On Doctor’s Examination Table

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May be around eight in the evening the doctor knocked at the door. I was in deep sleep and by the time I opened my eyes he was close to me bending down on to me his hands resting on the bed side.

“How are you my dear?” he whispered gently on to me.

I was gaining my full consensus from my sleep. He bowed his head down and from the bottom of my cheek he swept his long wet tongue all the way up close to my right eye. I huffed staring at the empty wall in front of me. I couldn’t resist or even move under my blanket. I breathed deep as I his devilish laugh plunged through my ears.

“Let’s examine you now!” he said in a canny voice.

As his hands dragged down the blanket from me I tried to cover myself properly grabbing my shirt top tightened up. I gulped dribble and nudged my lips in fear and anxiety. The old man took my right palm and his tongue once again gently licked trough the top of my fingers. In a swift move he pushed my middle finger in to his mouth and sucked it tightly wrapping his lips around it. I was so embarrassed and nervous. I exhaled deep and looked at him for the first time. He tilted my palm and then licked inside of it. It was so slimy and ticklish that I quietly quaked my hips. Starting from my pinkie he sucked then one by one.

“How are you feeling you my doll? You look nervous,” he whispered patting his hand gently thru my head and cheek.

Climbing up gently he placed his filthy wet blabber right on to my cheek. He then started licking and kissing my cheek furiously smacking his lips on to my face. I was really getting teased and my whole body was responding violently.

“Let’s open up.” he said moving his hands to my shirt and unbuttoned me.

My hands were spread on to sides of the pillow. I respire deeper and harder on each button get released. I gazed at his face once to see his excitement.

After moving my shirt to my side he put the stethoscope between my chests. I was panting. Suddenly he leaned down on to me and gently licked thru my chest mound keeping his right hand firmly holding the equipment he mildly licked over my creamy chest. Then the stethoscope started moving thru the top of my chest while he keep on licking my heave.

“Let’s remove this from here,” he suggested.

Doctor then lifted my right hand and removed my shirt from my right shoulder. He then made me turn slightly away from him. Then something weird happened. He started to lick my arm pit. It was so filthy and tickling I twitched my body here and there. It was first time someone did that to me and it felt funny. It almost gave me a laugh but I tried to control my moans. I keeps my body neat all the time and because I don’t have any body hair under my arms it felt really funny. I tried to calm myself but it felt itching. The he slowly crawled his tongue over my chest and moved thru my neck. He gently pecked my neck and licked. His right hand gently caressed my chest mound. I breathed faster and louder.

Doctor the slowly moved down feeling my knoll right on to his palms. Within second I felt my tiny little brown nipple got sucked between his lips. He then crawled up on me staring right at my eyes laughing wicked. He then gently fondled my face.

“So soft. So tender,” he snarled touching my face with his right hand.

Then in a swift action he licked me starting from my chin to tender lips to my nose tip. I closed my eyes and felt his tongue gradually licking my face again. As I opened my eyes I saw him removing his stethoscope from him and moving towards me sticking his wet taster. He licked my face again and again. Starting from the middle of my chest he dragged it thru my neck to my chin then to my lips and then to my snout. He ever pocked my nose with his tongue tip. He was really enjoying his wild explorations and I was started to feel bit more relaxed. When the last time he reached up to my lips he kept licking my lips longer making me gently part my lips. I panted deep. He leaned back adjusting his posture crossing his leg on to my sides. I nervously looked at his smiling face feeling all the wetness on my face lips and nose. I gently smacked my lips tasting some of his drool.

“You took like a doll.” he murmured moving toward me and slowly licked my nose tip.

From the bottom of my jawline doctor swept his tongue up till my lips. Then he pushed his tongue between my lips. I tried to keep my mouth shut grinding my teeth together. He just kept on licking my upper lip playing with his tip even pushing beneath my lip then moving to lower lip. I gasped for air as I kept my lips together he sucked them again and again. He then moved down again smacking his lips thru my chest up to my cheek wetting them all over. From eight cheek to my jawline to my chin to my right cheek his wet blabber roamed around slurping. He then grabbed my lower lip with his fingers and started sucking them hard. I kept moaning continuously and finally I parted my lips opening my mouth and let him plunge his tongue in my mouth. He licked my nose poked my nose holes. My eyelids almanbahis my eye brows my forehead every inch of my face got ravished by his taster.

