She finds what #11 Means PT4

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She finds what #11 Means PT4
One day the next week, she took the afternoon off from work, so she could stop at the adult store on the way home, with the anticipation of getting off to some new movies. The same tall thin young black clerk leered at her as she came in and greeted her, “Nice ta see ya again. Let me know if I kin help ya!” He must have remembered her from her previous visit. She flashed him a perfunctory smile, and walked over to the racks with the CD’s. She knew the clerk was inspecting her ass as it swayed enticingly under the skirt of her business suit, but she tried to ignore him. She picked out a couple of new CD’s, selected new wider dildo, a set of butt plugs now that her ass was no longer virginal, some Astroglide, and then walked up to the check out counter.

The young clerk had been scrutinizing her while she was shopping. He noticed the bounce of the full tits under her sheer blouse, and that they were encased in a sexy thin lacy bra allowing her nipples to be discerned. When she bent over to look at something he enjoyed seeing the inner slopes of her breasts forming an alluring cleavage. Jessica was wearing sensual smoky stockings with a dark seam up the back, and black high heels with ankle straps that accentuated her trim calves and made her ass stick out tantalizingly. The clerk lusted for her as her butt oscillated under the revealing clothing while she obliviously flaunted herself around the store. Bones was conscious of the incredible sensations in his cock as it crept down the leg of his shorts in response to this sexy white wife strutting in his store. Her soft skirt d****d between her legs as she approached the sales desk, and her could see the sex mound where her legs came together. He wondered what type of panties was covering her wet pussy. Man, that’s one hot married bitch…, love to split her with my Johnson…get my rocks off in her pussy!

He continued to deliberately check her out with his eyes, stopping at her lace covered tits whose dark pink nipples were seen through thrusting through the sheer blouse. Oh shit, why did I leave my jacket in the car! worried Jessica when she realized what the clerk was ogling. “Nice!” he hissed to her as his big mouth grinned revealing a set of large white teeth. Jessica thought she felt very uncomfortable due to his lechery, but she was also conscious of the rousing effect on her nipples as they more prominently poked through the layers of cloth due to his gawking. She also inadvertently noticed that his cock was becoming much more discernible down the leg of his pants. It was impossible to miss! Oh Gawd, another big black cock! as she felt a flush of moisture between her legs. “Find everything?” cajoled the clerk, which jolted Jessica out of her fascination with his groin, and she blushed as she looked up into his smirking face. Bones was elated that this hot mama was checking out his equipment.

As he priced her merchandise, he noticed that the titles of the CD’s were all black men doing white women. “I see ya know what it takes for sum’ good lovin’!” he goaded her as he licked his lips with his wide tongue. Jessica was affronted at his boldness, and did not respond so as to not lead him on. However, she could sense her nipples tingling and groin contracting due to his erotic implications. Oh, why do I have to react like this? He tossed one of the CD’s on the counter towards her so she could see the title, “Young Black Cocks for Horny Housewives!” “If you like this one, I got a young sompin’ thad take care a’ yo pussy!” as he grabbed his shaft through his pants demonstrating to Jessica that it extended half way down his thigh. Jessica gasped at the size of his exhibited cock and the assault of her with his deliberate bravado. “Be happy to tickle ya tonsils too!” Jessica almost wanted to try him, but instead looked down discomfited, and mumbled a weak, “no.” “Thas ok, some odder time!” He finished making the charge transaction and handed Jessica the bag. “You hab som’ fun playin’ now!” he chided.

