Jen Pt. 01

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I stood at the entrance of my old job the restaurant that I used to spend 60- 70 hours a week at. The chefs even called me OT as a nickname to tease me about all the overtime I got when I was there. A couple of things where stopping me from going into the restaurant I left almost 3 years ago. One of them was would anyone even remember me let alone recognize me. I had lost a lot of weight and cut off almost all my hair. Now I’m 5’8″ about 160lbs (but I had more muscle then the average women) Hazel blue eyes and short blonde hair. When I worked at Dyning’s before I was about 240lbs and had hair halfway down my back. The other reason I was hesitant about going inside was because the executive chef and I got into so many disagreements that it was sad I worked with him for 2 years before I finally left.

“Just go inside and talk to one of the servers. Chef Danny might not even be there today.” Mary, my best friend for 10 years said. Danny was said chef that I couldn’t stand.

“ok I’ll go in” I said “I’ll talk to you later bye babe” I hung up the phone as I walked into Dyning’s. There was no way that Chef Danny wasn’t there he was always at work. Probably the only thing I liked about him I thought.

The hostess was busy helping some tourist with their map, so I stood there to wait but looked at the bar and saw Ashley one of the bartenders I worked with during my management training. So, I walked around the hostess and headed to the bar. Ashley greeted me with a smile asking if she could get me something to drink which I declined.

“You probably don’t recognize me, but I used to work here a couple of years ago” As soon as the words left my mouth, I saw recognition flash into her eyes.

“Sam is that you man you look amazing shit I never would have guessed that was you. God damn you look great you lost so much wight and you cut your hair.” Ashley said.

After talking to Ashley and a couple of the servers I worked with I found out that Danny was on vacation and wouldn’t be back for a couple of days. Knowing this I headed into the back of the restaurant to the kitchen I had already figured that the servers would have told the cooks that I was there. So, I wasn’t surprised by the whoops and cat calls I got when I walked into the back. Most of the cooks I recognized but there were a few that had no clue who I was but did a cat call anyways. I was talking to Jimmy a grill cook that had worked there since the place opened when I felt someone lift me up from behind which caused me to scream. When he set me back down I turned and hugged Chef Jose. Jose and I only worked together for a year, but we grew close to each other. He was like a brother to me and the only person I talked to after I left. We talked as he walked with me up to the chef office. I was laughing at Jose as I sat in a plush chair in the office. I looked over to see another chef in the office a woman. She had straight long brown hair, but she was looking at the computer inputting data, so I didn’t get to get a good look at her. Jose introduced her as Chef Jennifer, but she never looked up or turned around she just throw her hand up in a wave and said hi. Jose explained that she had been hired a couple of months after I left.

Me and Jose talked for about half an hour before he had to go back downstairs to “babysit”. That was how we both felt about being a Chef its less cooking and more making sure your guys are doing thing right and not getting into fights. With Jose gone I walked over to the Front of house managers office and talked to the managers I used to work with. All which asked if I was coming back to work with them. I explained to them that I had just gotten a chef job right next door and about not poker oyna wanting to work with Danny again. They of course understood that they couldn’t talk me into it. I went back downstairs and was talking to Jake (a prep cook) about how I had been and how things with my family had been. Another reason I left was because somethings had happened with my sister and I had gotten temporary custody of my 2 nephews.

“Hey, do you know Chef Jennifer?” He asked as he nodded towards the back door of the restaurant by the stairs.

“No, I don’t know her Jose introduced us, but I never got a good look at her she just kind of waved. She was busy working on the computer.” I said as I turned around.

Oh man had I missed out Jennifer was knockout. She was a couple inches shorter than me slender build, honey brown eyes you could melt into and tanned skin. That straight Brunette hair making me think about it spread out on my pillow as she looked down at me with those honey brown eyes as I licked her clit my name coming out of her mouth as I make her cum under me.

It took me a minute to relies that Jake had not only called her over to talk but that I was staring at her. I shake my head to clear the naughty thoughts out of it.

“Hey Jennifer, you know Sam? She left here a couple of months before they hired you.” He said.

