Fudgie Ch. 02

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I awoke the next morning a little stiff, and without any idea of where I was. On a light blue sofa, covered by a soft flannel sheet and resting on comfy pillows. I could smell coffee and fresh biscuits. Early morning sunlight was streaming through the sheer curtains. Hundreds of birds out in the woods were singing me awake.

“Morning, Charlotte! Hungry?” Cindy came in wearing a cotton kimono, carrying a tray.


“Dig in!”

I smiled, sipped the delicious coffee. “This is the nicest bed-and-breakfast I’ve ever stayed in, and I didn’t know it came with breakfast.”

“Doesn’t usually, but you’re a special guest. It even includes a massage if you’d like.”

“Depends.” I grinned. “Who’s the masseuse?”

“Well, there’s me. Or maybe Don or Jay would do it, but I think they’re going to sleep til afternoon and wake up with a hangover. And probably aren’t as good as I am. Take your pick.”

My heart was pounding. “Umm, hard choice. I guess I’d pick … you.”

“Good choice.” She smiled at me. “And…”

I laughed, “I know, I know, you’re not putting the make on me.” I hesitated. “Although maybe I’d let you today.”

She laughed. “Nah. You don’t know me well enough. I can be a real bitch.”

“Me, too. Just ask Jay.”

“And maybe I like you too much to do that to you.”

“What, seduce me? Maybe I want you to.”

She stared into my eyes for a moment. “Maybe. You don’t strike me as someone who makes impulse purchases.”

I sighed. “You’re right. The last time someone tried to seduce me, my impulse was to run away.” I hesitated. “Let’s just take it slow and see what happens. I promise not to run away without talking first, how about that?”


She bounced down on the sofa beside me, her bathrobe-covered leg against my sheet-covered one. She reached down, buttered a biscuit, and started feeding it to me. I licked and nibbled her finger gently and grinned at her. “I think we’re going to have a nice day today. I kind of hope the boys don’t wake up too soon.”

She laughed. “That’s the nicest thing anybody has said to me so far today.”

I dipped my finger into the butter and put it up to her lips. She looked at me quizzically, and then slowly suckled the tip of my finger into her mouth. poker oyna Taking my hand in hers, she kissed the back and then started kissing and slowly licking my palm. I shivered.

“Cold?” She grinned at me.

“No. Although you’re warming me up.” I took another sip of the coffee.

She brought her face over and nuzzled me playfully on the shoulder, then wrinkled her nose. “You smell like a bowling alley.”

I grinned back at her. “I also smell like a woman came all over me last night.”

“I know. You need a shower. And a massage.” She crossed the room to the linen closet and brought out a soft fluffy white towel and full-length blue terrycloth bathrobe.

I took them. “Lead on, Cindy.”

Pulling me up by my hand, she led me through her sleeping area into the bath, and closed the door behind me. I stripped off the clothes I’d been wearing the night before. I smelled of sweat, and spilled beer, and of Cindy’s arousal from the night before. And my arousal. I adjusted the spray and entered the hot water, started washing. “What are you going to do, Charlotte?” kept running around in my head.


Feeling totally refreshed, I put on the robe. I considered donning my panties for a second, and decided that was ridiculous. As I came back into the main room, Cindy gave me a gigantic smile, and asked, “Massage? Or do you want to dry your hair first?”

“I couldn’t find the hair dryer.”

She laughed softly. “I have it here. I was hoping I would get to dry your hair first.” She indicated the chair beside the massage table in the sunlit corner of the room. Turning it on, she started expertly drying and combing out my hair with her fingers. I sat there trying to calm my beating heart as she touched my hair and neck.

“I just love having my hair brushed.” Sheepishly, I added, “That’s how Jay seduced me for the first time.” I looked up at her, sheepish. “Not that I’m trying to get you to seduce me.”

She laughed raucously. “Yeah, right.” Her kimono gaped just a bit, giving me a flash of nipple. She caught me looking and quickly covered up again. “You like that?” She laughed again.

“Shut up and kiss me.”

That shut her up. She looked at me quizzically for a few seconds, then, “You sure?”

