The Gatekeeper

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He was bored. They had done all the right romantic flirty things. She was married. Of course the husband did not pay quite enough attention to her. And she was flattered, even titillated by the rhythm of their online chats and the sensual tension in their emails. But he was bored.

It was her attitude. He had seen it before. It reeked smug. Although she never said anything, he could tell. Unconsciously she thought of herself as one to be wooed, to be won. Her sex like some golden prize, locked securely behind an iron clad gate and she dangling the key in front of him and then not. She was used to being the sexual gatekeeper in her relationships. He was bored with her not realizing just what she really was. She was a whore to be used.

He gave her one last chance. From work, in the middle of the day, he sent her this email.


As a dominant male I have an individual style. I have observed over the years that styles tend to run towards the physical rather than the mental. This is fine, for non-consensual sex is niğde escort as individual as the number of people who partake of its gifts.

My manhood is a celebration of one thing. I honor femininity. To submit to me is to agree to walk a deeply sensual and sexual path, to have the doors to your primitive inner animal opened. We humans are such arrogant beings; we delude ourselves into believing our intellect has raised us above that of lower species. In my view this is a highly structured and intellectual lie. We humans are animals, driven by our passions, emotions and evolution.

I am a MAN, you are a Woman, and with this simply said let us begin.

You can feel the warm breeze as it passes across your body. You are dressed in a tasteful yet slightly snug skirt and heels. The skirt is above the knee, too long to be a mini but short enough to entice on a subliminal level. Today it is a dark shade with no patterns, the color flows downward to your sheer black nylons and black patent 3 inch pumps.

The ordu escort heels shape your legs and change your walk as you move down the hall to your office. Your hips sway with a natural female sexiness which on a subconscious level few men and some women can’t ignore. As you strut, you feel your womanly juices wetting your inner thighs and the tops of your garters. As mine you are not allowed to wear panties except when obviously necessary. This keeps you available to me at all times and is meant to be a reminder of such.

You are in heat like a dog; but then what else is new? Ever since you entered training with me your body has been this way. It has been unrelenting, sometimes driving you to the point of sweet madness. You turn the corner and pass two men in the hall. They stop talking to watch you strut by. Over the weeks you have noticed changes in other’s attitudes toward you. As you move by them they subconsciously smell your heat and respond to you. Suddenly their dicks are getting hard and they have osmaniye escort no idea why. All they know is they want you and feel the need for your approval. This is the power received from embracing your place.

Their looks are not lost on you as you once again become aware of your hard nipples. Jewelry runs between each breast. It is a gold chain with clamps on each end tightening down upon your nipples. It is one of several symbols of my ownership which you are required to wear at one time or another. You live with constant reminders of the sensual state of being I desire to keep you in. I am the Alpha Male. And you are mine; never let there be any doubt that you belong to me.”

He closed with this.

“You bore me. Go back to your vanilla relationship with your husband. Or be the slaved bitch you are by emailing me with only the following statement as a title.”

Typing the statement, he sighed. And then he signed it.

“The Gatekeeper”

She emailed him outraged. He deleted them without reading the text. She called. He did not answer. She left messages threatening to expose him. He ignored her.

On the seventh day, he received the email.

“I am your slave girl; a cunt who is a slut to your desires, a bitch who doesn’t deserve your attention and I beg you to take me as your whore.”

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