Jessica was so agitated from the sexual implications of the clerk at the book store, and so anxious to see the new movies, that, on the ride home, she kept clenching her thighs together trying to appease the gnawing between her legs. When she finally arrived, she hurriedly rushed upstairs! Jessica ripped open the bag and found the disc about the young cocks, ripped off the wrapping and put it in the CD player! She threw her coat on the chair and started unbuttoning her blouse. As she unzipped her skirt and it dropped to the floor, she watched the television where a sexy thirty-something blonde woman was berating a young black man for doing a poor job mowing the lawn. The woman in the movie was wearing tight white shorts which exhibited the bottom half of her ass cheeks, and an unbuttoned shirt tied under her large breasts exposing a deep cleavage and almost half of each breast. The actress admonished well-built bare-chested youth some more and told him he would have to make it up to her. Pulling a tit out of her shirt, she commanded that he had to suck her nipple. Jessica could feel her own nipples getting hard as she watched the boy’s thick black lips sucking the delectable white tit on the television. Jessica squeezed her own breasts and tweaked her nipples before undoing the center clasp of her bra and shrugging it off. Her own nipples were standing erect and were very sensitive to being uncovered.

She continued to watch as the young sculpted black pushed the shirt off the woman’s other tit and started squeezing it with his dark fingers, while the actress grabbed his head and pulled him to her breast. Jessica remembered Marcus’s mouth sucking, nipping and tugging on her tits and she could feel the moisture seeping out of her pussy into her thong. She stroked her sensitive mound escalating the sensitivity and then pealed the drenched sticky material of her panties off her seeping lips and let them fall down to the floor. Using the extruding love juices on her fingers, she caressed her pussy lips and released a moan due to the fire building between her legs.

It was time to get comfortable. She grabbed her new wider dildo from the bag, and opened the package, but she didn’t see the Astroglide. Don’t need it…I’m wet enough! Hopping up on the bed and propping herself on some pillows against the headboard, she began stroking her slick furrow with the broad head of the new toy. MMmmmmmm, feels good…a lot thicker than my other one, more like Marcus’ cock! The young man on the screen was kneeling in front of the voracious woman, pulling down her shorts revealing her moist shaved pussy. He pushed on her thighs making her walk backward until her legs hit the couch behind her and her momentum made her sit down. The black youth pushed her thighs widely apart and dipped his head towards her weeping gash. Jessica could feel her own receptive split becoming drenched as she worked the head of her black toy between her tender lips. She was starting to tremble with good feelings as her groin began to quiver in response to her manipulations.

Just then, the doorbell rang insistently. Jessica ignored it and continued to play with her pussy, rubbing the black rubber head up and down her drenched slit, intensifying the fantastic sensations flooding between her legs. The damn buzzer was at it again. Damn it all! Who the fuck is that! as she tried to ignore it. The rubber prick felt so good massaging her clit. Ringing the third time, Jessica realized that whoever it was would not go away, but she was pissed because it was interrupting her incredible pleasure! She jumped off the bed and grabbed a short silk robe, which she tied at her waist as she hurried down the stairs.

Looking through the spy hole in the front door she couldn’t see anyone. Maybe it was just some k**s pulling pranks! She opened the door slightly and peered around the edge when the tall young black clerk from the adult store stepped in front of her. “What the hell….? Jessica exclaimed, astonished at seeing him at her house. “You left this at the store,” as he thrust the tube of Astroglide towards her, pushed open the front door, stepped inside and closed the door behind him. Jessica was so surprised at his presence at her home that she was unable to prevent his audacity of walking into her house. She didn’t really grasp what had happened until he had closed the door and was standing in front of her in her living room.

“What the….you can’t…how?” she stammered. “…traced your credit card. Thought you might need this while you watched your hot movies!” he leered as he held the lubricant in front of her. Jessica experienced a variety of emotions; shock, fear and for some reason anticipation. “No…well thanks, but you gotta go!” she spluttered as took the tube, excited by his presence, but she was determined that she wanted him to leave her house. She didn’t want anyone to see him there, and inquire about how she knew him. But he ignored her as his eyes raked over her luscious body in the revealing short robe. There was the deep cleavage formed between her full round breasts tuzla escort bayan in the V at the top of the robe, and her hard excited nipples were prominently visible through the thin material. The lace tops of her stockings were evident below the hem, and her long nylon covered legs went down to the black strapped platform heels she had been wearing in the store. The two sides of the robe were just barely overlapping to cover her pussy, and the belt had been only loosely tied in her hurry to get downstairs. “No mamm, I ain’t leaving this!” as her reached out and caressed her breast, but quickly brought his hand up to her protruding nipple and pinched it hard between his thumb and forefinger. Jessica was too stunned initially to move, and only tardily reacted to the pain the pressure inflicted on her nipple. “NO…stop…nooo… pleeeeease! “Love your tits, babe!” as he continued to press and turn the stiff distended nub.

