Lori and Tom Learn to Swing

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Lori and Tom lived in a comfortable suburban neighborhood. The couple had always had an active sex life, but lately it seemed to Lori as though they were going through the motions. Their two children were both in college now, living in their own apartments. Lori and Tom had the house to themselves, even though it was summer. Although they had a lot more time together, Lori felt something was missing. Tom was busy with work, but Lori was home everyday, She brought it up one day after dinner, as they were having drinks on the living room sofa.

“Tom, I think we need to open up our sex life.”

Tom was taken aback. “What do you mean, hon?”

“Well, it seems so routine now, like it’s scripted. Saturday or Sunday morning. Remember when we were in college? We didn’t know whether, or sometimes even who we were going to fuck on the weekend!”

Tom laughed. “Yes, I remember. But that was before we got married and had children.”

“Yes, but we are still fairly young. And we look great. We need to spice things up. I’m horny all the time. I want to fuck more.”

“Really. What prompted that?”

“Well, I’ve been talking to Jill at the gym. She and Randy are swingers.”

Lori and Tom were in both in their late 40’s They had been married for 20 some years, having originally met when they were in college. Lori was 5’9, with grey eyes and long legs. She was still a trim 140 pounds, with a 28 inch waist and a pronounced flair in her shapely hips. Atop that she sported small, but plump, B sized breasts that were still firm. Her hair was a light brown, but she bleached it and wore it blond, down to her shoulders. She worked out at a local gym 3 times a week, and all the men there thought of her as a 30 something milf.

Tom was a successful acountant. He had played college baseball, and after had always played amateur baseball, so at 6’1 he had always looked and carried himself as an athlete. He also went to the gym a couple of times a week to lift weights, giving him a muscular physique, which went well with his athletic carriage and confidant attitude.

Tom commuted to work downtown. Lori did not work, but maintained their home, their 1 acre yard, and their swimming pool with raised hot tub on one side that ran over into the pool. They kept the hot tub at 100º F and the pool at 80º, which was warm in the winter and comfortable in the summer.

“What do you mean, swingers?”

“You know, they swap partners with other couples for sex. I just think we should be open to some different experiences, to liven up our sex life. Jill says that she and Randy go to swinger parties about once a month, swap with other couples a couple of times a month and that they have sex with each other 4 or 5 times a week.”

“You want to fuck other guys?”

“That’s not what I said. I want to have more sex. I love you and I want to stay with you. I just think we should find out what is involved in swinging, to see if we are missing anything. I would never do anything unless we both agreed. But I’m horny all the time, and we might both think it is fun. “

Tom took a sip from his drink and looked at the ceiling for a full minute. Then he turned and looked at Lori.

“So you think we need more sexual excitement?”

“Not exactly that, I just don’t want it to be so routine. Didn’t you do some wild things in college?”

“Well, let’s see. I fucked two women in one day once, but not together. One in the afternoon and one that night. I attended a frat party one night where two of the football cheerleaders were taking on all comers. I nailed both of them, one of them twice. Along with about 20 other guys. That’s about as wild as I got. It was my roommate who was the wild one, he had a 12 inch donkey dick, so there were always good looking women hanging around our apartment. When I met you, I became infatuated and didn’t want anyone else. What about you?”

“Well, I was much wilder than you ever knew. I was a virgin as a freshman. I got fucked my first week on campus, and I liked it. I went out with a lot of different guys, and if I liked them I fucked on the first date. I fucked you on the first date, remember?”

He remembered the night vividly.

“But what you didn’t know is that after you took me home that night I got a call about midnight from a couple of other guys I knew and we went out to an all-night BBQ and ate. After we ate they told me they were going to take me somewhere and both fuck me. I still had your cum running down my leg! They took me to Lookout Point where I fucked them both in the car for about 4 hours. After that I fell hard for you, and when we started going out regularly, I reined myself in. But that’s not the wildest thing I did. Just before I met you, I blew 8 or 10 guys at a frat party, one after the other, in the fraternity lounge area.”

Tom could see where this was going and figured he had better get out in front of it before he lost control.

“So you are feeling the urge to indulge in wild sex again?”

“Well, not like istanbul travesti in college. But I would like to experiment a bit. I think WE should experiment a bit. Jill says she and Randy both have sex with others, and sometimes even date others. But it’s all out in the open, they tell each other everything.”

