Girlfriend’s Roommate Owns Me Ch. 01

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It was my girlfriend Jen’s first semester at school and she was a little anxious about classes so I came out to comfort her. After spending the day together we went out drinking. Jen loved partying but after a few too many drinks we had to call it a night and came back to her room where she passed out in the bed so I laid down trying to drift off to sleep. A few hours later I thought I heard someone come in, I assumed it was Amy, Jen’s roommate so I didn’t pay any attention and stayed laying in Jen’s bed with her, but a few minutes later something started to bring me out of my sleep. As I slowly came out of my fog I realized there was a hand pumping my cock, but it didn’t seem to be doing it the way Jen does, worried she is going to hurt it, no this hand owned my cock and it knew it.

As I came too I looked over to see Jen still sleeping and Amy looking in my eyes like I was her toy. Out of instinct I tried to push her hand away but she only changed her grip and squeezed me in a way that almost made me cum, hard. I arched my back and looked over at her with questioning eyes, ulus escort but she offered no answer, just a slight, powerful smile that let me know I wasn’t in control here.

Amy’s hand kept pumping faster and faster, expertly handling my shaft, and she kept her eyes locked with mine with a look of powerful indifference. Just as I thought I couldn’t take anymore and my balls began to tighten up, Amy sensed I was about to cum and quickly stopped jerking me. At first I thought she had just blue balled me out of some sick dominant kick she might have gotten, but then she pushed me down by my shoulders with both arms and slid her leg across my lap so she was straddling me.

Then she began moving her silk panties up and down my cock teasing me further, pushing me closer and closer to the climax I had thought she just denied me. With her hand still on my shoulders and the same cold look in her eyes she moved her silk panties over and I plunged into her hot, wet pussy. My entire upper body contracted up but Amy kept my shoulders pinned down tight to the bed yenimahalle escort without her face so much as flinching. I looked over and saw my girlfriend was still passed out and wondered if she would stay quiet through what I was sure about to be a ride that would break my back.

To my surprise though Amy didn’t start bouncing up and down at all, instead I stayed buried balls deep in her hot pussy. However, I could slowly feel something building and as Amy looked back into my eyes and gave me another ice cold look as she started squeezing her pussy around my dick in a way I never felt before. Quickly my orgasm started to build again and I could feel pressure in my balls as this freshman in college who was supposed to be less experienced than me and wide eyed, milked my dick with her powerful pussy and I couldn’t even dream of stopping her. Finally Amy’s face gave the first hint of any emotion throughout the whole night, the corner of her mouth turned up and she gave a little smile. Just then she leaned back pushing my dick up against the front of her cunt and gave two more powerful squeezes.

That was it for me, I lost it. My entire body tightened up as I shot rope after rope of hot cum deep into her unprotected pussy.

Then I felt her hands on my face, she grabbed each side of my head and moved her pussy over my mouth, she began grinding but this time she wasn’t quiet. With Jen in the bed next to us she began moaning as she took her pleasure on my tongue. Rhythmically gyrating her hips across me, not worrying if I could breath, she played with her massive tits and tweaked her nipples getting wetter and wetter as my cum mixed with her juices leaked out of her onto me. Until finally she exploded. Unlike me though she didn’t curl up and contracted her body. Instead she took even longer more powerful strokes across my mouth moaning loudly and squirting her cum onto me.

Somehow my girlfriend was still asleep in the bed next to us. As Amy dismounted from my face she leaned over and took my dick into her mouth giving it a powerful suck and demonstrating her skilled tongue, then immediately stopped and walked over to her bed. Without a word Amy had controlled my dick, made me cum without moving, and rode my face with my girlfriend passed out next to us, she knew I was hers everytime I came to visit from then on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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