Melanie’s Miscalculation

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The following story is fiction and does not describe any real person or situation in particular. All characters are at least eighteen. This story is a bit different than my usual submissions in that it is longer and has a little more build-up. Trust me though, the payoff is worth it. If you prefer a shorter fantasy, I have many others from which to choose.

The central idea of this story was actually a request from an anonymous reader that gives me ideas from time to time. I hope this lives up to his/her expectations.

As always, nice or constructive comments are very much appreciated. Rude comments are just mean and will be deleted. Enjoy the fantasy. -xoxo Daphne.


Anyone who has ever been a part of a university marching band knows that the people in the drum line exist in a world apart from everyone else. They practice as a unit, perform as a unit, hang out as a unit, and are of a different mind set than the rest of the band.

It is also usually a male dominated section.

It’s not that girls aren’t allowed to be in the drum line, but it is a bit rare. Usually, girls who are percussionists would rather play mallet instruments in the front of the band than marching around the field carrying a heavy drum on their shoulders. Occasionally, though, it did happen.

Such was the case with Melanie.

Melanie had been part of the university drum line for four years as the top bass player. She was a cute petite girl perfectly suited to carrying the smallest bass drum in the line and enjoyed being part of the unit.

As the only girl in the drum line, Melanie stood out in the group which included eight other players…all male. The guys never teased her though. On the contrary, they always looked out for Melanie and considered her “one of the guys”. It was a sweet relationship with which Melanie always felt comfortable. As she progressed through college, Melanie became so respected as a leader that the drum line elected her to be the captain of the section.

As one would expect, over the four years of college, Melanie was exposed to a lot of “guy talk” which, of course, usually involved all things sexual. Melanie, however, was a confident, outgoing woman who could hold her own in any conversation, and tended to just laugh off the sexual comments. Over her college years though, she had learned a lot about the mindset of guys and about all the fucked up things they often fantasied about doing to a girl.

Despite having been hanging around the same group of guys for years, Melanie was definitely not a tomboy. Rather, the twenty-one year old had matured into a really beautiful young lady with the face of a model. She had the most beautiful brunette hair which came down to her shoulders, deep brown eyes, and an adorable smile that somehow looked both cute and slightly naughty at the same time.

All the guys in the drum line had complimented Melanie’s ass at one time or another. It was curvy, but tight, and somehow managed to still look great even under a traditional marching band uniform. She was used to getting a light slap on the rear from the guys every now and then, usually before a performance as sort of a “go get ’em” kind of gesture. If any random guy had spanked Melanie’s rear though, they would have gotten slapped so fast they wouldn’t have known what happened. The guys in the drum line, however, she’d known for a long time, and each one of them took care of her as if she were their sister…

…their scorching hot sister.

Melanie’s breasts tended to get just as much attention as her rear. For her petite figure, Melanie’s rack was perfectly sized, perky, and full rather than overly large. During practice, Melanie would catch guys discretely staring at her perky mounds, and would jokingly bust them on it, not that she minded the attention, but because she loved being able to tease her guy friends with what she sometimes cutely referred to as her “puppies”.

During the marching season, the university bands often competed on weekends by performing their shows for a panel of judges. It was pretty intense, and Melanie’s drum line often delivered a great performance. At the end of a competition, there was always an awards ceremony on the field where scores were announced and trophies presented. Being the percussion captain, the only girl, as well as really cute, Melanie usually represented the drum line during ceremonies.

It was at one of their competitions, while Melanie was getting ready to walk onto the field with the other section leaders for the announcement of scores, when something happened that forever changed Melanie’s relationship with her drum line.

“I don’t even know why I’m bothering to go out there,” Melanie commented to her section after a less than stellar semi-finals run, “there is no way we are going to make the finals after that performance.”

“Come on Mels,” several of the drum line members tried to console her, “it wasn’t THAT bad.”

Melanie raised her eyebrows. “Are you kidding? It was lousy, and only six out of the twenty escort izmir bands make the finals. I know I try to be positive, but this time, we’re going to get cut, I just know it.”

“You really think so?” one of the other players asked.

