Good Friends Become Aquainted

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He called to tell her that he was ready to take her up on her offer. She felt excitement build instantly between her thighs as the possibilities of what would happen were endless.For over a year now, she had fantasized what it would be like to have him all to herself, alone, and as she jumped into the shower to begin getting ready, she thought about why it took so long for her to let him know what she had been wanting. Dee was 36, had been happily married for 15 years and up until a year ago, had never thought of doing something like this. Jay was years younger and he had captured her the very first time she saw him. They had talked many times at work, but never anything to suggest what she secretly wanted from him.

She had confided in Sam, one of their mutual friends, one she could tell anything. She told him of how she became sexually charged everytime she saw Jay and how he stirred something in her. One night as Jay walked by, he looked at her differently, smiling that “I know something you don’t think I know” kind of looks. She knew instantly he had found out. Much to her surprise, he had told Sam that he would love to get next to her as well.

After that, they talked around the idea of getting together, but he felt apprehensive about the fact that she was married. She assured him that her husband was very comfortable in their marriage and didn’t feel the slightest bit threatened. Jay was to be married in a few short months, but, he wanted her as much as she wanted him. With time passing and drawing very close to his wedding day, they continued flirting and trying to find a way to make it happen. And now, her deepest fantasy was going to become reality, and she couldn’t wait to get started.

Now with the steam from the shower, and her heart racing with excitement, she slipped her finger south. The heat there alone was enough to cause the mirrors to fog over. As she began to fill the sponge with soap and rub it across her body, she thought of how his hands would soon be touching every place she now slid the sponge across. She began to breathe heavily, working her clit forcefully, watching as her juices oozed from her. She picked up her razor and began to groom herself perfectly with him in mind. She thought about what he would prefer, and how her excitement would best be displayed. She decided to leave just a small strip just at the top of her slit. “Perfect”, she said as she wrapped the towel around her.

She went to the closet where she stood there, trying to choose the perfect thing to wear. Something that would harden him just by the sight of her. She picked out a pair of Levis, cut very low, low enough that the short distance between her hips and her shapely ass would be apparent. From the front, the top of her pussy would be just hidden. She found the sexiest top she had, one that would show her hardened and erect nipples, not big at all, but perfect for her size. As she put her top on, she pulled her breasts inside and tied the top up around her neck so that her small mounds looked perfect.

She finished dressing by putting on cologne he had once complimented and took a long look in the mirror. She smiled as she grabbed her things and left the house, eager to meet him and have her night of fantasy play out right before her. She found herself driving fast, listening to music that would calm her nerves. Could she make this a night both of them would never forget? She was confident as she reached their meeting place.

Dee got out of the car and walked toward him. Jay got out to meet her. They fixbet came face to face and both smiled as he touched her bare waist. It was obvious that she had done well with her choice of dress. He put his arm around her and followed her to the truck. As she walked, she could sense him checking her out and as he opened the door for her, he smiled in approval, touching her again as he closed the door and walked around to his side. As he made his way around the front of the truck, she thought that he had also had dressed perfectly for the occasion. He wore tight jeans and a snug pullover shirt that complimented his gorgeous body she had been admiring for so long. She loved it when he wore his hat, and he looked so sexy she could barely hold back just at the site of him.

Getting into the truck, she could smell the enticing cologne he had on, and as she took the scent in, the heat began to build in her. She was so glad that she had finally taken the chance and told him what she had been wanting. They were here now and as he drove, they were both as nervous as they were excited. Excited at having the night all to themselves. Able to do anything they chose, and free to do it away from everyone who knew them.

They drove to an out of the way cozy Italian place she had heard of, where the lighting was very low and the music played softly in the background. They requested a quaint table in the back, tucked away in the corner, with only candlelight luminating between them. As he pulled out her chair for her, his free hand touched her waist and a warmth shot through her as his fingers rubbed softly across her lower waistline. He reached down, slid her chair up and told her how much he approved of her choice in atmosphere. She thanked him as he took his seat directly across from her, and they ordered drinks to set the mood. They wanted time to get to really know one another and asked the waiter to give them a little while before ordering their dinner.

They became comfortable right away with each other. They talked about things that interested them. He could feel her excitement as she spoke of things she had done in the past and she was curious to know what excited him as well. He began by telling her of erotic fantasies he had tucked away in his mind, and it wasn’t long before they knew they could say anything to each other. They both understood that they were alot alike in what they both wanted. As he asked her what she wanted from this night, she told him of all the ways she wanted to tease and entice him. He felt her hand touch his cock, the excitement started to build in him as well. She softly stroked the length of him under the table as the waiter came over to take their order.

Dee took hold of his hand and led it to her. Jay smiled as he found she had long since exposed herself from behind the zipper. He immediately looked at her as she guided his finger deep into her bare nest. As he did this, she whimpered and coated his finger with the thick cream that had been building there since she had gotten his phone call a couple of hours before. He played her inside perfectly, and she exploded in climax just before the waiter brought their food to the dimly lit table. He had to speak for her when asking for another drink as she sat there whimpering and moaning. The waiter looked at her as she sat there breathing very heavily from the satisfaction he had given her. She knew this was going to be a night neither would soon forget.

