Petting Kitten Ch. 02

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Casey whispered in Jill’s ear as they stepped from the packed SUV. “Please be my first.”

Jill faced the group as they continued exiting the vehicles. “Whatever the highest bid, I bid five dollars more.”

“Yeah, Jillie! Your hand discovered our kitten. You should be first.”

She didn’t know why, but Jill’s statement made her inner thighs tingle. Jill did want her! She slipped her fingers between Jill’s and held her hand then leaned closer as the squad gathered in the school parking lot. “What night do you want me to visit?”

“Do we have a budding love affair here? Are you two going to give us a show?”

Linda ran up behind Casey and gave her breasts a tender caress. “Is it true? Are we having a girl-party?”

Kiana joined the growing circle. “If there’s bidding for a night with her, I want in.”

Casey squeezed Jill’s hand and Jill squeezed hers in response. “There can be an all-volunteer party with whoever joins voluntarily. The penalty for forcing someone to participate …is severe.”

“My pledge is for a visit. I’m not paying unless she spends a night.”

“We thought she wanted to.” Angie faced her. “Casey? …Do you want to have a little fun with us?”

She lowered her gaze as she held the hem of her cheerleader skirt. “Only if Jill doesn’t mind.”

“Lucky Jill!”

Colleen grinned as she eyed her. “Do you mind?”

Jill pulled her arm gently and stood face to face after she turned. “Do you want to have some fun?”

Casey’s voice softened as she glanced at Jill’s dark shimmering eyes. “Will it stop you from wanting me?”

Jill smiled. “We’re not going steady, and we’re big girls.”

The group started whispering, “Kiss. Kiss. Kiss…” as the circle tightened.

Casey lips moved seductively close. “But can I be your girl?”

“Say yes! Yes! Yes!…” Girls started bouncing in rhythm as they chanted.

Jill slid her fingers through Casey’s light brown hair, “After your obligations.” then leaned closer until their parted lips tenderly touched.

“Yes! Yes!”

She gazed into Jill’s eyes as the tender kiss ended. “You don’t mind?”

“Knowing you’re going to be sleeping with just about everyone in the squad?…” Jill snickered. “…is making me wet.”

Her heart jumped as Jill’s words registered. “Can I taste?”

Jill’s brows rose. “Here?”

She scanned the circle formed around them. “No one but our team can see.”

“So, are we doing this?”

“Yeah!” Teammates began jumping and cheering as Casey knelt in front of Jill and lifted her skirt.

Jill raised a thumb as she felt the hot breath and soft lips on her thighs.

“Yes! Yes!…” The chant fed her lust as she slowly dropped Jill’s sports panties, then helped her step out of them before burying her face between Jill’s smooth shapely legs.

“Yes! Party time!”

“Let’s go inside.”

“I want to watch the show!”

“That’s so fucking hot.”

“Jillie! Jillie! Jillie!…”

Casey sighed with pleasure as she felt Jill’s hand press on her covered head. Oh, how she dreamed of being on her knees in front of Jill …with her mouth tasting her deepest and longest desire.

“Can we please take this inside?!”

She felt Jill’s pull escort london and reluctantly stood, then gasped as Jill wrapped her in her arms and pressed their open mouths together.

“Party inside!”

The kiss abruptly ended as teammates pulled them apart before hurrying to the locker room.

“Party! Party!”

The word echoed through the room as the metal door shut behind them, with a loud thud.

“I need to get some!”

“Me too!”

“Can I have a taste?” Angie gently tugged her arm, and Jill nodded as Casey eyed her for approval, before twirling into Angie’s arms and opening her mouth to accept Angie’s probing tongue.

Was this happening? Did she just get a new girlfriend, and permission to be the team’s petting kitten? She felt a hand slide under her sweater, and her heartbeat quickened with silent delight. Jill doesn’t mind her being the squad’s playtoy?

She inhaled as Angie pulled her tighter and slipped her fingers inside the back of her sports panties, while she heard the soft feminine cheers. “Casey …Casey…” Oh, god …her heart pounded. Was she really going to experience this secret unexpected fantasy?