“Um, duh, Mark,” Melanie answered with slight irritation. “The odds aren’t good at all. In fact, I’d put money on it.”

Seeing a little tiff between Mark and Melanie made the rest of the guys in the drum line congregate around them.

“Would you actually like to make a bet on it?” Mark asked.

Melanie thought it over a moment. Normally, she wasn’t a betting kind of girl, but this was a sure fire win.

“Okay, might as well get something out of this,” she responded, “how much do you want to bet?”

Mark lowered his voice to answer.

“Let’s make it a little more interesting,” he suggested.

Melanie placed her hands on her hips and listened as all the guys in the drum line surrounded their leader.

“There are eight of us,” Mark gestured to the rest of the section, “if we don’t make the finals, you win, and each of us will give you a hundred dollars.”

Melanie raised her eyebrows. Eight hundred dollars was no small wager.

“What if I lose the bet?” Melanie asked, knowing she didn’t have eight hundred dollars to lose in a wager, no matter how much of a sure thing she thought the bet would be.

Receiving nods from the rest of the guys, Mark issued their terms.

“If we win by placing into the finals competition, then, on the bus ride home, the eight of us get to watch you take off your clothes and pleasure yourself until you come.”

Melanie’s jaw dropped.

“What…the…fuck? Are you kidding me?!?”

“Nope,” Mark answered, “we’ve all been fantasizing about you for months, and this is our chance to make some of that fantasy happen.”

Melanie folded her arms across her chest and glared at Mark.

“You guys are such pervs,” she said in a huff, looking at everyone in her section.

“Oh come on, Mels,” he responded, “it’s not like we’re asking to fuck you. We just want to watch you pleasure yourself. You are smokin’ hot and we want to see you come.”

Melanie didn’t say anything, but her stare could freeze water into ice.

Mark did notice, however, that she hadn’t said no yet.

“If you’re so sure that we won’t make the finals, you’ve got nothing to lose, now do you?”

Melanie rolled her eyes. “Guys are such a pain sometimes,” she thought to herself, “everything is always sexual with them.”

Shifting her hips to one side and tilting her head slightly as she considered the terms of the wager, Melanie had a plethora of thoughts going through her mind.

The feminist inside her was furious at being objectified in such a sexual wager. To have the nerve to even suggest the idea was so demeaning…not only to her, but to women in general…and yet, it somehow felt extremely satisfying to know that all of these guys she’d been friends with fantasized about her…a lot.

Melanie figured it wouldn’t matter anyway though. This wager was a sure thing.

“Fine,” the hot college girl finally answered, looking at the rest of the drum line, “get your wallets ready boys…because you guys are going down.”

Mark noticed the various band representatives assembling on the field for the announcement of scores.

“Looks like they’re getting ready to start, you’d better get out there.”

“Wait, we’re going to pinky swear on this first,” Melanie insisted, “I’m not having you guys lose this wager and then back out of paying me.”

“Fair enough,” Mark agreed, holding up his pinky finger to lock with Melanie.

The eight drum line players, Mark, Cam, Bryant, Darby, Knox, Anton, Dash, and Dario, surrounded Melanie as she turned around in the circle of guys to lock pinkies with each one of them.

With a look of confidence, Melanie flashed her cute smile and turned to walk onto the field.

Standing with her fellow band officers at an attention position, Melanie raised her chin and turned her attention to the announcer in the press box.

As general acknowledgements and recognitions were being made, Melanie’s thoughts began to wander, mulling over what she could do with eight hundred dollars. She almost felt sorry for the guys, and considered using some of the money to take them all out for a nice dinner as a consolation.

Then, Melanie remembered what they all had asked her to do…

“The nerve of those guys,” she thought to herself, “having me wager my body like that. They all deserve a slap.”

Melanie’s attention returned to the announcer as the scores for the 20th through 16th place bands were given. She knew their performance wasn’t that bad, and expected them to be in the middle of the pack somewhere.

…but then…

The scores for the 14th through 10th place bands were announced, and Melanie’s college had not been called.

“That’s odd,” the drum line captain thought to herself, “surely we aren’t in the top nine bands.”

