The Pick Up Line

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Sitting with my legs crossed at the ankles I became painfully aware that I was only one of two women at the meeting. Across the highly polished burl wood maple conference table sat market managers from various states all gathered to make excuses for their end of the year figures. I scanned the faces but kept my glances low to avoid the uncomfortable eye contact. These were the very same people who had been cramming my Inbox the last few months asking to re-evaluate their status reports before the meeting. The men lined the outskirts of the table listening intently as the South Regional manager flipped over a chart. My job was already done and I was there just for the sake of appearances, therefore my mind started to wander aimlessly.

I loved the feeling of the nylons on my legs as they rubbed against each other. I shifted my weight from one side of the chair to the other, folding and unfolding my legs quietly, trying to keep from attracting attention. Laura Hardcorn was the only other female in the room. I was certainly surprised when she came in with her crimson red skirt- suit and a flashy scarf draped around her shoulders. Her blonde hair was perfectly placed around her shoulders with neatly lined lipstick to match. I had expected an old battle axe from the emails I had received through out the year, but instead she had oozed of sex the moment she walked in. I felt self conscience about my navy blue pin-stripped suit, feeling muted in her presence.

“Now as we can see in these reports that Sofie has produced…” Bob Graham spoke as he indicated to open the folders that were laid in front of them. “This year proved to be a difficult one pushing back the formal plans in regards to Texas.”

I started to listen in when I heard my name and sat uneasily as everyone in the room eyed me at the mention of the reports. Smiling I opened to the third page and prayed to God that this meeting would end before I turned forty. Sometime during the speech I found myself counting seconds in my head. I found that I was always more than a few seconds ahead of the clock on the far wall. Time was dragging. I thought about pulling out my Palm Pilot and seeing if I could get away with playing Diamond Mine without getting caught, but then thought it through and ended up recounting the books on the outlining shelves.

It was past 6 o’clock when the final flip chart was folded over. I distinctively heard a sigh of relief fall on the crowd, I couldn’t agree with them more. As I was collecting the documents and placing them in my brief case, Mike Palmer, the Detroit area manager slid next to me. He was tall at least 6’2 with sandy brown hair and blues eyes that made him look so young for his age. He looked good in a suit with his broad shoulders. He displayed a boyish charm when he smiled.

“Hey Sofie we’re heading out to this bar, do you wanna join us?” he asked flashing that smile.

“Umm… wow, I’m surprised you guys would even ask me. I thought I was playing the devil today.” I laughed.

We had been corresponding through emails the last few months going over some numbers and exchanging horrible office jokes. . I was even able to recognize his hint of sarcasm in the most mundane letters. Now with him standing there so close, less than an inch from touching my heart raced, I felt as though I had known him for ages. He was not what I thought him to be, younger and had a sweetness to him that was found in fourteen year olds. He made me feel like a little girl, giggly and instantly I fell into playing the flirting game.

“Well, you didn’t make it easy for us you know? Those were some pretty high figures that you projected.” He said handing me another manila folder.

“Don’t shoot the messenger.” I commented, smiling when our fingertips touched as he handed off another folder.

There was a moment of hesitation and then he brushed his index finger against mine. It was so quick and light that I could have taken it for just an accident if only my mind wasn’t already racing with lewd thoughts of him throwing me on the table and fiercely ripping my clothes off. He must have known something was up because he was smiling with his eyes and a devilish grin spread across his lips. Perhaps he didn’t know the finer details of what I was thinking but a tickle of arousal hit my core.

“Hey Mike are you coming?” A voice charmed its way between us.

“Definitely Laura, just asking if Ms Lee would join us.” He responded without breaking eye contact. “So will you? Join us that is.”

I held back the girl like giggle that was bursting to get out and sighed. “Sure where are you guys heading off to?”

“Umm I’m not sure I think it’s a place called The DownTown. Yeah, that’s it. So you’re game?”

“I guess so. Are you guys leaving now?”

“Looks like it.” He said turning his head to see the gathering around the door.

“Well, I’ll have to meet you there. I have a few things I need to get done tonight so I’ll catch a cab or something.” I stuffed the last of the paper escort vip work in.