“Pleeease…you can’t…married!” as she tried to push him away, placing her hand on his chest. In spite of her resistance he stepped forward and seized the knot of the tie at her waist and pulled her to him. “Niiiiccceeee tits bitch! Just waitin’ for the Bone, huh! Bet you was just thinkin’ ’bout gittin’ some big black cock!” he celebrated. “NOOooo …you can’t …get out!” she pleaded as Jessica’s fear and wild imagination both worked at a frantic pace. His free hand reached through the flaps of the robe for her bare pussy and his long finger shot up her drenched slot. “OOHHHH… NOOOOooooo! NNNooo… stop!…OOOHHHHHHhhh…” she whimpered, but her body contradicted her denial as she humped on his finger taking it as far into her hungry gash as it would go.

“Yea, you a horny white bitch…want some young black cock, huh?” “NOOO… nooooo….please…can’t…AAAAgggghhhh!” but she was thrusting her hips forward trying to obtain gratification from his finger deep in her voracious pussy. Just then a female voice was audible crying, “YYYeesss, oooohhh yesss, fuck me. Fuck me deeper! OOOOHHHHHH!” “Sounds like some other fuckers in this house too! Let’s go see…!” as Bone pulled his finger out of her hot moist pussy and dragged her to the bottom of the stairs to the second floor. “Sounds like its up there…show me!” as he pushed Jessica in front of him up the stairs. The view of her ass cheeks below the edge of the robe winking at him while climbing the stairs and the moisture seeping out of her cunt gleaming on her inner thighs above the stockings made his cock stiffen even more. Damn, this is one fuckin’ hot bitch!

The screen on the television in the master bedroom showed the black youth plowing into the woman’s pussy from behind, slapping his groin against her ass as Bone pushed Jessica before him into the room. The naked blonde actress was commanding the sweating black youth, “Yeeeesssss…fuck me hard! OOOhhhh yess…soooo gooooddd …love that big black cock!!” The sheets on Jessica’s bed were disheveled, and the new hefty black dildo was lying next to a wet spot on the sheet. “Looks like ya been playin’ without me! Or maybe you was jist gittin’ ready?” Noticing the sheen on the dildo, he picked it up and licked it. “Oh babe…that’s some sweet married pussy juice! But now ya gotta a real cock!” Seizing her wrist, he pulled her close. “Show me how ya sweet married mouth sucks black cock!” as he thrust the black rubber imitation towards her mouth. Jessica resisted and kept turning her head as he tried to force the phallus between her lips. He finally clutched her hair in the back and pulled making her open her mouth as she moaned in pain. “Wrap ya lips around that…Suck!” Jessica did as she was told, but not enthusiastically. “Maybe you’d do better wid the real thing, bitch?” as he pushed on her shoulders making her kneel in front of him. “Here’s your black cock! Da Bone is here!” Jessica was fearful of her predicament but paradoxically could feel her drenched cunt contracting in anticipation of having a real black cock to play with. Grabbing his rigid dick through his trousers, he commanded, “Go on babe…take it out!”

Jessica knew that she should not be allowing this young black man to compel her to do this, but she was so eager to have another experience with a black cock, and here was a big young one right in front of her face. She slid her right hand up under the loose leg of his low slung basketball shorts until she reached the plum sized head. She immediately felt the slimy precum on the hot smooth flared knob, and while gripping the shaft with three fingers, used her thumb and forefinger to spread it around the helmet. With his juice as a lubricant she kept slipping the ring formed by her finger and thumb over the ridge to the crown of his sensitive dome and she could feel his rod engorging as it grew to full length. Her left hand had untied the drawstring and was tugging the shorts down from his waist. She had to let go of his firm tube to get the shorts off, and his stiff cock sprung up at an angle in front of his ripped stomach showing off his large testicles, and the thick tendon reinforcing his shaft. His cock was long, but not overly thick, however, the head widened to almost twice the diameter of the stalk, looking like a candied apple. She gripped the top of the pole and licked the underside of his dick from his balls to her hand, bathing it in her saliva while her thumb continued to work his juice into the taut dark skin of the hood.

