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Author’s Note: This escapade is entirely TRUE. It took place on a recent trans-atlantic flight.

I boarded the plane, and we took off and had our dinner. I couldn’t stop thinking about the erotic story my “mystery writer” had sent me in anticipation of my flight. It had been so hard not to read it as soon as it came in … but following his instructions, I had left it unread until now…

After dinner, I watched a film, but covered myself with the blanket so the guy next to me wouldn’t realise I was pinching my nipples through my blouse underneath. After he had dozed off, I pulled the print of the story out from my bag and started to read, feeling my pussy start to get wet almost immediately in anticipation. At the right point in the story, I slipped off to the bathroom at the back of the plane, hoping no one noticed the paper clutched in my hand.

I entered the bathroom, pulling the door closed behind me, making double sure I locked it (though if I thought there was even a chance my mystery man was on that flight and could walk in and find me playing with myself, well…).

I leaned back against the counter and imagined him entering and discovering poker oyna me there, just as the story described. I pulled my top up so my breasts were exposed, playing and pinching the nipples, licking my fingers so I could imagine it was his wet tongue on them. At one point I leaned as far as I could and just about touched my nipple with my tongue, imagining that our tongues were dancing against each other on my tit.

When I couldn’t take it any more, I let my hands wander down and lift up my skirt. I pulled aside my panties and my fingers slipped into my to my already-wet slit. I began lightly rubbing my pussy lips and clit like it was his tongue. As one hand lightly fingered my front, I licked my index finger on the other hand, then reached down and began working it into my pussy until it was thoroughly wet. Only vaguely aware – and at this point frankly not caring – that I was in the lav of a plane, I proceeded to push my finger slowly up my ass. With one hand rubbing my lips and clit faster and faster, and my ass being pushed open by my finger, I soon came in a shudder, biting my lip to make sure no other passengers would hear me.

Thinking back on his canlı poker oyna story, I pictured him showing me his glorious, rock hard cock for the first time. I knew how much he wanted to bury it deep inside me. With this thought in my mind, I pushed first two, and then THREE fingers inside my pussy, feeling the girth stretch my pussy like his cock would. I needed to add the third finger slowly, but once I got it in a little way I pushed all three in as deep as I could. God! I felt so full, like I was about to burst apart! With my other hand, I started rubbed my clit furiously, unable to restrain myself.

After a moment, remembering what his story told me he would do to me, I switched position so I was leaning over against the counter. Even without him there for real, I was under his complete control, feeling his strong hands on my hips letting me know who was boss, that I couldn’t get away even if I wanted to. I pushed my fingers back into my dripping pussy, feeling my muscles twitch and pulse, wanting his cock to be pinning me to that counter. Fingers pushing in and out, so deep and fast I could even hear the squishing sound of my fingers fucking my wet pussy over internet casino the noise of the plane.

It didn’t take long for my other hand to unconsciously reach between my legs and find my clit. The moment I found it I rubbed it hard, circling and strumming, while my other fingers kept pumping in and out, relentlessly fucking my pussy as my mystery man’s cock would be doing. My juices were flowing so much I could feel them dripping down my leg. Bent over in the tiny space of the plane’s lavatory, several times I almost fell over from the movement of the plane. But soon, I felt my second orgasm crash through me, making me quietly shriek out and my legs buckle. (I was lucky there was no real turbulence right then…) And all the while I’m cumming, all I could imagine was feeling his cock pulsing and releasing inside me, pumping me full of delicious cum. Oh, if only.

Finally, I exit the lav. A small crowd is assembled outside, waiting for what has apparently been a very long time. I realize how disheveled I must look, and I wonder what they suspect…. But frankly I don’t care. Walking back to my seat all I can think of is how much I want to be tied up by my auteur, perhaps blindfolded, maybe tied so my arms and legs are tied together so I am spread apart and completely at his mercy. He would put his cock wherever he wanted, however hard he wanted, for as long as he wanted. Mmmmm…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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