Kirrily’s Risqué Roadtrip Ch. 01

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It was late February and together with my older cousin Jayce and my mother Riley I was loading the last of my belongings into the car. We had spent the whole morning packing as today I was heading off to university. It was only 8am but it was 30 degrees outside. Mum, Jayce, and I were all getting pretty sweaty loading everything in, I thought to myself that we really should have done this last night but ahhh well. The last piece of the puzzle was the little mini fridge Dad had bought for my room. The boot was already full, my 60″ TV was sitting on the console dividing the front seats and the back seat wouldn’t fit much more.

“Wait… Where are we going to put the fridge?” I heard Jayce ask.

“Right here! Duuuh” I said pointing at the empty seat in the back.

“Lol! Ok so I’m getting strapped to the roof am I?” Jayce replied sarcastically.

“Ohh. Right… Forgot you were coming to be honest” I said feeling a bit silly. “Does he REALLY have to come?” I asked mum, whining jokingly.

“I’m not going to be left to unpack all of your junk without our big strong private removalist” mum replied while laying her hand on Jayce’s broad shoulders.

It would be nice to have someone helping in this heat I thought to myself. “Do we really need to bring the fridge then? You can just bring along when you visit me!” I announced.

“Nope! I’ll be too busy with work and besides you’ll need a place to store your groceries” Mum replied over her shoulder as she walked back into the house.

“More like a place to store all the vodka cruisers you’ll be drinking” Jayce said while smirking once Mum was out of earshot.

“Truuuuuuuuue” I replied, winking back.

I looked into the car trying to figure out how we were going to fit the fridge before looking at my cousin for an answer. That’s when it hit me. “I know what we can do” I said as I leaned into the car to shuffle some stuff around in the back. I was wearing my denim mini shorts so I really shouldn’t have been surprised when I turned around to get out of the car I caught Jayce’s eyes darting up from my butt. I glared at him for a moment before walking over and squatting down to grab the fridge.

Jayce just stood there. Still staring but now with a confused look on his face rather than the inappropriate one I caught him with moments ago.

“Well aren’t you going to help me Mr. Macho Removalist Man?” I said snarkily.

“Ok then. Still not going to fit but whatever” he said as he bent down to help.

Mum was just walking back out to the car as we set the fridge down on the back seat and it was immediately obvious that even my skinny little frame wasn’t going to be able to squeeze into the space left over. “So where do you plan on sitting then smarty pants?” Mum asked while squeezing a small bag of hers behind the front seat.

“In the front ” I replied while grinning widely.

“Aaaahhhh I called shotgun the moment your mum asked me to come on this trip with you” argued Jayce.

“I know, I know. I wouldn’t deprive you of the view. You deserve at least that for helping. I’ll just sit on your lap!” I replied with a cutsey smile.

“Kirrily. It’s a five hour drive. I don’t think you or your cousin will be able to sit like that for so long” My mom stated bluntly.

There was a few moments silence before Jayce spoke up “I mean I guesssss it could work, she’s like 5 foot nothing” he said as he walked up behind me, grabbing my waist on either side with his large hands. “Doesn’t weigh much either” he added as he lifted and started jiggling me up and down like he was gauging my weight.

“Hey! I’m not that short!” I exclaimed while flailing my arms helplessly behind me, trying to smack my cousin as he held me aloft.

“Hmm, that’s not a bad point Jayce. She is built like a little doll and you might actually be ok if she changes her position enough” Mum thought, reluctantly, aloud. “But even your little butt would take its toll on this long a drive” Mum said as she slapped my arse on the way to the car.

“Yay!” I exclaimed as I wriggled out of Jayce’s grip, “I’m so excited! I’ll go jump into the shower and get ready to go” I squealed as I skipped off inside. I hopped into the shower and couldn’t help thinking about the comments Jayce made ‘I am not that short!’ I thought as I huffed out loud ‘I’m almost 5’3″!… I guess he did get one thing right though”, I ran soapy hands down my slender torso “I am pretty skinny so no wonder he could lift me so easily’.

I finished showering and quickly dried off as I headed to my room. I rummaged through my drawer and picked out an old un-matching set of panties and bra as everything I liked was already packed. I thought for a moment of what to wear with them and figured as I was going to be sat on my cousin’s lap for five hours I’d better wear something comfy. I searched through what was left of my wardrobe, all either pieces I didn’t plan on bringing to uni or ones I had grown out of. After searching for a moment I found a cute summer dress I used to wear all the time when I was younger. It was a light, yozgat escort short sleeve, dress with a floral print and buttons that ran down the length of the front. It was a bit short but after looking at myself in the mirror I reasoned it covered enough of my thighs to be wearable. Good enough for a road trip with family anyway.