“Casey… Casey…”

Were they really cheering for her? Were they really going to fulfill her wildest secret desire?

“I pledged. I’m next.”

Someone pulled her arm and she spun as Angie released her. Her eyes opened wide as a new tongue entered her mouth, and she gasped as she felt unidentified hands drop her panties. Oh, god! It was happening! Was she about to…

“My turn.”

She glanced back and saw Colleen’s wide grin as hands intimately explored her. That was Colleen’s tongue?! Oh! …It was delicious!

She felt her sweater being lifted and raised her arms as she eyed Erica’s smile. “That’s a good kitty. Time to be petted.”

She lifted her arms again as her sports bra raised, and shut her eyes as Erica pressed their open mouths together, then silently gasped in delight as hands began sliding over her exposed breasts and under her short cheerleader skirt. Oh, god! She began writhing as thin fingers slid between her thighs. Why did she feel so embarrassingly guilty, yet so wonderfully excited?!

Another tongue entered her mouth and she inhaled as someone spread her legs. Her eyes widened! Was a female teammate going to taste her?! Did a cheer friend want to kiss and lick between her legs, as badly as she wanted to be tasted?! …Desired?!

She felt the warm, wet mouth and her heart fluttered. Who!? Who was licking her!? She squirmed as her orgasm built surprisingly fast. “Ugh!”


She writhed as the pleasure spread down her thighs and weakened her legs.

“Our kitten loves this!”

“And she’s delicious!”

She felt herself going limp as arms and hands supported her while other hands continued caressing her.

“Lay her on the bench.”

“Let me taste.”

She felt the hands guide her to lay along the wood locker room bench, then felt soft warm tongues and lips tease her mouth, thighs, and sensitive nipples.

“Her titties are luscious.”

“Does she like titties?”

The tongue left her mouth and was immediately replaced with a soft silky breast and she dubai escorts began eagerly suckling the delicious taught nipple.

“She does!”

She arched back and closed her eyes as she felt a new mouth bury itself deeply between her legs… “One more thing to feed her.” …then opened her eyes as the room darkened, and gasped as an unidentified girl squatted lower while straddling her face.

She arched back in delight as she tasted her teammate’s sweet swollen labia, then wrapped her arms around her smooth toned thighs and eagerly buried her face into the delicious slippery folds. She couldn’t help it. Whoever it was …was delicious.

“Casey! …Casey!”

She heard the muffled chant. Oh, god! Her friends! Her teammates were watching! …Cheering! Would they ever do this again? How could she entice them …encourage them …face them?!

She felt the hands behind her head, burying her face into the delicious pussy above her and opened her eyes. Was it Susan? Allison? Sarah? Colleen?

She reached for the luscious breasts gently bouncing above her eyes. They were so femininely magnificent, she had to caress them, then sighed into the delicious folds sliding over her open mouth and extended tongue …so soft …so silky.

Oh, god! The tongue! Who was making her … “Ugh!” She bucked as the pussy above her started writhing.

“Yes! Orgasm two!”

“Cum in her mouth too!”

She heard the muffled voice as the person straddling her, arched, then bucked erratically. “Yes!”

“That’s her third. She had one in the car.”

“I need one!”

The person above her held her head and spasmed into her mouth. “Ugh!! … And mine makes four!”

Sarah raised her hand. “Five …just from watching.”

“Yeah!” Kiana removed her sweater. “Let’s keep score.”

Allison giggled and pointed. “Casey’s winning!”

She eyed the person as they unstraddled her, but before she could identify, another straddling teammate’s thigh blocked her view. Her eyes widened. Would she ever know who was the first woman to ever cum in her mouth?! Was she really about to taste another teammate?!

“Who’s next?”

“I want to taste her tongue!”

“Not till I’m done.”

“Can I still raise my pledge and move up in line? I want to play the home version.”

