First Encounter

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She knew there was something different about how she felt about other women. She had been married…had her fair share of men before, during and after…

She was always intrigued by the fact that it was not the site of naked men that turned her on…it was women. She certainly enjoyed sex with men…especially cock sucking. But there was always a certain something missing. No matter how good he was…he never seemed to be able to get her quite where she wanted to be.

She knew that somehow she would reach this place she had been seeking and it became increasingly obvious that she would find it with the help of another woman. He didn’t seem to want her to be a party to a threesome where she could perhaps investigate safely…he had only ever fantasised to her about seeing her with another man, his cock in her mouth whilst she was being fucked from behind.

She had suggested once that she thought the idea of being eaten out by a woman while she sucked his cock would be pretty amazing. He reacted as if he had been bitten…why would she need a girl to do that for her? Wasn’t he good enough?

Well, it looked like she was on her own! She would have to find some way of scratching this itch…by herself. His ego was bruised but her curiosity was too much for her to put this off any longer.

She had met this women a few months back. Over too many glasses of wine on several different occasions, Mary had revealed her past…bit of a party girl in her youth, had lived and worked overseas, admittedly screwing herself senseless all over the countryside. She had returned home, married and divorced fairly quickly, reeling. She abandoned all pretext of “nice” and indulged herself sexually and indiscriminately.

Finally, Mary told her, she washed up in a job that put in her in contact with Jenny. Jenny fell in love with her, and gradually enticed her into a relationship. It lasted seven years…they lived together, moved across the country together chasing jobs that suited Jenny and finally fell apart… leaving Mary stranded and bruised, a fair way from her family and friends.

She had wondered why it should be that Mary would tell her all this…some of the detail was pretty intimate. If it became public knowledge that she was or had been in a lesbian relationship, her position would have been compromised. Yet Mary shared this information with her.

They managed some quiet dinners out together, the occasional movie, long walks with Mary’s dog and more than a few nights of drinking. Their friendship grew steadily more comfortable.

She wondered what he would think of Mary, so she arranged a dinner at their home so he could meet her. She had not shared any of Mary’s history with him. Over dinner the conversation flowed freely along with the wine. He flirted with her outrageously and Mary played along back…she thought that it was good to see her friend smile.

The next time they met, it was at Mary’s place. She was lonely, wanted to chat with someone, so she grabbed a bottle of chilled white wine out of the fridge and set off to see if her friend was about.

Mary opened the door with glass already in hand…

“Hi Honey, come on in…what can I do for you?”

“Just needed a bit of company, thought I could tempt you out from behind that book with a bottle, but it looks like you’re already on the go…”

Mary laughed…”More than a few in front of you, so you’d better hurry and get that cork out and start catching up!” She tossed over a corkscrew and went to find another glass. poker oyna “I’m actually watching a movie…”The Handmaid’s Tale”…seen it?”

She shook her head “No, but I’ve read the book…bizarre way that fertile women were treated as baby factories by the rich and powerful…scary thing that!”

“Hhhmmm! Don’t spoil it for me…Come…sit here!” Mary patted the sofa next to her. She sat down, glass in hand and curled her feet up under her. They continued to watch the movie, occasionally moving to refill empty glasses, comfortable with the closeness. It wasn’t a movie that could be considered sexually graphic but it certainly was one that evoked response, the least of which was outrage at the way women could so viciously turn on each other.

After it had finished, they started to talk about some of the images that the film had evoked. She commented that she felt the book had been far more sexually explicit than the movie.

Mary looked at her quizzically, “Do you like watching sexually explicit stuff?” She giggled, the wine was going to her head… “Oh yeah…I particularly like X rated stuff, not that I would readily admit that to most people. It seems if you are female, you’re not meant to like watching porn, but I do.” She glanced at Mary to see what sort of response that statement had evoked and was surprised to see her smile secretly.