“Alright then, I’ll see ya, okay?” he placed his hand on my shoulders and I nodded my head as a response.

I was flattered to have someone flirt with me. It had been awhile since I was even able to crawl out of the den like office to enjoy myself. Getting a drink sounded pretty good after this meeting. Plus it didn’t hurt that Mike would be there. I spoke causally with some of the regional managers left in the room and verified the agenda of tomorrow’s meeting before heading back to my hotel room. Finally there, I threw my briefcase on the bed and scan the closet for something decent to wear.

I wondered if I should have left my suit on to blend with the rest of the crowd, but felt that I was too plainly dressed to go to a bar. I found my little black skirt that I called my secret weapon on a hanger still covered in plastic from the cleaners. I slid on a thin pink pastel peasant top that had a key-hole opening giving only the smallest of glimpses yet still tantalizing. The skirt was tight around all the right curves and I loved how I looked in it. I touched up my hair and make-up grabbing my favorite crimson lipstick that I carried around for such emergencies. No matter what a woman wore the right lipstick shade made her a goddess.

I checked my email, sent off some more spreadsheets, and called my voice mail. Everything was set until as I was walking out the door, I heard the hotel phone ringing. Could it have been Mike? But he didn’t know my room number, I didn’t think. I reached over the other side of the bed and picked it up.

“Hello.” I said dropping my voice faking a Kathleen Turner tone.

“Hello there, did you turn off your cell phone?” I recognized the voice as Tom, vice president of sales.

“Umm I must have forgotten to turn it back on after the meeting.” I said resuming my normal voice. I hated how he jumped right into things and never had much to do with pleasantries.

“That spreadsheet that you just sent, are you sure those are accurate projections for the plains market? It’s a bit off balance between the three branches don’t you think?”

“Shouldn’t you be having dinner instead of still working?” I questioned him.

“Well you’re working aren’t you?” Tom laughed.

“Actually I was…”

“Glad you’re so committed! Could you look at the spreadsheet with me?”

“ I suppose.” I said with a bit of hesitation. I should’ve been committed for agreeing.

I sunk into the chair and got comfortable at the little work area in the hotel room. I knew this was going to be a long call from Tom’s tone so I kicked off my heels and settled in. Sometime in the revision of the third spreadsheet I was able to convince Tom that no more could be done, the figures were as is and unfortunately they were just going to stay unbalanced until more people could be hired for that region. With that I hung up the phone and stared at the red lit alarm clock by the bed.

It was almost nine and I knew for sure after that call I needed to get out of the box like room. I grabbed my jacket and headed out the door looking forward to at least a few cold drinks. I got a cab and slid into the back seat still thinking about a cold beer.

“Where to lady?” the cab to driver asked peering into the rearview mirror.

“ … ahh shit!” I had forgotten the name of the bar.

The driver turned his head and gave a questioning look. I could not remember the name. Did he say it was someplace downtown? Dammit! I threw my head back and thought how miserable I had been the last few hours and how much I had looked forward to getting out. And I was really looking forwarded to continuing the flirtation started earlier with Mike. I let out a sigh and regaining my composure.

“Do you know of a good bar to get a good cold beer?” I asked the driver.

“Lady you’re in New York, there’s a good bar on every other block.” He said a bit condescendingly.

“No matter, someplace close then.”

He drove me about three blocks to a little dive with the name Paddy McGee on the outside. I handed him the cash and went it to the bar. It was actually not so bad inside. There were guys sitting around the bar that looked like permanent fixtures and people playing darts off to the side, your standard Irish bar. I walked up to the burly bartender that was wiping the well worn counter with a bright white towel that contrasted everything there.

“Wha..can I get yew?” he asked with a mixture of accents leaning against the bar.

“Lemme think, I’ll have a Bass.” I chuckled to myself thinking when in Rome.

“Ahh, not from aroundtheseparks, eh?” He asked rolling the words on top of each other.

“Eh.” I responded.

He slid the beer on the counter as I was scanning the room. There were booths on the outskirts, but mainly small round wooden tables scattered about with rickety old chairs adorning them. Smoke curled around my fingers escort rus from the lit cigarette as I started to regret picking up the phone. Nothing really was accomplished except that I changed the headers of some of the sheets, a waste of two hours. Staring at myself in the mirror behind some liquor bottles, I thought that I didn’t look too bad for being tired and annoyed with myself for forgetting the name of the bar. Sitting alone there I felt the weariness in my body.

