Tom, 3 Way and Second Time Steve

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69 Tom Shows Steve How To Suck

This is part of an ongoing story over multiple Categories with common characters.

* * * * *

I had met Steve at the bookstore, I meet quite a few of them at the bookstore, and we had agreed to meet the following week, at 330. We had sorted out the how to, you know, condom, bang the wall twice when you’re about to cum, and all that. He had sucked off someone before he said, once, but he hadn’t done me. Truthfully, if I can suck off someone I don’t really care if the suck me off in return. I have plenty of other guys that will do it in a heartbeat. Except we never got back to each other. He had called me, texted actually that he couldn’t make it but would get back to. That was a month ago and he hadn’t gotten back to me. That was until now.


Steve: Tom, it’s Steve. We met at the bookstore a while ago.

Me: Hey man! How you doing?

Him: Doing well. You?

Me: Really good. What’s up?

Him: I’ll be back in town today. Any chance we can get together?

Me: Sure. You in a hurry?

Him: Not really. What do you have in mind?

Me: You could come by my house, and we can have a nice private time.

I waited for about ten minutes, said fuck it and went to get some coffee going.


Him: Sorry man, had to talk with someone. Sounds great. What time?

Me: What works best for you?

Him: 6 or so.

Me: You like In/Out Burger?

Him: Who doesn’t?

Me: I’ll grab some.

He told me what he liked, and I gave him my address.


I thought it was Steve, but it wasn’t.

Cyndee: Last night was great. Too good. Is Marcus still in town?

Oh fuck.

Me: No babe, he’s gone.

Her: Dang, I was looking for a spit roast with you two.

Me: Sorry.

Her: Anyone else? ??

Okay, she was getting crazy, but that’s not a bad thing.

Me: Jason? Scott? Lori?

Her: Looking for a newbie if you can.

Me: I’ll get back ASAP.

Steve was out of the question. Too new and I wasn’t sure with him. Bill? Henry? Oh, I think she’s done Henry. Ahh, my go to guy. I texted.

Me: You doing well? Been a while.

Aaron: Yep, really well. It had been a while. What’s up?

Me: Remember Cyndee? She lived with me before. You haven’t fucked her, have you?

Him: Nope, can’t say that I have. Why?

Me: She wants to be spit roasted. Today. Possible?

Him: Can I suck your cock? LOL

Me: Anything you want. ??

Him: When?

Me: I’ll find out.

I texted Cyndee back then Aaron. With Steve coming over at 6 I figured 2 or 3 would work. We agreed on 2 at my place.

* * * * *

Aaron came by at 130. We sat and shot the shit for a bit.

“Well, I have to say the ex and I are working out well,” he said. They had been divorced for a while now and she lived out of town, out of state actually.

“Cool,” I replied. “Glad to see things work out, especially when kids are involved.”

“I agree. Dodged a bullet on that one. Her Mom lives there so she helps out a lot. In fact, she’s coming out here in a week or two.”

“That’s cool. Be good to see the kids again I bet.” I replied. Aaron had been out to New Mexico quite a few times since the divorce to see them, but I bet he’d like to see them over here as well.

“Oh no,” he said matter of factly. “Just her.”



“You good with that,” I asked.

“I think so. She’ll only be here for three days, and she’ll be staying at my place.” Aaron smiled when he said it. I wonder if when he had been to New Mexico they had “gotten back together”. There was a knock at the door.

I opened the door, and it was Cyndee. She had a bottle of Carolans and a smile. She walked in and as I shut the door, she said…

“Aaron. Right?

“Yes, I am and you’re Cyndee,” Aaron got up and walked over to her extending his hand. “Nice to finally meet you.”

“Yes, it is,” she replied and headed to the kitchen. “Drinks anyone?”

“I’m good,” Aaron said.

“Bring the tequila out babe,” I replied.

She did, lemon wedges, salt shaker and three shot glasses. Smiling at Aaron she said “Just in case. I knew you’d have lemons Tom. You are always prepared…for anything.”

I smiled and took the bottle. “Sure, you don’t want one, Aaron?” I asked.

“Okay, I’ll have one,” he said. We each had a shot and started to talk. I looked at Cyndee, she looked at me after looking at Aaron and winked, nodding her head.

“When I found out that Tom was sucking cock I was so pissed off,” she said. “I thought I should be enough for him but then after a while I realized something. Life is too short and accept people for who they are, not what you want them to be. Live for the moment.”

Aaron nodded his head in agreement, and she said, “And at this moment I want to suck you cock Aaron.”

“I’d love that and more Cyndee.”

“You can have anything you want from me Aaron. Any friend of Tom’s is a friend of mine. C’mon; you too Tom,” she said with grin. “Yeah, like I’d never want you.”