When another college izmir escort bayan was announced in 9th place, Melanie started to get concerned. The top six made it to finals, and apparently, this was going to be a lot closer than she expected it to be.

Melanie moistened her lips nervously as the announcer named the 8th place band.

It wasn’t hers.

“What?” Melanie thought to herself. “No, this can’t be right. They must have made an error and forgotten to announce our score.”

Melanie’s heart was pounding as she waited for the announcement of the 7th place band.

This was it…

It HAD to be her band…it just HAD to be…

…it wasn’t.

As the result came over the press box microphone, Melanie’s mouth fell open in complete disbelief. Her fellow band officers standing with her were jumping up and down in excitement and hugging each other as they realized they had placed into the finals competition.

“Oh fuck, what have I done?!?” Melanie thought to herself as she stood completely speechless. She couldn’t bring herself to turn around and look at her section, who were all standing on the back bleachers.

“Ohgod! I’m going to have to masturbate naked in front of my entire section on the bus tonight!” Melanie’s mind was in full panic mode. “No! I can’t let them do this to me. How am I going to get out of this?!?”

The stunned drum line captain was so occupied with her dilemma that she didn’t even hear her band’s name called in 5th place.

As the remaining scores were announced, Melanie was trying to think of anything she could say to her section to get out of their wager. If it were just Mark, she could have denied the agreement ever took place, but she had pinky sweared with all eight of the guys at the same time!

The drum line captain tried to imagine what it would be like to be back on the bus, surrounded by the guys in her section as she took off her clothes and pleasured herself in front of them. It would be so embarrassing. She had to think of something…and quick.

Then she remembered…

Since the band had qualified for the finals, they had another performance to do tonight.

“That’s it!” Melanie said to herself, walking quickly backfield towards the bleachers where her section was gathered.

Maybe it was just her imagination, but as Melanie approached the guys, the curls of her brunette hair bouncing on her shoulders as she walked, they already seemed to be imagining her naked in their perverted minds.

Cam started to say something as Melanie reached the group, but she cut him off with a fiery glare.

“Wow, Mels,” Bryant commented, “you are so hot when you’re angry.”

“Shut up, Bryant,” the college girl’s eyes narrowed.

Bryant held up his hands and took a step back as Melanie whipped around to face Mark.

“Okay, hot shot, double or nothing, you name the stakes.”

“I dunno,” Mark dragged out the discussion on purpose, “we’re already going to watch you finger fuck yourself…it is a long ride home you know…I wouldn’t want us to not have any entertainment on the bus.”

Melanie crossed her arms, rolling her eyes angrily.

“Cut the crap, you jerk, and give me terms for the wager.”

Mark looked at the others.

“What do you say, guys? Shall we up the game?”

After a few moments of general agreement, Mark turned back to Melanie.

“Okay, Mels, let’s make a bet that just involves the nine of us.”

“I’m listening,” Melanie prompted.

“Regardless of how the rest of the band performs, if our drum line doesn’t win tonight in the finals, you don’t have to pleasure yourself in front of us on the way home, and we will still give you the money from the first bet.”

Melanie moistened her lips nervously as she waited to hear what her section of horny guys wanted her to wager this time.

“However, if we have the highest drum line score in the finals…the eight of us get to fuck you…tonight…any way we wish.”

Melanie’s eyes went wide as her mouth fell open.

“Are you serious?!? No way! I can’t do that! I’ve never done that before!”

“You’ve never been fucked before?” Mark raised his eyebrows.

“Well yeah, but not by eight people!” Melanie almost sounded defensive at the idea she might have been inexperienced. “I sure as heck won’t do it on the bus where everyone else could watch!”

“Okay then,” Mark replied, “if we win, we’ll fuck you when we get back to the music building after everyone else leaves…sort of a special drum line celebration.”

“I can’t believe I’m actually having this conversation with you guys,” Melanie looked around at her section. “Is this what you all really want? To fuck me?”

“Yeah,” all eight of the guys confirmed Melanie’s question as if it were obvious.

Shifting her weight to one side, Melanie put her hands on her hips authoritatively and addressed her entire section.

“I don’t even know our drum line score from the semi-finals. For all I know, we might have been first by a large margin.”

