Katrina Ch. 08

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Another distraction? Of course. And why not if they contain a good story or two. But we are almost at the final of the first Katrina series now. Before we get to that final story, let’s follow the group on some other sexy adventures involving nudity and fun. First, we follow Mandara as she goes nude swimming in public for the first time. A fantasy realised. Then both groups that played Strip Chess get together for a Nude Cruise out to the Great Barrier Reef. The major purpose here is to develop Katrina’s taste for nudity and allow her to meet a new friend.

I’m not telling you any more than this so go read the story. – Sexy Sue.

* * * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * * *

Hello from Amita,

We are still following the sexual adventures of Katrina. During the first few days at the resort island resort, surprisingly we spent most of our time on the clothed side. Yes, we wore our sexy bikinis and even went topless on one of the beaches, but of course, nudity was not allowed.

Sometimes the guys went over to the nude side for a swim and I think to check out the girls there too. Some times some of us women went with them. Yes, being the nude side, we were willing to get naked. Nudity there wasn’t a problem for most of us and even Katina didn’t seem to mind. And not forgetting the games of strip chess we had played with the nudity and skinny dipping that followed.

On the family side, most of the time, Katrina was only wearing her bikini. Sometimes she wore the matching short skirt that Sarvesh and I had brought for her which still displayed most of her beautiful legs while giving her a bit more covering than her bikini bottom did. Much of the time, she remained with only her bikini top covering her breasts, except when we went to a restaurant or club, she wore the matching cover-up. I must admit how comfortable she was going like that and she has a body that suited it too. Made many men turn for a second look but either that didn’t bother her either of she didn’t notice the attention she was getting.

The second time the guys went over to the nude side, Katrina and I decided to go too. When the other women saw we intended going, they all decided to come too, leaving just Hansini and Jenny to keep an eye on the kids.

When we went walked across the island towards the to the nude side, Katrina was wearing her bikini and the skirt. She followed Shanti, Lizamoa and I into the changing room. Lizamoa and Shanti stripped completely, deciding to go out like that. For me, I wasn’t so bold, I decided to go naked with only a cover-up over me. I was wondering what Katrina would do.

To my surprise, she reached behind herself and undid her bikini top. Still leaving the skirt on, she reached underneath and pulled down her bikini bottom putting both items into a small beach bag she was carrying. Now she was topless, wearing nothing but that tiny skirt, she followed us out into the nude area of the resort. It was obvious she was intending to swim naked like I was intending once we were inside. But going topless like that was even bolder than I was in my cover-up. I think it looked sexier than complete nudity too.

When we found a place, under some shade on the beach, the boys quickly suggested a swim. Lizamoa and Shanti were of course already naked. I just slipped off my cover-up and a glance across at Katrina revealed she had just stepped out of her skirt. All of us now naked, we ran down across the sand to the water. Sharon was naked too but for some reason Mandara and Mega seemed a bit shy. Katrina stayed back with the two women, I think to encourage them, while the rest of us followed the boys.

Leaving them, we all ran down in a group towards the water which couldn’t be called cold, rather just cool and refreshing against our naked flesh. The other two women had become brave enough to join us so we could all spend some time splashing and enjoyed the water.

* * * * * * * * * *

When we returned to our things, I noticed that Katrina quickly replaced her skirt. All the rest of us decided to remain naked. Later, when we went swimming in the pool, Katrina again joined us nude but replacing her skirt again afterwards again. Still a bit of modesty there, still a bit shy but no body said anything, just allowing her to dress as she felt comfortable.

As I’ve just mentioned, Katrina wasn’t the only one trying nudity on a nude beach for the first time. My good friend, Mandara, is now going to tell you about this same day, the first time she went to the nude side of the resort.

* * * * * * * * * *



* * * * * * * * * *

My Fantasy – Going nude at a Nude Beach.

* * * * * * * * * *

Hi, it is Mandara now!

I can’t be believing after all the letters we have been making I have never been doing the writing. Yes, I have helped with some of them, particularly the one of the night I had with Mike, but this is to be my own letter to be writing so I am proud to be telling and you are learning, my own sultanbeyli escort story to be told. Thank you Amita and Hansini for helping me writing with the English. Thanking you Mike for helping with the speaking bits and other naughty things we did online when you were supposed to be helping me. Ha Ha.

