Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 33

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Kristin and Jenny arrived at the Dean’s front door precisely on the dot of 9:00. It was a magnificent home, even older than ABD House, with impeccably manicured gardens maintained by the university.

The night had turned cold and they were both chilly despite being bundled up. Kristin rang the doorbell and they stood rubbing their hands together for a few seconds until a buzzer sounded to admit them. They opened the door and stepped inside, grateful for the wave of warmth that immediately hit them.

There was no one in sight, so for a minute they just stood there in the foyer wondering how to proceed. It was so warm that they were soon forced to doff their coats, which they hung on a rack in the corner. Looking around, Kristin saw a small camera way up in one corner; they were being watched, apparently. A few seconds later the sound of a voice emerged from an intercom speaker on the far wall.

“Phones in the basket, please.” There was a small basket next to the coat rack, into which Kristin and Jenny obligingly placed their phones. “Thank you,” responded the voice, which then turned commanding. “Clothes off now.”

Kristin looked over at Jenny and shrugged. This was moving faster than she’d expected, but what were they going to do? They stripped down to their underwear, laying their clothes out on a chair nearby, and stood there hesitantly.

“Everything,” ordered the voice. They piled their bras and panties on top of their clothes and stood there naked, conscious of the camera watching them. “Walk straight forward,” they were instructed, “through the drawing room, through the double doors.”

Jenny followed Kristin out of the foyer and into the drawing room, which looked like something from a BBC drama, with elegant couches, beautiful paintings, and an enormous globe. At the opposite side of the room were the double doors in question; the girls held hands as they stepped through.

On the other side was a huge, dimly lit living room, with most of the light coming from a crackling fire in the fireplace. It was decorated just as elegantly as the drawing room, though more sparsely. At first there didn’t seem to be anyone here, either; then suddenly a figure emerged from the darkness and came striding toward them.

Dean Wilkins was dressed for the occasion in a black leather bustier, black leather skirt, and tall stiletto heels. She towered over even Kristin, who was unaccustomed to feeling so small. With her dark skin and dark hair she looked like a creature made of poker oyna night. Her eyes were enormous and full of energy, picking up occasional flickering highlights from the fire.

“Welcome,” she said, “I’m Dean Wilkins.” In person her voice was melodic, as well as authoritative and resonant. “But you can call me Ma’am,” she added, holding out a large and strong-looking but elegantly formed hand.

Bowing, Kristin took the proferred hand and kissed it. “I’m Kristin,” she said. “Ma’am.” She sensed immediately that they were in the presence of a powerful personality. The Dean was going to get whatever she wanted from them; there was no point resisting or being difficult.

Following Kristin’s lead, Jenny also kissed the Dean’s hand and introduced herself. Looking the two naked girls up and down, the Dean gave a curt nod of approval and spoke in the firm, even voice of one accustomed to having her orders followed. “On your knees now.”

When they were kneeling the Dean tied Kristin and Jenny’s hands behind their backs with silken cords, then popped a ball gag into each girl’s mouth and tied it off behind her head. Walking over to one corner of the room, the Dean returned wielding a formidable-looking cane. She made sure both girls got a good look at it before she bent each one over an ottoman.

It was important, she felt, to begin with the punishment. After all, wasn’t that her job? Imposing discipline, building character?

The Dean touched the tip of the cane gently to Kristin’s rear, then to Jenny’s. She went back and forth like this, counting “Eenie, meenie, miney, moe,” before finally settling on Kristin. After tapping the blonde’s ass softly with the cane — once, twice, three times — she pulled it all the way back and brought it down hard.

Kristin winced and a small gasp escaped through her gag, but she mostly managed to retain her composure. She hadn’t been punished much lately, but after three-plus years at Alpha Beta Delta, she’d been through more than her share. She and Jenny locked eyes and kept them locked, sharing the experience, as the next blow landed on Jenny’s tender young rump. A visible shiver ran through her and a small red spot appeared where the cane had landed.

The Dean took turns caning the two of them, taking her time, landing firm strokes but not by any means using her full strength. When both asses were warm and glowing, she sat the cane down and slid a hand between each girl’s legs. She whistled quietly in surprise; she had expected canlı poker oyna that they might be wet, but not as sopping and gooey as they were.

“Sluts,” muttered the Dean. She gave each girl three more good, hard whacks with her bare hand, spitting out a word with each blow: “Shameless. Hopeless. Brazen. Depraved. Incorrigible. Sluts.”