I had placed my hair up earlier in the morning, but with all the time that had past since then, little wisps of hair fell down framing my face. My lips were still painted red, my best feature I thought. While placing the bottle to my lips I noticed through the mirror somewhere in the background a man that was staring in my direction. He was standing tall still partially hidden in the skewed shadows of the irregularly shaped bar, but I could see sense his presence, demanding. I was amazingly shocked that he locked on without waning. Something in me stirred, feeling his stare on my body. I shifted, feeling self conscious again as he roved my frame with his eyes. And those eyes. Even from a distance I could see the soft brown eyes that held strength behind the chestnut colored veil. I had completely pushed out all my previously emotions and desires and was succumbed to the need that I had forgotten in these past few months.

I was the one that broke the eye contact nervously and when I raised my eyes again he was gone. I turned quickly in my chair searching the room. He stood at 5’10, slim with curly brown hair cut short, amazing eyes, and perfectly shaped lips with a scruffy beard that made me want to scratch it with my finger nails. But he was gone. I felt the all too familiar stirring in the pit of my stomach that poured to that spot in between my legs. I shifted in my seat feeling the tension mounting in me.

As I sat there contemplating how long I was going to nurse the beer someone approached asked for the time giving me the two finger “hey there” disco point with his watch clad hand. I smiled and told him 9:36 fighting back the urge to say something smart. I found once I was done with my beer another had mysteriously appeared with the guy at end of the bar tipping his beer bottle my way. I lifted the beer and winked and turned slightly, hoping he got the hint. After two more beers I became a bit tipsy and rummage through my purse to find my lighter. This would be my last smoke before heading back to the hotel I told myself. Thankfully tomorrow’s meeting was not until late afternoon so the alcohol should be worn off by then. I noticed then a rich smell of a good cigar coming from behind me.

There he was again, only this time with a classic corona between his pianist fingers nodding his head to something playing through the raspy speakers. I thought the scene amusing, an assortment of people around him all nursing beers and laughing with darts in hand. I never got the attraction to darts, but I did feel the attraction towards him. Wrapping my fingers around the neck of the beer bottle I forced myself off the stool and headed towards him trying to think of clever things to say. I didn’t want to lose him again and I found bravery somewhere from the middle of my lust. I had grown tired of waiting for him to come to me, so I made an unprecedented first move. I told myself if things didn’t go well it wasn’t my town I’d be gone in a few days, right?

I noticed the band around the cigar first of all, a nice La Gloria not a bad choice I thought. I saw more puffs of smoke rise around him. I couldn’t think of anything to say, but then this came out between my lips:

“Hey there, is that a Churchill in your pocket or are ya just happy to see me?” I laughed as I approached him.

He lowered his head shaking slowly from side to side with a grin on his lips. When he finally looked up he slid his hand in his pocket producing a single cigar case.

“Well it’s not a Churchill, but will a torpedo do?” he chuckled.

“If that’s what you’re offering, sure I’d be most happy to receive.” I chose my words carefully leaving the awkwardness in the air a bit longer. “Darts is it?”

“Yup.” Obviously he was a man of little words, well so far.

He popped open the top of the cigar case and laid out a Fuente which made me smile. He handed it to me and a Colibri torch with a cutter attachment, I thank him silently. I rolled the cigar between my fingers feeling the well veined wrapper. A nice double guillotine cut and an even light, burning around the edges then forming the perfect ash ring. A tap and there was that perfect amber glow about the center. It burned even and smoothly. I took a draw and rolled the smoke in my mouth before letting it seep out between my lips.

“Very nice indeed.” I commented passing back the lighter.

“Definitely.” He said watching my lips form around the cigar.

“So is this a normal thing for you? Hanging out in bars, smoking cigars, escort elit and letting women pick you up?” I didn’t hold back the laugh that followed.

“Not really, but it’s pretty nice so far.”

“By the way I’m Sofie and your name?” I asked

“Ian, Ian McFarlane.”

