Joe and Jim

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Well, I will say I did not expect this… See, it all started on a recent conference trip for my job. We were in St. Louis for the conference, and due to budget issues, I had the pleasure of sharing a room with my co-worker Jim (I will call him Jim, to protect his privacy).

We had the usual conference boredom – hour after hour of people telling us how to do things new in our job – which management would promptly reject. So after the sessions were done I decided to go walk downtown and find a nice place to eat and – importantly – have a good beer.

Jim came along with me as he too was in need of a stiff drink. He’s a pleasant fellow, tall, lean and fit. Of course, with the size of our company I never interacted with him much. But he seemed like a nice guy – IF I had to share a room with someone, he’d be fine.

We spotted an Irish pub downtown, and Jim insisted we eat there. I was introduced to “bangers & mash,” a delightful dish. And the beer – wow. I just kept trying draft after draft of good Irish beers. Fantastic.

Feeling good, we sang songs from the 80s’ out loud as we walked back to the hotel downtown. “Come on Eileen” was our favorite, even if neither of us knew many of the lyrics. He looked at me, and gave a jerking-off motion as he sang the chorus, and I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants.

Back in the room, Jim brought out a bottle of good Russian Vodka. I hurriedly fetched glasses and ice and we were well on our way. After a few drinks, I announced it was time for me to shower and go to bed. Jim gave me a “boo” as I grabbed my undies and headed for the shower.

In the warm water, I washed myself, and thought of the evening. Jim was much more than I had expected. I never imagined myself with another guy – but I had to admit, Jim was pretty good looking and had a nice body.

With these thoughts still in my head, I put on my fresh undies and went out to the room. I usually sleep with a t-shirt, but I acted more daring this time and went with my blue briefs only.

Jim was watching TV, and promptly arose as I crossed to my bed. “I’ll take the next shift,” he said heading into the bath.

I lay atop the bed, and I kept thinking about Jim. His rugged good looks. His eyes. His smile.

I forced myself to stop dwelling on it. After all, we were co-workers. Nothing was ever going to happen, right?

Jim emerged from the bath a few minutes later. He had a towel wrapped around him, which to my surprise dropped to the floor as he reached his suitcase. He stood there naked as he dug through the bag for his underwear. His back was to me, and I could not help myself from looking at his tight ass. But what really caught my eye was the full frontal reflection in the hotel mirror above hid suitcase.

His cock was perfect in every way. Long and well hung, it seemed to have a rhythmic dance to it as he looked through the suitcase. He was circumcised, and it seemed like his cock was 9 inches long. Wow.

My initial response was almanbahis an immediate flow of blood to my own cock. It was totally involuntary, and even surprised me. But then I reached down and pushed my cock down so as to not present a tent if Jim looked my way.

Just then I caught movement in the mirror, and realized that he was looking at me. Busted. He had clearly seen me subduing my own erection in the reflection. I glanced away, but the deed had been done, and now the game was on. And the ball was clearly in Jim’s court.

He said, “Oh, there it is,” as he pulled out a tiny pair of briefs. They were bright orange, and could only be described as a thong – or banana hammock. He pulled those tight briefs on and spun around, daring me to look at his fantastic package.

“I hope this is okay,” he said with a knowing smile. “I like to be comfy when in bed.”

“Looks good to me,” I said. What the hell? My mouth opened up before my brain engaged – again. I was mortified. But, I kept my mouth shut and pretended to watch TV.

Jim walked over to the split between the beds, and sat down on his side facing me. I was still propped up on pillows facing the TV.

“What are you watching?” he asked, not bothering to look at the screen.

“Um. Looks like lizards running across a beach.”


I finally looked over at him as he casually gazed at my body. Suddenly I was very self conscious laying there in my undies.

“You know,” he said as he continued to stare. I looked up at his eyes, and saw they were locked on my mid-section. “Therapeutic massage is one of the best things to do to prevent a hangover. And we both have had a lot to drink tonight.”

My mind raced forward to all the permutations of this suggestion. I visualized him astride my body, his hands rubbing up and down my bare back. I was nervous, but I was also aroused at the thought. I’d never really been with a man before, but my porn lately was very much focused on hot dicks – and Jim’s cock was certainly hot. Plus, it wasn’t as if he was doing anything devious – pretty much just offering to give me a massage. Perhaps I was reading too much into it.

“Well,” I nervously croaked. “If it helps, then perhaps we should try it.”

“Good,” he exclaimed as he stood up. Now my own eyes were drawn to his mid-section. Specifically that huge bulge in his tight bikini thong. Damn. That monster cock was stretching the thin orange fabric to its limits. And it was right in my face now as he crossed to my bed.

Instead of walking around, Jim walked forward to me, putting his cock right in my face. I swear I could have reached out to grab it, and a big part of me wanted to do just that.

Instead, I chickened out and rolled over onto my stomach so he could massage my back. He started working my upper back and shoulders, which really felt good. Soon, the relaxation kicked in and I began to not worry so much about his body, and simply allow myself to feel the tightness almanbahis giriş leave my body.