As I put the dress on and started buttoning it up I noticed my bra was a bit too visible, the fabric was thin enough that my dark blue bra stood out a bit too much, ‘I can’t wear this’ I thought. In my impatience to get going I figured there was only one solution to this problem, regardless of how risqué it might be. I quickly lifted my dress off over my head so I could remove my bra with ease and after doing so flung it aside.

I was bending down to pick my dress up off the floor when I heard my door creak open “Are you ready yet?” Mum called out as she barged into my room. In a split second I shot up while trying to use my bunched up dress to cover my chest.

“MUM GET OUT I’M STILL NAKED!” I squealed at her.

“Darling your pussy isn’t even showing, nothing I haven’t seen before anyway. Hurry up, we are waiting on you” She said calmly.

“Okaaaaaaaaay. Sheesh mother….” I replied, exasperated but with my heart racing.

After she left the room I closed my door and slipped back into my dress once again. I stood back in front of my mirror and did a couple twirls to see how I looked. I couldn’t help but admire how cute I looked in the outfit. I focused on my chest and started feeling a little excited at the prospect of going braless. I thought to myself ‘my boobies are small and perky enough, who needs a bra. You can barely see my nipples either with how light and wavy this fabric is’. The dress WAS short but that was only a bonus in this heat. I quickly tied my long hair back, slipped on some tan flats and headed down to the car.

My cousin was already in his seat ready for me to take mine. I inelegantly climbed over him and took my place on his lap. He smelled strongly of Lynx deodorant but hadn’t changed from the sweaty clothes he was wearing to help pack the car, just some light exercise shorts and a t-shirt.

“Is this okay Jayce? I’m not squishing you, am I?” I asked.

“Nah you’re all good, barely noticed you sat down” he replied, patting my thigh in emphasis.

He already had the aircon blasting by the time I sat down and it took me a moment to realise my dress was fluttering up around my hips, dangerously close to flashing him a view of the pretty floral panties I was wearing, that is if I hadn’t already. I realised I must be blushing at the thought of it and quickly tried to hold it down to maintain my modesty.

Mum walked out of the house and like Jayce was still wearing the same outfit as before, a lightweight pair of colourful shorts and a tight tank top that was barely much more than a sports bra. She sat down in the driver’s seat and due to the overload of stuff in the car and my TV across the centre console we could only see the top half of each other’s faces. “Are you comfortable over there?” She asked. We both replied almost in unison with a very brief “YUP!” and with that she turned on her music and we were off on our journey.

I couldn’t contain my excitement to be finally heading off. I started bouncing on Jayce’s lap “EEEEEEE! I can’t wait to get there!” I squealed.

“We’ve barely started moving Kirrily, calm down!…” Mum said “… and stop jumping around like that, Jayce doesn’t need some brat bouncing up and down on his… lap”. I had to wonder why she paused like that.

It wasn’t long after I stopped bouncing around that Jayce started jostling around beneath me instead. I had to keep repositioning my ass to suit, “Are you not comfortable?” I asked.

“I’m ok. Just trying to figure out how our bodies fit together” he replied, laughing nervously.

“Well you aren’t doing a very good job. Stop moving so much” I told him bluntly. He stopped, immediately I felt a pressure push against my butt and I realised why he seemed so uncomfortable earlier.

I hadn’t thought about this happening when I suggested our seating positions. Now that I was focusing on it I could feel it growing larger and harder. ‘Just how much more could it grow’ I thought to myself.

I wondered what he was thinking about in that moment, ‘had he seen my panties when my dress was fluttering in the breeze? Maybe he could see down the top of my dress and noticed I wasn’t wearing a bra or maybe he really did just want some brat bouncing up and down on his…lap’. After thinking about it for a while I realized I kinda liked the idea that I could make my older cousin get hard just by sitting on his lap. I relished the idea of having this power over my older cousin, feeling his dick press against me made me feel like a little slut.

