First Time with Vice Principal

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*All characters in this story are above the age of 18 years old.*


Daughter from “mother” series of stories is called into vice principal’s office for the first time.

I sat in the waiting area of the principal’s office, after I have been called to report one afternoon. I had no idea what I had done, but you don’t get called here unless something was wrong. I tried to think of everything that I have done that could explain why I was called here, but I kept drawing a blank. The vice principal, Amanda Whitney, then emerged from her office and beckoned me inside. I walked in and took a seat that she silently pointed to, before she shut the door behind us. She then walked around her desk and took her seat, before sitting silently while she stared at me for an unknown reason. I was getting more and more nervous by the minute, but still had no idea why I had been called here.

Ms. Whitney was a tall blonde haired woman of about in her middle thirties. She was always dressed professionally in form fitted pants suits. She was known to be a stickler for the rules and regulations and was generally known to be the real head of the school. She had been a track and swimming athlete in high school and college, and had obviously kept up with her olds habits as she still had an amazing body. As nervous as I was, I couldn’t help admire her beauty. Her body was obviously firm and athletic, with amazing breasts and a firm ass. Her hair was always drawn up in a formal bun or other way to keep it out of her face. Her piercing blue eyes seemed to look right through me and I couldn’t help the slight dampening of my own pussy as I sat before her.

My own sexual awakening to my enjoyment of older women had started with former couch Stephanie one late night after school was out. I had dabbled since then, but I was in no way confident enough to make the first move. My friend’s mother Racquel had been the first woman to come on to me after coach Stephanie. I had stopped by to visit her daughter, but since she wasn’t home yet her mother had invited me to wait inside. Her slow seduction of me had ended up with two hours of the most amazing lesbian sex I had yet engaged in. This had resulted in numerous other encounters and my frequent visits in the five or six months since then. I had even spent the night with in her bed, once her daughter had gone to sleep. I began to get it into my head that Ms. Whitney had somehow come to find out about coach Stephanie’s and my sexual encounter all those months ago, and had brought me here to confront and expel me from school.

I made it a point to remain quiet, as my mind raced in a thousand different directions, but always seemed to return to me being in trouble. I made a decision to not mention a word about coach Stephanie and to vehemently deny anything in regards to our time together. I still thought of her warmly and refused to do or say anything that might put her career in jeopardy. I felt my face harden as Ms. Whitney suddenly leaned forward and placed her elbows on her desk. She then placed her chin on her clasped hands, using them like a pedestal to hold up her head as she continued to stare silently at me. She finally tilted her head to the side and asked calmly, “Do you know why you have been called here, young lady?”

I bristled at her calling me by that name. That was something that my mother called me when I was in trouble and the fact that Ms. Whitney deemed to call me that set me back and poker oyna made me very defensive. I answered calmly but coldly, “No, Ms. Whitney.”

She then replied, “Well, I have had several conversations with a friend of mine. And it seems that you have been engaged in some very inappropriate behavior in the past six months. Does that help to jog your memory?”

I again steeled my resolve to admit to nothing in regards to coach Stephanie. Ms. Whitney seemed to be fishing and I was certainly not biting. I shook my head and decided to play innocent, as I answered “I’m sorry, ma’am. But I have no idea what you are referring to. I haven’t had any problems at school and my grades are as high as they have ever been. I’m afraid I have no idea what you are referring to.”

She smiled and nodded her head as if she was confirming something that she had already known. I was already planning my next denials, when Ms. Whitney smiled and asked “I hear you have become quite close to Ms. Racquel Sanchez. We have been very close since childhood and she confided in me recently about your rather perverse relationship. Do you have anything to say to me now?”

I actually felt like smacking the bitch. I gritted my teeth and hissed out, “I am eighteen years old and whatever I do outside of this fucking school with another consenting adult is none of your or anyone else’s god damn business.”

I was practically shaking with rage as she continued to stare at me. So far her only reaction to my statement was a quirk of her eyebrow. She then began to smirk at me as she said, “That’s good to hear, because I think it’s time to broaden your horizons. You can’t honestly tell me that Racquel’s innocent MILF personality is enough for someone as sexy as you, can you?”

My mouth fell open at her statement, as I stared at her. How the fuck had this turned from her earlier statement of my supposed “perverse relationship” with an older woman to Ms. Whitney now seeming to come onto me. I blinked several times and refused to fall into some kind of trap, as I simply asked “What?”

Ms. Whitney then leaned back in her chair and unbuttoned her suit jacket, allowing her to relax a bit more, and letting her full breasts to clearly bulge behind her white blouse. She smirked at me as she watched my eyes drop to her breasts. She let me sit there for a few minutes before saying, “Well, as I said Racquel and I grew up together and even now we have no secrets. So I know all about your numerous trysts. does your mother know that her daughter enjoys licking older women’s pussies?”

I stuttered out, “I…My mom knows I am a lesbian.”

Ms. Whitney’s smirk intensified and she slowly trailed a finger across her bulging breasts, as she asked “But does she know you have a preference for older women? I don’t think she does. But we can keep that between us, if you’re amenable, that is.”

I blinked again and shook my head to try to clear my mind, as I asked “What do you mean, ma’am?”

She held my gaze as she answered, “I would like you to show me what a good little pussy licker you really are. I like the idea of having you paged to my office and having you service my wet pussy at any time during the school day. After school, you may do as you like and continue to fuck Racquel to you heart’s desire, but during school your young little body belongs to me. We both know that principal Hartmen has one foot out the door to retirement and that I am the one who really runs things canlı poker oyna in this school. I could be a very good friend to have, don’t you agree.”

