The Price Of A Smile Ch. 2

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This part of the story stands by itself, but if you want to know the beginning, please read ‘The Price Of A Smile’.

* * * * *

Okay, here I am, in a bed with a woman for the first time. Having the blindfold on made me feel as if this was a dream. When she removed the scarf, I was totally afraid. My dream had come into the land of the living and I was scared– petrified. I was starting to shake as if I was outside naked in freezing weather. The butterflies in my stomach were fighting to get out.

I looked at her as she smiled and asked me if I was ok. I opened my mouth to speak, but no words would come out. She gave me a knowing look and brought my fingers to my mouth. These were the same fingers I had just got wet in her vagina. She said taste and I eased my tongue to my fingers. What was I expecting? I’m not sure. The taste was like warm honey, sweet and intoxicating. Oh, what I had been missing. Like a shot of fine whiskey, that one taste steeled my nerves and made me desire more. Forgetting everything but her, my built-up, teenage, animalistic instincts jumped into overdrive. I was in a lust trance and even though inexperienced, I was willing to do whatever it took to get more.

“You like?” NJ asked. Nodding my head, I moved to the bottom of the bed. She spread her legs far apart and I got my first look at a real live, in person, vagina. Not only the first one, but one that I had tasted and wanted more. I realized one thing then and there—pictures do not do justice to a real vagina. There’s details about being right there that you don’t see or they hide when photographing. The way her hair thinned a little to the sides. The way her juices seemed to be pooling above her anus, waiting to be caught. The way her right vagina lip was a little bigger than the other and how swollen her whole vagina appeared. If not for the pain I was feeling between my own legs, I would have sat and stared at her vagina for the rest of the day. I felt like a kid that had fell into the cookie jar.

Glancing at her face, I noticed a sultry look that dared me to continue. I was ready, I laid on my stomach and put my face inches above her vagina. Moving my hands in front of me, I started to stroke her outer lips and introduced escort bayan şişli myself to this part of human anatomy that had always fascinated me. It amazed me how the wetness from her had moistened the pubic hairs all the way around her vagina. Her whole mounds was soaked as if she had taken a shower and forgot to dry off.

As intimately as a momma cat cleaning her new kittens, I slipped my fingers through her vagina. The temperature was astounding. The hot juice coated my fingers and made them move with urgency. I felt her shift back and forth below me, trying to hurry my fingers into her. Not being one with much patience myself, I thrust a finger into the cavern that had the heat of fire. She gave me a purr of thanks as she started moving her body onto my fingers.

I encountered nothing but smooth flesh lubricated by the heat of passion. The feeling made my penis throb with excitement. Not sure if I was doing right or wrong, I tried to push my finger in as far as it would go. When my hand meet her vagina, I wasn’t sure what to do, so I wiggled my fingers around inside her body, exploring uncharted territory for me.

“Slowly bring your finger out and push it back in,” she informed me. “Repeat that and try to bring your finger against the top of my pussy as you do.” Not sure whether it was her saying “pussy” or the way my body was starting to react, I decided I would follow her instructions to the letter. It reminded me of sawing wood, bringing the blade back and forth across the wood, trying to cut her vagina in half.

Noticing her juices running even more freely, I stuck my tongue out and licked above my finger. There was a little bump there and every time I touched it, she jumped. Inching closer, I put my lips together and slurped her vagina, sucking like I was pulling the juice out of a peach. She started moaning and really thrusting her hips up and down. Thinking I was in heaven, I started combining my sucking and fingering into a rhythm. I closed my eyes and ate her with the behavior of a wild man.

I moved my left hand up her stomach and started caressing her breasts, which caused her to move even faster against my face. She was moving so much that I removed my finger escort beşiktaş and started to shove my tongue into her hole. This was all it took because she grabbed my head a forced my face harder into her vagina. She started screaming and I felt this electric shock start radiating from my penis. She was saying yes, yes and trying to get my head into her or so it felt, when she went rigid and locked my head between her legs. Being the first time, I wasn’t sure if this was common or not, but I know one thing—I COULDN’T BREATHE!! With her going thank you, thank you, and rubbing my head. I was trying to get her legs from around my head. Finally I got free and inhaled the wettest breath of my life.

It was then I noticed the blood. Did I bite her in all that moving? I thought. And I realized I had busted my nose in all her roes of orgasm. Amusedly, I grabbed my underwear and stopped the flow. I saw the look of terror on her face, but told her I was fine. She got up and hugged me, whispering she was sorry, but that was the greatest orgasm she has had in along time.

She eased her hands down my stomach and touched my penis. My penis started to bob up and down like it had a life of it’s own. How I had keep from cumming, I’ll never know, but her touch almost sent me over the top. I guess all the times of masturbating had given me some endurance, but not for long.

“Are you ready to make love to me?” More than ready, I responded. “I think you are, but in this shape, you won’t last long, so I’m going to ease your pain for now. Just lie down and relax.”

Relax? I thought. I was hotter than I’d ever been, in the room with a nude woman and she wants me to relax? Not likely! So, what did I do? Well, I didn’t put on my clothes, I laid down on the bed. I thought I knew what she was going to do, but nothing prepared me for the intense feeling of her mouth on my penis.

Now, I can lie and say I lasted for 30 minutes, but by the time she started drawing her mouth off, I was there. My orgasm hit me with a sudden force. I had to grab the sides of the bed and damn near bit my tongue off. My cum went in her mouth, her face and all over me. It must have been a gallon. Well, maybe not that much, but esenyurt escort the feeling of it coming out the head of my penis, felt like it was.

She looked at me with her cum covered face and smiled. She then straddled my hips and inserted my still throbbing, virgin penis into her vagina. If her mouth felt good, then her vagina was the greatest. Only problem was—I came again. The feeling was incredible. I’d read about premature ejaculation and multiple orgasms, but never figured I’d experience them at the same time. AND I was still hard.

She grinned and I gave her my contented look as she started riding my penis in slow sliding motions. She pressed her body against mine and shoved her tongue in my mouth. It was a passionate kiss shared with lust and the remains of my first orgasm. It felt strange tasting myself, but not objectionable. I kissed her heartily back and she started increasing her motions.

Since my hands were free, I started rubbing her back in small circles, moving toward her ass. I palmed both cheeks of her ass and she started moaning in my mouth. I pushed down and tried to press my penis in her harder. This was just too much. She started bucking and sat up on me. I grabbed her breast and started rubbing her nipples. She really got wild and started cumming again. When her vagina grabbed my penis, that’s all she wrote. I was cumming again.

Drained, we lay together and held each other and enjoyed the after glow of beautiful love making. “Thank you NJ for something I wanted for a long time.”

“Any time Lynn, you’ve earned the right to come back anytime you want.”.

As all things in life, this ended. I fell in love, but she loved her husband. I asked her to leave him and be with me and she laughed at me. She told me she only wanted me to father a child for her because her husband couldn’t. She didn’t love me, but loved the sex. I was confused but educated at the same time. I would have preferred my first love to be a relationship that lasted for eternity, but I learned allot from NJ. The most important thing was don’t get lust, sex, and love mixed up, because you can get either from anyone, it’s the one you can get all three from that makes life more meaningful.

* * * * *

I want to say thank you to all who read this. This was a true story, just the names were changed. The sight of my first vagina has always been a fetish of mine. Now I can lay in a bed with a nude woman and just watch a her vagina. Isn’t it funny how things in our youth define who we are as adults?? THANX

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