“Jose said something about that but no I don’t know her” She said to Jake then she turned to me extending her hand “It’s nice to meet you Samantha.”

I took her smooth hand in mine her skin was soft as butter. “the pleasure is all mine”

Jennifer “so how long did you work here for?”

“I was tortured in this place for 4 years before I escaped” I joked with a soft laugh. Which caused her to laugh it was like music to my ears I wanted to hear it some more.

Jennifer “so how do you feel about Chef Danny?”

Me “to tell you the truth when Danny first got hired here, he was pretty ok some would even say kind of friendly to me. Then he found something out and he hated me ever since. He treated me badly and always gave the shit shifts never giving me days off I requested things like that. Then we started to argue a lot. From what I gather probably as much as you and he argue. Trust me though he doesn’t hate you as much as he hates me.”

Jennifer “what did he find out?”

I was a little hesitant to answer but I know she would find out eventually. So, I took a deep breath and said “I slept with his fiancée”.

She busted out laughing “are you fucking kidding me?”

“Look it was before they even knew each other. I had only worked here for a year when it happened. We were both pretty drunk at a friend’s party and it just happened. We only did it once.” I explained. I don’t know why I had the need to explain my sex life to her but I did.

Jennifer “How did he find out? Did she tell him or did you?”

Me “I guess you could say I’m the one that slipped up. A coworker was asking if I remembered a server after she transferred to another restaurant in the company. So, he was describing her to me, and I casually said, ‘oh the one I hooked up with at Randy’s (a coworker) party’. Everyone around us started laughing I didn’t know why. Then he explained that her and Danny got engaged. I didn’t know why she had transferred but I guess it was so her and Danny could be together. Well you know how it is in the kitchen, so it didn’t take long for Chef Danny to find out. He has hated me sense.”

Jennifer and I talked for a couple more minutes before she was pulled away and Jose was kicking me out. As I walked out of the kitchen behind her I couldn’t stop myself from checking out her plump behind as it swayed back and forth. canlı poker oyna I said my goodbyes. Walking back to my car, I laughed about it being the first time Jose kicked me out of the kitchen instead of bagging me to stay late. I was also thinking about how I could talk to Jennifer some more. For some reason I just couldn’t get this woman out of my head.

Two Months Later:

I was working on a new recipe in the kitchen of Craves the new restaurant that just opened. I had been working on this recipe for a week and couldn’t get the sauce just right it felt like it was missing something. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out what that was. Sighing I thought to myself I would just have to work on it tomorrow. It was well past 2 in the morning and I had to be back in 7 hours for a meeting. So, I cleaned up my mess and put my recipe book in the office and headed out for the night. I was locking the door when I heard a familiar voice behind me. I had seen her a couple of times either coming into work or leaving but I never talked to her.

“hey you’re Samantha, right?” Jennifer asked.

“Yeah, hi Jennifer but everyone calls me Sam.” I said, as we started to walk towards the employee parking lot. “so, how’s working with Chef dickhead?”

Jennifer “oh it’s the same shit different day. I swear he thinks he is god’s gift to earth. Always must be right I can’t stand his BS.”

Me “yeah trust me I understand where you are coming from, I’ve been there before. I would just ignore him when he starts talking like that.”

Jennifer “let’s talk about something else, how is the new job going?”

Me “It is going great I love the job and the people I work with it’s like a little family. Unlike working at Dyning I don’t feel like a babysitter. I’m cooking, coming up with recipes and working with the executive chef to create a new menu not just being told what to do. I’m working on this new dessert recipe, but I feel like the sauce is missing something I can’t put my finger on.”

Jennifer “Maybe I can help you out with that someday. Desserts are one of my specialties.”

I bet it is she looked like a walking dessert one that could get me into a lot of trouble. That didn’t stop me from looking at her soft red lips thinking about how good they would feel on mine. She must have had the same thought because next thing I know I was pushed up against a wall as she brought her lips to mine. I was right her lips were soft and a little sweet I wanted to return the kiss. I wanted to deepen it, but I was so surprised I didn’t have time to react before she was gone. I heard her mumble “I needed to know” then she ran the rest of the way to her car before I even regained my thoughts. I touched my finger to my lips part of me thinking that I just imagined the whole thing. There were two things I knew for sure one I was horny as hell and two there was no way I going to be able to sleep now.

