Hot for Teacher Ch. 11

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Taylor Young may well have been the most attractive girl Michelle had ever met. She was instantly and totally smitten. Taylor, a rising junior at North Carolina State, stood 5’4″ with long brown hair down her back and big brown eyes.

“Hi,” Taylor said as she held out her hand for Michelle, her bright smile and pouty lips drawing Michelle’s gaze.

“Hello,” Michelle struggled as she took the young girl’s soft hand in hers.

“You here with anyone? Is Kat with you?” Kim asked. The name immediately snapped Michelle back to attention. Kat — Katherine, the girl from the photos last night.

“No, she went home for break. I’m here with some friends from school,” Taylor explained.

“Susan and Lisa’s here tonight. Come say hello. I know they’d love to see you,” Kim begged as the young girl looked over her shoulder, perhaps seeing if her friends were close by.

“Okay. That’d be great,” she answered following Kim and Michelle as they made their way to Susan and Lisa’s table. The women enjoyed a few rounds of drinks as Kim and Taylor caught up on lost time. Michelle simply listened and gathered that Taylor was Katherine’s roommate from school and obviously the two were an item. What she didn’t know then but would find out later in the evening was Taylor had been seduced by Katherine at Lisa’s instructions. Much like Lisa was requiring of Michelle.

Lisa couldn’t help but notice that Michelle was totally enchanted by Taylor and the older woman pulled Michelle close and suggested she ask the young coed to dance.

Michelle looked out on the floor to see quite a few women dancing with each other as well as a few guys dancing with other guys. Taking Lisa’s suggestion to heart, she waited for a break in her conversation with Kim and asked the sultry brunette if she might want to dance. Michelle had never danced with another girl but was thrilled when Taylor turned with a smile and said, “Sure!”

Michelle was fascinated as Taylor moved her small frame with the beat. She was only a 34C but she moved her chest and body in a slow rhythm with the music. Occasionally she turned her back to Michelle and seemed to move her ass against the school teacher. Michelle could feel her nipples hardening and looked down to see them poking through the sheer fabric of the top, almost transparent under the neon lights of the dance floor.

As Taylor turned, she couldn’t help but notice Chel’s erect buds, almost at eye level for the smaller girl. She just smiled and reached out to place both hands on Michelle’s hips. She drew Michelle in and rubbed her own denim covered crotch against Michelle’s leather skirt.

Michelle wanted her, desired her in a way she had never desired another person and when the song ended both walked back to the table. Taylor reached for Michelle’s hand, taking it, and leading her back to the seat. Michelle quickly finished the drink she had and motioned for the waitress to bring another as Lisa begin asking about Katherine. It was very obvious that Lisa was very fond of both girls.

When the band began a slow song, Michelle again asked Taylor for a dance and was again rewarded as they both headed to the floor. Taylor had been wearing sandals and abandoned them under the table walking out to the dance floor barefoot. Michelle couldn’t help but notice the French manicure of her toes, the little white ends contrasted brightly with the rest of the nail under the neon lights.

As soon as they reached the floor, Taylor leaned her head down softly on Michelle’s shoulders much like Michelle herself had done a hundred times with Kyle. She felt weird at first leading but eventually felt more comfortable as she held the young student in her arms, pulling her tight. Taylor’s perfume, Tommy Girl, was sweet and Michelle rested her chin on the top of Taylor’s head.

Taylor had her hands güvenilir bahis planted on the back of Chel’s tight leather skirt until the teacher felt the hands slip lower, down to her bare legs and then ever so subtly under the flap of the dress, resting on Michelle’s bare ass. Taylor was now clutching, rubbing Michelle’s cheeks and Michelle was getting more and more turned on as she thought about what she’d like to do with this angelic little vixen.

“The girls you’re here with, are you with one of them or did you just come together,” Michelle was brave enough to ask.

“We just came together. I’m not really with anybody,” she looked up, staring back into Michelle’s longing eyes.

Both girls swayed to the music, their eyes locked, until Taylor moved her head up as their lips came together. Taylor had the softest lips Michelle had ever kissed. They were like two fluffy pillows as her lips parted inviting Michelle in. Michelle was not about to disappoint as she moved her tongue slowly, but forcefully between Taylor’s lips. Michelle now was grasping Taylor’s ass through her blue jeans, pulling her closer as they kissed on the dance floor, still moving back and forth with the music.

When they parted, Michelle wasted little time, “Tell them you have a ride home. I want you to go home with me.”