We went into escort izmir the bedroom and out of our clothes quickly. Cyndee went to the drawer and pulled out Mr. Pink — I had changed the batteries this morning, nothing worse than having to change batteries when someone’s sucking your cock, but that’s another story. She grabbed the large black dildo; lube and the butt plug she had brought over last night.

“You like it up the ass Aaron,” she asked.

“Oh yeah,” he replied.

“This too big?”

“I’ve had bigger,” he said.

She laughed and said “Tom, does he know Marcus?”

“Oh yeah, he does,” I replied.

She looked at Aaron and said “Well that’s another thing we have in common. Now sit on the edge of the bed if you would.”

Aaron sat on the edge and leaned back. I stroked my cock, it was aching, as I saw Cyndee drop down between his legs.

“Tom honey, can you give me Mr. Pink, lover,” she asked. I turned it on, and she took it. “Oh, and feel free to fuck me if you want. Any hole lover.”

Aaron looked at me with a holy shit look, I just smiled and nodded. I lubed up the butt plug, slid it inside her then pulled her up so I could get on one knee and slide my dick into her moist, always moist cunt. She started to suck, and I started to fuck.

Aaron was tripping as he watched me fuck Cyndee while she sucked his cock. We had done it in one shape or another, but I figured maybe this was different because it was Cyndee. I mean she was the one I was living with when I started to suck his cock.

Which is what Cyndee was doing quite well. She moaned while she sucked, Aaron played with his hard nipples. Safter few minutes I pulled Cyndee off of Aaron and stood her up. Bending her over I asked Aaron what hole he wanted.

He smiled and stood up, moving behind Cyndee. I loved to her front. Mr. Pink was still buzzing, and I knew she was getting close. One thing about Cyndee is she could cum and cum, many times with a little rest in between.

Aaron slid his cock in deep and slow, balls touching her fine mouth. I couldn’t see it of course, but I’ve done it enough times myself to know what he was doing. Cyndee grabbed my cock, kissed it and said, “Missed you babe.” I knew Cyndee and I knew she wasn’t talking to me. She has this thing with my cock, kind of like Rhonda. Now that’d be a good time getting those two together.

Oh fuck! She was picking up speed, so was I. Aaron watched us and got his cock into rhythm with us. I’d go deep, he’d go deep…

Then she started to cum. She made whimpering noises, never took her mouth off my cock, and kept sucking. Aaron had her tonight by the waist and was getting close. I…

“Oh Cyndee!” I yelled as I shot lots of cum into her mouth. Two, three, fuck it four long spurts then a few smaller ones until I dry fired. I fell away as Aaron continued to fuck her.

As I watched Cyndee pulled away and got onto the bed. A pillow under her ass she pulled Aaron towards her, he slid his hard cock inside her. She motioned for me to come over to her and smiled. Oh yeah, I knew what that meant. I climbed on the bed, locked my lips on hers and we swapped my cum. Out tongues moving from mouth to mouth, savoring my cum.

“Oh hell! Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Aaron yelled as he shot his cum into her hot pussy. He held her tight, pumped it in then when he was done dropped to his knees between her legs.

“Oh yes!” she said once she realized what he was going to do. After a bit he came up to her and they swapped his cum. A minute or so into it and bam! Cyndee was cumming again!

She shook, shivered, they pulled apart all the cum being swallowed. Aaron moved back to the chair and sat down.

“Holy shit,” he said matter of factly. “You are one hell of a fuck…I mean, lady, uh.”

She laughed, “No, you got it right. A fuck. Tom taught me a lot and inspired me,” she said. “And he likes sharing me, that is amazing. I’m grateful he helped me find my way with that.”

I didn’t know what to say except I remembered she was trying to move back in with me. That wouldn’t be too bad. Splitting the costs, having her to fuck or not when I wanted to. We could…oh fuck that shit. I bet that’s what this is all about!

After a few minutes Cyndee got up and started to get dressed. “Thanks guys, I really needed that.”

“No, thank you Cyndee,” Aaron said. “I don’t suppose we could…”

“Oh, do it again?” she said with a laugh. “Oh, you bet lover. In fact, I have a friend, roommate that you might like. I know she’d like you.”

Oh, this was going to be fun. Get the popcorn.

“Really?” Aaron replied.

“Yes, her name’s Lori,” Cyndee said.

“Is that the Lori that you introduced me to?”

“Oh yeah, that’s her,” I replied.

Cyndee looked at me, then at Aaron, then back at me and said “Even better. We can get together any time you want Aaron, with Lori or not. Hell, even without Tom if you like.”

Aaron looked at me with a what the fuck look.

