shame. Moving my eyes away from it, I glanced up to the neatly trimmed bush and saw that Eric’s cock was practically half the length of Shane’s, topping out at about six inches. It was thicker than I expected but not to the point that it looked out of place on his narrow body. I was slightly surprised to see that the uncut crown at the end of his straight length was pointed, unlike mine that was more of a bullet shape. However, similar to my own dick, there was a thick, raised vein running along the topside just off center. From it, a few others branched out and wrapped around the sides like vines. While I spent a few more moments with my mouth on Shane’s cock, I reached a hand over and explored my brother’s dick with my hand. The heat it emitted was much greater than I expected and those raised veins had little give reminding me of the texture on a ribbed condom or dildo.

While I stroked him, I looked over my youngest brother in a way I had never done beyond thinking he was generally attractive. At five internet casino feet ten inches, he was between my six feet height and Ethan’s five feet nine inches. Twenty-five, he and his wife were elementary school teachers and he also coached youth soccer, having played the sport both during grade school and college. Because of his athletic activities, he had a tight body that rippled with muscles that I had seen every summer when my husband, Tim, and I spent a week at the beach near where he now lived in a city on the other side of the state from where we had grown up. Unlike Shane and Sean, Eric, as well as Ethan and myself, had faces that were more of a diamond shape with strong jaw lines. My brother’s red hair was thick and he maintained the wavy locks at a fashionable shoulder length. When I finally moved off Shane and took him into my mouth, he sighed and let out a curse.

“Told you it was good,” Shane said as he stood there while I began to stroke his untended cock.

“He just put it in his mouth,” Eric said with undisguised awe.

“Wait until he gets going.”

“I cannot believe this is happening,” Sean said.

Shane turned to his brother. “You’d believe it if you got your cock out and got over here.”

“Sean, man.” Eric’s voice was breathless. “This is better than you’d believe. He hasn’t done shit yet and I already can’t wait until he comes to the beach this summer.”

Sean shook his head adamantly. “No. Nope. Not happening. You’re with me, right?”

He had directed the question to Ethan. When my brother didn’t respond immediately, Sean took in the longing look on my other brother’s face and groaned. “Oh, come on. Don’t tell me you’re thinking about it, too.”

Ethan shrugged. “Never got a bad blow job from a dude. And a piece of ass is a nice change from pussy every now and then.”

Everyone, including me, looked at Ethan in surprise.

Ethan huffed. “What? Really? Ya’ll are going to look at me like I’m crazy for getting a nut in a locker room or out in the field even though he’s the one over there sucking his brother’s dick after admitting to being Shane’s slut and saying he’d take us all on? I’m the sideshow? Really?”

“You can’t blame us, E,” Shane said with surprise coloring his voice. “It’s just you’re the biggest fucking stud around here—I swear you got more girls hanging on you than me—and you’re telling us you made it with another guy.”

Ethan stood and made his way over to us pawing his crotch. “More than a few. Like you said, ‘a hole is a hole.’ And since we’re admitting things, no sense hiding the fact that I’ve been fucking ass since high school whenever I needed it. There’s a reason Jake Tucker suddenly became my friend.”

I pulled off Eric’s dick hearing Ethan mention a football player that I’d had a crush on since middle school but could never become more than acquaintances with. I never understood how despite being my age, he had come to be good friends with my younger brother. In fact, they were still friends and Ethan hung out with him and his family regularly. “Jake?”

Ethan gave me a smile that was part smug and part apologetic. “I know you wanted him, but that dude has issues. Fucker still says he’s straight but he can work a dick as good as any chick. No offense, but if you beg to take it up the ass and willingly act as a cum dump for a football team, chances are you’re gay.”

“Wow,” I said after a silent moment before taking Eric’s dick back into my mouth. Though I agreed with Ethan that it sounded like I had dodged a bullet, I still felt some jealousy at having not had a chance to go at Jake.

Though Ethan was the shortest of the three of us he was the most muscular from his time in the Marines, reminding me of a bulldog because of the way his arms no longer laid flat at his sides. He still worked out regularly and, at twenty-eight, he was at the peak of fitness. His polo-style shirt stretched tight over his chest and his thick, dime-sized nipples were prominent against the fabric even in the warm air. Pressing against the legs of his khaki shorts was a pair of legs that each were easily twice the size of anyone else’s in the barn and I remembered the sight of his large, tight ass walking around the farm earlier in the day. On top of his head, his strawberry blond hair was buzzed short on the sides as it had been when he’d had a regulation cut but on the top was longer than would be acceptable and stood up straight, though he sometimes gelled it back in a low pompadour.

I had a lean body like Eric but with a good amount of muscle on it, though not nearly as much as Ethan. My own auburn hair was an easy to care for medium length with a side part. A neatly trimmed bright red beard covered my jaw and matched the bush of hair at the base of my cock that I refused to trim. Many people had told me over the years that despite my friendly personality, my emerald eyes appeared cold and unfriendly and I often used that to my advantage. In this moment, they watched intently as Ethan opened his shorts and peeled them down over his massive thighs. Still contained in a pair of boxer briefs, his already large cock twitched as it continued to swell. When he finally freed it and stroked it to full mast, I was somewhat surprised to see that he was significantly larger than both me and Eric.

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