How I Imagine It

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This story has been written as a sort of therapy. Enjoy!

* * * * *

An Obsession, that’s what it is. Maybe. Or it could just be a fascination. What I am unwilling to ask or she may be unwilling to tell, I imagine. Maybe then I can gain some control.

Akalya is the first bisexual woman I have ever met. I mean in a context where I can speak to her, ask her those annoying questions that she has heard a thousand time before from guys. But I haven’t. Besides, whether or not girls or guys are better is not relevant right now. She is committed to her current girlfriend, Lisa. Of course I asked her is she was nervous her first time with a woman. She said that she got hammered and then just did it. I haven’t pushed it any further that that. Lisa was quite concerned when Akalya would only make love when she was smashed, like she had to be drunk to even consider sleeping with a woman. So, one day, while they were getting ready to go out, her lover came out from the shower and Akayla just went for it. Ravished her while completely sober. I haven’t asked much more, I don’t feel that would be appropriate. She is very open, but we aren’t that close. Yet. Something to look forward to I guess. The following is how I imagine this happened.

* * * * *

Here I sit, on this bed that I know we have made love on, my shoes on the floor that we have surely fell onto and continued to make love on, and I cannot honestly say that I remember what it is like with clarity. I hear her in the shower as I recall what I can, absently brushing my long brown hair as I rifle through the hazy memories. I remember the swell of her breasts, ample without being too big, small, pert nipples. Much like mine. Maybe that was why I was drawn to her. She seems like an older version of me. Pierced, as mine are. Small patches of her peach skin contrasted against the mocha of my own. Her breathy moans, combining with my own to for a symphony for anyone in earshot. And smell. I can remember her scent. Scents.

In this room now there is her perfume, the soft luscious fruit of her body spray. I spring up, searching out her discarded clothes to refresh my memory. Her blouse, so sweet. I rub my face in it as I feel myself begin to get wet. Or maybe I just notice exactly how wet I am. I lay down on the bed, wrapped in the scents trapped in the tousled sheets. She is in the shower, I imagine as she runs the soap over her smooth curves, between her breasts, over her graceful neck.

Did I give her a hickey in my passion, scraping and sucking the delightfully sensitive flesh here? If I haven’t before, I know that I will now. There is no doubt, no need for the undoing of inhibition with alcohol. My memories are doing a fine job of that. I WANT her. With an intensity that I can taste. Like iron in my mouth and my pulse begins to rise and heat up my body. I have my dress on, but no panties. I remove my bra, but decide to leave the dress. Let her take it off. Let her know that I want her to unwrap me like a present. And it is a present. This will be my first time. My REAL first time. First time, truly wanting, in control. Waiting to be out of control as my heart thunders on.

If this were a movie, she would open the door, steam obscuring her towel-wrapped perfectly made-up form and see me on the bed and just KNOW what I wanted. Instead I get my lover padding out quietly, hair wrapped in another güvenilir bahis towel as she attempts to hold the one wrapping her with one hand and balance her toiletries in the other. And her admonishment that I am not yet ready even though I showered first. My hooded eyes open slowly and I grin the terrifying smile of a predator. Or try to. But it only makes me laugh as I think how silly it must look on me. I sit up and say, clearly, looking into her deep, brown eyes and say- ‘Come here.’

Her puzzled expression seizes my heart, but I put that aside for now as she removes the towel from her hair and complies. Her shoulder length locks shine from the excess water still in them. I stand as she nears the bed. ‘I want you. Now.’, I whisper in her delicate ear, following the words with my tongue and a soft purr. Her only reply is a silent ‘Oh’ as my lips claim hers.

I am gentle at first, teasing with my tongue as she allows me to take the lead. My hands slide around her, removing her towel as an afterthought. Our lips are faster now, tongues caressing in imitation of the future. I remember this. Soft and yielding one moment, hot and wanting the next. Her hands are too tentative, so I take control, moving one up my thigh and the other behind my neck as we kiss. No longer tentative, she begins searching my back for the snap to my bra, and moans in surprise at not finding one. My hands are caressing her beautiful back, nails lightly scratching one moment, fingers soothing the next.