Tom thought some more. “OK, hon, why don’t we see if Randy and Jill want to come over for dinner next week, and we can ask them about their experiences. Then we can discuss whether it is something for us. Will that work?”

Lori turned on the couch to look at Tom, her eyes wide, and planted a kiss on him.

“Oh, Tom, I knew you’d understand!”

She then dropped her hand in his lap, unzipped him and fished out his dick. As she stroked it, his dick quickly rose to its full 7-inch length. She moved her hand to his balls, cupping them and then pulling on them. At the same time, she lowered her head and took the head of his dick in her mouth, swirling her tongue around the head and into his pee hole, then plunging down on his shaft until her mouth was in his pubic hair. Lori was good at blow jobs but had not blown Tom for some weeks. Tom was ecstatic but was not going to last long.

“Lori, I’m going to blow.”

She lifted her mouth off him.

“It’s OK hon, you can do me in the morning.”

Tom blew a big load into her mouth as she milked his balls to get all of his cum. She swallowed all of it. He wondered where all this was going, but so far he had no complaints.


Tom had not really been surprised at the promiscuous things Lori confessed to doing in college. He had heard the rumors about her on campus and had even known a couple of the guys she dated back then. They had both told him she fucked them on the first date. It had not stopped him from pursuing her, though, he was kind of turned on at the time to the idea of going out with a slut, and a tall, good looking one at that. So he introduced himself to her at a party, and asked her out. As Lori had said, they fucked on the first date. He was immediately smitten with her. Meeting her had changed his life for the better, and it didn’t change the way he viewed her now.

They had been together a long time now and shared many wonderful things during that time. They had successfully raised a son and a daughter together. Tom knew he had a good thing going, and was not going to screw it up. If she wanted to experiment, then they’d find a way to make it work. Besides, the discussion they had put Lori’s libido into overdrive. They fucked every day after that discussion. Tom thought it was great.

The next time Lori went to the gym, she invited Jill out for coffee after their workout.

“Jill, Tom and I have been talking. We want to know more about “the lifestyle,” as you call it. We’ve been thinking we might want to try it. Would you and Randy come over for dinner and let us ask you questions about it?”

Jill laughed.

“Well, I’ll have to check with Randy, but I know he thinks you are a total milf. He’d fuck you in a heartbeat if he had the chance. I’m sure he will want to discuss swinging with you guys. And I’ve always thought Tom was a sexy dude. So I don’t think it will be a problem.”

“Then it’s settled. Check with Randy to see if this Saturday afternoon is ok. Bring your swimsuits, we’ll barbecue out by the pool.”

Jill and Randy lived two streets over in the same neighborhood. Randy was a lawyer who also worked downtown. He was about the same height as Tom, but heavier, although also fit and athletic, even though he was ten years older than Tom. Tom thought Jill was hot. She was a redhead, with hair down to her shoulders and green eyes, and was the same age as Lori. She was about 5’4 with a bubble butt, and very plump C cup tits, although Tom did not know if they were natural or enhanced. Most of her height was in her slim, well-toned legs. They had socialized at neighborhood parties, but Tom did not know Randy that well, and had never hit on Jill. Tom knew, however, that Lori and Jill were good friends from the gym.

That Saturday Lori was nervous with anticipation. After a late breakfast Tom and Lori went upstairs to get ready. Randy and Jill were coming by about 3 pm. Lori put on her tiniest black bikini bottom. It was gauzy, and her pubic hair showed through the gauze and bushed out at the sides. Lori took it off and shaved her pussy bare. Now no pubic hair would show, but her pussy lips were clearly visible through the gauze when she put it back on. She then put on the skimpy top. Although she only had B cups, they were plump and slightly spilled out of her bikini top. Her nipples were erect and showed through the gauze. Water would make the swimsuit more transparent. She stood up and cocked one leg, looking in the full length mirror. This was the look she was going for. Tom was watching from the doorway, with an erection. The effect was more like expensive lingerie than a swimsuit.

“That ought to get Randy’s attention. It sure got mine.”

“Is istanbul travestileri it too much?”

“Well, in a way we’re asking about fucking them, so I suppose not.”

