Island of Submission Ch. 05

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Chapter 5 I Start to Express Myself

Alessa gave me a dazzling smile of welcome, looking at me very directly while her holding her slim, tanned body superbly straight and poised. She had fashion model beauty, but not in that cold way you often see. This girl was sultry, hot-blooded and hot-eyed, her kissable lips almost always parted, her tempting mouth curved up warmly at the sides. She radiated sexual willingness, with just a hint of challenge from fine arched brows. Whatever she was saying or doing, when those eyes looked directly at me the message was so clear I almost heard her voice in my head: ‘I know you want your hands on my body. I know you want to throw me under you and fuck me without mercy. Well, what’s stopping you? Here I am.’

“This way, Master, please”, she said in a low, honeyed voice that was intensely sexy and seductive. I couldn’t place her accent; Italian perhaps?

In other circumstances walking behind Alessa would not have been hard, particularly given the way she was dressed: yellow see-through negligee floating above her hips, yellow lace thong that hid nothing from behind, yellow high heels. Today, after a few seconds, ‘hard’ was the appropriate word. One more temptation to bear, so I bore it and drank in the sight of her. She walked as if she was displaying herself. Even in 6 inch heels her stride was long and flowing, taut muscles rippling in her pertly jutting bottom and lithe, shapely legs, her hips and buttocks swaying provocatively as if on a catwalk.

We walked down a couple of corridors and up some wide wooden stairs before arriving at a large bronze door, with a scanner to one side. Alessa knelt gracefully at my feet, knees wide and wrists crossed behind her.

“The scanner is set for your thumbprint Master. Only you can open this door from outside.”

I pressed, and entered. Glancing back, I saw Alessa had not followed, but remained kneeling.

“This slave girl begs to enter your quarters, Master” she said.

I nodded, and watched her as, wrists still crossed behind her, she bend forward to kiss the threshold three times, the third long and lingeringly, her hair falling about her face. The she crawled into the room, carefully shutting the door behind her, and knelt again at my feet. She bent forward again and kissed my feet humbly, then straightened her body and looked up at me with those hot brown eyes.

“Master” she said “I am Alessa. I am a slave girl, and if it is acceptable to you I am to serve as your room girl. I submit myself fully to you Master in all things. My only purpose is to give you pleasure, and if I fail in anything I beg that you will punish me. I hope that you find me pleasing, and will permit me to serve you, Master?”

“I find you very pleasing Alessa” I responded. “Thank you. I’m expecting…company…in less than half an hour, and what I most need is a quick look round these rooms, then a shower, and a change of clothes.”

“Yes Master” she smiled happily. “Your things have already been brought up and I have unpacked them. I can help you shower, or there is a bath prepared.

“But before I show you the rooms Master, I must tell you that there is a custom here that a Master with a new room girl should give her a lesson in submission, that she can quickly learn his dominance, and perhaps that he can learn her weaknesses. The lesson is up to you Master. Whatever you want, for as long as you want.” Alessa’s eyes sparkled as she continued with mounting enthusiasm. “Please Master: teach me to serve you, punish me, make me cry and beg. You might wish to put me through my paces, then use me ruthlessly. Or tie me up and have me in whatever positions please you. There are restraints and equipment for you to use on me stored in the room, and more can be brought. Or you could string me up and whip me, or bend me over and crop me. Or use my mouth for your pleasure, perhaps cum over my face and have me leave it there. Whatever you wish Master. I beg you to teach me my submission. I beg it.”

She was so hot and eager, kneeling there, so passionate and excited. And so damned shamelessly wanton and submissive. I had no doubt this gorgeous young woman wanted me to force her to submit, to whip her if I wished, to take whatever I wanted from her. And it would be so easy to just have her now – I was sure as hell ready. But I had plans involving the punishment of certain other slave girls and I was not going to get distracted, even by this hot little temptress. Time was wasting. Still, a gentleman doesn’t disappoint a lady. I thought there was something I could probably do fairly quickly that would leave me still able to deal with the other vixens. And I did need to get in the groove for this extraordinary island.

I strode over to a nearby overstuffed sofa, and sat in the middle.

“Crawl to me slave girl” I commanded.

She did it so sexily, making a tormentingly arousing performance of the way she moved her lissom body, then kneeling in front of me, hands behind her back, her body slightly arched to xslot offer me those sweet ripe breasts, her eyes looking up deeply into mine.