As I walked the rest of the way to my car, I scrolled through my phone to someone I know would be up and let me have my way with her. I called Amber who answered the phone on the third ring saying she would meet me at my house in half an hour. It only took me 20 mins to get home, so I took the time to get in the shower and scrub the kitchen gunk off me. Five minutes later I heard the knock on my door I wrapped myself in a towel and opened the door. I grabbed Ambers hand and walked into the guest room. She was about 5’4 slender build platinum blonde hair with blue tips and green eyes. She was beautiful and we tried dating for a while, but she never understood the demands that came as being a chef. We broke up but whenever I was horny, and she was single I would call her to hook up.

I internet casino grabbed her under her arms and throw her onto the bed she shrieked and yelled “what gotten into you?”

“I need to fuck someone hard are you in or not?” I asked firmly.

“oh, I am so in” she said gabbing my face and pulled me down for a kiss. My lips met hers and I pushed my tongue into her mouth causing her to moan. I took her hand and tied them to the headboard of the bed with a tie I left in the room. I looked into her eyes as I grabbed the fabric of her shirt and tore it in half freeing her breast. I took one into my mouth and the other in my hand causing her to moan but I didn’t want to make her moan I wanted to make her scream my name as she came. I bit down on her nipple and pinched the other between my fingers making her shriek. Then I licked the nipple I bit and switched to the other one and did the same thing until she started thrusting her pelvis up trying to grind her pussy on me.

I smiled knowing she was wet I could feel the wetness through her shorts and opening in my towel. I make my way down her body kissing as I go. I nipped her thigh causing her to squirm and moan some more. I pulled her running shorts down her legs not surprised she didn’t have any panties on. I licked the tip of her clit and ran my tongue down her slit then pushed my tongue deep into her pussy. With my finger I pinched her clit and twirled it. She was so wet, and I wanted her to cum, so I pushed a finger into her throbbing pussy then two and three. She rocked her hips in time with my fingers I knew she was close, so I licked her clit and sucked it into my wet mouth. I stayed like that until she calmed down. She came loudly but I wanted her to scream.

I got off the bed and she protested she wanted me to untie her so she could do me. I told her no and walked to the closet and found the bag that had my toys in it. I slipped into a harness and turned around. She stopped complaining when she saw that I was wearing a strap-on.

“I’m going to fuck you with this until you scream my name.” I told her. She didn’t say anything she just nodded still staring at the cock I had between my legs. I walked to the bed and climbed onto it. I looked down at her and rubbed the cock against her slit coating the tip with her juices. I knew she was wet enough to take the whole thing but just to be sure I grabbed the bottle of lube and rubbed a bit onto the dildo. I put the tip against her pussy and pushed with one hand I was holding myself up and the other I rubbed her clit making her grind on the cock as it slid into her. I slid all the way in Amber was like an animal screaming at me to fuck her hard. So I did as I was told I slammed that cock into her over and over. She kept screaming at me to fuck her harder deeper and faster.

I slowed down and untied her hands and told her to flip over onto all fours. She did as she was ordered, and I thrusted back into her. I reached up and grabbed a handful of her hair as I fucked her. She wanted hard and fast, so I gave it to her. I was close to coming the nub on the strap on was rubbing on my clit I knew it would be soon. I told Amber to rub her clit as I fucked her. She was trembling I knew she would come soon. A few more trusts and she screamed “Fuck… Sam… I’m… cummmmiiinngg!!” Her trembling caused me to cum too. I took my pleasure in silence like I always did. When she relaxed i slipped out of her and walked to the bathroom where I cleaned myself up. When I was done, I undid the harness cleaned the strap-on and put it back here I got it then told her she could stay the night and walked over to my bedroom. I laid in bed it was already 6 I had a meeting at 9. Thankfully I had off the rest of the day so I can sleep. I just laid there thinking about Jen. I couldn’t get the taste of her lips out of my head. Lavender. That’s what it needed the sauce just a hint of lavender.

To be continued.

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