“Tell me about what you like to watch…”

“Oh, now that’s easy…I like to watch the women…I like to observe their bodies while the boys are getting their rocks off…I like to watch how their bodies open up to the camera, when they are looking for a pussy shot. I watch the mouths of the girls as they wrap their lips over the head of some cock. I particularly like it if there are more than one girl. It’s a real turn on to see them stroke each others bodies, lick each others nipples and tongue each other’s clits.” She stopped, rather startled at herself for having revealed herself so openly to Mary…All that wine it must have loosened her tongue and her inhibitions more than she had realised.

Mary’s face was a little flushed…and she wriggled in her seat a little…”Oh my…You are a bit more wicked than you seem. You have no idea how horny you are making me, to have you sit there and talk like that.”

“I don’t often feel that I can open up about how I feel and what I do “in the privacy of my own home”…” There was a hint of sarcasm in her voice with that remark. “I feel that I can be honest with you. After all, you have been with me.”

“Mary reached over and touched her lightly on the shoulder. “Can I be honest with you now, Honey?”

“Of course”

“All I want to do right now is kiss you. May I?” Mary was looking right into her eyes, as she took the glass from her hand.

She didn’t really think about her answer…she knew that all she wanted right at that moment was to feel Mary’s mouth on hers. She reached up and ran her fingers gently down the side of Mary’s face, gave her a half smile and leaned towards her.

Mary groaned softly and brought her lips down to meet her. Her lips parted opened slightly at the first touch of Mary’s lips. Their breath mingled as they kissed, gently at first. Mary’s tongue flicked at her mouth, she opened her lips further inviting her in.

Suddenly Mary drew back from her, searching her eyes for response. “Are you alright with this? I don’t want to do something that may offend you?”

“I’m fine…that was really nice…if I hadn’t wanted you to kiss me I would have said so.” She leaned her canlı poker oyna face back towards Mary’s and kissed her cheekily on the tip of her nose.

Mary couldn’t hold herself back any more. She pulled her roughly into her embrace, one hand on her breast as she brought her mouth down again. Their kisses became more urgent and demanding…the feeling of Mary’s hand on her breast exciting her. She could feel her body responding, her nipples was hardening, the familiar ache that could only be eased with fervent sucking and nibbling. Her pussy was certainly telling her that this was something she wanted, needed. She could feel the wetness…

Mary’s fingers were fumbling with the buttons on her shirt. She pulled back from their kiss…not to stop her but to allow her more room. She reached to stroke Mary’s breast through the layers of her clothes. “Oh yes, please touch me there…” Mary sighed deeply, as her fingers brushed over the rigid nipples she could see straining at the fabric. A shudder passed through her as she felt Mary’s nipple respond to her caress.

Mary stopped her fumbling. “Honey, are you all right? Are you sure you’re ok with this?”

“Oh I’m sure.” She grinned at her “I would have stopped you if I wasn’t. I just liked the feeling of you getting hard like that.” She couldn’t believe how her pussy was throbbing, she had never felt so high on the idea of having sex with someone…there was absolutely no way she was going to stop Mary now. She knew that she wasn’t going to be able to stop herself, anyway.

Mary had all her buttons undone now. She opened her shirt front and gazed at her breasts under their pink bra. A little groan of desire escaped as she leant towards her and cupped each of them gently, her thumbs flicking over the nipples. Mary’s mouth met hers again in a frenzy of kissing, licking and biting as the need overwhelmed her.

Her hands were seeking their own delights as she pulled Mary’s shirt way…her fingers sought those nipples,…she recognised the need in her to have her mouth sucking them, her tongue licking them, nibbling at them.

One last reasoned thought flashed through her mind…”This is what I want, I need. Why have I waited so long?”

The feeling of pleasure at the touch of Mary’s hands on her breasts and her mouth on hers was enough. She let go…her responses became more frenzied, more passionate. Mary reacted quickly to the change she felt. Her clothing was quickly undone and tossed on the floor of the lounge room.

