The First Meeting

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This is a fictional first-hand account of a Daisy’s first real-life meeting with her Dom. Prior to this point they had been in daily contact. She had travelled as far as online training could take her, and her Master was eager to test her in real life.

Daisy’s account

I prepare carefully, showering and shaving. I dress in the prescribed clothes, makeup, stockings and shoes. The eggs carefully inserted, covered by a tiny pair of panties to keep them in place, and I am ready to leave.

The train takes me to Waterloo, and I walked to the bus stop to catch the bus to Kings Cross; the eggs moving irresistibly with each stride. The bus is on time and I climb quickly to the top deck, well aware of the eggs bulging from my pussy with each step.

Oh God this is madness, what am I doing? I am travelling through central London to meet a man, who I only know online, and who will most likely beat me and do things I have never dreamed of by the time morning arrives.

I alight at the station and gaze around looking for the platform that your train will arrive on. It is a bit of a walk, but not too bad; I should be there as the train pulls in.

I see you down the platform, and quickly walk towards you smiling a hello and leaning in to kiss each cheek. As I go to straighten up, your hand grips my elbow and you kiss me hard, full on the lips. I am startled, but part my lips to allow your tongue to thoroughly explore my mouth.

“Good girl daisy” you say, pulling back. I stand up and back away from you a little, so that you can inspect my appearance.

“Yes, that will do.” I smile. “You have done everything I asked?” I nod the affirmative. “I will, of course, check that the eggs are in place.”

“Yes Sir.” I manage to squeak.

“Good! Now, I am hungry, let us go and eat,” you mutter and set off at some speed across the concourse. I follow, teetering on tiny heels.

You hail a cab and give an address. I sit, perched uncomfortably on the tiny pull down seat behind the driver and you face me. The cab moves off and I feel your hand on my knee, you push my skirt up exposing my stocking tops. You caress the soft white skin of my thighs and continue up.

“Open daisy,” you command. I part my legs for you, and you roughly shove the film of fabric aside and push a finger into my pussy, where it immediately hits the hard silver ball. I gasp at the sudden intrusion, conscious of where we are. My cheeks redden with shame. You spend a couple of moments stroking the soaking hot flesh before pulling your hand away and smoothing my skirt down.

“Open your mouth” you demand. I immediately comply and your wet fingers are placed in my mouth.

“Lick.” You command. I suck them clean swirling my tongue around each finger, the taste of my arousal strong in my mouth. You smile. “I am pleased thus far daisy.”

My relief is complete.

The taxi stops near Covent Garden and we exit. You gesture to a tiny bistro and we enter. You have obviously been here before and are warmly greeted by the Maitre D. We are directed to the back of the restaurant, to a very private area and without you saying a word a bottle of wine is placed before you.

“daisy, I need you kütahya escort to go to the ladies room and remove the eggs and your panties. Place this in your rectum.” You hand me a clear butt plug of some proportion.

I rush into the toilets. Once inside the tiny cubical I immediately set to my task. My panties are soaked and the eggs pull out with a sucking wet plop. They are hot to the touch and so slippery wet. I dump them in the tiny hand sink and hold up the butt plug. You have not given me any lube I realise to my horror. This is a large plug, it will definitely need lubing. I spend some time inserting the butt plug into my dripping pussy to lube it enough to slide home. It is bigger than I anticipated, and I need to spend some time gently fucking my ass pushing it deeper with every thrust, feeling my anus stretching wider, painfully wide, until it finally slides home. I breathe a huge sigh of relief and touch the base to make sure it is firmly in place. With the eggs washed and safely deposited in my bag, I walk back to the table. You, of course, want to check, I stand with my back to you and you slide your hand up my skirt again, giving the plug a firm pull.

“Mmm, a snug fit.” You murmur, once again letting your fingers slide into my now empty, slick, wet pussy.

While I was busy in the ladies room, you had ordered lunch; a beautiful velvety fillet steak with a rich brandy and pepper sauce is delivered. We eat and drink, chatting companionably. At the finish, you settle the bill and we walk outside into the bright early afternoon sun. You raise your hand to flag a passing black cab. This time, we go deep into Soho to a little blacked out sex shop. We go in and browse around the toys, selecting a few to purchase.

I see you talking to the proprietor. A small and creepy looking man with tobacco-blackened fingers and greasy hair. He is nodding and gesturing to a door. You tell me to follow the man, and I find myself in a small, dark backroom that has a large TV screen and several pieces of dungeon equipment. The man smirks at me, “You have an hour, and I will pop in later to see how you are doing.”

I almost balk as he leaves the room. “daisy!” You exclaim, sharply sensing my growing panic. “Remember yourself.”

“Yes Sir.” I murmur, I feel panic beginning to rise inside, my hands become damp and my pulse races.

“Now, I wish for you to present to me. You can place your clothes on this chair, but leave your stockings and heels on.”

His words have a calming effect, this ritual part of our online routine. I quickly strip off, trembling with fear and excitement, and stand naked before you for the first time. My hands clasped behind my head and my legs apart. You put your hand between my legs, this time thrusting two fingers hard into my pussy and fucking.

“Mmmm, such a good, wet, slut you are daisy.” Your other hand goes to my breasts, and I feel you tweaking my nipple hard. My breathing is ragged, I cannot believe that in such a short time, I am on the point of orgasm.

“You are a hot little slut daisy, I have some surprises planned for you.” As you speak, the door swings open and the man walks in with a bag, full malatya escort of different equipment. I can see him taking in the scene; his eyes lingering over the streams of juice flowing over my thighs. I blush furiously at the intrusion, somehow unable to scream at him to leave.