Lori laughed. She debated about a conservative cover-up or not, but she decided since this was all about finding out about swinging, and her swimsuit was daring, she would be daring about the cover-up. She put on a yellow miniskirt with a broad yellow belt and a white, tight blouse. Her black bikini top was clearly visible through the white blouse, and there was a visible hint of her nipples. She put on two inch heeled black sandals to finish the look.

Tom tucked his hard-on into blue basketball style swim trunks and flip flops, with a wife beater shirt showing off his muscular shoulders and he was good to go.

Tom had built a bar near the grill, which was near the sliding glass door that led out to the pool area from the living room. When Randy and Jill arrived promptly at three, Tom was getting the steaks and vegetables together, so Lori greeted them and escorted them to the pool area. Despite his age, Randy was muscular looking in his tight sweat suit and penny loafers with no socks. Jill was wearing a yellow print sundress, which barely covered her ass cheeks, and had buttons down the front. The top three were undone, revealing the skimpy yellow bikini top and the ample cleavage her C cups provided. She had 3-inch black pumps and bare legs.

Tom made them all martinis and they all sat around a table next to the pool. Jill and Lori were good friends, but Tom and Randy had only spoken together at neighborhood parties. They talked for over half an hour getting acquainted and having another drink. Tom found that Randy was personable, and they had a lot in common. Randy had played college football as a linebacker, and they had other common interests.

Tom went to the bar to make another round of drinks. At that point, Randy looked right in Lori’s eyes, put his free hand on her bare thigh and spoke to her.

“So, Lori, Jill tells me you are interested in the lifestyle. What do you want to know?”

Lori turned crimson,

“Ummm, a, what?”

Tom, returning with a tray of drinks, intervened. “How did you get involved in swinging?”

Jill spoke up. “Randy got me in to it. He was doing it before I met him.”

“My first wife got me into it. She was talking to one of the women in the neighborhood and found out that they had house parties where they traded partners for sex. We talked it over and decided to go to one. She wangled an invite, and we went. This must have been the early 80’s, maybe late 70’s. All the guys had to put their name in a bowl. All the women picked a name out of the bowl. The women each paired up with the man whose name she drew. If she drew her husband, she put it back in the bowl and drew again. That was the ice breaker. After everyone had gotten fucked once, it turned in to a free-for-all. I think my wife had three guys that night, and I had six or seven women. We both thought it was a grand time, and after that we were hooked. I even took her as my date to house parties after we were divorced.”

“Six or seven?” said Tom.

Jill laughed. “He’s always in demand at sex parties. His cock is 9½ inches long and 7 inches around and he can go forever.”

“So anyway,” said Jill, “the first time I went out with Randy, we were at this dinner party. These cute women kept flirting with him, putting their arms around his neck, kissing him and rubbing his dick. So, I asked him why these women were all hanging on him. He said, ‘I’ve fucked them all at house parties,’ I said, ‘what’s a house party and what were you doing there?’ He said ‘It’s a swinger party and I went with my ex-wife.’ I said, ‘What was your wife doing while you were fucking these women?’ He said, ‘fucking the guys at the party.’ I said, ‘that was ok with you?’ He said ‘That’s why we went. It’s only sex and we always went home together.’ Then I told him I wanted to try it, and we’ve been doing it ever since.”

Randy interjected “It’s all about honesty, we both like sex and variety, and this way we get both. But we don’t hide it, we are very honest with each other. There are no secret trysts. That is the key, or it won’t work. For instance, I’ve told Jill that I’d really like to fuck Lori. And she said the same about Tom. If you are not honest, it becomes more than sex and you undermine the relationship that is the most important one.”

Lori said “Well! That’s a lot for us to think about right now.”

At that point Tom said he was going to fix the steaks. They finished their drinks, and Tom did the steaks while Lori did the vegetables. They ate and chatted about other things as they finished with the wine, a nice Bordeaux.

After about an hour it was getting darker. Tom said “Our food should have settled down by now. Why don’t we all go for a swim?”

“Ok,” said Jill, and immediately stood, kicked off her heels and began to unbutton her sundress. Tom’s eyes bugged travesti istanbul out as he saw the yellow bikini she was wearing, contrasting with her red hair and with her breast spilling out amid a bed of freckles. The bottom clearly showed off her camel toe and red pubic hair poked out the top of it. Randy had a similar reaction when Lori stood and took off her blouse and miniskirt, with her black gauze bikini, which was, frankly, sexier than if she’d been naked. Jill, with her cheer leader body, ran to the edge of the pool by the deep end and dove in.