“Strip, quickly.”

Alessa swiftly reached her hands back to unfasten both shoes, which she placed in front of me, her head down. Then kneeling straight again, her hands went to the single button holding her negligee together at her breasts. Obediently she did not tarry, but simply opened the button and with both hands peeled aside the skimpy lace, drawing the garment back over both shoulders at the same time and letting it slide off her smooth skin to fall behind her. Her breasts were incredible: medium-sized, flawless, firm and beautifully rounded, tipped with little brown nipples, already hard. She held my eyes the whole time while she so brazenly bared herself, than reached back to retrieve the negligee and, head down again, placed it at my feet. Then she flexed sensuously to her side, and then onto her back in profile to me, raising her legs into the air. Her body undulated as she eased the flimsy yellow panties off her bottom with both hands, and then in one long graceful movement she slid them up her curving legs, and off, and brought them to her mouth. She rolled and twisted to her knees again, then knelt with her wrists crossed behind her, and the lacy thong dangling from her lips. She stretched forward to drop the panties too at my feet, then knelt back, naked before my hungry eyes.

“Come and lie up here, bottom across my lap.”

Alessa kissed the front of the sofa three time, then crawled up beside me, keeping low and then squirming her upper body across my lap, blatantly using her face and breasts across my rigid manhood as she slid into position, naked across me, her delicious rump beneath my hands. Her skin was soft and silky smooth. And, as she lay, the little tease was squirming her body against my manhood. I quickly grabbed a cushion and slid it onto my lap, giving me some protection and raising her pert bottom.

“Hands behind your neck Alessa”, I said, gently kneading a slim buttock as she swiftly obeyed. “I don’t have time right now to play with you the way I’d like, but I shall try to honour the custom. I’m going to spank you.”

“Oh, yes Master” she breathed. “Shall I count them?”

It struck me again how far ahead of me these girls always seemed. Nothing I’d done had fazed them yet. I let my right hand trace a line down the crack of her bottom to slowly cup her mons. I stroked her gently and her muscles tautened. Interesting that she seemed so responsive, so quickly.

“Good idea”, I responded, and raising my hand delivered a stinging smack to the right cheek. I had the satisfaction of hearing her gasp, before she spoke.

“One”, she said softly. I switched to the other cheek. Smacking slightly harder.

“Two.” And again, harder still.

“Three.” Both soft cheeks were reddened now. This must hurt: her whole body had tensed. I delivered three more sharp smacks, the girl counting. On the sixth I heard pain in her voice.

I adjusted the position of the cushion to give me better access to her. Then, while my left hand gently stroked along her spine, I ran my right hand slowly up and down her shapely legs, lingering at the backs of her knees, then gliding up the satin of her inner thighs to again rub over her mound, and then up and down along the line of her pussy. Alessa caught her breath with a start.

I moistened the tip of my middle finger, then using two fingers to gently stretch her skin I delicately probed for her clitoris. I used only the most gentle, feathery caresses on her for a few moments, until her body started to respond to my touch, rubbing back against me instinctively and sensuously. Alessa gasped again, her whole body jumping a little, and gave a soft, almost inaudible moaning breath. And I knew I had her.

I teased her like this for a minute, my finger gentle but insistent on her clitoris, sometimes slipping down to nudge into her hot little pussy, perhaps just half an inch, then back to graze her pleasure bud again. Meanwhile, my left hand curled down to cup a firm, pliant breast, the girl twisting her torso slightly and pressing the soft globe into my hand. She gasped again as I squeezed gently, then circled my dry palm slowly around her erect nipple.

The slave girl’s delicious body was now squirming. She kept her hands behind her neck as instructed, this forcing her face down to the sofa, but now she faced into it, her right cheek down, and as her body was turned to let me fondle her left breast, her face was also tilted as she tried to look up at me. Her mouth was open and gasping, eyes wild and hot, her lovely face now flushed and animated with desire. She had raised herself somewhat onto her knees, legs apart, as she tried to rub herself back against my tormenting fingers.

She was so utterly beautiful. So vulnerable beneath my hands, hot and wild and desperate to come, but still submissive and struggling with herself to maintain the disciplined position xslot Giriş into which I had put her. And the feel of her body was a sweet delight of hot softness, of taut muscle and firm but yielding flesh. My heart was thudding with the pleasure of subjecting her to this, and forcing this response from her.