Taylor just looked at her for a second and then kissed her again as they returned to their embrace on the floor until the music ended. As the next song began, Taylor indicated she’d be right back and Michelle headed to the restroom and then back to the table.

“Where’d Taylor go?” Kim inquired.

“She’s letting her friends know she’s going home with us,” she answered back confidently as she picked up her drink taking a few swallows of what was left of her vodka tonic.

Minutes later Taylor returned and the women had a couple of more rounds before Kim said she, Taylor, and Chel would head on back to the house leaving Susan and Lisa at the club.

Taylor and Michelle sat in the backseat for the ride home as they continued where they left off on the dance floor with each kissing the other. Taylor snuck her hands under Michelle’s skirt and explored her shaven pussy, feeling Michelle’s already wet cunt as Chel groped the girl’s tits through her shirt. It was a good thing it was only a 15 minute trip or both would have stripped completely in the back seat.

Kim gave the girls plenty of space even though she was tempted to join in as Michelle practically drug Taylor down the hall. Michelle took charge as she pushed Taylor down on the bed and pulled the tight jeans over her lean legs. Chel was delighted to find the girl was pantiless like herself and she too shaved her little pussy bare.

Michelle thought she had the most beautiful pussy she had ever seen as she collapsed on top of her, beginning to unbutton her top and then reaching around unclasping the bra. Michelle had never undressed a girl before but she made short order of Taylor as Chel slipped both of the garments off leaving her naked on the bed.

Taylor had small but round breasts with pert pink nipples that Michelle drew into her hungry mouth and sucked on before she stood back up and removed her leather skirt and her own blouse. Sitting on the bed she unzipped each boot, pulling it and a pair of thin socks off leaving her naked as well.

Michelle positioned her body over Taylor’s and again began kissing her lips, sucking on her tongue until she scooted down her neck, her chest to her breast where she again sucked on the little nipples, drawing sighs from Taylor who stroked Michelle’s hair.

“Oh that feels so good Michelle. Suck my titties,” she groaned as Michelle let a hand wander down, parting Taylor’s lips which had already moistened under Chel’s oral attack.

Michelle wanted the main prize and moved türkçe bahis down to run her lips up and down Taylor’s satin smooth vagina, dipping her tongue in, savoring the juices that she lapped up. “Oh fuck yea, eat me. Lick my pussy, that feels so good, I love you eating my pussy,” Taylor moaned as Michelle dove deeper and deeper.

Taylor was soon returning the favor as she had Michelle sit on her face. Michelle had not done that before and she played with her breasts, pulling on her nipples as Taylor licked her pussy. Taylor spread Michelle’s lips wide apart as she sucked and nibbled on Chel’s little button.

Michelle was riding Taylor’s face, loving the feeling of the little lesbian eating her until the familiar shaking of her leg signaled her impending orgasm. Taylor seemed to go into overdrive as she sucked madly on Michelle’s clit, tonguing wildly as the young teacher bucked and thrashed on her mouth until she came and then collapsed exhausted beside her.

“I want you to fuck me. Fuck me Michelle,” Taylor begged.

That was one thing Michelle had never done. She was always the bottom, always enjoying the cock between her legs.

“I don’t have a cock,” Michelle replied sheepishly. “You know a strapon. I’ve never done that,” she said somewhat softly.

Taylor just looked over and then with a quick kiss, said “I’ll be right back.”

True to her word, Taylor returned minutes later with a strapon she had borrowed from Kim. She fastened the harness around Michelle’s waist, pulled it tight, and then using some lube, and stroked the shaft a few times for good measure. Taylor then lay on her back with a look that said volumes to Michelle. Taylor’s hair was spread out on the pillow, her feet flat on the bed with her legs spread wide.

“Fuck me baby. Fuck my little pussy,” Taylor smiled as Michelle positioned the head of the rubber cock against the entrance of Taylor’s cunt. As she eased the head in, Taylor moaned her approval until Chel had worked the whole cock in. “Give it to me. Fuck me,” Taylor continued.

Michelle moved the cock in and out, finding her rythym as she sawed the cock back and forth, watching it disappear between the girl’s luscious lips. She had never seen a cock going in from this angle and it looked funny to her that the cock was protruding from her crotch. But it was sexy at the same time and she liked the feeling, the friction of the harness against her own clit as she pushed harder and harder and then collapsing on Taylor to kiss her again.

Their breasts rubbed together as they kissed. Michelle’s ass rising up and down as Taylor grasped her cheeks pulling her hard, slamming her back into her pussy. “I love your pussy, I love fucking your pussy,” Michelle groaned as she pushed her tongue in the young coed’s mouth.