She opened her mouth as the straddling girl lowered herself. Who was it? Why couldn’t she tell? She flicked her tongue as the soft wetness touched her lips, then exhaled contentedly as her teammate slid against her open mouth and extended tongue. What did it matter. This was her bliss.

She licked as the delicious feminine folds teased her, then sighed as the beautiful pussy rested gently on her open mouth.

“Oh!” She exhaled into the delicious softness as she felt a new mouth between her legs.

Oh, god! The overwhelming feeling …the restriction! …the lack of control! It was making her … “Oh!” She arched back as the moist swollen pussy covering her mouth pressed against her.

Oh, god! Her eyes widened and she quivered as the next pleasure spasm rushed over her, then felt a release like nothing before!

“Oh my god!”

“She’s squirting!”

“Casey! … Kitten!”

“Go, girl!”

“Oh!” Escort Dubai She gasped as the next climax jolt spread through her. It was beyond anything she had ever felt before!

“Let her breathe!”

She wrapped her arms around the straddling stranger’s thighs and pulled down as her climax continued.

“She won’t let me!”

“God damn, this is so fucking hot!”

“Kitten! …Kitten!”

The pussy in her mouth began writhing. “Yes!”

The teammate started bucking and Casey opened her eyes wide! Was she making another girl cum? …With her tongue …in her open mouth?!

The teammate bucked again as she held the shapely thighs tight against her.

“Yes! … Yes!”

She licked, sucked, and swallowed. Whoever it was …she was delicious!

“I wanna cum!”

The girl unstraddled her and she eyed the group as she tried to catch her breath. It was Erica. She tasted Erica! She made Erica cum!

She refocused on the room and watched Sarah grip Susan’s hand. “Can it be with me?”

Jill sat her up and held her. “Are you alright?”

Susan smiled and pulled Sarah close, “I’d love to play.” then softly sealed her open mouth against her teammate’s.

“Yeah.” She looked around, wondering who came in her mouth the first time. “…Is that alright?”

Angie twirled in front of her open locker. “Anyone want to exchange panties? Mine are all wet.”

She felt Jill’s hand slide over her soft breasts. “It’s the hottest thing I ever saw.”

Casey snuggled in her arms, while soft giggles and tender moans permeated the room. “Are you going to take me home?”

She sighed into Jill’s mouth after their open lips sealed together, then felt Jill’s hand caress her sensitive breasts as the kiss softly ended. “Yes, you’re coming home with me.”

“This is why I joined cheerleading!” Linda’s perky breasts bounced as she hopped with delight. “…Every girl, hotter than the next.”

Allison sighed as she watched in awe, with her hand buried beneath her skirt. “Tell me about it.”

Colleen gripped Angie’s hand and placed it at the bottom of her cheerleader sweater. “I’d love to trade panties with you, but mine are wet too.”

Imari waved her cheerleader sweater over her head as she wiggled in her short pleated skirt. “Anyone want to taste some delicious chocolate?”

Allison and Susan raised their hands in unison, “Me!” then giggled as they eyed each other.

Imari grinned as she cupped her perfect breasts. “I don’t mind being shared.”

Linda sat on the wood locker room bench. “My boyfriend came inside me after lunch. Is that alright?”

“That’s sexy as hell! Kelly lifted her skirt after scooting close, then knelt and disappeared underneath.”

“You let him?” Colleen turned from Angie’s lips.

“Oh!” She twitched in delight as she reached for Kelly’s skirt-covered head. “I’m on the pill.”

“Look at Jillie and Casey!”

“Awe …They look like they’re in love.”

“I want to see a shower show!”

Sarah smiled at Kiana. “I want to be in the show.”

“Anyone for some soapy wet fun?!”

“Me!” … “Me!” … “Me too!”

Erica held a pointed finger, high. “Shower-time!”

Kiana reached in her locker for a bar of soap. “Will someone do my back?”

Colleen grabbed a towel. “I need someone to do my front.”

Kiana took her hand and they started dancing down the aisle, heading to the showers. “I bet we can do both at the same time.”

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