Jessica’s initial reluctance was overcome by her reawakened decadent desires for black cock! Oh…love black cock…so big…yeeeesss! Jessica felt her pussy flood as she ministered to the dark shaft with her tongue and lips and fingers. Great… he followed…home…love his cock! The shaft was shiny, slippery and moist with the mixture of his cum and her saliva. “Now you knows why theys call me Bone, bitch! …ya sure like it!” “MMMMMmm mmmm!” she mumbled as she slipped her lips over the huge flared head.

The head was wider than Marcus’ but her effort was facilitated by the copious youthful cum flowing out of his slit. Her mouth was filled by the circumference as she twisted back and forth around the knob and caressed the smooth slick skin with her tongue…tastes so good…and as she skimmed both her hands up and down the slick stiff tube. Her knuckles kept touching his balls hanging between his legs so she gently kneaded them with her left hand while she continued stroking and sucking. What a cock! she marveled as she could feel her pussy flooding beyond her outer lips and the juice running on to her bare legs above the stockings.

“Oh babe, yo fuckin’ married mouth….feels so gooooooood…so hot!” as he gazed down on her blonde head and watched her pink lips and white hands slide up and down his dark shaft. Bones was pulling on the back of her head trying to penetrate her tonsils, but Jessica keep resisting. …can’t take much more, he’ll plug my throat! She tried to distract him by sliding her lips off and on the sensitive ridge of the head of his cock, tickling the slit with the tip of her tongue, and swirling her tongue around the head. She sure knows how to tease that stick with her boiling white mouth! Her excessive saliva stimulated by her oral ministrations to his rod was flowing around his head and down the shaft lubricating her hand wanking his pipe. She also slid the middle finger of her hand on his testicles up the crease of his ass and teased his asshole with her pink painted finger nail.

She was really arousing Bones. “Oh yea bitch…keep it up…mouth so fuckin’ hot…fine white slut!” Jessica could feel his head flaring, his rod becoming firmer, and his balls retracting in their sacks. She knew he was getting close to shooting his jism down her throat and her craving to drink his cum intensified her enthusiasm to satisfy him. She was hollowing her cheeks as she sucked harder, moved her hand along his slippery pole faster, and letting more and more of his swelled head penetrate her throat. Bones grabbed Jessica’s short blonde hair at either side of her head and started to fuck her mouth as he felt his balls contract and his cock head pulse. …white married mouth…so fuckin’ hot! Jessica knew his climax was imminent and screwed her finger into his asshole because she was frantic to taste and drink his cum. Her finger penetrating his bowels drove Bones over the top and he blasted a huge ejaculation into her throat, and then a second one. “Drink that black cum…swallow it bitch!” And Jessica tried her best to his obey his command as she cherished the strong salty cream she was swallowing. But she could not keep up with the volume and the white thick liquid flowed out between her pink lips and his ebony shaft and down her chin. Bones pulled her head off his cock and the third discharge went into her open over-flowing cum-filled mouth and onto her lips. He aimed his cock down and the next explosion hit her chin and neck, and the thick fluid ran down her cleavage of her large heaving tits. Bones grabbed his rod and wiped the head over her cheeks and lips, spreading the seeping discharge. orhanlı escort Jessica was in seventh heaven and tried to lick anything with cum on it with her tongue. Sooo gooooood…his slut today…anything he wants! She noticed that his young black cock was not in the least bit soft as it was still pointing up in front of his washboard stomach.

