Kelly’s Afternoon

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The weather forecast was definitely off a bit -it was not suppose to get this warm out today Kelly thought to herself as she walked across the footbridge on campus. She was glad classes were done for today and she was looking forward to getting to her apartment, change into some cooler clothes and relax a bit, maybe catch up on the gossip with her roommate Lisa. She dropped her backpack of books on the floor and started to feel better already. There was a note on the kitchen table from Lisa – she said she had to go into work to cover for someone who called in sick but thought she would be home in time to help with dinner.

Kelly was a bit disappointed, but on the other hand maybe some quiet time with the apartment to herself would be nice. She headed to her bedroom to change – she peeled off her jeans and sweatshirt – those were the wrong choice of things to put on this morning. While she looking in her dresser for a t-shirt she caught sight of herself in the mirror. She look up for a bit and looked herself over. Kelly had a body than any woman wouldn’t mind having – she was very attractive – dimples in her smile, blue eyes, strawberry blond hair, 36c chest, and she stood in at 5-9 and a 120 pounds. A body most guys wouldn’t mind having either!

But at the moment she didn’t have a boyfriend and although her class schedule kept her very busy she wouldn’t have minded having a guy around for certain reasons. Kelly ran her hands over herself and watch in the mirror – she unsnapped her bra and caressed her breasts. She had the apartment to herself and she was thinking of taking advantage of it. She pulled out a t-shirt, pulled in on, slipped off her panties and pulled on a pair of shorts. Finally she reached into way back of her dresser under some other clothes and pulled out her vibrator and video tape and headed back to the kitchen.

She re-read the note from Lisa to make sure what time she could be expected back – since it was just after lunch she figured she had most of the afternoon. Time for some fun she thought to herself. She put the tape in the VCR, poker oyna found the necessary remotes and got comfortable on the sofa. Kelly had always felt she had a bit of kinky side – the fact that she like to watch pornos and masturbate – something she didn’t know if any her friends enjoyed doing or not – at least not any of her female friends, she figured it something guys did all the time from the stories she’d heard.

It didn’t take long before she was more than a bit turned on, even though she’d watch the video many times before. She caressed her breasts, pinched her nipples and eventually worked her hands further down her body, slipped them into her shorts and found her wet pussy was waiting for them. She rubbed her clit a bit and slipped a finger inside. She was laying, back against the arm of the sofa, slowing rubbing herself and watching when all of a sudden the doorbell rang. Of all the great timing someone has she thought to herself.

Hopefully this would only be someone selling something and this wouldn’t take long. She stopped the VCR which then switched back to the TV. She got herself up, went to the door and looked through the peep hole. It was Jack – Lisa’s boyfriend – this wasn’t so bad she thought to herself as she opened the door. They exchanged hellos and as expected Jack was looking for Lisa. Kelly invited him in and showed him Lisa’s note that said she was working. Jack was a bit disappointed, not totally because Lisa wasn’t there but that his ride to the apartment had just dropped him off and left on a half hour errand – so he was a bit stranded.

He asked was it was okay if he hung around for a bit. Kelly didn’t answer immediately and Jack the idea that maybe he was interrupting her but then she answered that it was okay, that she was just watching TV and it would be just fine if he stayed. They went back into the living room, Kelly sat back down on the sofa and Jack made himself comfortable in the over sized chair. Kelly hadn’t realized it but the TV was on a shopping channel. She laughed that this wasn’t very interesting and reached for canlı poker oyna the remote on the coffee table. It was then that she realized that her vibrator was sitting there in plain site.

Now if had been your regular vibrator it might not have been as noticeable, but it was medium sized black jelly one that looked like a cock. Jack happened to look over at Kelly as she picked up the remote and couldn’t help but notice the vibrator there on the table. He was definitely taken off guard, he didn’t exactly know what to do or say but he glanced up at Kelly. Kelly looked at Jack and then back to the TV and started flipping channels. There was an intense feeling in Kelly’s pussy as she flipped through the channels – she couldn’t ignore it. She set down the remote and looked at Jack.

She started to talk and then stopped, then started again – this time it all came out – she told him that she had been watching a porno and masturbating when the doorbell rang and she didn’t care what he thought because she knew guys did that all time or at least thats what she heard and she needed to do something about it and she needed to do it now so if he wanted to stay that was fine, if he wanted to watch or participate or anything that would be find as well – she would never say anything to Lisa. With that she turned the VCR back on and pressed play. A couple was into some heavy foreplay came on the screen. Kelly couldn’t remember ever feeling this horny before – her pussy was throbbing. She stood up and peeled off her clothes and sat back down on the sofa, her feet on the coffee table. One hand went to her pussy and the other caressed her breasts and pulled at her nipples. She knew Jack was there but didn’t look for at least a couple minutes. The couple on the TV had started fucking and Kelly heard the sound of a zipper. She looked over at Jack who was standing and taking his pants off – his cock sprang forth like a wicked flag pole. He looked at her and starting stroking.

Kelly leaned forward and picked up her vibrator. Jack sat back down in the chair and couldn’t decide internet casino if he wanted to watch Kelly or the TV. Kelly changed position a bit so Jack could get a better view her using the vibrator – that made Jack’s choice a bit easier. Kelly slipped the vibrator in and out of her pussy – Jack’s eyes were watching, his hand stroking away. Kelly was really close and when combined rubbing her clit and fucking herself self with the vibe her hips started bucking as she came. It was a long one – longer than she could ever remember having.

Jack was mesmerized. Kelly slipped the vibrator out of her twitching pussy and set it back on the coffee table. She got up and walked over in front of Jack. He stopped stroking, his cock standing straight up – pulsating. Kelly turned around, reached down and took Jack’s cock in her hand and then sat down on his lap, guiding his shaft into her pussy. She lay back against Jack and he reached around and caressed her breasts – it was the identical position the couple on the TV were in. Jack thrust his cock in and out Kelly’s pussy. Kelly hips were bucking as she came again. Then the couple on the TV started to change position and Kelly somehow managed to get up off of Jack’s cock.

She turned around and looked at his glistening shaft – still throbbing in midair. She looked back at the TV and the couple was now fucking from behind. Kelly went back to the sofa and knelt on the cushions, facing the back – she spread her legs wide and reached between them with her hand. She spread here pussy lips apart and slipped a finger inside as she looked back over her shoulder at Jack. He got the message and got up and moved behind her, his cock sliding back inside. Kelly looked over her shoulder and told him to fuck her until he was going to cum, but she wanted to see him squirt. Jack proceeded to fuck her – slow, then fast, then slow. He told here he was about to come and Kelly turned around and told him to cum on her tits.

Jack gave his cock two strokes and he ejaculated on her breasts, streams of cum covering them. Kelly rubbed it around her tits and pinched her nipples with the slippery coating. She looked up at Jack, smiled and put a finger to her lips. Then she got up, picked up her vibrator, her clothes, took the tape out of the VCR and went to her room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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