I thought she was Her Mother…

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I thought she was Her Mother…
My mature, voluptuous, friend of nearly 30 years, Hips, and I. Were on day three of my 4 day visit! Her brother, Bold, had left two days ago! And, I was still reeling over the crazy night we had had together!
Hips and I, were fucking any and every chance we could get after that first wild night!
Luckily, Hips, was retired and her k**s, A & B, were both living their own lives! Her, estranged, husband was off doing his own thing!
B, the boy, was in the military. Serving a tour in Europe. He was very disappointed when he heard I was visiting his parents! And, he wouldn’t get the chance to see me!
The k**s and I had very special bond! Ever since Hips’ husband and she had a trial separation a few years back when the k**s were still in High School.
I won’t bore you with their family issues! But, suffice it to say, during that time. I had become something of a surrogate-father-mentor, figure for them. As they dealt with their parent’s separation!
B, was able to talk to me at any time over the phone. When he felt things were getting too unbearable! Likewise, with A!
Though, at the time, I wasn’t aware that, A, had developed an attraction for me that was hardly fatherly!
But, I digress!
On the last full day of my visit. A, had returned home from college! Just to see me off before I went back home to my family!
Hips and I, greeted her at the door(after just having a hot, quickie in the kitchen)with big smiles! Hips, was flushed and looked elated! Partially, from seeing her little girl again! After nearly a year being away! And, mostly, from me just plowing her vigorously on the kitchen floor!
A, looked at her mother suspiciously as they embraced! Her cool-blue-eyes narrowing as she studied her mother’s face!
“You okay, mum? You look a little…over-heated” she said with a quick, sly, side-ward glance at me! She brushed the short, dark, strands of hair from her mother’s forehead.
Hips, waved her off, “Oh, A! I just ran down the stairs and I’m psyched to see you, love!” Hips declared coyly.
A, nodded at her with a smirk. Then she turned to me and jumped into my arms and squealed girlishly in my ear! Her arms wrapped tightly around my neck and her feet were pulled up off the ground! So, I was holding her tightly around her waist!
A, like Hips, was blessed with a big, juicy, ass! A small waist. Very, pronounced hips and curvaceous thighs and calves! Her tits, however, were not as big as her mom’s own meaty 36c tits! But, they were no less full and inviting, under her light-blue, blouse!
She was a little taller than her mom’s 5″5 frame. Just under 5″9! Which made her curvy frame all the more impressive! Her hair was strawberry-blonde and had been highlighted, naturally, by the West coast sun! She wore a short, billowy, skirt. That showed off her curvy, bare, tanned, legs! And, accentuated, the bulbous shape of her ass! She was in a pair of flat, black shoes that made all the natural, robustness, of her body! More appealing and…enticing!
But, since I had know, A, from when she was barely out of diapers! And, her mother was one of my best friends! I opted not to pay much attention to her!
The day was spent with the three of us catching up! More them than me!
At one point, things got a little deep between them. So, I went outside and smoked a joint that Hips’ brother had left for me. I heard Hips sobbing at one point and knew things being said indoors was not for non-family members ears! No matter how close they were!
I heard the sound of someone going up the stairs and thought it was A putting her bag away in her room.
So, I was a little surprised to see A walk out of the back kitchen door and come to sit next to me on the small bench at the bottom of the stairs. Leading to the back-kitchen-door!
A, took the joint from me without asking! And, after taking a long pull off it, exhaled heavily and looked at me with sheepish-solemnity.
I, somewhat taken aback, but not shocked. Took the joint back and took another toke.
“I know you and my mom are fucking, man!” she said as I handed her the joint back.
I nodded and was about to give her the whole “we’ve been Friends Forever…blah-blah-blah…”, but she cut me with her hand on my mouth!
“Really, tuzla escort bayan I’m not tripping over it!” She declared as she took the joint from me. When she leaned forward to cover my mouth. I got a look down her blouse at her impressive cleavage! She had no bra on!
“Mom and dad, have their own “understanding” and I haven’t been concerned about it in years!” she said sitting back and exhaling the weed smoke. Her legs were extended and crossed. Looking very smooth and inviting.
“I love you so much for all you’ve been to us over the years!” A, said to me looking very timid and embarrassed! “You’ve always been there to help my mom when she was feeling less than beautiful! THANK YOU VERY MUCH, DAD!” she said giving her father the “wherever you are finger” to the air!
“And, ” she continued, “were more of a father to me than my father was! When I really needed one!”
She stared at me with those stunningly-blue eyes and I had to turn away!
If not for her hair and height. A, would have been a dead ringer for her mother! They had a lot of same mannerisms. Voice. The same slight tilt of the head when they looked at you. It was almost like I was sitting with Hips when she was 25 all over again!
“Whoops!” A, said as she dropped the joint on her lap! She stood quickly and her skirt rose up a little! Giving me a good look at her bare ass cheeks! To date, I don’t know whether she wore a thong, or, went natural!
But, who cares!