“She’s right bro’,” I said. “Her and I are good with everything, right babe?”

“Just about lover,” she said. “Just about.”

I izmir escort bayan walked her to the door, we kissed, and she left.

I walked back and Aaron asked, “Is she always like that?”

“Like what?”


“All the time,” I replied.

“Why’d you two break up?” he asked.

“Well, we never really broke up. I mean her and I had a three way with Jason.”

“Yeah, I remember you telling me that.”

“Then she moved in with him., but we still fucked, still do fuck as you know,” I said with a smile. “Then when she broke up with Jason, she wanted to come back, but by then I was enjoying myself and my new friends.”

“And that’s when you hooked her up with Lori?”

“Kind of. We had a three way and they got to talking and she moved in with Lori.”

“Dude, you have one fucking weird life,” Aaron said.

“No man, I have some weird friends who I love to fuck,” I replied.

We both laughed. “In fact, I have a newbie, sort of, coming over tonight. I’d invite you to stay but he’s really new and I’m not sure how far he wants to go.”

“Oh, no worries,” he said. “Frank and I are getting together tonight for something to eat.”

“I bet you are.’

“Looks who’s talking. It’s been a while.”

I understood that. I lost count of how many “friends” I had. Don’t want to count how many actually; let’s just say I’m a slut and am good with it.

* * * * *

6 PM rolled by, I got back with some In/Out Burgers and Steve was right on time. It was good to see him again. We ate the burgers and shot the breeze for a bit.

“Yay, sorry about missing you at the bookstore that second time,” he said. “Something came u and I had to leave town.”

“Steve, no big deal man,” I replied. “You sent a text so it’s not like you just didn’t show. All good.”

“Thanks. Since that day I’ve been thinking about sucking your cock,” he said. “Oh shit, that sounded bad.”

I laughed, “Nah, not at all. So, you said you sucked cock once before?”

“Yeah, met a guy online, we got together. Guess it was his first time too. Nothing spectacular but we did cum in each other’s mouth.”

“So, one time only?”

“Yeah, I found out he was moving out of state and just wanted to give it a try before he left,” he said sipping his drink. “Wish he would have stayed.”

I nodded and said “I can understand that. I’ve sucked a few cocks at the bookstore and been sucked at the bookstore and never heard back from them. Hell, a couple I never even seen.”

“So that didn’t stop you?”

“No. Now I’m pretty lucky. I have a private group of trustworthy friends that, well, we get together quite often.”

“Really?” he asked, “So it’s a regular thing?”

“Oh yeah, it is,” I replied. I bet he’d love it but first things first. “Still want to suck my cock?”

He nodded his head and smiled. “Like I said, I’ve been thinking about sucking your cock for a while.”

“Haven’t met anyone else?” I asked.

“Nope, figured we’d hook up soon enough. Just had this good feeling about it. So, you going to let me suck your cock?”

“Hell yeah,” I said. “First time for you, we’ll just do it here. You okay with that?”

“Yep, you’re in charge.”

Oooo, I liked the sound of that, but he was a newbie. Don’t want to chase him off. I started to undo my pants, dropped them and my underwear to my ankles and sat back in the chair. I spread my legs wide and took my getting hard cock into my hand, stroking it up and down.

Steve’s eyes flashed a I’m really going to do this look at me and dropped to his knees. I lifted up my T-shirt and caressed my hard nipples. He smiled and said…

“I’ve already learned something new.

I smiled and replied, “If you like this and want, there’s a lot of things I can teach you.” Let’s see how that played out.

“First things first,” he said and grabbed my cock.

He went right for the head of my cock, took it in and started to go down, a bit too fast. It’s a newbie thing, I know. As he sucked, I said…

“I can make it easier and more fun for you Steve.”

He stopped and looked up at me. Oh shit, I hope he didn’t take offense.

“Easier and more fun. Really?”

“Uh, yeah.”

He paused then said, “Show me.”


“K. Pull down your pants and come sit on the couch.” I went over to the couch; he undid his pants and dropped them around his ankles. I saw his hard cock and remembered how long it was. This was going to be good. I got on my knees between his legs. I grabbed his cock.

“First thing first, tell them not to grab you head. You’re sucking cock, you’re in control. Then slip your tongue under the head of his cock, I call it the sweet spot, then swirl your tongue the left around the head three times, then the right. Like this.”

I slipped my tongue on his sweet spot then slowly went to the left and then swirled to the right. After that I went down his cock with my tongue then back up taking the head inside my mouth. I forgot how calming sucking a cock could be. I pulled away and said…

“Now you do it.”

