Sexting Experiment

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I stand in my bedroom, feeling the soft thick carpet beneath my bare feet. I lift the negligee off the bed and slip the silk dress over my head, and feel it flutter against my naked body. The fabric gently hugs my breasts, my excitement obvious from my erect nipples that are highlighted by the soft, thin fabric. The straps cross over my back and come to a v — accentuating my curvy waist.

I admire myself in the mirror, my long brown hair flowing to my waist. I gently stroke my hips with either hand, flattening the material against my smooth skin. I stand with my feet slightly apart and slip a hand between my legs, feeling my naked pussy, the soft shaven skin underneath. I love the feeling of not wearing panties.

I glance at myself in the mirror feeling sexy and excited as I step over to the bedside draw. I take out my red bag and open the zip. Carefully, I take each of my toys out one at a time, passing hand to hand and feeling the familiarly against my skin.

They look so neat and tidy arranged on my soft white cotton sheets. From the left, my cold jiggle balls, my anal beads, my suction cup dildos, my nipples clamps. I stroke the smaller suction cup dildo, 3 inches and thick, with a perfectly shaped bell end and balls. On the far right, my electric toothbrush. He’d asked me to find something that I’d never used before, something different — not a sex toy. The thick, slightly square hold was perfect, just the thought of filling myself with it gave me a rush, I found myself gently licking my lips, imagining what it would feel like.

My phone buzzed, and his message lit up “Send me a photo of your outfit”. I took my phone and walk over to the mirror, I look directly into my camera and push my chest out, pulling the silk tight across my chest, showing my breasts at their fullest, making sure my erect nipples are clear. I sent him the photo. I turn around and hold the phone high, so that he would be able to see my waist hugged by my dress. I sent him the second photo.

My heart starts to beat faster with anticipation and I feel the butterflies in my stomach. I feel the heated sensation of my pussy getting wetter. I shift my weight and gently kneel on the floor, facing the side of my bed, where my toys are laid on top, laying a hand on each thigh, I place the phone in front of me and bow my head down to look at it. As I kneel my legs are open and it feels good to feel my pussy slightly exposed, I wonder how long it will take for my wetness to drip down me.

My phone buzzes with his next message and I swipe it open. “Pick a toy, send me a photo”. I look at my toys and close my eyes, what I wanted most was him, his huge, hard cock in my mouth, right then and there. I open my eyes, move one hand from my thigh and grasp the thick 7 inch dildo. I hold it with one hand in front of me, sending him a photo of my choice.

His next message tells me to send him a video, imaging the dildo poker oyna was him. I’m to show him how much I want him. I prop the phone up in front of me, hold the dildo on the bed, erect, and hit record. The video started on my huge, round breasts which rose and fell as I my heart pumped and my breathing quickened. I stroked a hand across my chest, grabbing my tit roughly in one hand and grabbing the dildo with the other. I bent my head down, ready to take it. I licked the bell end, circling my tongue around it. I spat on the tip and moaned softly as I took the tip in my mouth, slowly massaging my lips around and down the shaft and back up, feeling the tip against my lips. I opened my eyes and stared directly at the camera, a soft hungry moan escaping my lips.

As the video sent I waited, desperate for his response. My phone light up “Good”. My heart fluttered and my stomach clenched, he approved. Pleasing him made me so hot and I wanted to touch myself so badly. I placed my hands on the bed and waited, sensing the vibrations of my phone I read his next set of instructions, another photo. I stood up and stretched, sitting on the edge of the bed, my knees a little sore. I looked down at my body and admired myself, I felt so sexy, sensual, empowered. I held the phone high so that he could see my cleavage and sent him the photo. His response flashed back. “You are not kneeling”.

I realised my mistake. He had not given me permission to get up. I knelt on the floor, hand on thigh, I sent him a photo of me kneeling. “I’m so sorry Sir”. I didn’t like disappointing him, but a small part of me felt a little gleeful, I knew what was coming next. “You must be punished”. A mix of fear and excitement spread through my body as I waited to see what he would make me do. I sat as still as I possibly could. “Smack your ass three times. Film it, send it to me.”

I glanced around the room looking for the perfect point to place my phone. I propped it up on my book shelf, bending over so that my pert, rounded bottom and curvy waist were in full view. My breath was short and shallow, I was excited and nervous. I brought my hand to my ass gently, feeling where I was about to strike, raised my arm and spanked myself. I felt the sharp twinge, I needed to do it harder. I raised my hand up and brought it down, quicker, a more satisfying ‘thwack’ echoed and I felt the sting deepen. I could feel my pussy drip and my clit twitch and swell. My body enjoyed this.

I licked my lips and took a deep breath, shifting my hips side to side as I felt warmth of the slap – my pussy dripping from the thrill of obeying. I brought my hand down, harder and felt the sting intensify. I bit my lip and let out a low moan, it hurt and felt good at the same time. I sent the video and returned to kneel, sending a photo to show that I was where I was supposed to be, waiting for him.

“Feel yourself, tell me how wet you are, describe it to me. Do canlı poker oyna not cum”.

