On The Block Ch. 03 Pt. 03

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Anal Missionary

Halvin was drawn to his son’s room by the sound of sobbing moans. Along the dimly lit hallway he saw a succession of naked, sweaty, dazed servants – wheezing old men sitting on the floor and panting young men leaning against the walls; Vin thought he also recognized some of his son, Calton’s friends lying unconscious in a heap through the doorway to his study.

But the most shocking sight was a kitchen drudge – barely 18, his face and body that of a young boy – whose arms were both covered with a familiar mess of grease and cum up to the elbows; the boy was just standing in the hallway, staring at his sludge-covered hands as though he’d never seen them before while his stubby boycock twitched and drooled a steady flow of precum down his thighs.

Striding into the room, Vin was shocked at what greeted his eyes. With a heavy heart and a swelling cock, he turned away from the pitiful sight. Looking at the men littering the hallway, he selected a servant that looked more alert than the others and pulled him to his feet. “Get yourself dressed, and go bring the doctor!”

As the servant stumbled away, Vin shook his head and sighed. He’d hoped it wouldn’t come to this, that if he just left his son to his amusements and indulged him, then eventually the novelty would wear off and Cal would go back to his other interests.

“Daddy?” the cry combined a sob and a lusty groan. Vin’s cock, half-hard since he’d first returned home, swelled to a fully bloated boner. Entering the room, he once again beheld his son, lying naked on his sweat-drenched bedding.

As his father came in, Cal drew his knees up, spreading his thighs wide while he stuffed all the fingers from both hands into his wide, wet, red-raw asshole. “Hurry, Daddy! I feel so fucking empty!” Cal’s dark-purple, 6 inch cock lay rigid and twitching in the lake of drying cum on his belly.

“Don’t worry, baby! Daddy’s gonna help you feel better!” Vin cried, shoving his breeches down his thighs to free his pulsing paternal peter. Not even bothering to spit-lube his cock – the boy’s ass was a greasy, dripping mess already, gaping open and inviting – Vin wasted no time climbing on the bed and shoving his full 9.5-inch length into his eagerly waiting son in one hard lunge.

* * *

After Cal’s successful seduction of his father, the both of them had spent a balls-draining day in Vin’s wide, luxurious bed; snatching bites of food from the cold buffet the servants kept refilling on a bed-side trestle-table whenever their incest-inflamed dicks calmed down enough for them to realize how hungry their hard-pounding exercises were making them. Every time he took a bite of food, Vin felt a small twinge of embarrassment that some servant he hadn’t even noticed had seen Vin having wild, enthusiastic monkey-sex with his own son – incest was considered a poor man’s sport, something to scoff at by members of Vin’s class. But the feeling only added spice to their next father-son fuck, making Vin’s dick recover even faster and swell harder than it ever had when he’d indulged in multiple fucks with hired whores or freely available slave-stock.

Vin lost track of the number of times he’d cummed up Cal’s sweet ass or sixty-nined him – blasting his jizz down his son’s milking throat while Cal’s throbbing young stud-pole unloaded thick boycum down his father’s gulping gullet. That night Vin had slept more soundly than he had in years, though he woke up early enough to give Cal two quick fucks before getting out of bed – and another, more leisurely pussy-pounding at the breakfast table, before he’d gone to tend to his thriving shipping business.

Since then the two of them not only ate dinner together – they usually shared a hot incestuous quickie at the dinner table, a more extensive fuck in the bath, and a goodnight mutual blowjob when they went to bed. Midnight rounds of “Ride Down Daddy’s Dong” were becoming more and more frequent, too, and lately it was rare for Vin to go off to work without at least two morning quickies to see him through the work-day. One morning they managed to achieve 5 mutual orgasms in quick succession before Vin pulled himself out and stumbled off to his downtown office.

The next day he’d come home in the afternoon, thinking to surprise his son during the lunch-break in Cal’s study-schedule. But instead he’d caught Cal on his back while his Mathematics tutor was servicing his rear and one of Cal’s young friends was stuffing his gobbling mouth.

Rather than make an unnecessary fuss, Vin took out his jealousy on the muscular young tutor’s willing butthole while the tutor continued to pound the ecstatically cocksucking Cal.

Later – after thoroughly proving to his father that his pussy was still good and tight, despite recently being shafted by another man’s thick studcock – a light-headed, post-orgasmic Vin agreed it was alright for Cal to occasionally indulge himself with other men while his father was at work.