“You keep Randy company,” Tom said to Lori. He peeled off his wife beater shirt, kicked off his shoes and dove in after Jill.

Jill swam to the far corner of the pool underwater, popped up out of the water, and grabbed the side. Tom popped up right next to her.

“Hey, handsome,” said Jill. She reached down into the water and felt up Tom’s cock, which immediately responded. She put her other arm around his neck, treading water while he hung on to the side. “Nice package. I think your wife is ready and willing, hon.”

“Really? You think she wants to fuck Randy?”

“Didn’t you see the way she looked at him when we were talking about house parties? And Randy is a very smooth operator. She’ll be putty in his hands when he decides to go for it. Believe me, I know, he did it to me. But don’t worry, nothing will happen tonight. You two have to talk to each other about it more.”

With that she kissed him, sticking her tongue in his mouth. Then she took her arm off his neck, and dove back into the water, swimming away.

At the other end of the pool, Lori, who had her blond hair tied back in a ribbon, took it out and shook her hair loose. Randy took off his sweat suit and stood there in his trunks, with his bulge clearly on display. He held out his hand to Lori.

“Shall we?” he said. He led her down the steps of the shallow end and into the water. They both sat down on the steps, with their lower halves in the water.

“Well, what did you think about our discussion, Lori?”

She looked into his brown eyes, then looked away. “Is your dick really that big?”

Randy reached over and took her hand, placing it in his crotch outside his trunks.

“Oh, my. Randy, you are huge. Can I touch it for real?”

Randy let go of Lori’s hand, put his hands behind his head and lay back on the steps so that only his head was out of the water. Lori took her hand off Randy’s crotch and put it down the front of his trunks. Randy was fully erect, and Lori wrapped her fingers around his manhood, although they didn’t go all the way around. She jacked him a couple of times. Then she reached farther down and cupped his balls, which were much bigger than Tom’s.

Just then Jill and Tom climbed out of the pool near them and headed back to the table. Lori jerked her hand out of Randy’s suit with a guilty look, and jumped out of the water, going up the steps to join Jill and Tom. Randy stood up, with his huge erection clearly showing, and walked to join them.

“Who wants another drink,” said Tom.

“Why don’t we all have a nightcap and then call it a night,” said Randy. “I have a golf game in the morning.”

“Brandies OK?” said Tom.

“Fine with me, but a rum and coke for Jill.”

Tom went to the bar and came back with two brandies and two rum and cokes.

“Thanks for coming over,” said Tom.

“Our pleasure,” said Randy. “We had a great time. We need to get more acquainted.”

“Yes, I agree,” said Jill.

Lori spoke up. “I have one more question. How would we get invited to a house party if we decided to do it?”

“I don’t think your first lifestyle experience should be a house party,” said Randy.

“Me, neither,” said Jill. “you should start out more slowly with soft swap or swapping with a couple.”

“What’s soft swap?”

“There are different degrees. Sometimes same room sex with another couple but each person only actually fucks their own partner. Sometimes oral with the other partner. Whatever the parties agree to.”

“That seems to defeat the point of swapping,” said Lori.

“I agree,” said Jill.

Randy and Jill got up, toweled themselves off and put on their street clothes over their swimsuits. Then they went to the front door. Tom and Lori followed them. At the door, Jill turned to Tom, put her arms around his neck, thrust her hips up and rubbed her pussy against his rapidly hardening cock. “Thanks for a wonderful evening,” she said and kissed him full on the lips, pushing her tongue into his mouth. “We have to do this again soon.”

Randy reached toward Lori, and taking her cue from Jill, she put her arms around Randy’s neck and accepted his full french kiss, while grinding her pussy against his erection. “We had a great time, too. Good night, don’t be strangers,” said Lori. Randy and Jill walked out the door.

Randy and Jill had walked over to avoid driving after alcohol, and they walked into the night. As they reached the end of the block, Randy turned to Jill.

“I think Lori’s a closet sub. She’s ready, what about Tom?” said Randy.

“He wants to, but he needs a little push,” Jill replied.


After Jill and Randy left, Lori grabbed Tom’s hand and dragged him upstairs.

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