Mark shrugged. izmir escortlar “That’s the risk you’ll have to take. One other thing, you have to perform your absolute best. No throwing the performance to get out of the bet.”

Melanie glared at Mark that he even suggested she would do such a thing.

“Fuck you.”

“That’s what we’re all hoping,” Mark fired back.

Melanie glared at each member of her section.

“You’re all fucking me in your minds right now, aren’t you?”

Nobody responded, but Melanie knew by their faces that her pussy was getting pounded in the perverted minds of each and every guy in her section.

“You boys all need a cold shower,” Melanie gestured to what she was wearing, “how in the world can you think a marching band uniform looks sexy?”

Mark smiled slightly and answered for the entire section.

“Because…Melanie…YOU make it sexy.”

The college girl almost smiled as she held up her pinky.

“Well dream on boys, because that’s as close to fucking me as you’re going to get.”

Melanie had determination in her eyes as the eight guys surrounded her. One by one, they all locked pinky fingers with their drum line captain…

…the one they were all planning to fuck tonight.

All through the evening, as the six finalist bands were preparing for the performance, Melanie couldn’t help but notice how focussed her section was during warm-ups. It was always a well-trained section…trained by her in fact…

…but this was different.

There was a fire in the group that she’d never seen before. There were no jokes, no light moments, no lame motivational speeches, just pure intense concentration on the task ahead.

“Mygod,” Melanie thought to herself as they marched towards the stadium to the sound of her bass drum taps, “they really want to win this bet.”

The college girl swallowed hard as the image of her being fucked relentlessly eight times over flashed through her mind.

“Hold it together, Mels,” she said to herself, trying to put the thought of being gang banged by her fellow drum line members out of her mind.

As the entire university band stood on the field ready to begin their show, Melanie tried hard to focus on the performance. She was still the drum line captain, and she had a job to do.

Within moments, the show began.

Years of playing in a percussion section and months of practice for this particular performance allowed Melanie’s mind to wander while her body was on automatic pilot performing the show. As she and her section drummed the most complex rhythms and executed intricate movements, Melanie found herself thinking about only one thing…

…how would the guys fuck her?

“What happens if we win?” Melanie began considering the possibilities. “Would they just take me? Would they hold me down? Would they tie me up? If I couldn’t take any more, could I ask them to stop? Would they stop even if I begged? Would I even be able to speak? What would it feel like to have their cocks inside me…pounding me…one after another…fucking me over and over…?”

Before she knew it, their performance was finished and the band was marching off the field, having played an unbelievable show to a cheering crowd.

Melanie, however, was only aware of one thing as she led the band off the field with her drum beat…

…her pussy was soaking wet.


“She’s coming,” Cam gathered the rest of the drum line together in the bus parking lot as they waited for their captain to bring the percussion evaluation results. The final scores for all the bands had been announced from the press box, but the individual drum line and color guard scores were given out to each band as a printout recap sheet at the end of the event.

The band had placed 2nd overall, something that everyone was happy with after a 5th place semi-finals result. However, it also meant that the drum line score was most likely going to be pretty high.

Would it be high enough, though?

Melanie’s section crowded around their captain as she opened the sealed packet and pulled out the recap sheet.

Glancing over the scores, Melanie’s mouth fell open in shock. She looked up at her section.

“We…” she swallowed hard, “…we won…”

Immediately, the section was celebrating and high-fiving each other. Each of the guys hugged Melanie with excitement for their group achievement.

Melanie put on a smile for her guys, trying to at least appear happy about their win. It was a big victory, but the drum line captain was very nervous on the inside. She knew that when they got back to the university…because of the wager…her entire section was going to get to fuck her.

“Dammit!” Melanie said more to herself than anyone else. “How did I get myself into this mess?”

With obvious frustration, Melanie shoved past the group and stormed off. All eight guys could tell that Melanie was upset when she brushed past and walked with purpose back towards their bus.

Hopping up the steps onto the vehicle and heading towards the rear seats, the college girl sat down petulantly, crossing her legs and folding her arms across her chest. Melanie was about to blow a gasket, mentally kicking herself for allowing things to go too far.

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