They finished dinner without anyone noticing what was going on under the fixbet giriş table, and as they stood to leave, she noticed the enormity of him. He walked very close behind her as they left, no one noticing just how turned he really was, and as they reached the truck, she began pulling at his zipper, wanting desperately to expose him. He wanted to pull it out right then and there and have her take him completely into her waiting mouth, the same mouth that had been enticing him since they walked into the place. He knew from the way she licked her lips with her tongue, he wanted them wrapped around his aching cock.

She climbed into the truck and as he entered his side, she went for him, placing her fingers snugly around the shaft. He held her head with one hand and started the truck with the other as she teased and tortured him. She began lightly at first, but then soon began swallowing him down like the fine wine they had just had back at the restaurant. Showing his dick no mercy, he watched her head move in slow and very aggressive strokes. Jay knew she loved having his cock buried deep in her throat by the way she was moaning. He had never had a blowjob so intense. He knew with the way she milked his cock expertly, he wouldn’t last long. He tried to hold on to his building nut, but it was useless. He threw his head back and wrapped his fingers tight in her hair as he shot a powerful load deep in her throat. She swallowed his cream and came up smiling, tasting the last of it that had spilled out onto her puckered lips.

They arrived at the club a short time later. You could hear the music playing and she could not wait to have him grind against her on the dance floor. They made their way inside as a slow song was playing. She led him to the floor and they locked together, in perfect rhythm. Their bodies heating up once again from the friction between them. She had wanted this since the first time she had saw him dance months ago, and he moved her in ways she had never moved before. They seemed to be joined together and she loved every minute of it. With every song, fast or slow, she knew she had to get him alone and behind closed doors soon, or the chance of her taking him right then and there was a real possibility. Still, she was so captivated by the way that he held her, that they danced until the club closed shortly after 2 a.m. .

Leaving, they drove a short distance to the inn where they could barely get to the room fast enough before closing the door behind them. He threw the keys down on the bedside table. In seconds, he had her shirt untied and around her waist. He touched her chest where her nipples were standing firmly at attention, and took both into his strong hands. He lowered his mouth to them and she melted into his lips. Her knees could barely hold her up as he squeezed and molded them with his powerful hands and warm, talented tongue. She raised his shirt and had it off in one swift movement and massaged his bare and rock hard chest. She was captivated by his body and held onto him as he threw her firmly back onto the bed. He wasted no time, and as if it were nothing, had her tight jeans around her ankles.

With nothing left between them but her bare and heated pussy, he tasted her for the first time. He was as talented with his tongue as he was at dancing, and dance he did as he moved his tongue about inside of her. She was eager to meet every thrust of his tongue. She raised her hips to him, causing him to go deeper than either one thought possible. Her head began swimming as he brought her over the edge, spewing her excitement into him. She screamed in pleasure as she filled his mouth with her tangy flavor. She held his head gently, but with firmness, as she bucked wildly beneath him. When she sat up, he came to her, allowing her to have a taste as well. She loved the way her scent lingered on his soft tongue and they kissed passionately.

She sat up and began to undress him from the waist down, tasting every inch of him as she went. As she freed him from his last piece of clothing, she explored every curve and contour of the body she had thought of being near for so long. The way his chest rose and fell as his breathing became heavier excited her even more. She traced tiny circles with her tongue, quinching her thirst for him as she went. She was becoming intoxicated by the thought of having him take her. She needed so badly to have him fuck her deeply.

He quickly turned her over exposing her ass to him. How he loved the way her ass felt in his strong hands, round and firm, and curving up to meet him. He got to his knees, and with every bit of strength he had, impaled into her, forcing her body upward. She buried her head into the pillow as he pierced her with every inch of his cock. She was allowing herself to get use to him, when he thrust again,only much deeper this time. She could barely breathe as she came back to meet him. He felt so good inside her, she wanted to savor his every moment there, but she began moving about aggressively,curving her ass up to give him even deeper access.

He had a tight hold on her hips and moved them perfectly as he plunged deep into her. She began to tighten down on him, and as she was building to her climax, she cried out, “Please…fuck me…Jay…oh my god…I’m getting so….close…to cumming…all over…you…yes…fuck me right there.” And with that, exploded in climax. Wetness dripped from her and around his forcefully pounding dick. She panted and moaned with every thrust. She grabbed the headboard of the bed to keep herself from falling forward, as he continued to fuck her mercilessly. As she taunted him with her nasty words of satisfaction, he shot his load deeply into her. She swore she could taste him as his powerful load hit her deep inside.

She looked back at him just in time to see the look of complete gratification on his face as the last series of shots emptied him completely. She turned to him and took his slick cock into her mouth. Without wasting a drop, she cleansed their satisfaction away from him. The combined taste of them wet her appetite all over again. Making use of every moment they had together, they fucked again and again, until they were completely exhausted. They lay there in the wetness of the sheets, breathing heavily and lightly rubbing the other, wondering why they’d waited so long to do this. They had each had an erotic attraction to the other for months now and never thought they would actually get the chance to act on it.

They showered, dressed and left it all behind as they closed the door, the scent of sex lingering there inside. They drove back toward the familiar town, where they would go back to the way things were before this night took place. Both knowing this was the most erotic night either had ever spent. There was nothing left to wonder about, every fantasy explored, and every inch of them no stranger to the other. As they reached her car, they kissed once again, hugged for several minutes, and said goodbye as well acquainted friends. They promised that they would never look back on this with regret. They both drove away towards their lives waiting at home. Both lost in thought and smiling at the deep and well hidden secret they had left behind.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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