Finding Out Ch. 03

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The warm shower water was amazing against my cold, aching body. The firm and powerful spray so different to the weak drizzle of water you normally got from the locker room showers. I felt my mind and body relax under the heat, knowing her was still there, waiting for me just outside the door and knowing that I didn’t have to study tonight. By the time I was shampooing my hair I felt calm and my thoughts began to drift to pleasanter places then the stress of football and the rush of getting home.

Julian had been laying back on my bed, his long, lean body stretched out and content. His blue jeans looked snug and well worn, his white t-shirt was soft and over large and that grey, cosy cardigan all together made him look like a very sexy, comfortable cushion. I cushion that I couldn’t help but want to snuggle up against. As I lathered my hair I thought of cuddling up against him as we watched tv, of moving my hands underneath that adorable cardigan of his and feeling the firm muscles that I knew lurked beneath of that lush fabric.

But sooner than I realised I was clean, so I turned on a quick blast of icy cold water to quell the evidence poker oyna of my desires. It was when I stepped out of shower that I realised I hadn’t brought any clean clothes with me. The boxer briefs and track pants I had changed into after practice would be okay but the t-shirt and jumper that I’d thrown on were a little worse for wear, both were a bit dirty and wet from my poor post practise showering and the fact that I had accidently thrown them next to the bathroom drain.

I told myself that we had seen each other shirtless so many times, that it was nothing odd but I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. I felt that if I went out there without a shirt id be peacocking myself around, going out to Julian and flaunting my plumage or muscles as it were. My years of football and athletics training has given me an impressive physic to flaunt but for some unknown reason the thought of flaunting myself in front of Julian made me nervous. I would have to do it though, it was either go out there and get a shirt or hide in the bathroom forever, the latter of which being a pretty poor option.


The shower spray turned off and I started getting canlı poker oyna Hero’s set up on the TV. I was making fast work of the computer/TV system when the bathroom door opened and there he stood looking like a perfect roman statue. His stomach muscles, pecs and arms all on full display as he sidled into the room. My eyes drifted down over his carved abs to the very inviting ‘V’ clearly visible above his rather low slung tracksuit bottoms. I was so immersed in the thin trail of light brown hairs snaking their way down from his belly button to beneath those rudely existent pants, I almost didn’t hear him mumble. “Sorry, I forgot a shirt” as he made his way over to the dresser.

He turned now, rummaging through his draws and pulling out a light blue t-shirt and dark grey hoodie. I mourned the loss of the amazing sights I had been taking in but was well comforted by the view that replaced it. A large expanse of incredibly smooth, olive skin over well-toned muscle now faced me. Mat had one of the sexiest backs I had ever seen and I longed to run my hands over it. His muscles mesmerised me with his every move as he slipped on the t-shirt and the large hoodie internet casino after it. Im pretty sure I spent the whole time wide eyed and gaping like a fish but fortunately he didn’t seem to notice.

“What’s that delicious smell?” Mat asked and it took me a moment to snap back to reality “Im starved”

“Oh yeah” I nodded “Mama brought us some food” I reached around to the desk behind me and pulled the two large bowls of pasta. “Careful, it’s hot. She only brought it up just before you came out” I handed him the bowl and he thanked me. Sitting down next to me, both our backs resting up against the head board. He dove into the pasta and started making it disappear so fast it reminded me of a magic trick. It must take a lot of energy to maintain all those muscles…

It was a good few minutes before Mat surfaced from his food and looked up.

“So what episode are we up to?” He asked.

“Season Two, Episode Three.” I responded

“I thought we were further in than that” he questioned and I laughed.

“We would be if you stopped falling asleep on me.” He gave me a shove and I pressed play. We watched two episodes and he had slowly drifted down to a laying position before he fell asleep at the start of the third. I turned off the tech, pull his quilt over him and whispered

“Goodnight Gorgeous” before taking my stuff and the bowls down stairs.

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