Having My Way With Her

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Big Tits

She was lying on her bed helpless. He could tell she had taken one too many marijuana-laden cookies. It had made her beyond high. I had made her vulnerable to any and all of his advances.

“You’re mine!” he told her.

“I’m yours,” she mumbled. “Take me,” she added. “Take me any way you please.”

She was already undressed, lying naked, her body exposed for him to see. His cock grew large and throbbed yearning for participation in the events to come. But he wanted to go slow, to make her beg for what she wanted. In the meantime, he would play with her and taunt her.

She was on her back with her knees up in the air. Her body was rocking back and forth. He knew her clit must be throbbing because she repeated “Take me” again.

He decided to amuse himself by playing with the toys they had accumulated over the years. He wanted to fuck her and arouse her, but not with his fingers, tongue or cock but with objects. He reached for Magnifique and set the vibrator to low. Reaching down between her legs, he placed one finger on each side of her pussy’s lips and spread her open to reveal a throbbing cit. He was right. She was horny and would accept anything to relieve the intense sexual desire that was inside her. The minute Magnifique touched her clit, she reacted. Her back arched upward to accept the vibrator and she gave out a huge moan.

He continued to stroke her clit with the vibrator; short strokes with only a little pressure. The feeling was getting more intense inside her and she displayed it by writhing as if she was trying to make the vibrator go away. It got more and more intense and her moans changed to expressions of total pleasure. “Oh, Charlie.” “Oh, Charlie.”

Her face reddened, güvenilir bahis she held her breath, her body stiffened and then her voice exploded with a room-shattering “Oooooooooooooooooo.”

He would not allow her to rest. He wanted to have his way with her. While she was still recovering from her first orgasm, he got up on his knees and positioned himself above her breasts. His face buried itself on one of her breasts and his lips surrounded the nipple and he sucked, and sucked, and sucked. His tongue rubbed against the top of the nipple and he sucked, and sucked, and sucked.

She hadn’t had time to catch her breath from her first orgasm and her response to his lips and tongue on her nipple was electric. “Oh, Charlie, oh, Charlie,” she moaned, as her body writhed to accept the incredible sensations she was experiencing.

With one hand he grasped the breast that his lips were servicing and he placed the other hand on her muff and gently stroked the lips that had recently experienced the vibrator. She responded mildly which was unacceptable to him, so he let the lips of her pussy part and his index finger found her clit. He pressed hard on it while he was sucking her nipple. She reacted but in a manner that was still too low key for him. He was horny now and wanted to play with her body in every possible manner, so he lessened the pressure on the clit and started to stroke it.

Again her reaction was electrifying. She came within 30 seconds.

This time he gave her a little breather so she could collect herself. He had found from past experience that multiple intense orgasms did not maximize her pleasure. Her pleasure was in starting from nothing and letting it grow to an explosive climax. türkçe bahis That was the cycle. Nothing to arousal to explosion back to nothing. Then nothing to arousal to explosion back to nothing. On and on. If he could dish it out, she wanted to take it.

Thoughts of her ass started racing through his mind as his cock throbbed heavily demanding some action.

“I want your ass,” he told her.

“It’s yours,” she replied.

“I want to fuck your ass. Can I have it?” he demanded.

“Take me, take my ass,” was her answer.

He rolled her over on her belly and started to massage the cheeks of her ass. He loved to massage those cheeks. They were ample and the way they yielded to his caresses was very pleasurable to him. He them spread the cheeks apart revealing the magnificent, perfectly-shaped ass hole they he loved to look at and fondle. He rimmed it with his index finger and she responded with slight moans of approval.

He bent over and kissed the cheeks of her ass, sometimes burying his face in them. He then kissed the opening of her ass and flicked his tongue over the opening and played with it. He loved the way her ass hole felt against his tongue. He was so engrossed in what he was doing that he forgot to see how she was enjoying it. He fingered it, he tongued it, he spread the opening to allow his tongue maximum penetration.

It was condom time. He placed one on his cock and reached for the lubrication. They had previously agreed that a lot of lubrication was a must, so he liberally placed it on her ass hole and slowly massaged it into the opening. To make it easier for her ass to accept his cock, he then inserted two fingers in the ass and gently plunged them in to the maximum. güvenilir bahis siteleri She had a magnificent ass. It always yielded to his thrusts no matter what he was inserting, not matter how wide it was. Once he was teasing her with Magnifique on her ass hole and became curious as to whether her ass would accept the full vibrator. He was amazed that it easily did despite the fact that it was about 2″ in diameter. Equally wonderful is that her reaction to having the vibrator inside her was sheer pleasure.

But this was not Magnifique’s day; it was his cock’s day. He lubricated his cock and slowly descended on to her ass hole. She accepted him quickly. The sensation to him was as if his cock has descended into a large dark hole. Making sure that her opening was well lubed, he descended further into her until the entire shaft was inside her and he could feel her ass against his public bone.

He then proceeded to fuck her ass. Slow strokes at first. Her sphincter muscle grasped the shaft of his cock as he plunged in and out. In and out. In and out. She moaned with feelings of pleasure. In and out. The feeling to him was magnificent. He felt as if he had total control over her. He loved to lean on top of her body which caused him to pin her against the bed. It was if he was raping her because he felt she was powerless to resist in this position.

He removed his cock from her ass. The view was spectacular. Her muscles did not immediately return to their original position so her ass hole was a gaping opening. He could not stand the site of the opening and forced his cock back into her ass. It received it immediately with none of the resistance that goes with a first penetration. Again he humped her in and out. The feeling against his cock was exquisite. The feeling of her cheeks meeting his body heightened his pleasure

Yes, he was having his way with her because this time he was focusing on his gratification and not hers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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