“Irish name?”

“No Scottish.”

“Oh really a Scot at an Irish bar, interesting.”

“They have good darts here.” He said rubbing the feathers of a dart with his thumb.

The small talked continued and I became mesmerized by his hands and how they moved around as he spoke. He was a local, in fact he lived just a few blocks down from the bar and told me he came around here often to throw a few darts and drink beer. He was just your manly kind of guy. There was nothing about him that even seemed like a boy, he exuded man all over. He liked to drink, work, and watch the game on Monday nights. Somewhere in our conversation his hands had slipped onto my exposed knee sending shivers through me. I could feel my nipples pressing out stretching the thin material. It was evident that he noticed my reaction to his touch. I felt the wetness trickle past my soaked panties covering my thighs with my juices. As I pressed my legs together I could feel the slipperiness. The throbbing had begun from my clit as he continued to speak in my ear with the music covering our conversation. I could hardly handle the sexual tension I felt just then. He leaned to tell me about some cord that was played by some musician. I turned my head hastily in hopes to steal a quick kiss, but it flowed into a long passionate exchange.

His hands grasp my face holding me still as his tongue invaded my mouth. I moaned satisfaction between our lips. I sucked on his bottom lip as we parted for but a moment, my need to ravage his body thrusted me back to the kiss. I kissed his chin and licked his ear lobes as people watched our foreplay like a movie trailer. I couldn’t hold back, my timidity lost somewhere as I amorously took from him what I desired. I covered his hand that was now on my inner thighs and squeezed roughly as he felt the first of my wetness covering his finger tips.

I looked into his eyes as I broke away from the kiss and smiled. I giggled at my brashness then recovered my jacket standing up quickly, grabbing his hands to pull him towards me. I didn’t care if any of his friends knew what was happening as he missed his turn at darts. He followed me out the door glued to my hips. Dashing past the lobby and falling into the elevator, his hands found my desires as we embraced again. His tongue licked the roof of my mouth ticking and caressing me all the while. Instantly I found myself quivering under his hands as he squeezed my breast in one hand and my throbbing pussy in the other. He couldn’t have missed my juices flowing down my legs as his fingers hooked under the elastic of my panties. Pressed against the bar in the corner of the elevator he lifted my ass up against it allowing him more leverage to seize my body. His mouth sucked kisses from my neck as I looked up to see the camera light blinking red. I smiled thinking we must be putting on a show for someone.

Raising my right leg at the hip I was able to wrap it around the back of his legs. He pulled down the collar of my shirt exposing my naked breasts. His lips found my nipples, hard and pulsating under his wet tongue. His mouth formed a seal around one and he sucked deeply sending shivers down my spine. I was in bliss shaking from the pleasure. He began to grind his hips into me and I could feel the rough texture of his jeans against my engorged clit. Ding! And the door opened.

I was brought back into consciousness as we poured out of the doors still grasping at one another. I couldn’t get the card in fast enough to open the door that slammed opened against the stop. With our lips still interlocked I pulled him in by his blue sweater virtually falling backwards and stumbling onto the bed. We tore into each other’s clothes ripping off my now saturated panties to the floor. I had hardly a moment to admire his body, firm with strong arms and the perfect little trail of hairs that led to his beautiful cock. It was fully engorged and pulsating from desire. I could see the tell tale sign of pre-cum glistening on the head that was shaped so divinely. I had lain back against the pillows so hot that I wildly pawed at my own tits with both hands. My nipples stood out proud, pebble hard as I ran my open palms over them. I excitedly pinch them between my fingers as I trembled.

Eagerly, he was against my body pressing his weight pinning me down on the bed as his mouth explored my responsive skin. I was alive and dizzy with need as my head spun. His mouth crazily sucking on my neck leaving goose bumps behind. He found my nipples there under my fingers that he had to pry off. With his teeth he nibbled at the base of a nipple flicking his magnificent tongue around the top that sent a surge straight down to my clit. I was already pushing on the brink of explosion. I squirmed, my thighs rubbing together as my anticipation grew to a scorching need inside of my pussy. His body slid down my frame his mouth never leaving my skin. The pressure and friction of his body between my legs was electric sending me even farther.

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