Doctor then slowly moved down gently caressing my nipples. He then gently dragged my bottom just above my navel. My hands were spread wide on the bed and he started licking from my chest. Keeping his hands on to my waist he lich my nipples then down to my ribs moving from one side to the other up until he reach my other nipple. Then he dragged my bottom further down below by abdomen and started untying my nodes.

“Look at that!” he suddenly pinched my belly teasing hi finger around my navel.

“It’s so deep, SO round!” he expressed his bewilderment.

It was like he got distracted from his primary task. I trembled myself as I felt his tongue touching my navel curves. I could not look down. I twitched my hips as he pushed his tongue inside my navel moaning loud. I grabbed my hand on to his shoulder moving myself his gulp. It was really trilling and prickling at the same time. He licked and slurped like he is tasting something from my navel hole. He then took my hand from his shoulder and the licked the violently.

“What is that?” He muffled as he dragged down my bottom from my waist.

I just couldn’t looked down on him. I gawked my eyes on to the wall and ceiling. He kept on murmuring something and he parted my legs. He then moved closer to my hips lifting my right leg. Then he started to lick the bottom of my leg. He tickled my fingers with his tongue. He pushed my big toe inside his mouth and sucked it. The grey haired old man was so dedicated to fix my saliva skin aversion issue. Next were my legs, knees and thighs that got her tongue treatment. When he reached up to my thigh he made me turn around.

Rolling myself down doctor made me be on my knees and elbows. His hand touched my butt and then between my bums he gently rubbed my ass dip. His fingers trusted thru my undies rubbing my tightly packed restless balls. I bent further down as his lips started to roam behind my waist. I kept my hips heaving and I settled myself squeezing my tiny melons on to the bed. His tongue moved here and there all over my back while his hand kept on teasing my crotch. He licked his tongue right over my spine giving me chills all over my body. His hand playing down there poked my bum hole in between giving me strange sensations. As he swept down his lips from my back to my waist his hand crept further up and grabbed my surprisingly strong erection. I felt bashful and nervous as he grabbed my cock over my brief and started rubbing it. He moved further down pacing his face right over my buns. He then started to sniff then so loud that I started feeling bashful.

“My doll seemed all excited and wet here,” he giggled as he kept on rubbing my erection and poking my hole with his thumb.

Doctor then slowly grabbed my brief and bragged it rolling down thru my butt.

“Oh! Look at that!!” he seemed all excited too.

I cannot see what is happening up there but I can feel him stopping removing my undies for a moment. Then all of a sudden he growled and I felt his wet tongue plunging between my bum cheeks. I could not control my filth as I moaned feeling his tongue licking and pocking right my bum hole. I twirled my hips in agony.

“Oh doll, that’s the cleanest sweetest rim I have ever seen!” saying this he moved a side and stood from my side facing away from my rump.

Grabbing my bums on his hands he reached how on to my bum crack and he started to lick my crack again and again. This also was my first time experience and it felt strange filthy and at the same time extremely horny. Kept on licking he dragged the rest of my undies down to my knees. He hushed his hand between my thighs and gently started to feel my cock in his hand.

“You are all wet down here already. I bet this is not your first time dear?” he said in between his hand tongue job.

I didn’t said anything, just tried to control my emotions.

“Your ass is so pretty and hairless. Let me give you a proper treatment.” saying that he removed my undies and turned me around. He removed the shirt also making me completely naked.

Doctor sat between my legs closer to my hips again. Then lifting my hips he placed then on to his thighs. Then holding my knees he pushed my legs towards me. I was so nervous to see my crotch exactly below his face, my cock shamelessly swung in air. He then started to lick my bum hole then to my balls and then right on to my already wet erection.

“Look at your little one,” he said tacking my erection on to his hand.

Doctor then gently stroked my cock in his hand. Making me more uncomfortable he put my cock in his mouth. I moaned and twitched my hips almost begging him not to do it. Then he moved a foot back resting my hips on the bed. Keeping my legs apart he gently caressed my cock using one hand. My cock was oozing juice and it was all wet and slimy down there. He then bent down on me leaning towards my face. His hand gently almanbahis giriş rubbed my cock and he licked my face once again. His hand started to rub my cock faster and I was going to explode any moment.