She is slowing, I can feel her confusion now setting in. ‘Why now’, she wonders. She wants to talk about it, btu I don’t. Not now. Now I want. When she pulls back to speak, I touch my fingers to her lips, praying that she will understand that I am willing to talk, just later. My mouth returns to hers as she takes my fingers into hers, briefly nibbling them. My tongue traces her jawline to her ear, circling here, then moving to her neck. She growls and I gasp as I see the little nip marks that I must have made here before.

I snicker and my lips touch each one, then find a spot untouched. She is holding her breath now. I don’t remember her neck being sensitive, but I’ve always been drunk before. Now it is time to learn what pleases her most. And her neck appears to please her very much. My teeth are deliberate now. How hard does she like it? Very- I only stop in fear of cutting skin. She is more vocal now, her breath fast as she grasps me tighter, allowing me to hold her up. Teeth again, but now I suck. I want to mark her, let the world know that she is mine and I am hers, now completely.

My left hand holds her hair back as my right moves to her hip, down her shapely thigh, butterfly light, then to her inner thigh. Her breath is ragged in my ear as she whispers-‘Please. Please’ And so I please. She is now as wet as I, and my fingers quest to find the source. Her lips are usually hidden, folded neatly to her, but now they are making themselves quite evident as I caress them, engorging them further. Her nipples are hard against the fabric of my tiny dress and she again growls as she recognizes that I am still wearing it.

Her hands join mine at the hem, hastily dragging it over me to leave us skin to skin. I sit as she finishes, leaving me level with her center. I bring my hands to her back, pulling her to me. Close enough to smell her. So good, so sweet. She türkçe bahis smells like a kiss melting on my tongue. She sighs as I kiss the hallow of her hip, her bikini line, her navel. Her hands are behind my head, urging me to kiss her where she needs it most, but with small caresses, trying to convince me. Instead I take her hand and pull her on top of me, though a little too fast and she falls harder than I intended. We both grunt with the impact and giggle, before returning to our kiss. Like it will never end, just changes location. Our lips kiss, our fingers intertwine and kiss, our hair, our eyes. Just one great, long kiss.

She shifts over on rest on my right hip and she starts repaying my tease. Her fingers lightly graze my wet thighs, then move on to the v-cut of my pubic hair. I smirk as I remember when I trimmed it that way. In preparation for her. She smiles appreciatively against my neck as she toys with it. She believes it is her turn to tease. She is wrong, as I prove by slipping my hand under her thigh to her wet mound. So slick, I can just feel her clit through its’ protective hood. I have tried to talk her into getting her hood pierced as I have mine, but I am always drunk when I mention it, so she doesn’t take it seriously.

I start with circles around it, as she squirms. She tries to take the offensive for a moment, finding my piercing quite easily, but suddenly backs off and just keeps kissing me. Encouraging me with little moans, spreading her legs to allow me access to her treasure. Her hands, though, are doing a thorough job on my breasts, pulling them in that way that I hate too soon, but seems just right now. The angle is wrong this way for me to reach inside her, but I stay with this for a few minutes. There is no hurry. No rush to completion.

She is marking me now, as well as she can without being able to hold her breath inside her for a few seconds. She is already so close. I quickly turn her over, on top of her, my hand still circling her clit, though in tighter circles now. I slip my two first fingers into her, following them with my thigh between hers. I get the answer I want, her back arches with the sudden pleasure and pressure. She is going to come soon. I feel it, I know it. Her hungry sugary walls grasp my fingers tightly and then loosen, quicker each time. I want her orgasm inside me. I nip her breast and move my mouth to capture her cry. I murmur to her- ‘Come baby, let me feel you. I want you.’