* * * * * * * * * *

Yes, I was fully informed this resort had a family side and also the nude side as well. (No surprise with that.) So for many months before I came to there, I was thinking about my body shape being on show in either the bikini or even being nude too. So I had been losing some of my weight and exercising until the day when we were leaving our house in India.

Oh the day we were leaving, I had just come from the shower room and I was admiring myself within the mirror and enjoying what I was viewing of myself. Yes, most definitely, I was looking so much better. Then Jeevan was in the room and viewing me too. He was remarking how sexy I was looking too.

He came up behind me while I posed for the mirror and reached around, grabbing to my breasts.

“Hey!” I mildly protested, trying to pull his hands off.

But he just grinned and held me tightly.

“You look so beautiful and sexy, Mandara,” he said.

I smiled. I was glad my own husband had said that.

“All the boys will be rushing after you in your new bikini,” he laughed.

“Well I hope not, only the few we know will be fine.”

“You’ll look great naked too,” he added.

Then he stopped to look at my face via in the mirror.

“You are going nude aren’t you?”

“Yes,” I replied. “I am thinking about it… just a bit scared… maybe nervous though.”

“You’ll be fine, Mandara. You look so hot naked. Look at you now.”

We both returned our attention to the mirror to review my naked body and I just smiled at him there. I did like what he had told me. My breasts, being of the larger size, looked good. My pussy, a full bushy triangle was neatly trimmed. My body colour is much darker than many of my friends but I’m Ok with that too. I was happy with what I saw and my husband admitting it too made it ever better.

“All the boys will enjoy seeing this sexy Indian girl naked,” he told me again.

Now his hands were lower. Down across my now flat belly, down on to my pussy. As he touched me there, I closed my eyes. It felt good. Yes, he had a reaction from me there.

He began pulling me towards the bed. I resisted a bit but not too much. I was concerned about getting ready. Amita and Sarvesh would be here soon and I didn’t want to be late.

Soon we were on the bed. The sex that followed was good but made us much later. It was a madly rushing getting everything done and the kids ready before Sarvesh and Amita arrived. As it was we were not finished and still rushing around when they walked in.

“Not ready yet,” Sarvesh said.

“We got distracted,” Jeevan laughed giving him a wink.

“Ah,” Sarvesh laughed. “That sort of distraction.”

“Sorry Sarvesh,” I said as I rushed past him with a kid under my arm.

“Don’t be sorry. With a sexy lady like you, I wonder Jeevan isn’t distracted all the time.”

That was nice. I stopped, stepped back gave him a peck on the cheek for that nice compliment.

“Now! Now, Mandara,” cheeky Sarvesh replied. “Don’t you be distracting with me too or we’ll never reach Australia.”

For that, he got a punch on his arm to go with my kiss.

We all laughed as we did the final few things. But I was pleased he said that. After him saying that I felt a lot more confident about the showing of my body. If two men I respect would make good comments about how my body looked now, then I knew I could be proud to show it off in both my new bikini or even in my nude self.

Amita helped with the kids while Sarvesh took our bags to the van. Soon we were in the van and on the way across the river to pick up Hansini and Mootie. Jeevan took some teasing from those in the van for making us late but funny, nothing was said to me, making it entirely his fault.

* * * * * * * * * *

We were at the resort on the island on the second day. Yes, I know. That is a huge jump, from India to the resort, with only a little row of dots, but Amita says Katrina is informing you of our journey so I will go straight to the main purpose of my story.

We were relaxing after the lunch when the boys made the plan to go to the nude side of the resort. I then heard Amita and Katrina agreeing to follow them also. I have been interested in seeing a nude beach and when they were going I was bold to be going too.

We went into the undressing room at the gate to the nude area and I was seeing Lizamoa and Shanti taking of their bikinis completely. Amita also became naked but then replacing with only her cover-up. I was knowing they would be swimming nude when they did. I decided I must be the same way for this as well. I saw young Katrina strip down to wearing just a tiny bikini skirt with nothing else. I realised tuzla escort that girl was willing to go with the breasts being bared. That was very bold of her. I wasn’t as brave for that so I followed Amita’s example and wore a cover-up over my naked body parts.

