The New Neighborhood Ch. 05

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Note to readers: The story below and subsequent chapters involves open relationships between consenting adults, including incest. Everyone involved is 18 or older. If you don’t enjoy stories that involve incest then you should probably find something else to read. Thanks to Daddysgirlfl for editorial support!

The New Neighborhood

Hi, my name is Tom, Tom Brostwin.

I’m 40 years old, 6’1″, I workout to stay in shape, so I’m a strong lean 200 lbs.

My family consists of me and my 20 year old daughter Heather. I’ve been a widower and single parent since Heather was 12. Helen, her mother, and the love of my life, left our lives suddenly, 8 years ago, when her car skidded out of control in a blizzard.

Heather is a beautiful young woman with long blonde hair, electric blue eyes, and an ever-present smile. She is 5’6″ tall, has lucious soft lips, 36C tits, a narrow waist, an amazing ass, and a cleanly shaved soft plump pussy that tastes like pineapple. It also swells and blossoms when she is aroused.

Heather tricked me into having sex with her when she turned 18, and since then we have been passionate lovers. Perhaps I’ll write that story some day.

I’ve been blessed with a cock that most women consider “large”. When fully erect, it is 8 inches long and nearly 2 inches in diameter. I believe that a healthy sex life is essential to the happiness of all humans. Heather feels the same, and she and I ensure each other’s happiness whenever we can.

Here is a list of the four families in the neighborhood. It may help until you get to know them:

Howard, Hannah, Holly, Hugh

Paul, Kristen (Krissy), Patricia (Trixie), Dan

Tim, Melissa, Victoria (Tory), Rick

Keith, Suzie, Katherine(Kate), Sam

Please read Chapters 1-4 first – and Thanks to all who made me a Favorite and especially to those who took time to vote and comment.

Chapter 5: Holly Fucks Her Brother Hugh on his 18th Birthday

For the next several weeks, the girls stayed at the college and my life settled into a pattern of work, exercise, and dinner invitations, twice a week, rotating between the four families.

The men generally called to invite me to dinner. It wasn’t stated explicitly, but it was clear that the invitation was for dinner, and also for sex with their wives. It made me smile when I thought about how these families have embraced Heather and me moving here. Each of the women and each of their daughters has a unique compelling personality. I have enjoyed every minute that I’ve spent probing their minds and bodies. I have loved fucking them all! And surprisingly, the men are excited to reap the benefit of having happy and sexually adventurous wives and daughters.

One evening, I had just returned from Hannah and Howard’s house when the phone rang.

“Hi Tom, this is Holly. You remember me right?”, she laughed.

“Yes Holly, of course I do. In fact I just got home from having dinner with your parents.”

“Was it dinner and a blow job, or did she fuck you properly?” Giggled Holly

I gave Holly my standard answer to such questions, “Ask her!”

“You know, just thinking about you licking my mom’s pussy has made me all squishy! I can hear her begging you to fuck her, to fill her with your big cock until she cums!”

“Is that what you want Holly?”

“Only two or three times a day!” She laughed.

“I’d love to spend the rest of this call having phone sex with you, but I don’t think that’s why you called.” I quipped.

“Yes! I talked to Heather about an idea I have to celebrate Hugh’s 18th birthday. We’re having a family celebration, and inviting his friends to a party on Saturday afternoon, but his birthday is actually Friday.”

“I’m planning to take him out to dinner Friday night, but I’ll bring him there instead.”

“That sounds like a nice surprise for him. How can I help?”

“Heather and I want to give him some very personal presents. We’ll teach him how to kiss, how to caress, how to lick pussy, and how to enjoy fucking!” She giggled. “He’ll get to explore Heather’s smoking hot body, and have his first incestuous fuck with me! Well, if he wants me.” She sighed.

“So you’d like me to hide out in my office, or leave for the night?” I asked.

“Oh no! We need you to demonstrate! First, he can learn by watching a master, and then he can practice what he’s learned.”

Holly’s description of the gathering for Hugh had me aroused, as I thought about being a participant with both Holly and Heather.

“Flattery will get you anything you want.” I smiled.

“If you haven’t figured it out, I really, really need your cock in my very wanton, very wet pussy again!” Admitted Holly. “See you soon!” She quipped as we ended the call

On Friday afternoon I was at work in my office, on a conference call, when I heard someone coming in the front door. I looked up to see Holly standing in the door to my office.

She peeled off her T-shirt and shorts, being as quiet as possible while I continued my call. She unclipped her bra and dropped mamak escort it with her other clothes. She grabbed her breasts and tugged on the nipples, silently biting her lip.