With that she felt the punishment complete and penetrated each girl with one finger, then two, spreading them wide and pistoning in and out, in and out. They arched their backs and moaned into their gags, and soon they were coming, spasming and bucking against the Dean’s long, strong fingers.

Walking around to the other side of the two ottomans, Dean Wilkins got down on one knee. After using her thumbs to pop out Kristin and Jenny’s gags, she pushed two wet fingers into each girl’s mouth. They had no choice but to clean each other’s juices off the Dean’s digits — not that they minded.

When she was satisfied with their work the Dean stood again, looming over the two bound girls from her full height. She lifted her skirt to reveal a mammoth black strap-on. Both girls gulped; even by their standards it was rather intimidating. The Dean saw the look in their eyes and grinned wickedly, taking the thick phallus in her hand and giving it a few strokes.

Sitting down between Kristin and Jenny, balanced on the edges of the two ottomans, the Dean pulled their heads toward her crotch. Both girls dutifully extended their tongues and began to lick up and down the immense shaft. A strong, musky scent of arousal was drifting up from between the Dean’s legs, and they hoped they might get a chance to investigate its source; but for now they had this monster cock to contend with.

Taking hold of Kristin’s head, the Dean pushed the tip of the dildo between her lips. The head alone half-filled her mouth, but she relaxed her throat and tried to swallow as much as she could. Jenny looked on admiringly as several more inches disappeared into her mouth.

Dean Wilkins pulled down the front of her bustier to reveal a truly superb set of tits, large and rounded and capped with thick, erect dark nipples. She played with them for a minute, then reached for Jenny, who needed little encouragement to begin licking and sucking them as Kristin’s head bobbed up and down on the dildo.

The Dean lifted Jenny’s head and kissed her, forcefully pushing her strong tongue into Jenny’s mouth. Jenny compliantly sucked the Dean’s tongue, feeling a new surge internet casino of warmth between her legs as she imagined what it might be like to have that thing stab into her pussy.

Pulling away from Jenny, the Dean again took hold of Kristin’s head and pulled the dildo out of her mouth. Moving around behind Kristin, she used her boot to push the blonde’s legs apart, then got down on one knee. She traced the tip of the strap-on across Kristin’s ass, then up and down her inner thighs. Kristin arched her back and angled her crotch up towards the Dean; she was as ready as she’d ever be.

The Dean teased Kristin’s pussy lips with the dildo before easing the head inside. Kristin moaned and dropped her head; the Dean reached down and took hold of her breasts while continuing to push in deeper. Kristin’s eyes went a little wider with each inch that disappeared into her. She was almost, but not quite, able to take the whole thing.

After slowly pulling almost all the way out, the Dean bucked her hips and drove the strap-on home hard, making Kristin yelp. After that she assumed a steady in-and-out rhythm. A sheen of sweat broke out on Kristin’s forehead and a thin stream of drool ran down her chin as the Dean fucked her, patiently but relentlessly.

Lost in the spectacle before her, Jenny was surprised to find herself being lifted into the air and deposited on the ottoman in front of Kristin. The Dean spread Jenny’s legs and, gripping a handful of Kristin’s hair, guided her toward Jenny’s crotch. Kristin didn’t need to be told what to do; she started licking Jenny’s pussy as the Dean continued to pound into her.

Looking down, Jenny momentarily felt self-conscious about how much of her juice was dripping onto the fancy upholstery of the ottoman. But there was nothing to be done, and soon she forgot about that and everything else as she felt an orgasm building.

She and Kristin came almost simultaneously, and they were both grade-A, teeth-chattering climaxes. Dean Wilkins pulled out and stood up; Kristin sat back on her haunches, looking a bit disheveled but thoroughly satisfied; Jenny scooted forward so her dripping pussy was no longer directly over the ottoman.

The Dean walked over to the corner of the room, where she’d left a bottle of champagne sitting in an ice bucket. Most of the ice had melted but the bottle was still nice and cold. She popped the top and poured a glass, then took a taste, letting out a gratified “Ahh.”

Walking back over to where Kristin and Jenny were, she gave each girl a sip, killed the rest of the glass herself, and poured another. Looking down at the two bound, naked girls who were hers to do with as she pleased, she took a moment to ponder her next move. The night was still young.

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