“I am going to have to keep the door open, fire regulations, you know.” He tells you, his eyes running over my body again.

“Of course,” you reply, “I will need your assistance in restraining her.”

My eyes pop open and I take a step back.

The man regards me for a moment, his eyes flicker with lust and he slowly runs his tongue over his lips.

“Please strap her hands up.” You tell him.

The man’s face light up and he strides over to me, seizing a wrist, which he thrusts up and firmly buckles a leather handcuff on. I lock my other hand down by my side, he seizes it, and as I continue to resist viciously pinches and twists my nipple. I shriek with pain and fury, and he laughs, pressing himself against me as he tightens the second buckle. He pulls my hands up and hooks them on a hook that is dangling from the ceiling by some kind of chain pulley.

“Thank you that will be all.” I hear you say. I am relieved, he totally creeped me out!

You resume your touching and exploring my body, occasionally pinching and slapping me.

You pinch my nipples until they are hard peaks, and then attach viciously tight clamps to them. As I begin to protest the pain, you pick up a flogger, and start to slowly flog my buttocks, gradually picking up a faster rhythm until they glow a bright red. The pain grows with each stroke, as does a glowing heat, yet somehow I am more and more aroused. You pause briefly to stroke my searingly hot cheeks, your finger deftly flicking between my saturated cleft. You drop the flogger, and bring your hand down hard on each cheek, you hold nothing back. Ten times, it falls, and ten times, I scream in pain.

“It would please me if you kept your pathetic whining quiet.” You bark at me. I am shocked into a stunned silence.

Then, you spin me round and pull sharply on the clamps, which seem to close tighter. I open my mouth to squeal, then seeing the thunderous expression on your face, close it again.

Your hand again reaches between my legs. My clit is huge, engorged with blood and throbbing with pleasure. You pinch it gently to pull back the tiny hood and run a finger over the sensitised bud.

I shiver with mounting excitement, the pain from my nipples and buttocks somehow increasing the sensation. You slide your fingers back, stroking the silky soft skin, gently increasing the pressure and the pleasure with every stroke. Your fingers enter me, you push in firmly, deeply. I feel myself falling over the edge of a huge orgasm. My knees buckle, I am unable to stand and I slump, my weight supported by my bound arms. Jets of cum spurt from my pussy, spraying across the concrete floor. You leap back in surprise.

“That’s interesting!” You exclaim. Your hand once more reaches between my legs, caressing, then suddenly you deliver two sharp sting slaps to my clit. I jolt up shocked. You slap again, this time not pausing manisa escort or stopping. Each blow sends a fine spray of my juices cascading down my legs. It takes all of twenty blows before I cum again, this time so hard that I barely hold on to consciousness.

You move to the wall and slacken off the chain so that my arms are still suspended, but not taught. Blood rushes back into my hands, and I groan at the excruciating tingle.

You open your trousers and allow me first sight of your cock, you are hard. “Suck it daisy, and suck it well.” I struggle to reach you, pulling against the chain and just manage to touch my lips to your head. You allow more slack to the chain, and I sink my mouth over you, sucking hard.

I hear the sound of someone clearing his throat, and know that the creep is back.

“Nearly time, Guv.” he says. “I need you out, I have a party booking.”

You crossly zip yourself up, and direct him to free me.

Ugh, he touches me again, his hand sliding over my breasts, tweaking the clamps.

“You may release them.” You tell him. He seems to take far too long releasing the clamps, his fingers lingering on my nipples. As the blood rushes back into the pressed flesh I gasp with the unexpected pain, for the first time that day, tears pricking my eyes. His hands continue to kneed my aching flesh, and then I feel an unexpected warmth. “Get off!” I shriek, managing to find my voice. He has one nipple sucked deep into his mouth and his grimy hand is frantically pawing at the other.

“Release her now.” You command. I feel relief wash over me as he unhands my breast, though not before giving my nipple a sharp pinch. My hands are quickly unbuckled and I stand before you both, naked, massaging my aching wrists.

“daisy, it is time to remove the plug. Please bend forward so that I may watch.”

I place one hand on my knee, and reach the other up between my legs to grasp the base of the huge plug. I give it a gentle twist, and slowly pull it out. I hear the man draw a breath and realise he too is staring into my gaping hole.”Thanks Guv, I appreciate your consideration. I do not often get to enjoy the play. For that, you can have the room for half the agreed cost.”

You nodded your agreement, still looking irritated at being interrupted before you could climax.

I quickly dress, glad to be covered in front of that awful man and we leave the shop. As we leave, my knees buckle and I almost fall, you hold me, supporting my weight in your arms. You realise that I am shaking and you practically carry me to a neighbouring street side cafe, sit me down in a rickety old wicker chair and order drinks. While we wait for them to be delivered, you hold me close; I relish the feel of your arms around me.

“You have submitted to everything beautifully. For your first time with me, you have done everything I wanted, even when I tested you.”

I look up, startled. “Yes the man was following my instructions. I wanted to see just how far you would go to please me. I am proud of you little one.”

I smile. To please my master in such a way makes me feel elated, buoyed up.

“I have further tests for you; you can of course leave at any time. That will terminate our relationship. I am extremely pleased with you; you are well on your way to earning your collar, if that is what you wish. Shall we continue?”

I nod. “Yes Sir, I want this, please let’s continue.”

You smile, turn towards the street, and raise your hand to hail a cab.

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