“Please Master…Please…ohhh…Please. Let me love you. Let me serve you Master…ohhh…or let me come, please. I beg you Master…ohhh…I beg you.”

For the first time since arriving on the island I actually felt properly in control of something. And about bloody time too. I removed my left hand from Alessa’s breast and placed my forefinger in front of her lips, while my right hand continued to torment her. Fervently she kissed and licked and sucked at my finger, between gasps and whimpers at what my cunning hand was doing to her. And all the while she did her best to keep submissive eye contact with me, her Master.

Closer and closer I brought her to the edge. And then slowed my caresses to keep her there. Perhaps I should have been kinder to her. But I remembered how she had asked me so eagerly to punish her or use her. I remembered how the slave girls earlier had tormented and then denied me. And I remembered how I had thrilled with lust for her, just from the searing gaze of her brown eyes and the challenging arch of an eyebrow.

“Alessa, you said the custom is that I should teach you a lesson in submission, so that you might learn my dominance, is that right?”

“Y-Yes, Master”, she replied, her voice tremulous with need.

“But if I let you come now, when I have not, that wouldn’t be teaching you submission, would it?”

“B-But Master. You are dominating me. Y-You have stripped me…ohhh…and positioned me how you wanted. And you are forcing me to feel…ohhh…and I want to come…ohhh…I need to come so much Master. And…and I am submitting to you Master…ohhh…I submit to you Master. I beg to please you Master.”

“Hmm, yes I do see your argument” I replied thoughtfully, my left hand moving back to tantalise her nipple while I teased her clitoris. “But I don’t see it that way. And of course you are an aroused slave girl and I think you might say anything just now to get to climax. So I think we’ll stick with my opinion, which is that you should not come now. You do agree that it is my opinion which should prevail, don’t you?” I gave her a particularly long graze along the clitoris as I said this.

“Oh…Ohhh…Yes Master”, she wept, “Yes Master.”

“So you don’t want to come then?”

“N-No Master…Ohhh…Whatever you command Master…Aaah.”

“And in fact, I should stop giving you this pleasure, and punish you?”

“Y-Yes Master…Aaah…Yes Master…Oh…Oh.”

“And presumably you want to beg me to do that?”

“Yes Master…ohhh…ahhh…Yes Master. I beg you Master…ohhh…I beg you to stop…Oh…to stop giving me pleasure and to…ohhh…to punish me Master.”

“And how should I punish you?” I continued, my fingers merciless upon her helpless body.

“Spank me Master” she cried, desperately through her tears, “Ohhh…Please Spank me Master. I beg you to…ohhh…to stop giving me pleasure and spank me Master.”

I took pity on her. With a last incredibly light stroke my hand left her hot, wet pussy. I dried my hand casually on her shapely legs while she moaned quietly.

“Keep looking into my eyes”, I ordered, and promptly continued with her spanking.

“Oh! Seven, Master.”

Her skin was so warm and soft.

“Eight, Master.”

She held position perfectly, a helpless slave to my discipline.

“Nine, Master.”

More tears sprung into her hot little eyes, but she kept gazing up submissively into my determined eyes as I spanked her.

“Ten, Master.”

Her nipples had remained erect, I noticed, and in fact she still seemed thoroughly aroused.

“Eleven, Master.”

She was so beautiful. My final smack was the hardest. I don’t know why, it just felt right.

“Ohh! Twelve, Master.”

I stopped, my hands now gently cupping her breast and stroking her pink bottom. The girl was panting and trembling beneath my hands, still clearly aroused and needful. She looked up at me with tears in her eyes and an agonised expression on her lovely face.

“I hope I have satisfied the custom, Alessa. Now, let’s have a quick look around, and I’ll take that shower.”

“Y-Yes Master”, she replied, her voice choked with desire, and slowly lowered herself to kneel at my feet, kissing them. “Thank you for my lesson Master.”

I rose, and gently lifted Alessa to her feet. She stood, naked and powerless in front of me, her wrists still crossed obediently behind her, tears on her face. I brushed back her hair, dabbed away the tears with a clean handkerchief, and tenderly lifted her chin as I kissed her softly on the lips. Her mouth responded passionately to mine, her eager tongue darting into my mouth as she pressed her sensational body against me. But xslot Güncel Giriş I pressed her gently back.