Turning her back to me, she shimmied out of her thong, bent over, and ran her finger through her shimmering wet pussy lips. She got down on the floor and crawled under my desk. She rubbed my cock and pulled it out of my shorts. Her lips, tongue and throat made it difficult for me to concentrate on the call.

The call ended and Holly started laughing.

“Thank you for being so quiet and allowing me to concentrate on the call, NOT!” I joked.

“I told Heather that my afternoon classes had been cancelled and she suggested that I come over early, and distract you!”

“You would be a distraction fully dressed!”

“OK, I’ll put my clothes back on then,” she sighed with a smiling pout.

“No need to do that!” I laughed, and gently lifted her onto my desk. Holly, like all of Heather’s friends, is beautiful, friendly, sexy and fun. When she spread her strong supple thighs, I was mesmerized, as I gazed upon her aroused, swollen and blossoming pussy.

“Like what you see?” She winked. ” I just love the way it feels when your tongue circles my clit and you suck and tug on my pussy lips!” Teased Holly while leaning back on her elbows, and spreading her legs a little wider.

My hands caressed the soft skin of her inner thighs, as I sat in my desk chair and leaned in closer. My mouth watered as I caught a whiff of her enticing arousal.

“I’ve become such a terrible slut,” she giggled.

“No such thing!” I smiled as the tip of my tongue lapped her outer lips, and then licked through her slit, and savored her sweet tangy secretions. “Mmmmmmmm,delicious.” I moaned.

While licking her clit, I slipped two fingers into her pussy and found her g-spot.

“Oh my god! Tom, oh! oh! ohhhhhh! What are you doing to me? Oh! Fuck! Ohhh Fuuucccck!!!” Gasped Holly as her entire body began to shake.

Soon she was cumming and squirted some on my face and shirt.

“Haah, haah, haah, what did I do?” She asked, gasping for air and blushing with embarrassment.

“Wow!, you’re a squirter! I loved it!” I smiled

“Phew! Whatever you were touching, has never been touched before! I need more! Can you do it again?” She begged.

“Let’s get cleaned up. Something tells me that Heather’s plan of distracting me has worked!” I laughed.

“Before we clean up, will you please please please fuck me, fuck my tight little pussy! Fuck me like you fucked mom last night!” She winked. “I really really need your cock Tom!”

I was instantly transported by my memories of fucking Hannah. My cock responded to the memories, the pleading, and Holly’s tasty wet glistening pussy. I stood and slipped off my shorts, not possessing either the will or desire to refuse her.

I moved between her thighs and easily thrust my cock deep into her eager body and probed the depths of her tight hot wet slippery snatch.

“Ohhh Fuck! Ohhhhh! God, I have missed this! I feel like such a cunt! Aaaaaarrrrrgggggghhhhh!” Screamed Holly, as I fucked her harder than usual.

I leaned over and kissed her tender lips. Our tongues touched and our passion continued to grow.

“I’m not sure I’d call you a cunt, but you are a fabulous fuck!” I gasped

“I’ve never used that word before but I love how naughty it sounds!” She moaned

“It’s not a word that I would choose, but if you find it arousing, would you like me to fill your slutty little cunt with my hot creamy cum?” I winked.

I continued fucking Holly,more gently now, in and out, in and out. Her pussy gripped me tight as her arousal grew, and she was getting closer to another climax.

“Harder now Tom, pound my cunt harder please!” She gasped. “And cum all over me!

I pounded her till she screamed, as she came again, and again, “Oh Fuck! Ohhh Fuuuucck!! Fuuuuccccck myyyyyyy Cunnnnnnnnnt!!!”

Then I pulled out and sprayed streams of cum on her face, tits, belly and pussy.

We heard some applause, as Heather chuckled and clapped, “Holly, you are such a cum slut!”

“Thank you Heather!” she smiled. Her body still shaking with aftershocks. “I distracted him, just like you said,” she gasped while still catching her breath.

“I will be very careful how I use the word, “distracted” in the future,” joked Heather.

“You two shower, I’m going to put on something sexy under my blouse and skirt for Hugh’s entertainment.”

In the shower, Holly and I soaped each other, probably more than necessary.

“Is it OK for me to come visit you without Heather? I mean mostly I would come with her, but I really like you, and I really need this!” She said while giving my firm recovering cock a gentle squeeze.

“I like you too Holly and this house is open to all of Heather’s friends. If you stop by and I can’t be distracted, I’ll just gag you, tie you up, and fuck you when I’m free,” I joked.

“Really!”, she exclaimed mamak escort bayan with wide eyes and a big smile.

I made a mental note to explore the bondage interests of both Holly and her mother, Hannah.