“Married white bitch…you so hot! Love dat big black cock don’t ya?” She looked up at him, her eyes infatuated with lust and a huge grin on her cum-smeared face. “Git you slut ass up on that bed!” Jessica eagerly rose and as she stepped past him, he grabbed her robe by the collar and pulled it off her body. “My, my, what fine white ass yo’ is!” as he lusted at her wondrous body clothed only in the black garter belt, stockings, that framed her succulent ass, and strapped platform shoes “Yo is my ho dis afternoon! Now crawl on da bed and look at yo slut self in the mirror.” Jessica crawled onto the middle of the bed on her hands and knees and looked at her cum-splattered face and full hanging tits in the full length wardrobe mirror. Accumulations of thick cream were here and there, as were shiny spots where it was starting to dry. She had never anticipated how fantastic it felt to be such a willing slut for this youngster, which was stimulating her to imagine all the depraved things she could do with him.

She felt the bed sag as Bones climbed up behind her viewing her luscious round cheeks outlined by the garter straps and the stocking tops. He could see her soaked dilated pussy lips between her legs and her tight asshole at the bottom of the crease sandwiched between her glorious spheres. Jeeesss, this was some hot fuckin’ white bitch! as he could feel his cock jerking in expectation of what he was going to do next to this torrid white wife.

Jessica felt his hands grab her waist and his rigid cock lay in the valley between the globes of her ass. “Look at you slut…cum on yo face and tits…you just like that porno bitch on the tube! Bet you want some young black cock up you pussy, just like she got, huuunnn?” When she didn’t answer, Bones whacked her ass cheek with his hand eliciting a shocked cry and a response based on Jessica’s incredible need, “YYYeesss, I want your big black cock. Fuck me…in my pussy …need your cock!” “That’s better slut…beg for it!” as Bones stuck his hand between her legs and rammed two fingers up in her drenched canal. “Gonna put it right there…shove my cock way up yo white pussy! Never gonna want any white cock again! This be a black cock pussy!”

“YYYeeeesss, yeeeeesssss, give it to me…fuck me… shove that big black cock in me!” Bones was excited to hear this steaming whoring wife pleading for his cock that was twitching in respond to her appeals, and his view of her demanding wet pussy. He fisted his rigid spear, and moved his hips back and forth running the expanded head along her slippery furrow between her engorged lips. Jessica was moaning from the stimulation of his cock and particularly when he rubbed the firm head against her clit. She kept moving her butt around trying to impale his sought-after cock into her canal, but he kept teasing her. “OOOhhh pleeeasee…give me your cock…please…I need it…baaaaaad…need your fuckin’ cock!”

Bones could not resist the tempting gratification any longer. He was really impatient to plug his huge sensitive shaft into this scrumptious white pussy. He placed the engorged head of his cock against the saturated opening to her canal, but met a lot of resistance due to the size of his flared knob. He could feel the juices flooding from her opening down his firm shaft and he knew that because they both wanted it so bad that penetration would soon happen. Jessica was astounded at the size of his protuberance against the aperture to her cunt and wondered how it could possibly penetrate inside her. But her passion to possess it was so frantic that she kept pushing her ass back towards the tall thin black youth, trying to skewer herself on his craved black tube! She could feel the bulge trying to wedge the orifice wider than it had ever been stretched; it was beginning to feel as if the tissue was going to tear, but the pressure was generating an erotic exhilaration in all her sensitive areas. The skin was finally giving way and she could feel a very slow incursion as her pussy lips clamped around the swollen dome. And then the impediment finally gave way, the extensive head slipped inside the soaked canal, and an explosion of sensations filled her abdomen as the swollen head distended the inner walls of her pussy. She could feel the width of the head as it slid up into her tunnel, stimulating her in an alien but amazingly exciting way.