But, while Vin took this to mean that his son could have one or two tuzla eve gelen escort fucks by another man once or twice a week, Cal seemed to think it mean that he had permission to cram as many rounds of “Hide the Sausage” as he could from the moment Vin left the house in the morning until his father came back home at night. And the more fucking he managed to stuff into his day, the less Cal took care to keep his father from catching him giving up his hot boycunt to any and all cummers.

Being the overly-indulgent father that he was, Vin could never seem to chastise his son for this, preferring instead to either watch and wait for his turn up his boy’s sloppy cunthole, or else pull the boy’s current fucker off and immediately take the man’s place heaving and grinding into Cal’s writhing butt.

But – as often as Vin had caught his son putting out for friends, tutors and servants – this was the first time he’d come home to a dark foyer and no hot meal on the table. For the first time it wasn’t just a servant or two filling in between higher-ranking fuckers, but clearly a case of the entire household staff taking repeated turns pumping cock up their young master.

* * *

“Ohhhh, Daddy! It’s been soooo long since you fucked me!” Cal moaned, wrapping his muscular legs around his father’s lower back, pulling him farther in. Vin considered Cal’s statement rather exaggerated, since he had stuffed his son’s boycunt with three large loads of Daddycum only hours before. But obviously the servants couldn’t lay pipe as well as Vin could, since Cal was acting as though he hadn’t gotten shafted since morning; crushing his father’s hairy butt to him with his smooth, muscular calves as he humped up on every one of Vin’s down-thrusts, moaning and whimpering in his desperation for Daddydick.

Despite anything he might have gotten up to that day, Cal’s asshole was tighter than a clenched fist, milking every inch of Vin’s horsecock as he shoved in and out, his rhythm fast and demanding right from the get-go. The boy’s fuck-tunnel was slick all the way through with grease and cum, taking everything his father was thumping into him and squirming around for more.

Vin howled with carnal pleasure as he shot off a thick, fresh load of Daddycum up Cal’s begging boycunt, his muscular hips ramming hard and shoving his shooting dick deep into his son with every spurt.

Panting for breath, his ears rang with Cal’s lusty moans as the boy immediately started begging for another hard fuck; Cal’s rough voice was weak and cracking, but his pleas were clearly heartfelt.

Vin felt it, too, but not so much in his heart as right in his ‘nads – his bulldick never softened, and he would have willingly given his boy another hard-pounding ride. But just then a pair of strong hands grabbed each of his shoulders and forced him to back away from Cal’s spread-eagle body.

Snarling with almost bestial anger at being forced to back away from a hot, willing butt-pussy, Vin fought against the two strange young men who held him back – until he recognized the third newcomer as the doctor he’d sent for.

The man could never be mistaken for anyone else – tall and broad-shouldered, the medical man kept his whole body shaved smooth, but very little of his skin still showed, even when he was fully disrobed: his head, arms and torso were covered in dark, jaggedly shaped tattoos – marks that showed all the disciplines he’d mastered in his studies. As his mind cleared and his temper cooled, Vin noticed that the man on his right had a similar tattoo around each bicep and the one on his left had an inked sign plunging down the side of his neck into his shirt collar – they were a pair of advanced medical apprentices.

“Calm yourself, Master Halvin – we’re here to help you!” the doctor said as he leaned close to Cal, ignoring the boy’s whining pleas for more hard cock. The doctor peered into the youth’s red-rimmed eyes and flushed face, licking some of the cum away from one of Cal’s cheeks, the better to check his color. Turning to the other men in the room, he asked a semi-conscious servant, “When was the last time the Young Master had a drink?”

“Uh…” the man – one of the cleaning staff, Vin vaguely recalled – moaned, shaking his head as he tried to make sense of the question, “Um… he, uh… I think he suck’ off Merl and Deggy… coupla hours ago… at leas’ I think I ‘member seein’ ‘im lickin’ their dicks clean after they cummed up ‘im.”

“Well, then, our first order of business is getting some water into him before he becomes completely dehydrated,” the doctor muttered as he forced the revived servant to his feet. “Get us a large pitcher of water and a cup from the kitchen!” he commanded.

