Forever Grateful

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(Lesa and Krista)



In an apartment building, two women living in separate suites were getting ready for a wonderful evening. Krista was living on the bottom floor. She was in front of her mirror in her bathroom putting some make up on. After completing her last finishing touches, she looked at herself all dressed up for the first time in several months.

Krista has long streaked blonde hair, huge breasts, a huge bubble butt to die for, thick legs and luscious lips. She is wearing black shiny high heels, tight black skirt, and a brown and black blouse with no bra. She undid two of her buttons showing an exposed cleavage with her jiggling huge tits. She sure wants to impress who she is meeting tonight. It was the night for Krista. Her night to celebrate.

For a while, Krista struggled with a drug addiction. When she met her friend Lesa, who was married to a soldier, in the laundry room in their building, she needed a confidante. At that time, she really did hit rock bottom. High on cocaine and crack, she desperately wanted to be clean, sober, and drug free. She did not want to live anymore and was sick and tired of being treated badly by selfish men with one thing on their mind.

Alone after her husband left her for a tour in Afghanistan, Lesa decided to help Krista by attending drug counseling sessions and group therapy as well. Over time, Krista gained some self-esteem and with her friend’s help she did not want to get back into that drug rut again. Lesa’s support and patience paid off. Krista felt rejuvenated.

One night after one meeting, Lesa accompanied Krista to her apartment. At the door in the hallway before Lesa left, Krista hugged her and kissed her tenderly right on her lips. From that moment on, Lesa felt something that she has never felt before: the soft touch of a woman. Before meeting her husband, she always welcomed a man, young or old, in her warm bed. But after that kiss, she wanted to try something quite different.

Up on the fourth floor, Lesa was also getting herself ready for that special evening. Both women made plans a week prior, knowing very well that their children would not be around. Lesa wore glasses, has long brown hair, huge breasts, a nice round ass, and sexy legs. She decided to wear the outfit that her ex-husband loved on her. Every time she wore it for him, he jumped on her, dragged her into the bedroom, fucking her hard from behind with her skirt on.

She wondered if Krista would like that special outfit: shiny black high heels, very tight black dress showing lots of cleavage and a teal vest with a gold pendant attached on her left breast. A proud supporter of some good causes, that gold pendant showed her support for breast cancer research.

Lesa’s phone rang. She knew that Krista was going to call her as soon as she was ready. poker oyna

“Hello Krista!” said Lesa with a sexy voice.

“Hi honey! Are you ready?” Krista asked anxiously.

“Oh yes, I am! I hope you like my outfit!”

“I am sure I will. Hope you like mine too. See you in a few minutes.”

Both women hung up. Krista took a deep breath, started walking towards the door of her apartment, locking it behind her.

Back into her bathroom, Lesa looked at herself in the mirror. She took a few deep breaths of her own.

Krista walked slowly in the hallway before climbing the four flights of stairs in the apartment building. She walked like she owned the entire building. Proud of her huge accomplishment with the help of her friend, who she now considered a very special one, she had good reasons to feel very confident and she would gladly show her appreciation.

As she approached Lesa’s apartment, she took one last deep breath before knocking on the door. Lesa opened slowly and was mesmerised at how Krista looked. Absolutely ravishing, sexy, and gorgeous. She looked way better than when she was high on drugs. Krista’s beautiful smile was for her friend only.

Lesa grabbed Krista’s hands then hugged her. She could smell Krista’s perfume which turned her on almost instantly. Both women complimented each other on their outfits as they looked down from head to toe, holding each other’s hands, turning around showing their bodies.

“Thank you so much for coming Krista!” said Lesa while hugging her again.

“I am so happy to be here with you, Baby! I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for me.” Krista said while kissing Lesa’s lips gently.

Suddenly, both women started kissing passionately, grabbing each other’s big asses. Lesa felt a warm desire inside her to bring Krista to the living room, but now, she enjoyed embracing her too much. She just simply could not stop kissing her. In her mind, she felt that Krista’s kisses were way better than her ex-husband’s. She could feel Krista’s wet tongue in her mouth. Krista could not get enough of Lesa’s lips either.

While holding each other, Lesa lead Krista to the living room. Standing in front of the couch, they could not stop kissing. Their hands were all over each other.

“Hold on Baby!” Lesa said while walking towards the kitchen table where she touched the play button of a CD player. A soft jazz melody from a trumpet started playing.

Lesa invited her lover to dance.

“Hold on yourself, honey!” Krista said as she gently pulled Lesa’s glasses off and put them on the table next to the couch. “Now turn around.”

Lesa turned around slowly. She could feel Krista’s hands caressing her big breasts. Then she undid the buttons of her lover’s vest, taking it off kissing the back of her neck. Lesa was quite turned on. She started to kiss canlı poker oyna Krista again while turning around.

Krista smiled avidly when she grabbed Lesa’s nice ass and started kissing her once more. Both women danced very slowly to the jazzy sound, hugging each other tightly. Lesa began kissing Krista’s neck all the way up to her left ear. With her lips, she gently pulled Krista’s ear lobe, preceding to kiss her neck again. Krista could feel Lesa’s warm breath way down on her breasts.