Once the head had popped through there was no barrier to a complete insertion and the head sunk to depths never before probed, not even by Marcus. Jessica screamed as the firm head collided with her cervix sending shooting pain to mix with all her ecstatic feelings. “NOOO, NOOOO ttttooooo bbiiiiggggg! AAWWWWW GAAAAWWWWD!” as Jessica struggled to ease the pressure and pain deep in her belly. “Never been speared wid a bone like this…unnhhh!” leered Bones as he held her waist tightly, aware of her lush ass grinding against his groin. Jessica’s twisting and turning in an attempt to release herself from the black bludgeon inflamed the sensations in Bones’ cock because of the clasping of her pussy walls on his buried shaft! “AWWW BABE! Yo’ fuckin’ married cunt feels so good!” His black fingers were blanching her tissue as he held Jessica’s waist tightly pressing her supple ass snugly against his front. “Thas it …shake yo’ hot ass!” Her lush fleshy globes wiggled from side to side massaging his shaft and belly as she tried to escape. “Wank my bone with yo’ puss!” The sides of Jessica’s passage clutched the rim of Bones cock head, pulsing ecstatic feelings up his responsive pole. He knew nothing this wide had ever been inside this wild married pussy. “AAAAhh! Yyeeessss! Funkin’ dynamite!” Bones was sure glad he had decided to follow this slut home.

Jessica had finally started to accommodate the huge cock and exhilarating feelings were overwhelming the painful ones. She started contracting her pelvic muscles and making back and forth movements to experience this black pleasure stick and to amplify her own fulfillment. She could feel the ring around the head of his cock drag in and out along the walls of her pussy, eliciting incredible flooding of her channel. The lubricant made it even easier for the black rod to slip in and out. “Now that’s it bitch…yo’ like fuckin’ that black pole…go to it slut…yous jist like that white bitch on the TV.” Jessica looked over and saw the ecstatic blonde actress pounding her ass back and forth on the long black cock of the youth on the screen. Jessica knew she was duplicating the actions of the woman in the movie, but now she could feel a real dark shaft in her belly thrilling her. It was no comparison to her previous masturbating to the actors in the movies.

Bones now grasped Jessica’s garter belt with both hands, giving him control her position on his cock. He pushed her forward so that his black pole almost came out of her slippery slit, but they both could feel the resistance of the swollen head attempting to back out of her orifice. Her wet velvet-like walls rubbing on his rim made his groin spasm with excitement, while her canal was being stirred by the pressure of his cock ridge on the sides of her pussy. In fact, his head was so large it agitated her G spot as it rubbed back and forth. “AAAWWWW….sooo good!” Bones worked his cock in and out and it made him excited to see his dark shiny wet shaft pull out of her white married pussy covered in her juices. “Yo’ married white cunt…so hot…speared by ma black cock!” They were in a real rhythm now, gaining pleasure from the others’ amazing sexual weapons. “AAWWWW YEEEEESSSSS…fuck me…so goooood!” “Yo’ pussy suckin’ on ma black cock!” Bones reveled in the sight of Jessica’s two succulent jiggling round spheres of her ass seemingly being split by his glistening rigid black shaft. “YYYeeessss ….yeeeeessss! Soooo gooood!” Jessica’s ravenous craving to achieve gratification from this young black pole motivated her to wiggle her ass and contract her vaginal muscles to derive as much stimulation as possible. “Yo’ a black cock slut! Love that dark meat? Hunh?” Jessica’s actions had inflamed the sensations Bones was feeling in his cock, and he started to fuck her deeper, harder and faster. “OOOOhhhh yeeesss! Yea…Yeaa…pound my pussy…aaarrrggh …AAAARRRRGGGGHHH!” His long cock was sounding the depths of her canal, inflaming her tissues with pain, pressure and rapture. Jessica could feel her tube being agitated by this wonderful young weapon and bringing her up to the crescendo of a climax. Haven’t felt this good since Marcus! “OOHHHHHHH! Fuuuuuuccccckkkkk MMMMMeeeee!” as Jessica’s body started to shudder and shake and the waves of her orgasm swept over her body. This is what I needed. Big young black cock!

Jessica’s spasming pussy almost aydınlı escort drove Bones over the edge again, but because he had just recently exploded in her mouth, he was able to luxuriate in the stimulation of her gripping pussy, her agitating ass, and her swaying tits. God, what a hot white bitch! Gonna have more fun with this married slut! Bones dipped his finger in her drenched snatch, coating it with her juices, and started to work it up and down the crease of her succulent ass. Jessica was too exhausted from her climax and was still reacting to the after shocks caused by the marvelous weapons coursing in and out her hypersensitive pussy. Bones keep dipping his finger to collect more juice and worked it around the brown star in between her cheeks, starting to penetrate to his first knuckle.