A, bent over and, whether it was u*********s, or, pre-planned! I can only speculate at this point! But, A, spent a very long time. Getting that joint off the ground!
At one point she looked over her shoulder and giggled at me! Making fun of how long it was taking her pick up the jay!
She looked like her mother when I would do her doggy-style and she would look at me with that same dirty grin on her face!
When she stood up and brushed the joint off. She was looking down at me and still smiling. Though the smile now seemed more flirtatious than friendly! I couldn’t help but admire her form and how youthful she was! So much like her mother was when we first met!
The sound of the kitchen door opening made us both turn away from each other and look up to the top of the stairs!
Hips, had come back from upstairs and was standing in the doorway. She had obviously been crying and her hair was messy.
A, handed me the joint and walked up the stairs to hug her mother tenderly! The two embraced each other for a long moment. Then A, after wiping her mother’s cheek and brushing back her hair. Went into the house telling me she’d see me later. After she had taken a nap. She went upstairs, but, not without a sly over the shoulder glance at me. As I watched her ass jiggle under her skirt!
Hips joined me on the bench and we chatted about why she had been crying (which I can’t discuss…AT ALL)! And, after a moment of sobbing in my arms! I got her to cheer up enough for her to get all “touchy/feely with my crotch”!
We listened for the sound of the shower from the bathroom window overlooking the backyard.
Hoping to get a good fuck in before, A, laid down for her nap! But, after waiting for a few minutes. We surmised that, A, had apparently, just gone straight to sleep without showering!
Hips and I, quietly made our way upstairs and into her bedroom. Now, for the sake of clarity, let me describe the situation! Hips’, bedroom, has a en-suite. Private bathroom with shower! That connects to the other bedroom, A’s, on the right-side of the bathroom! Two doors, two bedrooms, one en-suite!
So, A and Hips, had always shared the bathroom and shower. Though how it worked when A’s father was there. Was a story I am forbidden to talk about!
But, it had a lot to do with “why” Hips had been crying earlier!
Hips and I, wasted no time once we were in the room and the door was shut! We smothered one another in kisses and groped at one another hungrily! Even as Hips walked over to the en-suite door and made sure it was locked. I was behind her with one arm around her waist! Gyrating my hard-on against her ass! And my other hand under her dress from the front!
Her body quivered as my fingers found her hanging pussy-lips and rubbed them feverishly!
Her orhanlı escort bayan hands locked around my neck and she turned her head to mine and we passionately kissed each other! All the way to the bed! Where we fell onto it in the same position we were in standing! Our mouths still locked together and me grinding hard against her big, soft, fleshy, ass!
Hips, hiked up her dress and I, releasing my grip around her waist. Managed to get my sweats down far enough for me to get my thick, black, cock, into her sopping wet pussy!
I entered her with a forceful “grunt” and Hips took in a deep, breath as she felt every inch of me plunging into her yielding pussy!
I raised up onto my hands with my legs spread-wide as I prone-doggy-styled Hips, mercilessly!
Hips’ curvy legs were bent and she pressed her bare feet against my ass-cheeks! She rose up on her hands as well! And, looked at me with those same hungry eyes she’d given me every time we fucked! I leaned forward a little to lock mouths with her again!
It didn’t take either of us long to get off! What with Hips squeezing my black-cock with those “awesome” pussy muscles! And, me, thrusting and then grinding my full, rock hard, 9″s, into her juicy cunt! We came intensely almost at the same time! Then, we got completely naked and went at it, again, under the sheets!
Hips, felt this was best! Just in case, A, had woken up and walked in on us!
A couple of times while were fucking! Hips, motioned for me to be quiet as she thought she heard, A, in the en-suite!
We’d listen for a moment, usually I would just keep fucking, eating out, or, doing whatever I was doing to Hips. While she tried to listen closely to any signs of , A, stirring!
After nearly an hour of steady fucking and cumming…hard!
Hips and I, fell asleep. I woke about 35 minutes later to find myself alone. The bathroom door was closed and I could hear the sounds of the shower running and someone washing up!
I got out of bed, still buck naked and sporting a semi-hard-on! I opened the bathroom door and was engulfed in steam! I could barely see the outline of Hips’ body in the shower! Her familiar bountiful form looked so sexy behind the wall of steam! I couldn’t help but to get full, raging, hard-on!
Quietly, I crept into the shower! Hips, was bent over lathering up her legs! Her big, bouncy-ass looked so inviting! Though it was still hard to see everything clearly. I could definitely make out those long, pink, lips hanging between her cheeks!
I positioned myself perfectly behind her and, without a word of warning! Plunged every inch of my hard cock into her! She stood up with a loud gasp and groaned as I started humping her deeply!
“Oh Shit!”, she cooed as I humped, pumped, and glided my dick in and out of her meaty vag’!
Her head was still lowered so all I could barely see were strands of wet hair clinging to her wet shoulders
I reached around and under. Cupping her ponderous tits in my hands, as I continued deep-stroking her meaty-muff!