Taylor wrapped her slender legs around the small of Michelle’s back and fucked her more rapidly as Taylor’s orgasm began to wrack her small body. “I’m cumming. I’m cumming for you. Fuck me baby, fuck my pussy, take me,” Taylor chanted as she pushed hard into Michelle’s cock.

Michelle came too as they both gradually came to a stop, Michelle sliding her body off to the side. They rested for only a half hour perhaps before Michelle begged Taylor to fuck her as well.

Michelle was amazed at how experienced the young girl was as she encouraged Michelle to get on her hands and knees and fuck her doggie style. Taylor positioned the cock at the entrance of her pussy and it slid in easily.

Taylor grabbed on to Chel’s hips as Michelle rocked back against the young girl. “That feels so fucking good. You like fucking my pussy don’t you Taylor?” Michelle dripped. “You like getting some of that pussy.”

“Yea, I’m gonna get me some. I might get me some of that ass too,” Taylor shot back as she playfully slapped Michelle’s butt.

“Yea, güvenilir bahis siteleri do that. Spank me baby. Spank my ass,” Michelle pouted.

Michelle had become accustomed to Lisa’s whip and had started to appreciate the harsh tingle across her thighs. Taylor slapped her ass again leaving a very legible handprint which formed on her cheek.

The pain only caused Michelle to buck back harder as her ass crashed against Taylor’s crotch.

“Flip over,” demanded Taylor as she withdrew the strapon cock only to have Michelle lay flat on her back. Taylor wrapped her small arms under Michelle’s thighs and hoisted her legs up and over her shoulders.

Michelle’s feet planted on both sides of Taylor’s head as she pushed the cock back between her pussy lips and plunged it in as deep as possible.

“Oh fuck,” Michelle moaned as the cock went deep into her womb. “Take me Taylor, I’m yours baby, take it all.”

Taylor moved her hips expertly, grinding, pushing, fucking Michelle like she had never been fucked before. Michelle couldn’t understand how this little dynamo could know so much about fucking another woman but right now she was so glad she did.

“I want you to fuck my ass. Please fuck my ass,” Michelle begged as Taylor slammed the cock into her pussy over and over again.

Taylor grabbed a pillow and lifting Chel’s ass up, shoved the pillow under her butt, pulled the cock out of her pussy and gently, ever so slowly began to ease the large head into Michelle’s back door.

Taylor was surprised at how easily the cock was accepted by Michelle’s ass. She assumed Lisa must be training her new lover’s asshole with a plug, much like she had done Katherine a year ago.

Taylor now moved her cock faster, in and out as she played with Michelle’s clit, stroking it with her fingers. In the meantime, Michelle was groaning, taking the eight inch cock with delight.

Michelle’s hands thrashed and tore at the sheets as her body felt on fire. Sensing Michelle was close to cumming, Taylor collapsed on her chest as their lips came together in a long, lingering, wet kiss.

When Michelle came, it was shattering as a fire raged from her ass to her clit and up to her nipples. It was one of the most intense orgasms she had as the girls slowed their pace, their lips still locked as they sucked on each others tongue.

As the two girls rested, Taylor shared with Michelle how her roommate Katherine had seduced her one night after a shower in the dorm and how she came to love lesbian sex. Taylor confirmed that she was a true lesbian and actually enjoyed meeting and seducing young straight chicks, introducing them to the joys of lesbian love. Michelle too shared how she had come to be Lisa’s little love slave for the week and she had discovered she really enjoyed the lesbian lifestyle as well and had no interest in returning to her previous relationship with a man. She also shared with Taylor the condition Lisa had made, her special favor that she had to seduce a straight girl and present her to Lisa as a gift. A token of her gratitude for making her the perfect lesbian lover.

“That’s exactly what she made Katherine do… do with me actually,” Taylor admitted. “Kat seduced me and I’ve never been happier. It’s been the greatest thing that ever happened to me,” Taylor added.

The two girls stared in each other’s eyes and kissed a few minutes more until Michelle got up turned off the light and then snuggled close to her new lover.

Michelle had never been happier and like Katherine she knew what she had to do. She would seduce her best friend Denise. The young teacher at school would become her lesbian lover. She was a little scared what might happen if Denise rejected her. Likely their friendship would be over. But she was her best friend…not to mention really cute and sexy too. They had a chemistry, a special bond and Michelle knew she had to try. She hoped Denise would not spurn her and she wondered how she would get it done but she did know what she had to do. She was a lesbian now and soon Denise would be too!

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