When he had worked into the second knuckle Jessica finally became aware of his playing with her asshole. “NO, don’t’! NOT THERE!” as she tried to squirm away from the onslaught. She couldn’t because Bones still was still hanging onto her garter belt like reins on a horse, working her wonderful wet pussy up and down his cock. “What’s up bitch, you gotta virgin ass?” Jessica didn’t want to answer him, because she knew he would want to take her there, and she didn’t want this young black to gain that control over her. When she didn’t answer, Bones raised his hand and brought it down hard on her ass cheek timing it with a deep penetration of his cock. Jessica screamed in pain, surprise and ecstasy at the multitude of sensations. “Hubby fuck your ass? Huh, bitch?” With no answer, Jessica now received two more hard slaps on her ass and it really started to sting! “You never had it yo ass slut?” Jessica whimpered in defeat, “Yes.” “Who did that, yo black boyfriend? Bet he really stretched that out. You no virgin slut!”

Bones looked around the bed and saw the bag from his store. He grabbed it and shook out the two butt plugs. “Let’s loosen yo up for my black pole!” as he grabbed the smaller one and held it in front of her face. “Suck it bitch! Or I put it in dry!” Jessica feared for what the unlubricated plug would feel like, so she wrapped he lips around the rubber plug and used her tongue to coat it with saliva, as Bones twisted it in her mouth. “That’s nuff.” as he pulled it out, and ran the wet dildo up and down the spread crease between her full rounded globes, and then started to work it into her brown star. Jessica had to admit that it felt good going into her glowing ass, adding to the stimulation of his oscillating cock.

When Bones had it in the whole way, he started to pound his cock deep into her pussy again and she was almost over whelmed by the dual stimulation in both her orifices. Each time his long cock bottomed out in her drenched pussy, his groin would drive the plug into her ass. It felt like she was being fucked by two dicks. Jessica was just about to cum when Bones stopped with his cock penetrations, and almost pulled out of her cunt. “No, pleeeeaaasse, …so gooooddd!” “Like double fuckin’, huh? Let’s try a bigger one!” as Bones pulled the plug from her tender ass. Wiping some Astroglide on the larger butt plug, which was shaped much like a smooth Christmas tree on a stand, he started twisting it into Jessica’s asshole. She could feel it was going to stretch her much wider than the first one! Bones worked the first third into her distending anus as Jessica felt her body being invaded by two large tubes at the same time. Bones started a subtle movement of his hips, so that his cock was slipping in and out of her vulnerable pussy, kept exciting her nerves throughout her body. With each insertion, his groin was driving the butt plug further into her butt. Jessica was ecstatic with the feelings in her vaginal canal, but uncertain about being plugged and stretched in her ass. Bones upped the tempo and was starting to pound the head of his cock towards the depths of her birth canal, and this was pushing the plug so that the widest part was trying slip into her rectum. Jessica was unprepared for the monstrous sensations these two bludgeons were simultaneously creating in her pussy and her ass.

Finally, her anal sphincter relaxed and the large plug was fully imbedded. With each stroke Bones sunk his cock to the deepest part of her pussy and drove the plug deep into her bowels. Jessica had never had an experience like being filled with the two enormous poles simultaneously, filling her whole abdomen and creating unimagined sensations. Jessica transformed into a most depraved slut, trying to take all of both stimulating objects into her orifices, slamming her ass back against Bones’ groin and rubbing her lush cheeks side to side. She imagined she was getting screwed by two men. Jessica was going crazy and loved being fucked twice at the same time.

“OOOHHHHH…Gaaaaawwdddd…YYYYeeeeeeeeeessssss!… FFFFFFuuuuukkkkkMMMEEEEEEE” as her stimulation became excruciating; she shuddered and trembled uncontrollably in a thunderous orgasm. Jessica’s nervous system kept firing and she kept shuddering, and pumping and impelling herself on Bones amazing cock and her toy. She kept shaking her head in amazement as the waves of satisfaction rolled through her body.

