Good Morning

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Big Cock

Ian was up before Jenny. He slipped on his sweats and headed to the kitchen. It was 6:30 AM and Ian needed a little extra time to get to the office from Jenny’s place. As he walked down the hall, he heard interesting sounds coming from Emily’s room. Intriguing…

Through the open door he saw Emily. Although she had on the sheets, he could see her hand moving up and down in a deliberate way that could only mean one thing. Not wanting to be intrusive, but not wanting to miss out, Ian dawdled by the open door. He could feel the blood rushing to his cock. He was not fully erect, but he was way beyond spongy. Emily’s eyes were closed. Ian enjoyed this unexpected surprise but he knew the right thing. He quietly eased away from the door and made a beeline to the coffee maker.

Jenny heard Ian getting out of bed, but did not get up immediately. She liked planning her day before it started. After a few minutes of contemplation, she slithered into her long nightshirt, stretched and yawned, and followed Ian.

As Jenny walked past Emily bedroom, she heard the same noises that Ian had. She and Emily had been roommates for quite a while. She knew Emily like getting “caught.” Jenny played along. The day always started better with a little thrill show. Emily tossed off her sheets and slid her panties to one side. She stroked her pussy with purpose. Teasingly she tasted her sticky fingers with silent acknowledgment to her roommate. She knew Jenny loved watching.

With the skill of a surgeon, she spread her lips with her index and ring fingers and jabbed her middle finger in her hot hole. A wave of electricity shot through her body. Damn that felt good. Her need was urgent. Emily probed with two fingers, and then with three. Each thrust was longer and deeper. fixbet She worked her clit in circular motions. Her senses were fully alert. Every neuron was firing.

Her tits needed attention. She grabbed her ample breasts, one in each hand. She kneaded them tenderly, working her fingers to her erect nipples. She pulled them toward the ceiling and gave each a deliberate twist. Jenny heard her sigh. But Emily’s real desire was in the southern region. Her lips were swollen, her clit was hard, and her breathing was heavy. She was very close. She tilted her hips and thrust her fingers. She was at the edge of glory. Her throbbing and pulsing was consuming. Nothing could distract her. She loved cuming.

Her fingers lingered, lackadaisically stroking her clit and pulling her tender folds. Her senses were reawakened – she needed more. Emily rolled over and lifted her ass, assuming the doggy position. Leaving her head on the pillow, she moved her right hand between her legs and started working her pussy from bottom to top. She reached her left hand over her hip and started gently probing her puckered rim. She drilled her pussyed fingers deep. It was too much to handle. “I’m cuming, oh God, I…’m…CUMING…”

Jenny was fully aroused. Her tits stood at attention. Her thing was gooey. But she resisted the temptation to fondle. She counseled herself… “Patience…, patience.”

* * * * *

Ian poured himself a cup of coffee and started reading the New York Times on his iPad. How the hell could Jenny afford a Midtown Manhattan apartment like this? It must’ve cost millions. There was a Concierge and a doorman for God sakes. Floor-to-ceiling windows revealed an amazing cityscape and river-view. The kitchen was appointed with a massive fixbet giriş Subzero refrigerator. The granite countertops and mahogany cabinets were a stunning combination. The wall hangings were not framed posters – they were signed and original pieces. Classic furniture adorned the Brazilian hardwood floors; Portuguese limestone in the bathroom, the place looked like this month’s feature in Architectural Digest.

Ian was an investigative attorney for the Securities and Exchange Commission. There was no way he could ever afford anything like this. She must’ve had a very rich aunt. Maybe she had a killer job. She was smart and good-looking, maybe she could afford it on her own income?

He didn’t know much about her. They met a couple of months ago through a friend of a friend. He doesn’t even remember who introduced them. In fact, beside the drunken sex they had in his hotel room, he doesn’t remember much about when and why they met. But oh well, he thought to himself, “We sure do get along, don’t we?”

“I thought I heard you coming. I poured you a cup of coffee,” said Ian. “I am going to grab a shower. There was a market meltdown yesterday. They’re calling it the Flash Crash. My team is being deployed to DC. We’ve got to figure out if it was some colossal clerical error or if some hedge fund guy engineered this crisis.”

“Okay, thanks for the coffee. I’ll be there in a minute,” said Jenny still a little distracted.

* * * * *

Ian came out of the en suite bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. He saw Emily standing in the open bedroom doorway looking at Jenny as she seductively fingered herself on the bed. Emily loved watching, Jenny loved being watched; Ian was glad to be part of the festivities.

He dropped his towel and sat beside Jenny. They kissed deeply and passionately. In order to get a better view, Emily moved to the wingback chair in front of the morning-lit window. She slightly her parted legs, felt her nipples grow taut, and caressed her tender pussy.

Jenny moved from Ian’s lips to his fully erect cock. Jenny was expert at many things, but she especially excelled at giving head. She licked his full-length, spending extra time on the sensitive area just below his fully engorged head. She pumped her hand up and down taking control of the pace. She could taste his sweet pre-come and squeezed the base of his shaft to ensure his load was preserved.

She lay back on the bed, spread her legs and invited Ian forward. He positioned himself for a full assault. Jenny’s legs shot up exposing her dripping cunt. He gingerly placed his engorged head on Jenny’s parted and puffy pussy lips and fed the first several of his 8 inches in her. Judging that she was ready for more, he pushed forward. She enveloped him completely.

He quickened to a locomotive-like rhythm. Beads of sweat formed on Jenny’s brow. Their movements were synchronized – the moment was building. Jenny always knew when Ian was close; it felt like his head doubled in size, filling her completely. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, that feels so god damn gooood…”

They both heard Emily’s murmurs of pleasure. “Yeah… Ian… FUCK her, fuck her good.”

Jenny’s contracting milking was too much for Ian. His balls tightened, his hips flexed, his cock spasmed. It was like the Beatles song “Come together, right now, over me.” In unison the three were simultaneously orgasming. Words cannot replace the power of love.

Jenny and Ian (and Emily) were spent. A long sensual kiss ensued. Ian’s body slackened collapsing onto Jenny. Their rapid breathing and elevated heart rates subsided. They did not uncouple. Gravity took control.

Today held promise.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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