After sitting for a while wholly focusing on the feeling of his boner pressing against my ass I decided I should get my phone out to pretend that thought alone wasn’t entirely engulfing my thoughts. yozgat escort bayan I opened up snapchat and posed for a cute pic with my older cousin, almost a head taller than me, as a backdrop ‘road trip lyfe ✌’ I captioned as I sent it to all my friends.

It was a real struggle to keep my dress pinned down with one hand and I wasn’t about to spend 5 hours without using my phone so I decided to just forget about my modesty and let my dress freely flutter around in the aircon. This of course meant that my panties were almost certainly completely visible to Jayce as I sat on his lap.

After a while of mindlessly browsing instagram and watching tikok dances I reasoned that Mum surely couldn’t tell I was displaying myself in such an indecent manner as if she did she’d probably call me a slut and pull over to make me wear some pants instead. I felt my cousin reposition himself and as he did this I felt his hard cock slip perfectly between my ass cheeks. Part of me really wished he’d make some lewd comment like ‘Can you feel my dick Kirrily’ or ‘You know it’s your fault my cock is so hard’ but alas no such comment came. I decided I had to initiate.

“Are you ok Jaycey? Is my butt causing a problem?” I asked in a cutesy voice as I pushed back to press his dick between my butt and his stomach.

“Ohh nooo, this position feels pretty good. How about you?” He replied.

“I’m good. I think we found how our bodies are meant to fit” I said quietly as I turned to face him “The air conditioning is a little intense though” I said while trying to pull my dress down.

“Ohh you’re a little cool are you? Here let me help with that ” Jayce offered as he began rubbing my thighs, pretending to warm me up but I’m sure all he was just using it as an excuse to hold up my dress to keep sight of my thinly veiled pussy.

I looked down to see my cousin’s large hands slowly rubbing up and down my legs. He pressed his thumbs into my inner thighs, daring to graze my panties as he slid them close to my crotch. I felt so impure to be touched in this way but it turned me on so very much, my heart beat that much faster every time he massaged higher up my thigh, teasing me and he edged closer and closer to my pussy. As he was rubbing my thighs I could feel his cock pulse between my asscheeks, I knew he was ready for more.

I lifted my legs one at a time and placed them on the outside of my cousins. Now all he had to do was push his legs apart and he would spread me wide open to be violated as he pleased. My pussy throbbed at the idea of giving him so much power to control me. He quickly figured out what he could now do and spread my legs wide open. His fingers finally reached the edge of my panties, softly brushing, just barely grazing the lips of my pussy through the fabric.

Jayce continued with his teasing movements for some time while holding my legs apart until I felt his fingers make a determined move, shifting a hand off of my leg, grazing his fingers across my pubic mound before laying them to rest while softly cradling my needing sex. Feeling the fingers of his large hand slowly rub up against me through the thin layer of fabric sent shivers through my body, I let out a deep exhale to try and control myself. I lost myself in the moment briefly before being shocked back to reality as I felt a finger slowly pull my panties to one side allowing him his first view of my exposed vagina.

I could feel my wet kitty throbbing, awaiting his touch, as his hand hovered above her. “Please touch me” I tried to whisper to but before I finished the sentence he dropped his hand and took a hold of me, sending a shot of pleasure through my body. I felt my already wet pussy moisten further to his touch. He started brushing his fingers across my wet pussy lips with one hand while the other continued to massage my inner thigh. I felt his fingers briefly search for my opening then without warning promptly sunk his middle finger the full depth inside which made me shriek just briefly in shock.

“You two ok over there?” My mum asked, turning down the music.

“I’m good!” Jayce replied without delay

“How about you darling? Do you need to stretch your legs?” Mom asked me.

“Nah I’ve got plenty of room to stretch myself out over here, I’m feeling much more comfortable now” I replied as Jayce pinned my legs to the walls of the car and sunk a second finger into my pussy.

I feigned a cough to muffle my moan as Jayce spoke up “Yeah, sh-, I mean, it’s far more open than I thought over here”.

“Ohh good, I’m glad you two are feeling good” Mum replied as I thought to myself ‘way better than just good’.

With that my mum turned up her music and focused back on the road. Jayce started to slide his fingers in and out of my now soaking pussy to the beat of the music, likely trying to conceal the indelicate sopping sounds he was causing my body to make. I had to bite my tongue to stop myself from moaning as we whispered “God you are fucking wet. Do you enjoy being so exposed and roughly used this close escort yozgat to your mother?”