“So you liked that bitch…one fine fuck! Come into my store more often an’ get some! Now…gonna take me some ass!” With that, Bones grabbed the end of the butt plug and quickly pulled it out, the withdrawal sending vibrations throughout Jessica again, but creating a empty longing for what was taken away. At the same time, he quickly withdrew his cock from her saturated pussy, and could see his rock hard shaft glistening with her love juices. “NOoooooo!” protested Jessica at the tremendous voids suddenly in her body. “Don’t worry slut!” hissed Bones as he pushed his oversize flared head against the still expanded ass hole between Jessica’s succulent hips.

Jessica could feel the tremendous pressure the helmet of Bones shaft pressing against her anal opening. It felt like there was no way it was going to fit in as it was so much larger than the butt plug. However, her cum smeared all over it provided the lubrication, and it slipped past the tight muscular ring and penetrated deeply. Bones long shaft went right to the depth of her bowels. The butt plug had opened her up, and it felt so erotic as his tool started moving in and out. He would withdraw it until her muscular ring trapped his head inside and then slam his thighs against her ass cheeks which quivered under each onslaught. Being skewered by the long black weapon felt so fantastic. “Ohhhhh, yeeeeeessssssss! Fuck my asssssssss! AAAAhhhh….AAAAAhhhhhhh…Gaaawwwwwwdddddd

Yeeeeeessssss!” Jessica moaned as Bones pistoned in and out of her ass.

Bones also was in ecstasy as the tight sphincter clenched his shaft as he pumped his cock in her butt. Her cushiony cheeks felt so sexy when he slammed deep into her. “Great ass…fuckin’ married slut…fuck my black dick…yea slut…love that black pole dontcha bitch…way up yo’ ass!” His hands grasped her waist tightly as he propelled her ass on and off his cock. He pumped faster and harder as he felt his testicles contracting and his cock lengthening and flaring as he neared his climax. His legs were slapping her ass with such force it was almost like spanking her. “White bitch…here comes my black baby juice…gonna pump your ass full….aaaaaahhhhhhhh… yyyyaaaaaaaaaa …take it slut…ooooohhhhhh!” as he pump load after load deep into her stomach. Jessica could feel the immense pressure of the eruptions and the great volume of his spunk deep inside her. She knew she had been thoroughly fucked in her ass and she erupted in spasm with her own climax.

Bones withdrew his cock which was still spurting and aimed it at the crease of her ass, on each cheek and along her spine as it kept spewing forth the thick heavy cream. When it was done erupting he started to whip Jessica’s ass with the rigid stick, and then using it to spread his cream on her ass cheeks and back. “You one fuckin’ hot white slut! Like that young black cock, doncha? What a married slut!”

Jessica was collapsed in exhaustion from her orgasms resting her head and arms on the bed. “Oh Gawd…so good…never fucked like that! Oh, yes!” Bones slumped his sweaty body on her back and reached around and grabbed Jessica’s engorged sensitive nipples, as they both shuddered with the aftershocks of their orgasms. He pinched and twisted them hard, increasing the ecstasy flowing through Jessica’s body, pain now exciting her. “Yo is my white married slut now! Ain’t ya bitch!” “OHHH YEEEESSS!”

After Bones had caught his breath, he grabbed Jessica by her blonde her, and pulled her face to his crotch. “Clean me up bitch, gotta go back to work! Maybe some other hot white sluts comin’ needin’ some young black cock?” Jessica was disenchanted by his suggestion that she wasn’t his greatest fuck, and was willing to do anything to thank him for the wonderful sex. She swallowed his tool, and licked his balls and groin until all the juices had been cleaned away. Bones looked down at her satisfied cum-smeared face, slapped her cheeks with his flaccid black cock, and demanded, “Yo my white fuck now! Yo bring yo married ass back to my store real soon!” He could tell by the lust in her eyes wide blue eyes and her wide grin that she would be back very soon!

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