Then the doctor approached Vin, his tone changing from loud and authoritive to gentle and deferring, “It’s very important to get your son to drink as much water as possible – you note how flushed Cal appears?” Vin had noticed – he had thought it was just one more sign tuzla otele gelen escort of Cal’s rampant lust, “Well, between all the heat he’s been subjected to – body-heat from all the men who’ve mounted him, friction from all the stud-servicing, his own excitement and exertion – as well as all the sweating he’s done and the fact that he’s only ingested salty fluids, means that his body is drying up, causing this feverish appearance and muddling his mind.”

As much as he hated to contradict the medical man – and admit the depth of his own depravity – Vin felt moved to say, “That may seem to be the case just now, Doctor, but he was perfectly fine when he first seduced me last week, and he’s been putting out for anything with a dick since then. I think there’s more going on than just a little dehydration.”

“Oh, I didn’t for a minute think that all this –” the doctor’s wide-sweeping arm took in all the naked, cum-smeared men in the room and the hallway beyond, “was just a case of your son trying to get more fluids. Clearly there’s more going on. But before I can make an in-depth examination of your son, I need to make sure he doesn’t suffer any further privations.” The doctor moved back to the weakly moaning Cal and bent to take a closer look at the youth’s cum-dripping, widespread anus. “Hmmmm,” he rubbed his chin with his right hand while the left hand rubbed his tented crotch.

The servant returned with the water, which one of the doctor’s apprentices took and brought to his master.

“Thank you, Bowen. Try and get him to drink some – and remember, small sips to start with,” the doctor directed the apprentice. Vin noticed that the doctor didn’t sound as though he thought Cal would be willing to drink the water. And he was right – Cal was too lost in his feverish fixation for fucking to allow anything that wasn’t a cock anywhere near his mouth.

The doctor nodded as though this confirmed a suspicion, reached down with his right hand and promptly shoved three fingers deep into Cal’s swollen, leaking cunt. The boy’s eyes rolled back as he cried out and bore down on the penetrating digits, his assring visibly milking the thick fingers. “Calton!” the doctor’s voice was once again full of commanding authority, “Calton, listen to me! Your pussy’s not getting any more good, hard dicking until you drink a mouthful of water! Do you hear me, boy?!” he emphasized the last word by pulling his hand back slightly before shoving four fingers even deeper into Cal’s sloppy sex-pit. “We’re not feeding this asshole any more cock until you take a drink!”

“Uhhhh, uh-huh!” Cal’s eyes seemed to focus a little as the doctor pressed against his raw prostate, and apparently he understood enough to allow the apprentice, Bowen, to lift his head so he could drink down half a cup of water. After that it was easier to get him to drink more of the clear, cool water – so long as the doctor’s thick fingers kept up a steady rubbing friction against his joy-button.

By presenting Cal with small amounts each time, Bowen was able to get the young man to drink over half the jug. During this procedure the other apprentice-physician, who introduced himself as Gavan, was commanded to get down on his knees and “Help Master Halvin take care of that painful looking swelling down his front!” by the doctor, who was working his own 9-inch studpole out of his breeches with his free hand.

As Vin was treated to a skilled mouth-milking, he watched the doctor rub a thick layer of some sort of ointment all over his cock – Vin assumed it was medicinal, since anyone with eyes could see that Cal didn’t need any more lube. His guess was confirmed when the doctor spoke, “This should help with any bruising and friction-irritation,” turning to Vin, the doctor added added, “You realize I’m doing it this way simply because I have to make sure the medicine goes all the way into your son’s body – I would never take unseemly liberties with a patient, otherwise!”

“Of course not, Doctor!” Vin fervently agreed, his hips pumping back and forth as he filled Gavan’s hot mouth with cum. As he recovered his senses, Vin decided not to burden the doctor with the knowledge that, due to almost constant recent exposure, Vin actually found the sight of a near-stranger screwing Cal’s ass a major turn-on. Instead, he took a firmer grip on Gavan’s close-cropped hair and watched the doctor medicate the squirming teenager beneath him.

* * *

“Your son has what we in the medical profession call a ‘Hungry Pussy’,” the doctor explained. Having delivered a thick load of medicine deep up Cal’s guts, he left the jar of ointment with his well-hung apprentices and took Vin out to the hallway to discuss the boy’s condition. “As you know, every man’s asshole gives a certain amount of pleasure – that’s why the gods gave us prostates, after all! But for boys like Cal, there’s more to it. You could work his dick over any way you want for hours, and it wouldn’t give him even half the ecstasy that a big, tuzla sınırsız escort hard mandick up his rectum can give him with just two or three hard thrusts.”