I first took off the shirt and shorts I had been wearing and this was leaving only my bikini on underneath. Next, I was taking the top and then also the bikini bottom too.

“Are you skinny-dipping too?” Shanti asked me.

“Yes, Shanti I have always wanted to try at a nude beach and so I must not miss this chance.”

“It is very brave of you for your first time in public.”

“Yes but I must be saying I am a bit nervous too.”

“Well you’ll be OK,” she reassured me. “Once you get into the water it is not so bad.”

“Yes, I know. But I’ve made my mind, I am going to do this. And I am not going to be being just within the water either,” I informed her trying to sound determined.

So I put all my clothes into a small bag and just was wearing a cover-up over my naked body. I then followed the other girls out into the nude side of the resort.

We met the boys outside and I was happy to see the smile on Jeevan’s face. He was pleased to see what I was wearing too. Or should I say, to see what I was not wearing.

* * * * * * * * * *

Outside, Mike was among the men when we came from the dressing room. I caught him looking at Katrina.

“You look lovely, Katrina,” he said.

We were all fully understanding he was meaning her being topless with her freshly bared breasts was what he was admiring. But she just smiled shyly and thanked him.

Some of us women had noticed there seemed an attraction between those two which is a surprise considering they hardly are knowing of each other.

* * * * * * * * * *

In this side of the resort, we walked through the main area that had the restaurant and bar and then even some swimming pools too. Around this area, I noticed almost everyone was completely naked. Beyond this, there was a jetty and then finally the beach. We had decided to swim at the beach first. I think they were considering a few of us shyer ones but I was thankful for that.

There were a few dozen people scattered along the beach, most of them nude with a few girls topless. We put our gear down under some shade and then straight off they wanted to go swimming. Soon the guys were stripping any gear they had left on. Shanti Lizamoa and Sharon were of course already naked so joined them too. Amita was quickly the same way.

I looked over at Mega who like me still wore her cover-up but she still had her bikini bottom on too.

“Are you going in like them… nude?” she asked.

“Well I already have my bikini off,” I replied. “I have always been thinking to try this.”

“Going nude is very brave. There are many people here.”

“Yes, I know. I was hoping not so many people. But still, I am going to do it and be taking my swimming nude.”

“Ok if you do, I’ll do the same too.”

“You are brave too, Mega,” I tried to encourage her.

“Yes, I never thought I would very be brave enough to bare my body before so many people. Even if most of them are nude already. But now I am here, I think I can be brave enough to do it.”

With a nervous giggle, we pulled off our cover-ups. She quickly slipped off her bikini bottoms and then we were totally nude. I reached over and took her hand. She smiled at me, giving a nervous giggle. Beside us, I watched Katrina had dropped her tiny skirt too and was naked like us.

Three Indian woman, naked and ready, on show to all on that beach, ready to followed the others to take our bathing in the ocean, another first for all three of us to be nude swimming in an ocean. Still holding hands with Mega, Katrina beside us, we were racing down across the sand to catch with the others who by this time were already in the water enjoying.

So after all that dreaming about going to a nude beach, here I was. My fantasy was becoming true. It had surprised me how easy it had been to do. Once we both made my mind, I just pulled off my cover-up leaving me naked underneath. It may have been harder if I had more to remove, I would have had more time to think. Then once the three of us were running down the beach, we forgot about what we were wearing in the rush to catch up with the others.

Once we were in the water, the fun we were having occupied us but it was when we got out that it became more interesting. With us in the water and our clothes up under the tree we had to walk between the two. When we left the water there were people on the beach who were watching us as well. I think it was a surprise to see these naked Indians.

This for me was very sexy to be walking in front of so many people, giving the full frontal viewing when I was like that. Yes, I know they were mostly like I was, with the nude too. Yes I know, I had often said how I would be happy to do and I was doing too. But it was just a bit scary, just a bit sexy ümraniye escort and just a bit exciting too.