“Let’s get dressed! You need to pick up Hugh, since your parents think that you’re taking him out for dinner, right?”

“Yes, although they aren’t stupid! They may suspect that Heather and I are giving him a special present,” she giggled.

Holly had packed an outfit similar to Heather’s, with a pleated skirt, blouse, and sexy under garments from a popular lingerie store. She dressed and left.

“Hi daddy!” Said Heather as she wrapped me into a hug and kissed me softly on the lips.

“I hope that tonight will be fun for everyone. From what Holly has told me, Hugh is a great guy, a little shy, but very smart. He plays too many video games and watches too much porn.”

“It sounds like this party is just what he needs.”

“I hope that by the end of the night he’ll realize that real sex is nothing like porn.” She smiled wickedly.

“This is a great idea, but he’s young. I’ll make sure that he isn’t getting overwhelmed.”

Soon Holly and Hugh arrived. “Hi! I’m Tom”, I greeted him with a handshake.

“And I’m Heather,” she said with a smile. “I’m a hugger,” she added, as she wrapped her arms around Hugh, an hugged him against her breasts.

“Happy 18th Birthday Hugh!” We said in unison.

“Thanks! What’s going on? I thought that Holly and I were headed out to dinner, but she said she had planned a party for me, that would be much better,” said Hugh, clearly a little nervous and confused.

“Can I get everyone a glass of wine?”, I asked.

“Sure!”,said Holly,

“Absolutely!”, said Heather.”

“Ummm sure,” was Hugh’s tentative response.

As we sipped on a mild Bordeaux, Holly took charge.

“Now that you’re 18, I thought you should have a chance to experience the world as a man. Tom, Heather and I will show you new things and it is up to you whether you would prefer to watch or participate.” Holly explained.

“Is that clear?” Asked Heather.

“I think so,” Hugh mumbled, although clearly it wasn’t.

“Well, you’ve already started by having a glass of wine. It’s just one of the many new things that you can decide to explore tonight,” smiled Holly, while thinking about having him explore her body..

“Tom, can I kiss you?” Holly asked.

I nodded and smiled.

Holly approached, wrapped her arms around my neck and locked her lips onto mine. Our tongues dueled and we were both very aroused.

As I kept an eye on Hugh, he was clearly excited and intrigued to see his sister like this.

“What do you think?”, Heather asked him.

“That’s Hot!”

“So you liked watching that?”

Hugh nodded.

“Would you like to know what it feels like, would you like to kiss me?” She smiled and licked her lips.

“Oh wow! re re really?” He stuttered.

Heather approached Hugh and pulled him close, “Don’t worry, we’ll go slow and practice till it feels right.”

They pressed their mouths together. Heather told him how to open his mouth and relax his lips. Finally their tongues touched and they kept kissing for several minutes.

Hugh pulled back a little. “I’m feeling dizzy, is that supposed to happen?”

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” smiled Heather.

“Now do you see the difference between watching and participating? Which do you prefer?” asked Holly with a smirk.

“Doing is much better,” Hugh mumbled, “But I don’t have a girlfriend,” he sighed.

“That’s a good point”, said Holly. “But it will be easier to find a girlfriend. and to satisfy her if you know what you are doing,” she quipped.

“So you wanted to teach me how to kiss?” He asked, clearly perplexed.

“Well, that was one thing, let me see how Heather is as a teacher”, said Holly as she moved closer to her little brother.

“Do you want to kiss me?” She whispered.

Hugh nodded and smiled as they embraced. Soon they were caught up in a passionate, hot, wet kiss. “Mmmmmm,” moaned Hugh. “Why do people think that kissing your sister is a negative thing?” Hugh laughed

Hugh kissed Holly again, as he moaned with pleasure at holding her close. “Oh sorry,” he whispered, and blushed as his erection tented his pants.

Holly wrapped her arms around him with her breasts pressed into his chest and her hips moving against his. “Don’t be embarrassed, getting hard is a compliment!” She smiled.

“As part of your birthday present from me and Heather, you can practice anything you learn tonight with us, anytime you want,” smiled Holly.

“Wow! that’s a great present!”

“Now for your next lesson,” giggled Holly.

She motioned for me and whispered in my ear, “Undress me slowly, starting with just the blouse.”

I did as requested, as Hugh watched me slowly unbuttoning Holly’s blouse, slipping it off her shoulders, and placing it on a chair.

“Jeez, Holls, escort mamak that was wicked sexy,” sputtered Hugh.

Heather stepped up, “Now it’s your turn,” she smiled.

“Just go slow and try not to be too nervous,” she encouraged.

Hugh’s hands were shaking and he was biting his lip but he finished unbuttoning the blouse and followed my lead by placing it on a chair.