Her face buried into her lover’s huge boobs, Lesa started kissing and sucking her nipples while they were still dancing. Feeling the intense pleasure, Krista kissed Lesa’s forehead. Lesa truly enjoyed feeling the soft huge boobs of her lover with her lips, her face, and her hands.

Lesa sat down on the couch with Krista standing up facing her. While still married, Lesa remembered a time when they were at their friend’s house. After a photo session, she went into the bedroom with her ex-husband who sat on the bed. Lesa stood up in front of him, dressed up with the same outfit she was wearing at that exact moment. Her ex-husband pulled her huge tits out of her dress and started sucking on them ravishingly. Lesa felt she should do the same to Krista.

Lesa started to undo her lover’s blouse by slowly manipulating her buttons revealing a braless huge cleavage. She removed the blouse, started to suck on those huge tits while Krista caressed her long hair. Krista could see the delightful look from her lover’s bright blue eyes as she still sucked and licked her breasts. Still sucking her boobs with huge content, Lesa grabbed Krista’s huge booty, feeling every single inch of it under her tight skirt. Krista could not help but to kneel down in front of her and started kissing Lesa over again, this time with a very passionate long kiss.

Krista decided to wet her huge right breast with some of her saliva, pushed Lesa delicately on the couch, and started rubbing her erected nipple right into Lesa’s wet pussy. Holding her huge tit, Krista moved up and down between Lesa’s clit and wet twat. Suddenly Lesa began to scream. In the nick of time, Krista ‘s lips started sucking her lover’s pussy. Lesa came instantly into Krista’s mouth.

Both women started kissing, this time Lesa could taste on her own cum from Krista’s mouth. Still kneeling down, Krista proceeded to remove Lesa’s large breasts out of her dress. It was now Krista’s turn to return the favour by sucking her huge boobs happily. Lesa could feel her lover’s hot wet tongue and luscious lips on her breasts. She enjoyed every second of it. Her face buried into the soft flesh of her lover’s breasts, Krista grabbed them with her hands, held them, and felt her boobs with both cheeks.

Krista began getting herself back up. She helped Lesa getting off the couch by pulling her out of it.

“How internet casino about we go to bed, Baby?” Krista asked.

“Great idea!” Lesa agreed.

As Krista turned around, Lesa stopped her briefly to feel her huge bubble butt with both hands. Lesa wanted to bend down but her lover began walking slowly towards the open door of Lesa’s bedroom. Krista could feel Lesa holding her as they were walking. She seemed to know exactly where Lesa’s bedroom was.

Both women entered the bedroom. Lesa realized that it was going to be wonderful to have her lover sleeping in the same bed as her ex-husband from before. The marriage did not last very long regardless of how good the sex was between them. But now, she wanted Krista even more as they both stood up in front of the bed.

Krista could feel Lesa’s soft hands grabbing her huge breasts from behind. Eyes closed, Krista savoured her lover’s touch, her lover’s kisses on her cheek and behind her neck. Then Lesa’s hands moved down her lover’s bubble butt. She loved feeling the chunk of her lover’s ass. Lesa went down on her knees, slowly peeling Krista’s tight skirt to reveal her huge butt. Lesa grabbed both cheeks, started kissing them, licking them avidly, and she buried her face into the huge flesh.

Krista bent down very gently to allow Lesa licking her wet pussy from behind. Then Lesa began sucking her lover’s pussy until Krista came into her mouth. Lesa hands caressed Krista’s huge thick legs. Lesa began kissing gently her lover’s calves and thighs up and down. And once again, Lesa’s lips started showering her lover’s booty with passionate kisses.

Turning around slowly, Krista laid in bed waiting for Lesa to join her. Lesa laid on top of her lover, started to kiss her more passionately. Lesa could feel Krista’s thick thighs wrapped around her back. Krista’s hands caressed Lesa’s back all the way down to her nice ass. As both women kissed, Lesa’s hands were all over Krista’s legs and breasts.

Lesa did not hesitate to go down on her lover’s pussy, sucking it very hard until Krista began screaming with pleasure. Krista caressed Lesa’s hair as she felt the intense orgasm. Krista could feel her lover’s mouth sucking her pussy until she tasted every single drop of juice. Lesa laid once again on top of Krista and started kissing her more, sticking her hot tongue right into her mouth. Both women were into a long passionate open mouth kiss. Then Lesa rested her head on top of Krista’s huge naked boobs, which she kissed gently as both women relaxed after having these huge orgasms.

Lesa admitted to Krista that being with her was absolutely the most wonderful thing she’s ever experienced. Krista confessed to her lover a little secret of her own. From the moment she met Lesa in the laundry room, she knew that she fell in love with her.

Thanks to Lesa’s love and support, Krista never touched any drugs ever again. Now both women are into a lesbian relationship, spending plenty of quality time together whenever they can. Lesa forgot her ex-husband and from that special night, she cannot take her hands-off Krista’s luscious body.

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