I pulled her upper body up to mine and now we were standing fucking! The way she moved her hips and pushed her ass hard into my dick! I nearly shot an early load in her tight pussy! God, I loved the way she could tighten her pussy around my dick!!
It was then, when Hips threw her head back and her hair fell away from her face…her Strawberry-Blonde hair!!!
I realized with genuine shock that it was NOT Hips I was fucking!!
Stopping in mid-thrust, I couldn’t believe that I was looking into those cool-blue eyes of A’s!!
She wrapped her arm around my neck as her mother liked to do! And, was tenderly kissing my mouth with her own!
“OMG, A!!!”, I said, as I tried to pull myself out of her pussy!
A, shook her head and did that pussy-muscle thing that her mom could do and held me fast! “You started this, ” A, cooed into my face, “…now you’re definitely going to finish it!”
I was in such a state of shock I started to lose my hard-on! “I thought…you look just like…FUCK!!” I stammered as, A, kept slowly gliding up and down my almost hard-on!
A, finally let me pull out of her, and turning to face me. She made the “sshhh…!” symbol with her finger on my mouth! Then she pushed me aydınlı escort bayan backwards into the wall of the shower! She removed her finger from my lips and engulfed my mouth with hers!! She maneuvered herself so that she could put one foot on the rim of the shower. And, press her undulating hips against my stiffening member!
Because she was taller than her mother, A, was able to get her pussy perfectly, lined-up with my dick! Her sensuous mouth kissed my neck, chest, and lips! Her hand slid down to my cock and stroked it against her long pussy-lips! Our tongues lapped and wrapped around each other! While our hands explored one another’s bodies!
Between the fear that Hips, could come home at any moment! And, the full, youthful-form of A’s! I couldn’t hold back and came in her hand! She dropped her head down to my dick and sucked my head into her mouth! Skillfully, she sucked and licked the cum out of my dick!
But, A, wasn’t satisfied with that! She kept licking and sucking my sensitive cock head, stroking my shaft, and cupping my balls tenderly! I ran my hands over her body and felt myself getting excited all over again!
After a few moments, I grabbed, A, tightly by her shoulders and pulled her face up to mine!
I looked so hard into her eyes! She actually seemed a little afraid! Then, I pulled her to me roughly and kissed her so hard! She almost swooned!
I ran my tongue down the length of her body! Engorging myself on those two fleshy tits and down to her neatly coiffed pussy! I went down on her then!
A, groaned and bit her lower-lip as I gobbled away at her pussy! Her hands grabbed two handfuls of my locks and she started grinding her pussy against my mouth!
I sucked on her lips! Flicked my tongue quickly on her clit! And, as I had done with her mother, French-Kissed her pussy like it was a mouth!
A, squirmed as I buried my tongue deep inside of her! While my nose and lips rubbed against her stiffened-clit!
“OH…GAWD…I’M GONNA COME…!!!!”, she exclaimed, as she thrust her hips so hard into my face! I thought she would break my neck!
Her pussy gushed a stream of fluid onto my face! I let it roll down my chin and neck. It was a good thing we were in the shower, or, we would have both needed one!
A, was trembling as I slid up from between her legs! Letting my body rub against hers, wetly! Before we lip-locked, again! And, I started getting hard, again!
I didn’t even hesitate, I rammed my new hard-on right into A’s sweet, young, pussy! Up to my balls slapping against her pussy!
A, wrapped her arms around my shoulders and made me hold one of her legs up!
We fucked like that until I shot a load deep into her pussy!
We panted in each other’s arms for what could have been seconds, or, minutes! The warm shower water beating against my back and A’s face resting on my chest!
We kissed and rinsed ourselves off. Then with a smile and light peck on the lips. A, went into her room and closed the door, slowly, behind her! It didn’t lock shut!
I pondered whether to go in and have a go at her on the bed! I’m sure she wouldn’t have minded!
But, I decided not to push the Gods of Lust, and after I dried myself off. Went back into Hips’ bedroom and laid back down in bed!
As I lay there, A, opened the bedroom door, poked her head in, and smiled at me laying there.
“Mom just called, ” she said, “she says she’ll be home in about an hour, hour and a half! At the earliest! She has to do some errands.Then go shopping for your last dinner with us, tonight!”
A, then walked into the bedroom. She was wearing a very sexy, tight t-shirt, with the word “sizzling” written in hot yellow and red colors! And, nothing else from the waist down!!
She leaned against the door and it closed behind her softly. I pulled the covers off of me! Exposing my dick and winking at her!
She skipped to the bed and jumped on top of me! We kissed and cuddled until we were too turned on to even care if Hips walked in on us! Then, we fucked until we were both satisfied! Or, in her case, too sore!
We all had a nice dinner that evening. A, took off after to meet up with some old friends from high school. And, Hips and I, spent our last night together. Reminiscing, laughing, drinking, smoking, and fucking! Until the wee hours of the night!
I never told her about A, and I!
As, I’m sure, A, didn’t either!
But, I’ll always have a good, fond, memory of the days and nights! I got to spend with an old friend, her brother, and her daughter!
Lucky Me!!


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