I tried to think of a response but all of a sudden he pulled his fingers out of me and for a moment I was very disappointed. That feeling was quickly overpowered when I felt his hands run up inside my dress to hook his thumbs around the waistband of my panties. He released his legs and knowing exactly what he wanted I brought them together as he pulled my panties down to my knees and dropped them to the floor. I kicked them aside and promptly spread my legs as wide as I could. He returned his hand back to my pussy, pushing two fingers inside of me without a second thought.

My body was now responding to his every movement, as he fucked me with his fingers my hips rocked according to his direction. I felt Jayce’s free hand slide up my dress to my breast, he squeezed it firmly through the outside of my clothing. He spent a moment rubbing and tracing the outline of my tit before he whispered “Unbutton your dress, I want to play with your tits”. Without delay I sprung to action, I NEEDED him to be touching me as inappropriately as possible as soon as possible. Before I’d even got done undoing the last button his hand was reaching in to grab a handful of my bare breast. The cold air blowing from the aircon had made my nipples even harder than they already were through arousal alone. Jayce pinched and played with my nipple between his finger and thumb adding to my building extacy.

My heart was beating so hard I thought it might jump out of my chest. I laid my head back against Jayce’s shoulder to look at my mother and wondered what she would think if she knew her little girl was having her tits exposed and groped while shamelessly spreading her legs to be finger fucked all by the hands of her cousin. I felt so ashamed to be violated this grossly yet absolutely enthralled by my assailant, what little ability I had left to think has given to how I could give more of my body away.

I continued unbuttoning my dress until the front was totally open, it was exhilarating to completely expose my nude body. Jayce pulled his fingers out of my pussy and away from my tits, reached to grab me around my slim torso and lifted me up off of his lap. Without needing a prompt I pulled my dress out from underneath me and tossed it aside.

I waited to be sat back down but I was held up for a moment as he leaned close to my ear and said “I’m going to FUCK you now” laying such emphasis on the fuck that my mum had to have heard. My heart fluttered violently wondering if she would speak up but she didn’t turn to look at us. With one hand I reached up to the roof handle to support my weight while Jayce released his cock from his pants, the other I quickly moved to my gaping pussy, it demanded to have the void left by my cousin’s fingers filled.

“You ok baby?” Mum asked, sounding concerned.

“Yes all good mummy, just giving Jayce a moment to reposition himself” I responded as I explored the inside of my vagina, startled at how loose Jayce’s girthy fingers had left me.

“Awh good girl, do make sure he’s got enough room” My mother said.

A cheeky grin came over my face as I looked back at her and said “Ahh it was pretty tight but he made some room”.

I felt Jayce’s hands grip on my skinny frame tighten as he slowly guided me back to his lap, as I was lowered I felt something prod against my pussy lips. At first it didn’t penetrate but sparks were sent throughout my body as it slid through my lips. Jayce lifted me again, placing me so that the head of his cock sitting was at the entrance to my vagina. I reluctantly stopped fingering myself to reach below and grab his cock, using my hand to wipe my juices up and down the length of his shaft. I guided his cock to meet the entrance of my pussy once more, slowly he lowered my body inch by inch onto his cock until his whole length was penetrating. “AAaaah. you know Kirilly, I think our bodies fit together much better THIS way” he moaned into my ear.

After all the time Jayce had spent playing with my body and just the thought that I was completely naked being fucked by my cousin so close to my unsuspecting mother by the time my pussy reached the hilt of his cock I felt an orgasm take over. My whole body quaked, honouring the cock-full feeling he was giving me.

I covered my mouth with my hands to try and muffle my squeals. I looked over to see intently focused on the road, seemingly having no idea her nephew just impaled her little girl on his long cock. “Did you cum already?” Jayce whispered into my ear while giggling quietly.

Once my orgasm calmed down I turned to him and responded with “You’ve been playing with me for like an hour already I couldn’t help myself”. I placed my hands on Jayce’s thighs and began to slowly rock my hips back and forth. He reached up with both hands, grabbing my tits and pressed me against his chest which I took as meaning he was enjoying it.

We fucked like this for a while before Jayce said just a bit too loudly “I’m going to cum inside you Kirrily” and before I could protest he grabbed by my hips, lifted me nearly all the way off of his cock and slammed me back down, driving the whole length back deep inside me. As he firmly planted me back onto his dick my sopping wet cunt let out a loud squelch that could surely not be muffled by the music.

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