“Now breathe,” Heather joked. “You were holding your breath almost the whole time.”

Hugh was standing close, listening and staring at Heather’s breasts.

“Some women don’t like it, but I like the way you are looking at my tits,” said Heather.

She then hugged Hugh and gave him another kiss.

Heather held his hand as they turned to see me standing behind Holly. I unfastened her bra and she let it slide off. “Hug me from behind Tom, caress my breasts,” whispered Holly.

“You like seeing your sister’s tits? Asked Heather.

“Ummm, well, yeah,” smirked Hugh.

“OK, now it’s your turn”, she smiled.

Heather turned, he unfastened her bra, with shaking hands, and it slid off her arms. She stepped back, pressed her ass into the lump in his pants. “Caress my tits like Tom did.”

Hugh slipped his hands under Heather’s arms and moved them to caress her breasts as he had observed earlier. “They are so soft, smooth and warm!” He sighed. “And your nipples are hard.”

Heather turned in his embrace and caressed his face. “Are you doing OK? Do you want to learn more?”

“Yesss please!” Whispered Hugh, and nodded.

Heather smiled and instructed, “Kiss my nipples, lick them and suck them gently.”

Hugh was a fast learner and soon had Heather moaning, “Mmmmmmmm so good. That made my pussy wet.” She teased.

“Time for a food and drink break”, said Holly as we all went to the kitchen and sat around the table.

“They have great tits, don’t they?” I asked Hugh.

“I just can’t believe that they are doing this. I won’t tell anyone. They’d never believe it.”

We all had some crackers and cheese, some veggies and dips and another glass of wine.

I could tell that the wine was keeping Hugh’s nerves in check.

As we moved back to the living room, Holly and Heather decided to speed things up. They unfastened their pleated skirts and dropped them with their blouses.

“Tom,” Holly called, and beckoned me with her finger, “Would you mind peeling me out of these pesky panties?” She smiled

Hugh watched as I walked over, knelt down in front of his sister and pulled her thong over her tight sexy ass and down her well-toned slightly parted legs. Hugh was stunned at seeing his sister naked.

“Earth to Hugh!” Laughed Heather as she was amused by how enthralled he was at seeing Holly’s beautiful bod. She beckoned him with her finger, smiled and asked, “Would you mind taking my panties off too?”

Hugh knelt before her and reached for the waist-band of her thong. His hands were shaking but he managed to pull it over her ass and down to the floor. Heather stepped out of them, and kicked them aside.,

Now Hugh and I were each looking at a succulent smooth-shaven pussy.

“You can touch me”, said Heather as she widened her stance. “My body is yours to explore!”

Hugh was highly aroused as he caressed Heather’s lips, with his shaking hand, and felt how wet and slippery they were.

“Lick your fingers, taste it, I hope that you’ll learn to like it”, she smiled.

Hugh scanned Heather’s naked body, licked his fingers, smiled and whispered, “I still can’t believe this is real.”

“Would you like to learn how to eat a girl out?” asked Holly

“I I I think so,” he stuttered. “I really enjoy watching porn with girls doing it,” Hugh confessed.

“Heather and I will demonstrate”, added Holly as she sat in a chair, spread her legs and lifted them onto the arms. Heather knelt between Holly’s thighs, caressed her pussy and even slipped a couple fingers inside. Sliding them in and out to demonstrate.

She pulled back the hood over her clit and explained, “That little bump is the clit and it is very sensitive. Women will let you know if you are giving it too little, or too much attention. Sometimes you might want to ask,” she suggested.

Heather licked, Kissed and sucked Holly’s pussy till it was dripping, she was aroused, breathing hard and moaning, “Oh goddd, that feels so good!”

Hugh was paying close attention and was surprised when Heather turned and kissed him.

“You like the taste of your sister’s sweet pussy, don’t you?”, she smiled.

Hugh nodded enthusiastically.

Heather moved to the side and Hugh moved to kneel between his sister’s wide spread thighs to suck and swallow all that he could.

“I really get to do this, with both of you, anytime I want?” He asked hopefully.

“Well, you have to ask,” smiled Heather with a wink.

“Hey Holls, it looks like Hugh enjoys dining at the Y and you’re his first snack! You’re such an incestuous little slut!” She joked

Heather sat in the chair next to Holly, and I joined the group, kneeling in front her. “May I?” I asked as my hands caressed Heather’s soft inner thighs.

Heather smiled and nodded. I leaned closer, licked and sucked her sweet wet pineapple flavored pussy, and sensed her growing arousal.

Both Holly and Heather moaned as they each began to shake and cry out.

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