Then, Jim climbed up on the bed, and (as I predicted) straddled me just below my hips. He was reaching up and working on my lower back and upper buttocks. I moaned in time with his manipulation of my muscles, relaxing me even more. Ironically, while I was so relaxed I became aware that I had worked up a raging hard-on.

My cock was pressing down into the bed, and it was becoming slightly uncomfortable as it was still facing downwards. I began to shift my butt a bit to relieve the pressure, but that only got me shifted halfway. Now my cock was facing straight into the bed, and his hands were pressing on my ass. This created a curious mix of pleasure and pain, and I began to shift to relieve the pressure on my member.

“Everything okay?” he asked.

“Um, not exactly,” I whispered. “Afraid I need to adjust myself a bit.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” he said helpfully. “That is a normal response. Why don’t you turn over?”

He raised himself up on his knees, and took his weight off my legs. This immediately relieved the pressure and I simply rolled over onto my back.

To my non-surprise, and total embarrassment, my cock was tented straight up. It stretched my modest blue briefs to the limit, and I just watched to see what Jim’ reaction would be. This was the moment, I figured, to find out if I was reading the signals correctly. Or, would he try to cool me down and go crawl into his own bed – meaning I had misread the evening.

“Well,” he said as he looked at my erect penis inside my briefs. “No wonder you were uncomfortable.”

He simply reached to my sides and in one quick movement pulled my briefs off. My cock sprang up as if it were trying to pose like Superman flying.

Jim rose on his knees, and slid my briefs off my now nude body. I watched his cock in that tiny bikini as he did so, and I was relieved to see it growing in response.

Now, I suppose a bit of back story will help explain my issues. I have always been attracted to both men and women, so I realized I was bi-sexual. But the only time I ever did anything with another guy was a big mistake. It was a casual hookup, and we drove into the country for some privacy. His cock was crooked, and hairy, and smelled too strongly for my senses. Not bad, but certainly not a good experience.

But now, well – Jim was freshly showered, and I had seen he shaved his cock (just like me) and I was close enough to smell him – and it turned me on. He smelled faintly of soap and perhaps shaving cream. So nice.

With him still straddling me, now my naked cock pointing up between his legs, and his huge bulge staring me in the face I did what any red-blooded person would do. I grabbed his cock in his bikini and pulled it to me. I kissed his dick through the fabric, and began to rub him up and down as he swelled in size.

Taking his bikini by the sides I began to slowly lower them to reveal his manhood. almanbahis yeni giriş Inch by inch the monster cock was exposed to my eyes. It was still pointing downward, but it gave resistance as I maneuvered his bikini down. I knew it was growing – thus the resistance, but I did not stop. I simply kept slowly pulling down the bikini.

His shaft was freshly shaven, and when his balls appeared they were smooth and creamy. His shaft was now three-quarters revealed, but still no sign of the tip of his penis. Damn, how big was this cock?

Suddenly, I slid the shorts all the way down and thrust my open moth forward. I was rewarded with a perfect catch as his cock sprung to attention as it entered my wet mouth.

At this point I no longer needed any conversation, or excuses. This was simple lust and I took full advantage of the moment.

He thrust his huge dick into my open mouth, and I devoured as much of it as I could. I had read about the gag reflex, but you really can’t understand it until you try to shove a huge, long, shiny penis deep into your own mouth. I gagged and he pulled back just in time for me to recover..

Then I was holding his penis in my hands. Wet with my juices, it gleamed. He was about the same girth as me, but he was so long. I pulled him to me and began to lick that beautiful shaft. Starting at the tip, I licked down every inch until I was sucking on his shaved balls.

I felt Jim’s hand on my hard cock as he reached behind to stroke me. He smiled down at me as he tugged on my dick, causing intense pleasure.

I again took his shaft deep in my mouth. This time I consciously loosened my throat and allowed it to slide deep inside until my mouth hit the base of his shaft. I had done it. Deepthroated my very first time. It was so intense and I felt the build up of cum inside my own cock as I sucked on his.

It only took a few more sucks and strokes for both of us to reach the edge. I thought about edging him for a few more minutes, but I could not stop my desires from sucking his big cock as hard as I could.

My hand on his balls alerted me before he moaned loudly that he was coming. I pulled him halfway back and swirled my tongue around his swollen cock head.

I could feel myself inching closer to orgasm as I sucked and stroked his magnificent penis in my mouth.

Just then, it all climaxed at once. He erupted into my open mouth, shooting load after load deep in my throat. My cock spasmed in response, shooting ropes of cum up and all over his arm and back as he kept stroking me off.

I was thrashing, moaning, and coming all at the same time as I sucked every last drop of his cum. I never even thought about it, I just swallowed it all – tasty and salty. His hand continued to stroke my dick even as his strength gave out and he slid back, out of my mouth and down prone onto my body. Our hands were between us, rubbing each other’s cocks as we kissed.

Suddenly it was like a light switch, and Jim rolled off me and began to softly snore. I was still panting with erotic desire as he slept beside me.

Slowly I cradled his semi hard penis in my hand and drifted off to sleep dreaming about the next encounter with this lovely guy.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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