Katie’s New Job Ch. 02

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Chapter 2.

The Morning After the Night Before…

It was late when Katie finally stirred from her sleep. The room was warm, the sun shining in through the thin drapes. She hadn’t slept so contentedly for a long time. Her eyes opened slowly, adjusting to the light.

A moment of slight confusion passed quickly as it dawned on Katie where she was. The effects from the alcohol consumed over the course of the previous evening had left her slightly disoriented. Katie had taken up the offer that had kindly been extended by her friend Cameron to stay in her spare room.

She suddenly woke from her doze. “Oh god!” she thought. “Cameron!” The events of last night rushed back into her mind. Images of the threesome she had witnessed flashed before her… Cameron kneeling on the chair… Evan forcing his thick cock into her mouth… Georgina slowly finger fucking Cameron’s willing pussy… The noise of the trio fucking was also clear in Katie’s memory — Cameron’s muffled moans as her mouth and cunt were rhythmically and repeatedly stuffed.

Looking around the room, Katie noticed a piece of paper on the dresser. Unsure of who was still in her friend’s house, she quietly climbed out of bed and walked over to the note. Her fears of being heard were calmed. “Katie. Gone for lunch! Didn’t want to wake you. Let yourself out! Cameron. x x x”

Katie stood and listened for a moment, ensuring she was definitely alone in the apartment. Relief flowed through her as she considered that she would not have to suffer the awkward situation of having to say goodbye this morning. She would go home immediately, she decided.

Katie scanned the room looking for her clothes. Pulling off the tight T-shirt she had worn to bed, she slipped on a black vest top. Grabbing her jeans, Katie considered the fact that she should really change her panties.

She was still wearing the expensive pair of pink lace panties she had masturbated through last night. She stopped and recalled how wet her panties became upon witnessing the steamy scene last night. She recalled how she had used her fingers to rub her excited clit through the soaked lacy material. She recalled how hard she orgasmed last night whilst she thought about her friend Cameron, her poker oyna cunt tightening around her fingers as she came…

Katie bit her bottom lip, her breathing becoming heavier the more she thought about the previous evening. She was becoming increasingly horny. The pink lacy panties she had come so hard in last night were becoming moist once again…

She stood motionless for a moment, before moving her right hand to the waistband of her panties. Pausing, Katie considered how long she would be alone for. As she thought, her hand slowly moved down the front of the lacy lingerie. The feeling of touching the now damp material forced a low quiet moan to escape Katie’s lips.

She moved her hand lower, pressing harder with her middle finger, allowing it to curl beneath her soft mound, pushing the material of her wet panties between her pussy lips slightly. Stroking the finger up and down, her pussy lips parted further allowing more moisture to be soaked up into the fabric.

Katie’s breathing became heavier still. Dropping her jeans she placed her left hand on the dressing table, supporting herself as she gently leaned forward. She moved her legs apart slightly allowing her hand to move more freely between her thighs.

Pressing harder still with her middle finger and then including her index finger, Katie started to push her fingers inside her cunt, teasing herself as the soaked lace panties prevented her from penetrating herself totally. Now bent over, resting on her left hand Katie slowly pantie-fucked herself with her fingers – pushing the pink lace panties as deep as she could inside her drenched cunt.

She moaned, moving her hips in time with the motion of her own fingers, fucking herself. She wouldn’t be able to stand this much longer, the panties pulled tight across her clit, sending waves of stimulation to her aching pussy.

Katie started thinking about last night again. She thought about Cameron and the way Georgina knelt behind her, pushing at least two fingers into her pussy. Katie started fantasizing about receiving the same treatment, having two fingers penetrating her own pussy. She fantasized about another woman pushing her fingers knuckle-deep into her waiting cunt.

With that Katie withdrew her canlı poker oyna own fingers and stood, pushing her panties down around her thighs. She couldn’t resist any longer. Bending over once again, supporting herself on her left hand, Katie reached behind her and started to push her first two fingers into her pussy.

“Ohhh Fuck…” she moaned as she began to thrust her fingers deeper into herself, moving them in and out rhythmically, burying her fingers inside her, soaking her fist with her juices.

In no time, Katie could feel her orgasm building. Closing her eyes, she concentrated on achieving her impending climax. Her fantasies returned, now imagining Cameron stood behind her, thrusting her fingers, fucking Katie hard.

Suddenly Katie’s legs became weak. “Ohh Yes! Fuck!” She screamed, pushing her fingers as deep as her soaking pussy would allow. Her cunt tightened as she came around her fingers, the wetness of her pussy, covering her hand. Slowly, the orgasm died down, Katie was left exhausted, breathing hard. She turned her head, catching a look at herself in the mirror. Her face was flushed as she remained bent over, her panties looking obscene as they stretched around her thighs.

“Fucking hell — What are you doing Katie?” she ashamedly said to herself, her breathing slowing down. Standing up, she shook her head almost in disbelief. She had just fingered herself silly in her friend’s house. It was almost as if she had wanted to be caught in the act.

A noise from the flat above suddenly made Katie very aware of where she was. She realised Cameron could return home any moment. Katie decided she did not want to be caught in an embarrassing situation by her friend again. She hastened to straighten herself out, pulling up the still wet panties and putting on a short skirt in favour of her jeans.

Katie decided it was time to go. Letting herself out of her friends apartment, she returned to her car, opened the door and threw her bags in. Climbing in behind the wheel she turned the key, let off the handbrake and started home.


The drive home was not a long one. Katie however, took the opportunity to reflect on the events of the previous 12 hours. She had been stunned at the scene she witnessed internet casino last night. She had no idea that Cameron, her friend of only a week, was into casual group sex! But the biggest surprise to Katie was her own behaviour…

She had brought herself off twice in the last 12 hours – Once whilst secretly spying on a threesome and once alone in her friends’ apartment when she could have been caught at any time! What concerned Katie most was that on both occasions she could not have resisted her temptation to get herself off, nor from fantasizing about her friend Cameron. It was so unlike Katie, she was normally so incredibly shy and nervous! And here she was, driving home wearing a pair of her still soaked panties!

Katie tried to rationalize some of the thoughts in her head. What was wrong with her? Did she have feelings for Cameron? She had never thought about a woman like that before. And why was she compelled to take such risks all of a sudden? Did she crave the sex like she witnessed last night? Did she subconsciously want to get caught? She did not know.


Arriving home, Katie got out of her car and walked into her house. Going straight upstairs, she walked into her bathroom and turned on the shower. Leaving the shower running, she crossed the hall into her bedroom. She pulled her top off then unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the ground. Finally, she slowly pulled her used panties down her slender legs, tossing them onto her bed.

Katie walked naked into the bathroom. There was still a thought that was bothering her as she stepped into the shower. She let the water cascade over her toned body as she considered what Evan had said the night before, something about getting intimately acquainted… Finally it dawned on her. “No, surely not” Katie thought… Evan surely didn’t expect her to have joined in last night! Katie refused to believe her own conclusion, trying to convince herself she was just being silly. She finally managed to dismiss the thought.

During her long shower, Katie decided to spend the afternoon shopping. She took her time getting ready, dressing in a fitted black jumper and her favourite jeans. As per usual, she had chosen to wear a fairly expensive matching set of white lacy lingerie underneath. She walked out of the house, jumped back into her car, and took off into town.

Surely a nice quiet afternoon shopping would help her to forget about sex for a while..?

To be continued…

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