I sat down on the couch, izmir escortlar and he dropped down between my legs. He grabbed my hard cock and slid his tongue under the sweet spot. Three times slowly to the left he circled the head of my cock, three times to the right he went. Then down he went licking my cock then up to the head of my cock, placing it inside his wet mouth. He pulled away.

“Like that?”

“Oh man, you did great. Now back on the couch.”

He did and I went back down on my knees. I wet one hand and grabbed his cock. I locked my mouth to it and took the head of his cock in my mouth, swirled it with my tongue. As I did I grabbed his balls with my other hand and began to squeeze softly, then release. Down about an inch or two I went, keeping his cock I my hands and mouth, then swallowed.

“Oh shit,” he said.

Down farther I went, slow and down, inch or two, then swallowed. Then down again moving my hand away as I took as much of his cock as I could inside my moist mouth. Back up I went, slowly, grabbing his cock again. Once I reached the top I pulled away.

“Okay, now you try it.”

I slid onto the couch he was down on his knees, wet hand on my cock, into his mouth it went, his hands on my balls. Steve was a quick learner.

Down he went just like I showed him, then up he went and off my cock.

“That’s it buddy. Now since they can’t grab your head, they might hold on to your shoulders. When that happens you’re in total control. Once you get to grabbing and sucking his cock keep going, speed it up and you’ll have him cumming in no time. Now when he starts to cum, just keep sucking and he’ll push you away eventually. This time just swallow the cum. It’s easier to swallow if you haven’t cum already, a bit harder if you have.”

“This time?”

“Oh, one thing at a time Steve. Now suck my cock.”

He dropped t his knees, took my cock into his wet hand, grabbed my balls, and went for it. Slow, down, swallow, farther down, cock in the mouth. Back up, slow, and hot, then down. After a few times doing this, he sped up. Oh yeah, this guy was a natural cocksucker. I could feel my cum building up. Up and down, balls rubbed he continues to suck me. If wasn’t long before I…

“Oh, shit Steve!” I yelled. “Here it comes.” He didn’t miss a beat as I pumped three or more huge spurts into his mouth, a few smaller ones, then I had to push away. I laid back on the couch, Steve was smiling.

“Tom, that was fucking great. That was a huge load, man,” he said. “I loved it. Damn! So much better then the first time I did it.”

I took a deep breath and said “You were great man. You suck like that, and you will be sucking as much cock as you want.”

“I had a good teacher,” he replied. “Can’t wait to do it again.”

“Well, I’m by myself so you’ll have to wait a bit. Now if there was someone else with us…”

He looked at me with a quizzical look. “You mean like another guy?”


“You’ve done that before?”

“Don’t judge me, but yeah. I’ve sucked off more than one guy at a time.”

Steve paused for a bit, thought about it and nodded. “I’d like to try that sometime.”

I smiled. “One thing at a time but when you’re ready…I have trustworthy friends. Now let me suck your cock. You get ready, I’ll be right back.”

I went into the bedroom and got the lube, came back out and knelt before him. He didn’t ask me what the lube was for as I grabbed his cock with my wet hand. I licked the sweet spot, then down his cock. Back up I rubbed it against my lips then swirled I to the left then right. Down I went to his balls, licking one then the other. Back up I went, slowly, grabbing his balls and caressing them. Into my mouth I took the head of his cock, his hard tasty cock, then down I went, wet hand locked to my mouth.

He took in a breath as I went down and swallowed then back up and swallowed then back down. Swallow, swallow, swallow, balls deep I took him — okay as much of that long cock as I could. Swallowing over and over, his hand snow on my shoulders, I started up. I did this for a few minutes, and he was getting close. That’s when I went for it. I pulled away and said.

“Want to fuck my ass?”


“Want to fuck my ass,” I repeated.

He didn’t say anything just had a what the fuck look.

“You fuck my ass and you’ll cum really, really hard. I promise.”

He looked at me. I hoped I hadn’t lost him. I quickly said, “I can suck you off instead.”

Hie eyes flashed, “No, I want to fuck your ass.”

“Will do.” I took the lube and lubed up his cock, his now really hard cum filled cock. I pulled him to the edge of the bed, got on it myself and slipped a pillow under my ass. Grabbing his cock, I placed it at my asshole and said “Stick it in me buddy, as far as it’ll go. Balls deep.”

He didn’t say anything and pushed forward. I felt the head inside my ass, then slowly he went deeper until I felt his balls on my ass.

“That’s it, now fuck me hard!”

He looked at me and slid back out, to the heads, then back in.

“Faster Steve! Fuck me hard and fast.”

He started to, grabbing my legs, and holding them firmly while he banged away. Bam! Bam! Bam, bam, bam! Balls banged against me as he fucked me hard and deep. He was a natural, he banged me a few time more, then …

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