“I don’t need to touch myself to know that I’m so wet for you, Sir. I can feel it between my legs.” I stroked a hand up my leg, my inner thigh and felt my wetness a few inches from my pussy. It covered my inner thighs and was warm and even wetter around my lips, I used my fingers to part them and feel the wetness inside me. I traced a single finger up to my clit, knowing my wetness had spread all over my pussy. I described it for him, told him he made me so wet, that I wanted him between my legs so badly. My pussy was aching, my clit swollen and gently pulsing, the slightest push or massage could push me over the edge. I sent him the video and returned my hands to the bed, my finger tips aching to be back stroking my pussy and clit. I felt the warm wetness slowly spread down my inner thigh and let out a small frustrated moan.

“Good girl. Now take the dildo, and fuck yourself, for 3 minutes. Talk to me as if I was there. Do not cum.”

At the end of my bed I had a shelving unit the full length of my bed, and about a foot wide. I pulled it away from the bed at angle, so that I could use it as my fuck point. I licked the end of the suction cup, enjoying the taste of what was about to be inside me, and stuck it to the side. I lay my phone down, facing up and on all fours shuffled back. One leg either side of the unit. The dildo took up the centre of the video, my wet, shaven pussy would be visible as I backed up onto it, recording beneath me.

I sat there for a moment, closing my eyes and imagined him behind me, waiting for my pussy, waiting to fuck me. I hit record. I pushed my hips back and felt the tip of the dildo against my lips, I moan softly. “Please Sir, fuck me”. I gently tilt my hips and push back further, feeling the dildo fill my pussy. I keep pushing until I feel the flat surface of the unit against my ass. “Fuck. Fuck I’m wet”.

I clench my pussy around the dildo and start to rock back and forward fucking myself. “Fuck me Sir, fill my pussy, please Sir.” I beg urgently.

I feel the thick, hard dildo press deep inside me and I moan loudly. I fuck it, faster and faster, more desperately. “I’m bending over, my elbows on the floor, my chest pressed down and my ass thrust up for you. I can feel the carpet rub on my arms and feel you fuck me deeper Sir.”

I love calling him Sir. I love the thought of presenting myself to him and I feel my excitement build, the familiar warm sensation as I get close to climax. “I’m close. I want to cum so badly.” I slow down, enjoying the deep, satisfying sensations of the dildo filing me. Pressing my ass as firmly against the surface as I can so that it’s as deep inside me as it can possibly go. I rock forward, feeling the dildo start to glide out of me, and just before the end reaches my lips, I push back. Enjoying feeling it fill me over and over and internet casino over again. I pause with the tip at my lips, to let my rising orgasm subside.

I take a deep breath as I slide the dildo back deep inside me. “It’s so hard not to cum. I want you so bad, I want your thick hard cock so bad Sir”. I bounce on the dildo, faster and faster feeling my orgasm start to build again, I curl my toes, holding it back. I stop.

It’s been three minutes, I’m so close to cumming, just a few more deep thrusts and I would. He’d punish me if I did, I bit my lip at the thought of my last punishment, I want to cum so badly, but for him. I send the video.

“Stay where you are, wait for me to watch it.” I moan out load. I stay on all fours, the dildo deep inside me and I do not move. I want to, I want to sway and call out him name as I fuck myself into orgasm. I picture him watching the video, hoping he’s pleased, imagining him stroking his cock, wanking, cumming over the thought of fucking my dripping wet, warm, tight, pussy.

3 minutes passes and I have no messages. I keep waiting. 10 minutes passes and still nothing. My knees ache and my elbows are rubbing on the carpet but my pussy is still soaking wet, I can feel it dripping down my leg.

Kneeling here, feeling the carpet beneath my knees, the soft fabric hugging my sensitive erect nipples, the dildo filling my eager pussy, I’m so hot, so horny, so ready.

My phone lights up with the next message “Pick a toy.” I choose the toothbrush, maybe he’d get me to fuck my ass with it? I love fucking my ass, feeling the orgasm build with both holes filled…

I pull myself slowly forward, feeling the thick dildo leaves my pussy and the exquisite relief and pleasure as the tip passes my lips, I want to back up and rub my clit against it. But I dare not cum without permission. I stand up and gently stretch my arms up above my head. I pick up the toothbrush and send him a photo.

“You’ve been a good girl. Get comfy, make yourself cum.” My body tenses and I feel my pussy twitch in excitement, my entire being wants to cum. I sit up on the end of the bed and open my legs, turning the vibration on I push the end of the tooth brush into my pussy, moaning loudly and tilting my head back as I enjoy the sensation of just a hard unusual shape fill me up, I send him a photo of it fully inserted inside me.

I lay my head back and feel the vibrations, pushing the tooth brush as far as it will go and panting at the pleasure building. I fuck myself slowly at first, but the desire to cum is too strong and I speed up, fucking myself deep and hard. I take my finger, and circle it round my clit, feeling the warm, electric sensations all over my body. I moan and arch my back as I feel the orgasm build and a small increase in pressure on my clit pushes me over the edge and I feel the wave of pleasure inside my pussy, flow down my legs and over my body.

I pant heavily and remove the pulsating tooth brush from inside me. I message him, thanking him and telling him I’m done. I lay there, my chest heaving, nipples erect and a mess of wetness between my thighs. Fuck that was good.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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