* * * * * * * * * *

Now once we had done that, we decided to return to the bar for a drink. When those others did not bother with the clothes Mega and I decided we could do the same. I placed my cover-up in the bag with the rest of my clothings. So now I was with the group walking around the resort naked. I think the only one of our group who wore any clothings was Katrina who returned to her tiny little skirt until the next time she went swimming.

When we arrived at the pool, this was with so many more people. This bar was different in that part of it was level with the swimming pool so people could go to the bar and sit at the bar without getting out of the pool. That was an interesting way of doing it, so we enjoyed this and stayed at the swimming pool bar for a couple of drinks.

Once we got out of the pool, I took a towel from my bag to dry myself. While I was doing I was noticing a man nearby in the pool, watching up at me. I was partly turned away from him and I first thought to turn fully away so only my back could be viewed by him. Then another rather more naughty thought came to me.

I told myself I was here to show my body off nude, well here was a very special chance since he was only a little way away from us and down below me, looking up. I decided I would dry off my hair and in doing this, I turned to completely facing him. As I reached to my hair with the towel my body stretched up and entirely exposed to him. With me facing him and my arms reaching up my breasts were displayed at their best, each crowned with my dark black nipples against the lighter brown of my skin. Lower between my thighs was my bushy pussy but lower down I had trimmed back the hair too. Not shaven just cut short with the scissors.

I even looked at him and he smiled to me. I smiled in return because I knew I had even parted my legs slightly more, making it like an accident, but giving him an excellent view of up to my pussy too. From where he was below me in the pool, I had no doubt he could view everything of my body. Yes, I was fully aware my pussy lips were displayed and I was happy he could see too.

When I was finished and as I turned my back so he could admire my behind while I slipped back into my cover-up. It was then that Mega came up to me.

“Did you see that man?” she asked.

“A man?” I asked acting the innocent.

“The man below you. The one in the pool below you. When you were drying yourself.”

“Which one?” I tried not to smile as I added, “There are many men here, Mega.”

“Oh, you must have seen him, Mandara. He was looking right up at you.”

Then I grinned. I couldn’t hold it in any longer. “Yes he was, wasn’t he? And I was giving him the best view too.”

“You mean you knew he was looking at you?”

“Yes I saw him looking. I even turned so he could get a better frontal view too.”

“You didn’t, did you?”

“Yes, I did. I wanted him to see me. Every part of me. That is why I acted to dry my hair so I could remain longer and give off the better view of my pussy.”

“That was very naughty, Mandara.”

“Yes it was, wasn’t it,” I replied. “I saw he was watching up at me and when I was reaching for my hair I opened my legs a bit and I know he was seeing right into my pussy secrets too.”

“Mandara! You even showed him that part too?”

“Yes, I did Mega. I wanted him to be looking. And it is making me hot knowing he was watching at me.”

“That was so bold of you!”

“Yes and now I feeling a bit naughty and a bit sexy too, Mega.”

She smiled at me, then we both laughed.

“Is Jeevan going to get lucky today, Mandara?”

“Some man is, as soon as I can get one.”

“Oh, you are naughty, Mandara.”

“I know,” I giggled in reply.

Then I looked at her. Saw her now comfortable with her nudity.

“How about you Mega? Did you enjoy showing for the boys?”

“Well, yes I did a bit. I felt a bit shy at first.”

“I saw those two men watching you.”

“Yes, I knew a couple of men were watching us from the side of the pool. I knew they were interested in looking to us Indian girls and I was happy they were admiring my breasts and even my pussy too.”

“We must come over to the nude side again. I like showing off now.”

“Yes, Mandara,” Mega laughed. “So do I.”

I reached over and gave her a quick hug before I picked up my bag and followed the others towards the gate to the main resort.

Back at the family side, both Jeevan and I went to our room to shower off the ocean salt. When I related how I displayed my pussy to that man, he was very happy and quickly I found myself on the bed receiving another bonus from him.

* * * * * * * * * *

And during the remaining holiday, we did get to spend more times and have more adventures on the nude side of the resort. I know some of these will be told by others but I must mention there was the stripping chess game in which we all were involved and the nude cruise to the Barrier Reef which we were all involved in too.

At other times we just came over for a quick swim in which I always took the opportunity to be involved in a bit of exhibitionism, the showing off too when any men were close enough for seeing.

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