My hand is very quick now, turning to the top of her tunnel, searching for her special place, but not too intently. I know that it isn’t all that important just now. Three fingers now, my thigh pressing them far into her, rising with her hips, now constantly in motion. Her moans are so exciting, she is almost screaming, I think I may share her orgasm, as my own button is stimulated by her thigh between mine. And her cries stroke my fire. I can smell her, the smell of us is filling the room, our lust painting the walls. My arm under her, pulls her closer as she is so near. My pinkie is brushing her tight hole as well, and though she is wet enough, I do not enter her here. I just worry about its circumference, teasing.

Suddenly, she freezes in mid-arc, her nails dig into my back as she comes, screaming like a banshee into my mouth, her face a delicious agony, her straining neck highlighting the hickey I have given güvenilir bahis siteleri her and she falls. A light sheen of sweat makes her whole body glow as she gasps to return air to her deprived lungs and I brush the strands of sweat-soaked hair out from her face. My voice and fingers caress her flushed face as I express my wonder. ‘Now I know some of what I’ve been missing.’

I take my fingers from her slowly, running them along her thigh and belly, leaving a small trail of wet sweetness before bring them to my tongue. Grasping my hand, she brings my fingers to her own lips, to taste herself from me. She presses her thigh to me and I realize that I was right along with her, in a small way, sharing her moment of joy. I expect that we will part now, to rest, but she surprises me, again pressing her thigh into me, the heavenly pressure exciting me, arching my back involuntarily as I grasp her breasts. She smiles, repeating it again. And again. Sufficiently lulled, I allow her to turn me over.

Our positions now reversed, she does not take me slowly. She is a tornado- a hurricane flattening every inhibition and all resistance to her pleasuring of me, of herself. Her mouth is everywhere as her fingers plunge into my very wet mound, three of them at once, with her thumb sliding against my piercing, but not directly on my clitoris. Her pinkie is not as shy as mine, she only looks into my eyes as she presses into my backside. Normally I would be concerned, but I know that she will not hurt me and I accept the slight momentary sting in return for the wondrous feelings generated from being penetrated here.

Her teeth are quite harsh now, but almost everything now is pleasure, any kind of stimulation. My hands clasp her head to my breasts lest she mistake my gasps for those of pain. So fast I am on the edge again, this time sloshing over my consciousness, threatening to wash over it completely. She slows slightly and I gasp again, even this is another sensation to be savored. Her mouth is on mine briefly, kissing me deeply, then licking each nipple and biting, and I know where her mouth is heading.

Joy fills me as I feel her warm, wet, moist, soft, strong, lovely tongue licking me, tasting her fingers, then around my button. Her pierced tongue on my pierced hood, then on my now-exposed clit.

Flitter, flitter. Flicker, flicker. My fingers are stretching my nipples, pinching them white as I struggle to keep still, to keep my hands from trying to take control of her head. I want her to tease me, take me higher and higher. So good. So hard. Please. ‘Please. Oh, God. Please.’

She does it all at once. Her mouth surrounds my clit, sucking it away and tonguing it harshly, quickly as her first three fingers press to my cervix, her ring finger joining her pinkie. Too much. Too much. I scream to wake the dead, my hips rocketing skyward as she follows, only gradually letting up on my clit. My head is thrashing and I am sure I have drool on my chin. But I don’t care and neither does she as she moves to my eyes. Her fingers are withdrawing. Or so I think.

Unexpectedly, she twists her first fingers up the the roof of my mound, quickly searching out my spot. I scream again, grasping her wrist, trying to regain enough breath to tell her ‘Enough. Too much’. Finally I manage to pant it out and she relents, removing her fingers only to suck them as I shudder in utter content.

‘I will definitely remember. If I am capable of coherent thought after she is done’ I can see it in her eyes, she is SO not done with me. And I am not done with her. I have a lot of nights to make memories for.

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