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“Oh my god, YES! Yes … I am yours, Harley! I love your cock. You are so good to me. Yes, just like that …”

I moaned loud and long. That was followed by grunts and gasps as words just didn’t seem important. I was on the floor of the family room in my son’s home. As had become my habit as a precaution, the ornate rug over the hardwood floor was protected by a large soft blanket. It was soft to my knees but was more important for protecting the rug. What’s significant about that? Harley is my son’s dog. I am on the floor on my hands and knees and Harley is on my back, his deliciously large and furiously pumping cock is deep inside my pussy. Dogs can be messy, but are so wonderful as lovers … and my two lovers, my son and his dog, are extraordinary! At least, I think so, and frankly, what else matters.

It is a Friday night, in early summer. The days are getting hot, but the evenings are still cool. Such is the transition of seasons around Tucson, Arizona. Without work the next day, I was being treated to a wonderfully full night of ‘how many times can Sam orgasm’. I am Sam, short for Samantha, but what I was experiencing now was to be nothing compared to where my life would end up progressing into.

But, none of that was on my mind at the moment. In fact, there wasn’t much of anything on my mind at the moment. Harley and I had joined like so many other times in the preceding weeks. I had laid Harley on his side and proceeded to entice his cock out of his sheath with fingers, mouth, and tongue. I had no worries about my own preparation, I seemed to be in a constant state of readiness.

When Harley was ready, after my mouth and tongue had enticed his cock out of his sheath sufficiently, I pulled away from him and pivoted around to present myself properly. Presentation was simple, I simply turned so my ass was in front of him. He did the rest. I have learned since giving myself to them, that the dog has amazing sense. He can tell easily when I am ready for sex and he is rarely bashful in approaching me when he wants to mate me. Tonight, like every time, was mutual, destined by the events of the evening. When I wasn’t his Mistress for behavior, domestic, or socialization control, I was his bitch. And, we were all good with that.

He licked me only a few times, undoubtedly attracted by the juices resulting from the attention I had already been given. But he was quickly on my back, his hips already frantically thrusting to find my pussy. I reached with a hand between my spread knees, found his thrusting cock, and guided it into my pussy. It was the only assistance he needed, and that was mostly for my comfort to minimize the poking of his hard, pointy cock into my tender ass flesh. It immediately sank deeply into me, the penetration easy and complete. There is nothing I have experienced that is quite the same as being taken by dogs. The initial penetration is bold and uncompromising. The fucking that follows is intense and a****listic. That isn’t to say that I prefer that fucking over a man’s. Not at all. They are distinctly different and pleasurable in their own ways. The dog is intense and primal and every time. Men, however, especially my man, can be so gentle and caring that I can feel like I will melt around him. I find I need both. The wild expression of lust from my body; and the intimate, soft, and close expression from my heart ataşehir escort and soul.

With Harley firmly inside me, it isn’t long before he has readjusted his grip around my waist, pulling himself tighter against my ass and his cock given deeper penetration into my pussy. His thrusts haven’t slowed since he made penetration and they are like an out-of-control piston methodically pounding into me. From the time his cock touched the inside of my pussy, the penetration was instant and smooth, aided by the activities of earlier this evening. Inside me, his cock is growing bigger and longer and I can feel the pre-cum leaking from his cock and mixing with the juices already present there, which is the reason his penetration was so easy.

Before taking Harley inside me, I have already been fucked by my son, who at the moment is sitting on the couch directly behind me. That is his preferred place to sit to observe me being taken by the other male of the house. We have quickly become quite a little group of sexually active and aggressive lovers who increasingly are not afraid to try new positions that might seem interesting at the moment. Tonight was fairly tame in those terms by being fucked in the cow-girl position. Tonight I felt like looking my human lover in the eyes as we made love. Other times, he or I, just want the fucking to be fucking: aggressive, bold, and driving. He dumped his seed into my hot and receptive pussy and brought me to a delicious orgasm.

As Harley’s cock grew in size and length, I was only feeling the positives of the changes as my pussy and body reacted with increasing desire to his thrusting cock into my body. Where I had started out on my knees and hands braced to take his weight on my back, I now lowered my upper body to my elbows, my ass sticking up in the air and Harley driving into me at a new angle by my position change. I felt his growing knot bumping on each stroke on the outside of my pussy, pressing against my lips, and spreading them further and further as the knot grew until the effort to fully mate required more direct and concentrated effort. His grip on my waist increased even tighter in his insistent effort to push his growing knot into my pussy and I braced myself to provide my own effort to press us together. With each following short, insistent thrust, his cock and knot spread my pussy opening further and further until, finally, he pressed hard and I returned the same pressure back onto him, and the knot passed into my pussy. I gasped and groaned at the sudden fullness of the knot inside and I heard human sounds from behind me, knowing my guy saw the same thing and reacted to it.

This was the point of the whole experience that nearly always got me. Once the knot was inside me, I could feel him increase in size. Not just his cock getting longer, but the knot, too. They increased to nearly fill my canal. But, I also knew that as the knot grew in diameter and sealed my pussy hole that he would be ready to seed his bitch. That knowledge and the intensity of dog fucking nearly always had me hanging onto the ledge, a feeling of imminent falling into the abyss of orgasmic bliss. I would hang on like my hands and then fingers ached as I clutched the blanket on the floor, not wanting to let go until my canine lover was also ready. It seemed like a lost cause many times, but tonight I seemed to be managing and on the feeling of the first spurt of cum göztepe escort from his cock, I too exploded. My entire body convulsed, so I know my pussy did, as well. My pussy squeezed and clenched around his cock and knot and it seemed to impact him even more. His front legs held me tighter and his hips thrust hard at my ass, driving his cock as deep as possible. In the midst of my groans and sobs, I heard guttural sounds escaping from his throat, his snout hanging next to my head.