“What should I do, Doctor? As much as I enjoy giving it to the little bitch, I can’t be with him every minute. But if I don’t screw his lights out day and night, he’ll start on the servants again while I’m at work – and it’s starting to disrupt the household,” Vin realized he may have been less than discreet in his choice of words, but the continued smacking sounds of flesh against flesh issuing from the room’s closed door – caused by the apprentices diligently adding fresh coats of ointment into Cal’s abused fucktunnel – were both a distraction and a turn-on, making him more honest than he would usually have been.

Fortunately, he was talking to a doctor, a man who was both discreet and difficult to shock. “Well, Master Halvin, have you thought of hiring him out? You could make a handsome profit whoring your son out at one of the local brothels – or even in your own home, if you wish.”

Vin took moment to savor the mental image of his son under a succession of strange men, each of them bigger of cock and more brutal of thrust than the last… Then he frowned and shook his head, “No son of mine is going to work as a common laborer! Not while I have any say in the matter!”

“Then there’s only one answer: the slave market,” as the frown on his patron’s brow deepened, the doctor hastened to explain, “They don’t just sell tender young fuckboys, sir! They also sell breeding bucks and bulls – well-hung men guaranteed to perform studwork for hours and hours,” the doctor licked his lips and sighed, remembering the free demonstrations he’d taken part in. “I’m not saying there’ll be one who can completely satisfy Cal, but at least a studslave would slake off his hunger enough that he’ll only require a little servicing from you.”

* * *

Over the last few weeks, Vin had spent countless hours at the slave-yard, slaking his lust in free test-fuck after free test-fuck. Ironically, he’d done it because he was fighting his growing attraction to his son –he’d never dreamed he’d come back to help satisfy Cal’s horny needs.

Now Vin felt like he was seeing the place for the first time; all his previous visits had been to the fuck-boy section of the open-air market, where he’d let out load after hot load of horny mancum in the squirming, squealing merchandise. He’d never really considered that there was any more to the place – it was a shock to realize that there were just as many horse-hung, muscle-bound top-men on offer as there were bottom-boys.

He’d thought that there would be maybe a handful such specimens for him to choose from, not the dozens of possible applicants which now surrounded him.

Vin spent several minutes just wandering between the platforms, his stomach churning with a strange mixture of lust and a growing sense of inadequacy – he’d always considered his full-hard 9.5 inches to be an impressive piece of fuckmeat, but the miles and miles of mancock he was now exposed to was making him feel downright puny.

‘Damn good thing I didn’t bring Cal with me,’ he thought, and not just because the doctor had given the boy a sleeping potion to knock him out for the day in order for his exhausted body to recover, before his starving libido forced him to seek out more pleasure. ‘The little bitch-in-heat would never want to leave!’

A large crowd drew Vin’s attention, and as he made his way to the center Vin was confronted with a sight that set his heart pounding with excitement: There was a veritable bull of a man standing center-stage; muscles huge and well-defined; honey-blond hair cropped short; chained by his neck and balls to the platform, stood behind a bent, smaller honey-blond boy who was fastened to a table-like framework which kept him in the easy-access doggy-style position – everyone could see how easy the access was, as the bigger man thrust relentlessly back and forth while the boy bawled at one end and cummed down his own bound legs at the other.

A few minutes of listening to the lusty mutters of the crowd around him confirmed to Vin that these were a father-son pair being displayed to show their ability/capacity before being separated and individually sold.

Watching a fatherly fuckrod pound in and out of a son’s ass – an ass which was already overflowing with paternal cum – was a truly moving experience for Vin. It made his dick move from his left thigh to the front fastenings of his breeches and made his hands move down to stroke the throbbing column of flesh.

A few more hard thrust and a fresh burst of fuck-slime out of the blond boy’s wide hole signaled the slave-stud’s latest orgasm, triggering a similar reaction from many of the men and boys in the audience.

Watching the slave’s softening rod slither out of his son’s loose, cum-greased assring, Vin was surprised by an urge to rush up to the platform and give the still-swollen cockhead a few cleaning swipes of his tongue.

“Purty good show,” a nearby uniformed soldier commented to his friends.

“Yeah, I guess – but nothin’ like thet farmer stud they had up thar yestiday,” a second soldier answered. “I swear, I stood right here all day long, ‘n’ thet feller din’t go limp wunst the whole day long!”

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