I planted a swift kiss on her lips, and smiled. She smiled back bravely, recovering her self-control a little.

“Master knows how to handle a girl and make her submit”, she said. “I want you so much Master. I beg to serve your pleasure.”

“You will,” I replied, “Later. But for now: show me the rooms.”

I had her remain naked, of course, and I ‘forgot’ to allow her to release her wrists from behind her back. I loved the way this raised her luscious breasts, and Alessa seemed very happy to display herself to me as deliciously and provocatively as she could. I admired the way the red of her freshly spanked bottom contrasted with the flawless tan on the rest of her stunning body.

The apartment was huge and luxurious. Dark wood, modern steel furniture, blue-grey walls and rugs. The main reception room where we started had a large dining table with a dozen chairs at one end, and a bunch of armchairs and two sofas at the other. Including the one on which I’d punished Alessa. There were also various smaller tables, a desk, footstools and so on casually scattered around. Much of the furniture had discrete metal rings on it somewhere, and there were further rings on walls and ceiling. One wall was just windows and French doors out onto a balcony, and a stunning view of the ocean beyond. It was around five in the afternoon, the start of a glorious tropical evening.

And that also meant I’d spent around five hours in a state of arousal varying between very high and off-the-chart unbearable. At least I’d had some relief on the flight in this morning, before I met Joanne. Not that it seemed to have made the afternoon any easier.

Alessa also drew my attention to two large storage units. She turned and flexed her legs prettily before me so that she could use her hands, still behind her of course, to open one. It was full of bondage equipment and sex toys of all sorts. I quickly took stock of both units, trying not to get distracted by Alessa’s excited suggestions about how the items could be used on her. There were other slave girls who would be experiencing them first. I picked up a couple of things.

Four doors led off from the reception room, in addition to the bronze door to the hallway. The first opened into the bedroom: vast, with a huge circular bed on a raised platform. It looked like it would sleep at least six people. As well as the usual dressers and so on, there was also a large leather day bed, a chaise longue and several chairs including a couple that looked blatantly designed for sex in various positions.

Another door led to the bathroom with a sunken bath big enough to swim in, filled to the brim with hot water beneath a froth of white bubbles. There was also a large shower cubicle and the usual bathroom fittings, and two further doors leading to separate lavatories.

The third door led to a small but well-equipped kitchen.

The last door led into a dressing area, with a lot of wardrobe storage. Opening one unit, I saw a huge assembly of women’s clothes, but with the emphasis on the short, tight and sexy, with a range of lingerie, high-heeled shoes and other feminine accoutrements. Beyond the dressing area was a small bedroom and ensuite bathroom. The bedroom walls and the bed were fitted with more metal rings.

“This is where your room girl sleeps, Master”, said Alessa, kneeling beside me, “If you permit it and she has no other duties…And if she is not summoned to your bed.” She lowered her face to kiss softly at my feet again, then raised her beautiful face to look up at me again.

“Master”, she pleaded, “I beg you to let me please you. Try me. Use me. Put me through my paces. I will do everything I can to show you I am worthy of your bed, Master.”

“Later”, I said again. It wasn’t easy, but I needed to ignore her for now. I had seen the whole apartment, and I had some ideas about what to do with the slave girls who would arrive shortly. But more than anything I needed that shower.

Telling Alessa to follow me and release her hands, I strode into the bathroom, bypassing the huge bath ruefully: I needed to get myself under control right now, but that hot tub did look good. I showered briskly – cold, hot, then very cold again. Alessa brought me towels, but I did not let her help me get dried – I knew exactly what that would do to me. I couldn’t help but smile at the little pout of disappointment that crossed her lovely face.

With Alessa’s help I found suitable clothing, a belted black robe of thin silk, and quickly downed two glasses of water. It was comfortably warm in the apartment, but over the past couple of hours I had done a lot of sweating. And I told Alessa to get ‘dressed’ again in her yellow lingerie, which didn’t take long and was delightful to watch. As she knew my eyes were on her, every move of her lissom body was a graceful exercise in provocative sensuality.

I was ready, and with a couple of minutes in hand I stood by the window looking out to sea, while Alessa quietly tidied up behind me. I simply cleared my mind, centring myself, my left hand in a pocket toying with items I’d picked up earlier, one leather, one metal.

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