I collapsed to the floor, not to my elbows, but to the floor. My upper body and head pressed into the blanket with my ass still in the air. Sometimes, I like the dog to stay on my back to feel the fur of their belly on my bare skin while being tied. This time I didn’t bother. Maybe it was already having been fucked by my son before, but that has happened many times before. I just let Harley turn, lifting his leg over my back and ending up being ass-to-ass with me. There was increased pleasure in this, too. In this position he was more active in testing the tie of his knot in my pussy and when he pulled to try to dislodge the knot, he would sometimes bump my g-spot. Yes, it exists! Sometimes, when it is just the dog and me, when the tie lasts a longer time, the knot lodged in my pussy and unable to come out, but frequently tested by the dog, he will bring on another orgasm, even if a minor one.

Tonight, after another fucking, I knew the tie wouldn’t be as long. Experience. I could hear Nick behind me as I recovered from my orgasm and waited for the knot inside me to shrink enough that Harley could pull it out of my confining pussy. It was, after all, the reason he sat in that location and that I took that position in front of him. He never seemed to tire of watching me being mated by Harley. In fact, if tonight was anything like other nights, what he was seeing was stimulating him for more activity with me after the dog was finished. Just the thought sent a chill up my back, a thrill of excitement.

I smiled … I had a cock and knot buried in my pussy and I was getting excited about the fucking and sex I was yet to receive tonight.

While I am tied with Harley, Nick is off the couch and touching my body and I rise to my elbows. On his knees at my side, his hand takes my right breast and fondles it. A moan escapes my lips as his other hand reaches further underneath and captures my other breast, then both have the nipples squeezed. I open my eyes and see his bare thighs and knees next to me. I look further and find his cock, filling with his desire, lengthening and rising toward me.

I reach with my head for Nick’s lap and kiss his growing cock. I concentrate to clear my head and focus. After being fucked twice, my pussy is likely to be pliant enough to release Harley sooner than if he had been the first. With my orgasm fully subsiding and my head clearing, I bear down on the task being presented to me. There is no shyness or hesitancy or uncertainty in that regard. Everything about us, our relationships, and our activity is completely open and honest. I feel him shift his position, leaning over me and whispering into my ear.

“What a sight my dear. You know how I love watching the two of you mating, to see you, my mother, my lover, being taken by the dog like a bitch in heat. You know how much I love the sight of your pussy being pulled outward by the knot still embedded inside you but being pulled.”

The words ümraniye escort send a shiver of excitement through my body and I shift my position, awkward with the dog still anchoring my movements. But, I do it, I rotate just enough to engulf his cock into my mouth, to take his growing cock deep into my mouth and then suck it hard as I pull my head up until just the head is still inside, sucking the escaping pre-cum from the end. As his hands pinch my nipples, one after the other in some rhythm in his head, I sucked his cock hard and urgent. It only takes a few moments, even after already having fucked me before the dog. I taste not only him on his cock, but also the taste of my own orgasmic juices. His cock coated with our mixed fluids now coming off his cock and onto my mouth and tongue.

As Harley’s knot pulls from my pussy with an audible sound, I have Nick’s cock hard and ready. When the knot, and then the cock, pull free of my body, I hear the familiar gasp from my throat.
I gasp and sigh at the loss of it, my pussy feeling incredibly empty at the moment of its removal. This time, it wasn’t long lasting, however. It was never exactly the same. Would he want me to make his next cum be with my mouth while remaining my knees? Would he reach over me, slap my ass to indicate for me to turn around, and take me from behind just like his dog did? Would he move me into another position to be fucked or take me outside onto the patio? Or, might he raise my chin, moving my mouth off his cock to kiss my lips and help me to my feet to settle me onto the covered couch where we could snuggle and kiss? Our sessions had become delightfully random and varying. But, tonight he had me turn around and he took me from behind, leaning his muscular body over mine, pushing his cock into me, and driving it deeply into my pussy in a single thrust. With two loads of male seed in my pussy, still not closed from the previous knot, his cock goes easily and deeply into me. Three in a row … and counting …

Amazingly, I always seem amazed, I came for the third time tonight, each time with cocks inside me, each one of them filling me with seed. This time, however, when Nick pulls his cock out of me, I collapse completely to the floor. I am sprawled out on the floor in front of him and I know that with legs slightly splayed he is seeing my pussy still gaped and cum streaming out. His cum now added to the cum of his dog, which only moments before had filled me. It is only a moment, however, before I feel a presence beside me and then a hand on my bare back, gently stroking.

I turn my head and feel his hands assisting me to rise. He guides me to the couch where I see a throw is in place on the cushion to protect the fabric. He settles in next to me, his arm around my shoulder and I lean into him, out naked skin pressed against each other. I feel a kiss on the top of my head. He hands me my glass. We are drinking bourbon tonight, which is strong for me. He is handing me a large glass of water in one hand and a smaller glass of bourbon and a dash of water in the other. He drinks his just over ice, but it is too strong for me straight. He is also concerned that I need to replace fluids and I might be tempted to finish my drink too quickly without taking some water, first.

I snuggle into him, his arm around my shoulder, his hand idling cupping my breast, his fingers lightly stroking the side and nipple. I take a drink of the water and a sip of the bourbon. I sigh as I rest the side of my face against his chest. Amazing … wonderfully amazing … how a couple of months can change one’s life …

* * CHAPTER TWO: NICK FOLEY will follow * * Thanks for reading.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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