“You are So SO tender!” he commended once again moving back from the bed removing his lab coat.

Doctor leaned on to me again reaching his hand rubbing my erection, he licked my face once again. This time he moved his finger further down and pocked my bunghole at once. I instantly yanked my hips feeling his finger not only poking but gradually creeping inside my back hole. May be it was my own precum on his fingers making him pierce his finger thru my ass. I moaned continuously as he roved his finger in and out of my ass hole.

“Let me loosen it up,” he told me kissing and licking my face in between.

After a few seconds he gently caressed my boobs and started licking me from my chin over my lips up until my temple.

“Doll…I’m so thankful to you that you let me treat you,” he hummed looking at my eyes gently squeezing my mound.

Doctor then moved all the way down. Starting from my back door he licked me all the way up thru the center of my chest up until my nose. The then he did the reverse form my nose down thru my belly till my erection. He then gently licked my throbbing swinging rod. Then gradually creeping up he grabbed my boobs in his palm and squeezed then together as his lips swept up from my belly reaching my melon. Doctor then leaned back and started unbuttoning his shirt. I then only noticed that he already got rid of his pants and he was I his shorts.

“Come to me!” he suggested as he gently lifted me up and made me sit in front of him.

“Look at your cute little face,” he commended as his tongue reached out. I could not look at him anymore.

Doctor held my head in his grasp and gently licked my face starting from my jawline up until my temple. Then he restarted licking my whole face blowing his warm breath on to me.

“I will lick each and every inch of you to check your drool concerns.” he murmured tickling my nose with his tongue tip.

My lips one after the other kept on disappearing inside his mouth getting sucked and licked mercilessly. I gagged for breath and gave short moans. It was like I was slipping in to state of trance. He then pushed me gently on to the bed and quickly caught my cock once again. The he took his wet fingers down again and pierced his finger up in to my ass. I was so thrilled by this time I wished the finger to be his cock anyone’s cock and I wished it to go deeper. Doctor then quickly removed his shorts standing in front of me. His shirt buttons were all open showing his bare body. He was having gentle hairs on him. He doesn’t looked bulky but he had a big fat belly. Down there he was holding his cock in his left hand. It was not that huge either but had dark pubic hairs nor very thick though. I could not gape at his crotch for long. It was fumbling in his hand.

“Let me see how good you are, with your mouth, dear,” saying this he moved up to be crossing his legs to each side he stood on his knees just above my chest.

I lie motionless nervous obviously.

“Let me open your mouth and see your tongue.” saying this he made me open my mouth by putting two fingers in.

Moving closer to my face holding his cock in his right hand he immediately pushed his wet juicy cock in to my mouth. He pushed himself so deep that his whole meat got crowded inside my mouth. Without pulling his cock completely out he gently pushed his hips deep in to my mouth. His private hair was touching my nose. He was calm but his thrusts were so deep it almost touched the top of my throat. I thought I could not breathe like this but it went okay. When he pulled his cock out from my mouth it was all slimy and wet. Tears were coming out of my eyes but I was not crying.

“You know dear, this is not the place for my cock to get right treat,” he teased me.

The doctor moved down from me. I was so nervous I kept staring the ceiling breathing and panting hard.

“When I asked you whether you had anal sex before, you both seemed nervous and was quick to say, NO” he exclaimed.

“I can see you might not have done it before but you surely tried,”

I kept silence.

It was true. We tried it a couple of times but it was painful and we let it go. But we never did anything like he did today poking and joshing so that my bum be ready for something bigger than a middle finger. Doctor sat close to my crotch my legs were parted folded up. I couldn’t dare looking at him. I was feeling his erection rubbing around my bum playing around my back door.

“Let me show you how it’s done dear,” he snarled brash as his cock rubbed my bum hole harder.

When I came to this clinic to have this really awkward conversation with a really filthy rugged old doctor to share my secret skin problem after having intimate sessions with my buddy I never ever thought I will be laying in front of him naked spreading my leg with an erection almanbahis yeni giriş swinging in air ready to receive my first real anal.