“No. But please kiss me anyway.”

Gently canlı poker oyna putting down the hair dryer, she sat across my lap and looked into my eyes for a few heartbeats. Then she leaned in and just grazed my lips with hers, caressed my face, touched my lips with her tongue. I opened my mouth and we kissed. She kissed me slowly, thoroughly, as I had never been kissed before. We sat back a bit and just stared into each other’s eyes as I tried to calm my pounding heart. Finally she looked away, and asked, “Now how about that massage?” I nodded.

She stood, pulled me up, and led me to the table. After a moment’s hesitation, I shed my robe and laid face down, my face in the head support, smiling a bit to myself. She took a few seconds just to look at me in the sunlight streaming in through the window, and placed one hand on the small of my back while grabbing the oil from the warmer. Pouring it onto the middle of my back, she started with long strokes up toward my shoulders and neck. Involuntarily, a moan escaped my lips and my tension started to flow into her hands. My neck, arms and hands turned to softened butter. With goosebumps. Never taking both hands from me, she worked my feet, calves, thighs, and bottom. A trickle of oil dripped down between my legs, and she chased it with a finger, scooping it from my anus. I moaned again.

Before I knew it, she was urging me over onto my back. Once again, she started on my neck, arms and hands. She was warm, gentled and unhurried. Through my mostly-closed eyes I watched her as she worked. Somehow, without my noticing, she had slipped off the kimono, and was lightly glistening with sweat. I sighed as she gently massaged my chest, avoiding my breasts as she came down onto my belly. It was all I could do not to reach up and tug on her nipple as she leaned over my hand. I moaned appreciatively as she approached my mound, and separated my thighs just an inch as invitation.

She rubbed my pubes almost like she was shampooing my scalp. My breath was short and a little ragged. After just a moment with her palm putting pressure just over my slit, she moved onto my thighs. Another moan escaped, this time tinged with disappointment. She kept massaging lower, and somehow my legs drifted apart further, almost of their own volition. internet casino Each time she would come back up to the top of my thighs, she just teased my lips a little with her thumbs and continued down my legs. I could feel myself becoming damp with anticipation. My thighs and legs were covered with gooseflesh, and my nipples were standing at attention.

She started working her way back up from my feet, this time definitely spreading my legs as she came up. Leaving one hand cupping my mound, she lightly circled my crinkly nipples and gently stroked my neck, my face, my lips, and then softly kissed me. My hand rose almost of its own volition and pressed her neck so she would kiss me deeper, and my hips rose slightly to try to encourage her to touch me. In response, she slipped one finger just slightly into me, and pressed another against my clit, not moving, just pressing. I moaned into her mouth and gave her the slightest of nods.

Her fingers started slowly caressing me, just barely moving. I was so slick that even the slightest vibration would make my whole body tingle. Her kissing was more purposeful now, slowly deepening the touches of her tongue and lips on mine. I reached up with my other hand to tug on her nipple, to encourage her to touch me more, harder. We were hardly breathing, and soft little moans seemed to be all we could do. I felt a trickle of sweat come down my arm as I explored her skin, her beautiful breasts, her mound.

Still kissing me, she started rubbing me faster with her fingers. Little circles. In and out of my vagina as she rubbed. She bent over to suck one of my nipples, all the while pressing harder, moving faster. “Ohh, Cindy, nice. More, more, mmmm, ohhhh” I moaned, unable to articulate. Breathing faster, my hips moving against her fingers, all of my skin tingling, kissing her face, bringing her mouth back so I could kiss her, moaning, gasping for air, finally almost screaming as she brought me to, and over, the edge.

Breath slowing, I could finally smile feebly and whisper “thanks.” She was still softly caressing my mound and drawing circles on my body with her fingers. I pulled her down gently so I could suckle her breast and stroke her back. She snuggled up against me, wrapping one thigh over one of mine. We lay there, drifting together, kissing a little, breathing together.

“That was so nice,” I finally murmured. “Maybe I can give you a massage later?”

She smiled, kissed my face. “Only if you’re trying to put the make on me.”

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