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The sun woke her up; shining onto her half-covered naked body. She was lying in her own bed, for once, she noted as she lay in her 400-thread Egyptian cotton sheets, enjoying the sun warming her full breasts. Waking up in the sunlight always put a smile on her face and today was no exception.

She propped herself up to survey the scene; long lightly tanned legs, courtesy of regular gym visits and just as regular spray tans, reached down, and were tipped with a vamp red varnish. Red nails always meant she was ready for a new challenge. Well, new man. No, not that either. Ready to be fucked. She smiled. Definitely need a good shag.

In the early morning light her breasts looked even more exquisite than normal; large but still in proportion to her slim 5′ 8″ size 10 figure, with large rose-pink nipples, slightly erect. She liked her breasts. If you’ve got them flaunt them was her motto. Her sheet was half on the floor, only covering her toned stomach and right leg, while the rest of her was basking in the heat and light.

She looked at the clock and saw she had forty-five minutes until she needed to leave. What can I do for forty-five minutes, she wondered to herself, before smiling. She knew. It happened most mornings. Particularly when she’d been looking for a man. Last night was full of creeps and sixth-formers, so it was a no-go. Something had to do. Today, it would be her newest purchase.

It rested in her bedside cabinet, bottom drawer. 9″ of rippled lilac latex, with just enough space for 4 batteries. 5 speeds, tapered end, appropriate for anything and everything. She reached across and retrieved her new playmate. She flicked it on to number 2, and watched it ripple into life, feeling her pussy instantly get wet and her clit begin to throb with wanting.

She began on her left breasts, running the vibe in circles, getting poker oyna increasingly smaller. She stopped herself short of allowing it to touch her nipple, before swapping and circling her right breast. She liked to tease herself. Gets the pussy nice and wet, she thought to herself.

Her nipples hardened the closer the vibe got and were screaming for someone to suck and nibble them. But in a man’s absence, she pinched her left nipple hard while pressing her vibrator down onto her right. A soft moan escaped her lips, and she was sure she could feel the pulsing in her pussy. She repeated and swapped many times, each time feeling her cunt heat up and slicken her pussy lips.

She kept squeezing her left nipple as she began trailing her latex friend down her stomach. She flicked it up to number 4 and inched it lower and lower until it rested in her minimal strip of pubic hair. She was ready; dripping with desperation. She threw back her sheet and felt the sun hit her most intimate area. She could smell her scent, musty and pure woman. She loved her smell, almost as much as she loved her taste. She remembered the first time she’d touched herself. Aged 11. Accompanied by her best friend Marie. She exploded themselves and each other, not really knowing what they were doing. All they knew was touching each other ‘there’ felt good. She remembered the first time she’d probed Marie’s cunt. She was surprised at how hot and wet it was, and that Marie really enjoyed it when she rubbed the top bit sticking out in small circles. They’d never brought each other to orgasm, as they didn’t know how, but they explored each others cunts on a very regular basis.

The first time she smelled that delicious scent was after she finger fucked herself and Marie. She hadn’t washed her hands and went to have dinner with her family. She smiled as she remembered canlı poker oyna sneezing then running her fingers under her nose. And it hit her. The smell of sneaking around, doing things she knew she’d be in trouble for. About pushing her finger into another girl when other girls wanted a boyfriend. As she grew older, she began to love the salty, tangy smell and taste she had, leaving behind the taboo it had, and embracing it as a gift.

Now she was thankful for those times. It made her totally aware of what she liked and how to get herself off. She opened herself wider and once more began teasing herself. She ran the rippling vibe up and down the inside of her thighs, each time missing her pussy, making it beg for company.

Eventually, when she could feel that the sheets below her were soaked, she took the vibrator to her pussy. She began at her slick opening and slowly pulled it up towards her clit. As it hit her, she curled her toes and whimpered at its intensity on her sensitive bud. When she thought she would explode, she began the downwards stroke and began the movement again.

She ran the vibe up and down, up and down, each time bringing herself closer and closer to the crescendo of pleasure building deep within her cunt and spreading out through her body, making every part of her hum with anticipation.

When her clit was throbbing and her pussy was trembling, she put the vibe to her opening. She turned it to 5 and prepared herself. It was more powerful than any of her other playmates, and she was almost scared of the orgasm it would produce. She pushed her pussy into the air, and plunged the vibe in, almost up to the hilt.

She screamed with the pleasure and simultaneous pain it produced and instantly she felt the waves of her first orgasm build. She began pumping her pussy, matching the ripples perfectly, internet casino milking every vibration for all its worth. She pumped for less than a minute before she screamed with delight as the waves of her orgasm swept around her body. Everything tingled and her pussy was clenching and releasing around her latex friend, in eye-watering intensity. She loved coming.

For a moment she left the vibe pulsing in her cunt, as she took her hands and began kneading her breasts, waiting for her clit to become less sensitive. She imagined male company, suckling at her breasts, while he slowly stroked her hot, sopping pussy allowing her a cooling off time before starting again. But in his absence it was put to her to pleasure herself.

As she calmed, she returned her hand to her vibe and began running it up and down her already damp mound, enjoying every second of Speed Number 5. Again, when she felt her orgasm building she rammed the vibe into her cunt and fucked it, edging her closer and closer.

Suddenly she came again; round after round of throbbing and contracting, screaming and simpering took over her body to the point of passing out. Her fingers and toes were tingling like she had pins and needles, and her nipples were so hard they were beginning to hurt, not that she cared. Coming was the best sensation a woman could experience. And she loved it.

When her orgasm abated, she removed her playmate and switched it off. In her half-dazed state, she brought it to her lips and flicked her tongue around the tip. She really did taste good, she thought. She began sucking it, each time taking more into her mouth, allowing her to make sure she didn’t waste a drop of her juices.

She wiped off her saliva and replaced her vibe from where it came. A good investment, she mused as she sat up on the bed, careful not to touch her tender clit. She inspected her juices on the bed, checked the clock. A sure sign of a good time, she reflected. Lost in her own thoughts, she looked out of the curtains. Today’s going to be good, she thought as she stood up to shower.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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