Mary’s lips met hers again then she began to move down her body. Firstly Mary gently kissed the base of her throat. She had never had anyone do that in quite the same way before…shivers ran down her spine. She flexed and raised herself to meet Mary’s lips as they skirted round her breast.

“Oh suck me, please before I die from frustration…” Mary chuckled as she drew those nipples into her mouth.

“Oh, god, suck them,…please suck them… harder!” Her hands were tugging at Mary’s nipples as she squirmed with delight. Mary’s breath rasped as she flicked her tongue over those sensitive buds. The feel of her breath, her teeth delicately nipping at her, the powerful reaction to Mary’s strong suck. She couldn’t believe just how she was reacting to this attention. Could Mary make her come just from this? She could feel the orgasm beginning deep within her.

Her fingers worked their way over Mary’s body…The feel of her skin, the soft smell that arose, the flick of her blond hair as her head moved over her breast…she internet casino wanted it all for herself. She wanted to bury her face into Mary’s skin, into her pussy, feel her clit under her tongue.

Her hand sought to find Mary’s slit…a small groan escaped her lips as her fingers touched Mary’s wetness for the first time. Mary responded by nipping her gently…the wave of pleasure that coursed though her she could not have imagined possible.

She gently rubbed her fingers up and down Mary’s slit…searching, exploring, seeking the entrance to her, encountering her throbbing clit. She wriggled a little under Mary’s body , giving herself a little more reach as her fingers slid into Mary’s hole…

Mary groaned with pleasure and arched her back…”Oh, Honey…you sure you haven’t done this before? That feels so good, Honey…let me return the favour.” Mary let her breast go and reached down towards her cunt.

“Oh yes, please…” she gasped as Mary’s finger’s grazed gently over her outer lips.

“Honey, you are sooo wet…let me in there…” She parted her legs lightly as Mary’s searching fingers found their way into her crack.

“Aahhhh! That feels wonderful…” They lay together on the couch, their fingers pleasuring each other’s sopping pussies, working each other towards orgasm.

Mary looked at the body beside her…this neighbour was much more than she thought…those breasts were so big and beautiful to suck…”Honey, let me take you all the way…”

“MMMmmmm, please do”. Mary lifted herself way from her, and began to trace her way down that voluptuous body with her lips, first kissing each breast, flicking her tongue over her navel, licking and nibbling at the line between skin and hair. She groaned half in anticipation, half in pleasure at the feeling of those lips.

Mary’s hands gently parted her thighs, the whisper of her breath over her slit sent shivers up her spine. Mary could see how wet she was. She teased her a little by sliding a single finger up her crack and across her clit…a little shudder coursed through her.

The first flick of her tongue over her clit was like a flash of fire through her…she sobbed. Mary began to gently lick her clit, continuing to tease her with one finger in her crack, sliding it in and out slowly. She arched her hips attempting to push herself closer to Mary…She reached for Mary’s head just as she slipped the finger out and plunged her tongue right up her hole. The feeling of that tongue buried in her, flicking, licking, was like no other. It was enough to push her orgasm to its peak…as she ground her pussy against Mary’s face, the waves of sheer delight flowed over her, the tremors shook her body as her juices flowed over Mary’s face.

“Ohhhh, fuck…I’m exploding!” She cried out as the peak of her climax washed over her. Mary licked and kissed her repeatedly as the shudders gradually subsided.

Her breath came in short gasps as she subsided back down to the couch…

“Oh…my…that was indescribable…I can’t believe how I’m feeling…” She reached to stroke the side of Mary’s face…”Come here..” She took Mary’s hands and drew her back up to her and kissed her deeply.

She looked at her longingly…”I can’t help it…all I want to do is sleep now, but you need something too, surely?”

Mary smiled at her gently…”Come on Honey, let’s put you to bed…I can wait this time…I’m sure this will happen again” She stood and held out her hand. “This way…” She led her up the darkened hall to the bedroom.

Mary tucked her gently into bed and climbed in behind her, spooning her close. With one hand covering her breast and the other resting gently over her pussy, she sighed deeply as sleep washed over her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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