Yep, my pussy felt like it had just caught fire. I was definitely turned on by all of this. I had never expected to be subtly blackmailed into having sex with my beautiful and sexy female vice principal. I had to force myself not to agree to everything that she had said, even though I felt my panties being soaked through from my leaking pussy. I wanted to draw this out and hear more. Besides, being forcibly taken by a beautiful older woman was one of my most recurring masturbation fantasies. She was right about Ms. Sanchez, she definitely played the role of innocent MILF perfectly. But Racquel could never be anywhere near a forceful and domineering as I fantasized about. I finally asked in fake innocence, “I’m not sure what you would expect me to do, Ms. Whitney.”

She smiled wider at me as she stated, “Well, it’s quite simple really. I text you to come here whenever I want. You come into my office by the side door and close the door behind you. You then climb under my desk and service my wet and needy pussy like a good girl should. Racquel says you are an excellent pussy licker and clit sucker, so that should not be an issue for you. Once I cum, I’ll let you go back to class. Of course, you will be required to keep my pussy juices on your face for the rest of the day. I’d want everyone, and especially Racquel, to know where that cute little face and tongue of yours have been. Don’t worry, there will be no ramifications from teachers, coaches, of staff members here. Even if they were to suspect something, I will handle everything. I’ll even furnish you with tardy slips so you won’t get into trouble with your teachers. All you have to do is act natural and that’s it. What do you say?”

I again had to stop myself from jumping up and down and doing a fist pump in the air. I kept an innocent and slightly nervous face, as I asked “Do I have a choice, ma’am?”

Ms. Whitney smirked again as she answered, “Why of course you do. You can choose to enjoy my sweet pussy whenever I call you here. That may even happen several times a day. This will help you by getting you more practice in the proper servicing of a wet pussy. You will also benefit from a glowing recommendation from your school’s vice principal, soon to be principal, towards the college of your choice. Or you can refuse and leave my office right now. I won’t give you a second chance here. So think hard, young lady.”

I pretended to think hard and even look like I was not interested. I turned and looked at the door, like I was considering leaving. I then turned back to her and softly replied, “I’ll do it, ma’am.”

Ms. Whitney smirked and leaned forward, as she asked “You will do what exactly?”

I huffed dramatically, as I answered “I will service your pussy whenever you call me in here.”

Ms. Whitney smiled at me as she once again leaned back in her chair, as she said “That’s a good girl. Now I have an appointment with the school board in twenty minutes, so why don’t you get down where you belong and show me that you really mean what you say.”

I sighed, as I stood up and walked around her desk. I then dropped to my knees, as she pointed under the desk. I crawled under the desk, so turned on that I could hardly believe that this was actually happening. I intended to enjoy every second of this. I then placed internet casino my face between her legs, as she guided my hands to pull her pants and panties down. Accomplishing that, she then pulled my head directly into her pussy, as she moved her chair towards me. I was now trapped under her desk with my face smashed into her wet pussy. I could not hold myself back any longer. I shoved my face between her wet folds and slid my tongue deep into her wet pussy.

I felt her juices wet my face, as I moaned softly. My hands gripped her thighs as I pulled myself closer to her. I felt her fingers gripping my hair as she pulled and held me to her pussy. She moaned out, “Oh, you good little cunt licker. I’m going to make good use of that tongue. Eat my wet pussy you little tease. I knew you wanted this. I could tell you were just acting all innocent. I bet your young pussy is as wet as mine, isn’t it? Mmm…that’s it. Lick deep inside me. Oh, yes.”

She was right, my pussy was dripping wet. I just hoped that I could have some fun with Ms. Sanchez later on today, as Ms. Whitney had said nothing of making me cum. I was in cunt licking heaven. I had longed to be treated like a little slut for pussy by an older woman. Now that is was actually happening, all I could think about was pleasing her. I flicked the tip of my tongue up and down, as I shoved my tongue in and out of her pussy. I smiled thinking that both of my favorite sexual encounters involved older women from my high school. I briefly wondered if this was the first time that Ms. Whitney had a little pussy licker service her desires at school, or was I the first? I cast that thought out and decided that it didn’t matter, as I concentrated on her soft moans and sighs of pleasure.

She was pulling my face deeper into her pussy lips, as she bucked her hips into my face. I felt my face glisten with her juices, as I continued to service her pussy. She was really getting into this and her moans were growing louder. I absentmindedly wondered if anyone would check on her to make sure everything was alright. I smiled thinking of how hot it would be to lick her pussy silently under her desk, while she had a meeting in her office. Everyone else would be oblivious to what was really going on. I wondered if she could keep herself together as I brought her to orgasm.

My inner musings were brought to an abrupt end as she suddenly pulled my hair roughly and moaned loudly, as her pussy released a flood of her juices over my tongue, into my open mouth, and covering my face. She was a real gusher. I felt her juices dripping from my chin as I continued to lick deeply into her pussy. She let go of my hair and leaned back with a very satisfied sigh of relief. She then moaned out, “Racquel was right about you. You are a natural pussy pleaser. I am definitely going to make good use of you.”

She then stood up and pulled up her panties and pants. She made herself presentable and then handed me my tardy slip as she said “You may go now. I’ll text you when I want another round.”

I dipped my head and crawled out from under the desk, as I said “Yes, ma’am.”

I then left through the side door and went back to class. No one said a thing to me about my face smelling like pussy, not teachers or students. I smirked as I wondered how many of them actually knew what pussy smelled like. I savored the taste of her juices for the rest of the day, and even refused to get a drink so as not to lose the taste. Racquel was unfortunately out of town, so I had to take some me time in my room before mom came home. I always wondered if mom ever suspected anything or if she ever noticed my face smelled of pussy. But she never said anything so…

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