The first few jerks were gentle and slow. I was really anxious and afraid this time. I think I almost passed out when the painful memories of my previous experiment started flashing in front of me. Doctor was relentlessly muttering and commending what he was doing or trying to do. I could not remember any of the things he said at that moment. My eyes were partly open and my hands were tightly gripping the bed blanket.

“It’s all in, my baby doll!” he was slanting down gently caressing my face. That was the first thing I remember him saying after he began his insertion.

Doctor started licking my lips and face again. Gently his hips started rocking and I started to feel his cock rowing inside my ass. He moved his cock in and out continuously in a medium pace cuddling my balls and erection under his big fat belly. He kept on licking my cheek nose and lips while he racked my bottom. Then in between he stopped licking and actually kiss me sucking my lips with his filthy mouth.

“You see? You are all loosened up!” he exclaimed.

“There won’t be any pain anymore,” he said before he leaned down and kissed me.

The whole bed was rattling gently. I kept on moaning gently folding my legs over his thighs which kept on swinging on each thrust he made. Doctor placed his face on one side of my head and put his hands under my pillow holding it tight. He fucked me incessantly tightly holding me to him.

Doctor then rolled me over to a side and he lay behind me, lifting my right leg up he penetrated my ass from behind. Cuddling me closer he made me move my arm around as he started licking my armpit once again. His right hand squeezed my right melon which was swinging in the cool air. My legs were moved further both lie flat on the bed on top of another. He rammed his cock mercilessly in my ass with a solid swiftness. My cock was wavering in the air rubbing its tip against the bed pasting all the cum it was oozing.

After some time of vigorous spooning doctor made me stand in doggy style, my cushy chest and hands flat on the bed. Standing between my legs grabbing my curvy bum cheeks he pushed his cock right thru my wet and creamy ass slit. It went smooth and like he said there was no pain anymore. It was the same position I tried before and failed. Now finally it is happening. My thighs and bums got blasted making huge thudding sounds. My buns wobbled on each trash I receive. My cock felt merciless swaying in air together with my balls. Reaching me up front he took my right hand stretched towards him. I stood on my left hand on the bed. He started to fuck me faster and my boobs started to swing in the air with the motion. I felt my nipples were all stiff and erect. The old man changed his rear so dramatically that I could not control my breath or sound. I moaned and grieved. I felt by boobs much heavier as they were gently hanging and the fluctuation was making it a bit sore. The whole bed rattled and thudded on the floor. The sound echoed filling the room.

“You feeling good, dear?” he asked me mercilessly kissing my back.

I tried to lean down on the bed but he put his arm around my neck and pulled me back. Keeping me tighter to his body he fucked me slowly. He licked my ear and cheek from behind. With a sudden loud humming he stopped his hip movement. Going back to the initial position once again he spread my legs and penetrated me from the front.

“I’m going to finish of now!” he murmured as he paced his movement.

Holding my elbows on his hands the doctor racked my bum hole more furiously. My belly fumbled and my boobs swung and whirled in air. It felt like my chest going to rip off from me. My cock mercilessly blasted down on to my belly itself. His cock went deeper and deeper as he fucked me madly. The whole bed rattled loud and finally he stopped.

“Oh dear. The best is, coming,” he commented instantly catching his breath. Leaning down he licked my face and keep on humping me again.

His belly tightly squeezed my cock. It was so hard I accidentally ejaculated between our bellies. Hearing him moaning loud made me explode. It was so intense and noisy.

“I’m coming. I’m coming” he screamed in between my whines.

Then like a storm settling down he came. I was feeling dizzy. I panted high. I was sweating in the ac room. I gagged for breath. For some time I didn’t moved or looked around either. What the fuck just happened? I just got fucked by someone I barely know. The weird part was that I never protested or even said a world during the whole time. I agree that I permitted doctor to test me how saliva act on me other than my buddy’s. But I never permitted him to fuck me suck me or whatever things just happened. I could not think straight any more. I suddenly felt guilty for letting the doctor to be the first one steal my almost virgin ass. I am absolutely sure that the whole saliva licking part may be for the sake of treatment and testing but. He just fucked my ass and I really didn’t opposed him at any point. Suddenly the doctor like a gentle man put my shirt over my naked body, I gazed away. He came closer to me and gently pat my cheek.

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